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About Teal Swan

TEAL SWAN, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today, having integrated her own harrowing life experience, she inspires millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.

Teal Swan’s worldwide following has given her the moniker “The Mirror.” She has earned this moniker because “when you step in front of her, you see the truth of yourself and the truth of the universe”.

teal-swan9.jpg TEAL SWAN  is the author of six internationally published books, the creator of hundreds of frequency paintings, as well as the popular "Ask Teal" YouTube series. She is the owner and founder of Teal Eye LLC, a company focused on bringing self empowerment and healing back to the individual.

In conjunction with her vision of creating positive world change, Teal Swan founded HEADWAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit company that enables ideas, goals and ventures that are aimed at positive world change. In the years to come, Headway Foundation will encompass programs, centers, scholarships and products that better our world; such as in the areas of justice reform, education, environmental endeavors, end of life care, health, parenting, integrative medicine and food industry reform. Headway Foundation seeks to create the changes within our society that will create a better life for all beings who call this earth their home.


TEAL SWAN was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 16th, 1984 at 7:42 am. Being a ‘universal mirror’, she was born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. It was because of these abilities that she ended up being targeted to become a victim of abuse. In her own words: “Without the abuse and suffering I experienced, I would be someone who could give you a lot of esoteric information about the universe at large, but who would have no real grasp on the reality of human suffering or how to heal it. I would have only had ½ of the picture of human existence. The gift of my own suffering is that I now have the full picture and that has drastically changed both what I teach and the way that I teach.” teal-meditating-cz.jpg

Teal Swan is a universal mirror. What is a universal mirror? The short answer is that it is an embodied 3-dimensional reflector tool. In the case of Teal Swan, it has come in a human embodiment. It is best to describe Teal Swan as a mirror… “Step in front of her and you will see the truth”.

What is the purpose or benefit of a universal mirror? The mirror is embodied truth, the ultimate tool for self-awareness. And awareness is the catalyst for transformation. Therefore, you can think of interacting with Teal Swan as the ultimate “mirror mirror on the wall” experience. If you recognize what you see and hear and feel as your own reflection (and beyond that as a reflection of reality itself) you can then decide with your free will what to do with that truth. If you ask Teal Swan a question, she will show you the reality relative to that question. The question is do you have the courage to see it?

Teal Swan is not recommended for those who simply want to feel good. She is recommended for those who want the truth even if the truth hurts. A mirror is impartial. It isn’t personal. It simply shows you what is so. Teal Swan will reflect things that you perceive to be positive. But she will also reflect things about you that you do not want to accept, own or integrate. She will reflect things about humanity, the world and the universe that humanity perceives to be positive. But she will also reflect things about humanity, the world and the universe that humanity does not want to accept, own or integrate.

The ultimate purpose of the universe deciding to create an embodied mirror is to force the self-awareness of all of its various aspects. Humanity is one of its aspects. Self-awareness is the mechanism for the greatest change possible. A universal mirror is only created within the universe in a time where drastic change is desired/needed. This time, drastic change is needed within humanity.

When a person decides that they are ready to see the truth and to see reality, Teal Swan is able to reflect the physical and non physical reality of any given situation. By facing the truth and facing reality, they are then empowered to take mental, emotional and physical steps towards improvement, based on the new awareness that they gained.

teal-fl.jpg To generalize, the field of spirituality and self-help can be divided into two camps. The first is the practice of spirituality and self-help in order to experience comfort and relief. The second is the practice of spirituality and self-help in order to become aware and awaken. People who fit into the first camp, want to feel good. They see the knowledge and practices available in the spiritual and self help field as a way to feel good. People who fit into the second camp, want to know what is true. They understand that knowing the truth will enable them to make changes that will lead to feeling better. But they want to know the truth even if what they come to find out makes them feel really, really bad. It’s the classic matrix blue pill or red pill scenario.

Your only axis of power and choice is to be in reality and to see the truth. But all this being said, a person has to want to see the truth. You can’t make someone want to see the truth. And so, one of the most important things you can do is to really decide honestly what your actual motive for practicing spirituality and self-help is.

Not all truth is painful. But a lot of truth can be very painful. The desire for pain relief and the desire for healing, often takes you in drastically opposite directions. Teal Swan is a teacher who caters to the second camp... People who want to see the truth, no matter how painful that may be, so as to awaken. To put it simply, Teal Swan is the red pill.

Teal Swan’s deepest intention is to set people free. Her mission is to make people aware and conscious so that with that awareness, they can begin to heal and live deeply meaningful, integrated and empowered lives. She travels the world teaching people the truth of the universe, helping people to see the truth of themselves and teaching them how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

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