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  1. LauraT


    Go back in time and take decisions based in the knowledge I have now
  2. LauraT

    Taking Requests

    I would love to know more about meditation. What to do when the mind is focused and still? How does meditation affects to the “awakening”? Is this really beneficial for the soul? Why? Also, when the conscious mind stops functioning I think I enter and see my subconscious mind. Is this what you call dreaming? Is this the direction to find healing and oneness with the Source? also I would love to know are blessings, prayers or light transmissions real? Is it true that ones needs a guru or an enlightened master to evolve? Why? thank you! L
  3. LauraT


    Be free to express and to be myself in any circumstance and feel good about it.
  4. LauraT

    3 Things That Never End

    Yep... I know these 3 goals very well... Thank you
  5. LauraT


    So good!
  6. LauraT


    Incredible Meditation! Thank you
  7. LauraT


    Shopping, walking in nature, cooking, meditating, driving cars or bikes..
  8. LauraT


    To find My Truth
  9. Thank you Teal for posting this because I think I can see myself in this trap fully and is quite tricky to get out of it if somebody is not pointing the way out..! Thanks Teal.
  10. LauraT

    Teal Caught Red-Handed

    Please recipe...!
  11. LauraT

    Islands and Limits

    Hi there! My answer to question n.1: open myself to people, trust and physical isolation. My answer to question n.2: post this comment! My answer to question n.3: I am acknowledging that I have been misunderstanding some of my uncomfortable feelings. They are limits that I am now understanding and taking care off! Thank You Teal!! Love You All and happy to be here, Laura

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