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If a magic Genie gave me one wish to make for myself, what would that wish be and why?

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From "100 Of The Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself"

Nothing has the power to completely alter perspective and therefore your thoughts and actions and life quite like a question. Inquiry leads to understanding. The quality of the answers we arrive at, correspond directly to the quality of question we ask. The better the question, the better the answer. One of the most important things to realize about a question is that a person learns far, far more from the process and work involved in answering a question than from the answer itself. This is why spiritual teachers throughout history (including myself) have tended to pose so many questions to their students rather than to simply offer a direct answer. For this reason, I have selected a collection of 100 of the most powerful questions that you can ask yourself.

Make sure to take time to carefully consider each question that is posed in order to meaningfully answer them. And don’t forget to come back to these questions again and again throughout your life, especially whenever you are feeling stuck, because the answers will most likely change over the course of your life and also cause you to change your course in life.

- Teal Swan

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On 11/2/2020 at 5:49 PM, Sarah Mohamed said:

To be enlightened, so I’d be at peace, to be free 

Sarah, being enlightened doesn't necessarily mean you'll be at peace. It's just the first step of a really long journey to go back home and it's like going through an odyssey, because there's a lot to learn in order to go back home (the people there are always awaiting the fascinating tales that aren't as fascinating when you're living it in the flesh, in suffering to understand how it feels). Then, maybe it shouldn't be the final destination, just the moment in where you feel you get to begin to kind of understand what's going on

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To give me the means to fix at least part of the mountain of challenges ahead (I'd say the more mundane), because it's been hard to constantly hit walls and get involved in family drama

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I'd wish to speak every language and dialect on Earth, fluently. I've had an affinity for language for as long as I can remember, and I enjoy one-on-one conversations. People approach me all the time, so having the ability to talk clearly with everyone anywhere I go would be amazeballs.

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Money. Loads of it so that I can share it with my loved ones, set them all up in homes and businesses, including myself, help charities etc. Money could fix quite a lot in my life right now. I'd help everyone, then retire to my country cottage where I could walk my dogs in the woods daily and work from home. 

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Have a job i liked....where time passes and infeel I'm helping someone....that I can come home to a beautiful woman and family and just be a good husband and father...inwud die happy

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I would wish to be surrounded by loving, compatible and supportive people because I really need my people, my life is truly too challenging for my to handle entirely on my own and it would be healing for me to have that because it's the exact opposite of so much of my life. I also sometimes think that magic, miracles, or genie wishes may be the only things that can help me make it happen in my life as sad as I feel to admit that. After years of slowly dipping my feet in, and then jumping head first into connections, I'm afraid that I don't really know how to "have" the loving relationships, the support and connection that I really need. 

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To meet my biological father and have a healthy close relationship with him. My mom is helping me find him through ancestry.com To not feel suffocated like a siamese twin to my mother and to not have so many people dump their problems on me and to feel like I can be myself and help my mother heal.....and have a more closeness with my mother in a healthy way

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I thought of more I'm trying to get my needs met
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Let EVERYONE hear and know and feel what I feel, so I didnt have the feeling of needing to fight against people, trying to win them over, feeling drained by it, but actually get the help and assistance I need.

I kinda want to enlighten people, but especially those who went to university and had a better education are harder to talk too. sometimes I think education alters the mind to a very limited one sided superficial perspective, not allways but higher education surely has the potential to do so.

If I tell my psychiatrist, this world isnt safe, heˋll be like thats not actually true, it just stems from the violence you experienced in your childhood and your prejudiced because of that, its not real.... And so on and so on....

I know him and understand him better than he does understand me, wich is why Im not angry or so at him.. But I need many things, and he doesnt really understand. And its like in German we have a saying: fighting against Windmills. 

And I feeeel totallyyy stuckkk... FuckkkXD:) 



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