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  4. Check out Teal's new video on selling your soul to Satan. It oultines an "outsourced" approach to getting what you want Fuck the Law of Attraction if you have demons to bargain with. Amirightguys?
  5. I also am being harassed by catholic karate gang go jo kai Real nasty group. Responsible for many hurts i have. They work for gangsters within Catholics & have many cops on pay role. Today i went post office on way there i was kicked from behind, now my left hip playing up again. Feared i might loose ability to walk.
  6. Thank-you Scot. I will order both of them. I have tried to have adult conversations about separating, if even for a while to see if we can create a new dynamic, its so stale here, the arguments and problems go round and round in the same circles. I admit it scares me but I'm left generally dealing with the actions of an angry, fearful boy who storms off, slams doors and makes it clear that despite our unresolvable intimacy problems he's not prepared to take one step in that direction or any responsibility unless I choose to bring it about fully. He promised me he will never speak to me again if I end this. I said this would be very hard to carry out as we have a child together. It's a very hard decision to make alone, especially when we have a child but part of me feels how nice it would be to be able to be a parent and focus my energy on my one real the moment I feel like a tired mummy of two.
  7. Hmmm ... eight years together and having a child together. You two will be in each other’s life even if you separate because you will always be the parents together. Two books come to mind: Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. Honestly, I haven’t read the whole thing but the basic gist that I got so far is that you have to be brave enough to be fully vulnerable, so much so that you have to realize that you might need to stand alone. and Loving-Kindness by Sharon Saltzberg. Sounds to me like he (and you) could treat yourselves with more loving-kindness. This is my own personal “hammer” that I seem to think will help with any problem. (When all you have is a hammer, all problems tend to look like nails.)
  8. You can't have intimacy---into me see....with a person who keeps secrets from you, no matter hard you try....even if they say they want intimacy with you. I went to that intimate place together from the start, often finding myself emotionally stood up, rejected and alone... I expressed authentically from the start my need for openness and honesty in a relationship, no secrets, no childhood was difficult because of so many lies going on all around me, my natural instincts and feelings about things as a child were constantly blocked, devalued, ignored in an attempt to keep the truth from me...I became an insecure and poorly kid/teenager who had learnt not to trust or value any of my own instincts...or myself. I chose differently as an adult, learnt to trust myself again, value my feelings and feel happy and harmonious when surrounded by my closest open, honest friends who I can be totally genuine with. So back to my dilemma. I find myself in a relationship with a person who struggles with intimacy and has done from the start, despite saying he wants it. When I see into this person I see a sad and angry little boy who feels like a victim, he feels safer hiding, being secretive, there is a lot of shame and self hate there that turns into blame. He is so desperate for love, closeness, intimacy but does everything to push it away. I feel guilty saying that although I love and care about him this extreme neediness makes me want to pull away, it almost repels me. inner self/child now hides from him after expressing genuinely what I needed from the start and it being ignored, he did the very thing I asked him not to do, lied and keep secrets. I feel hurt that I found myself back in the dark with someone I love. I felt all the insecurity and confusion I felt as a child and he watched me lost for years, knowing how painful it was and still refused to tell me the truth about what he was fact he fed into my insecurities by telling me I was paranoid rather than telling me the truth....he asked me to look deeply into his eyes and swore he was not lying....but he was. It may sound crazy but I do trust him now, he has apologised for what he did, he now holds no secrets but....there is part of me...I feel its my inner child, that can't let go anymore.. ..the dream I mentioned at the beginning of this thread...part of me is now guarded, dislikes his inner child.....its true I still have to play the adult role in the relationship, dealing with the angry, hurt, misunderstood boy...I'm tired. Am I trying to be superwoman? Am I ignoring signs for myself that this is not right? Is it me just not being able to forgive? I want my inner child, my lighter self to feel like it wants to come out and play, there is no space for it to do so here. xxx
  9. Hi @toemilyjune One of my bigger epiphanies was: just because some people in my past treated me like shit, does not mean that I need to treat myself like shit now. good travels to you on you journey 💕
  10. On Settling Down: The Ideal Marriage One Can Achieve Marriage. How do you react when you hear this word? I tend to have a bimodal response since this talks about settling down and a big responsibility exists behind it. What’s your side? They say, “A man will never be a man without a woman”, “A man won’t feel complete without a wife by his side.” Needless to say, a partner is what makes a person whole. It is the main aspect of life that enables growth, a family, and what is being expected from them. Finding a partner is a big deal, especially with the men. Questions like these may arise, “Will my wife be a good wife?”, “Will she be a good mother?”, “Can she raise my future children well?”. Dating is the first step in seeking the love of your life. But how could you date if finding a woman hasn’t been done? A Foreign Affair is a matchmaking site which specializes in matching foreign women with men. They have singles tours which serves as a channel in finding a potential mate. They have a number of profiles of beautiful women, from every corners of the world. Meeting women with different culture may be difficult. The idea of dating foreign women, may be unconventional to many, despite the proven success. Here are a few tips to prepare you for this journey. Know their culture. In order to capture a woman’s heart. Win their trust and respect. Understand their language. Understand what they truly feel, it’s the language of their heart. It may sound fancy, but once you decipher, then you are on the road to a successful marriage. Love them for who they are, not with what they have. This tip or suggestion is possibly the most used for seeking a true love. Love is not about having these and those, it’s all about having you and her. Allow yourself to ponder in with the thought of watching your bride walking down the aisle, smiling and striking! Allow yourself to be drawn with the thinking of having an ideal marriage full of love and respect. Allow yourself to settle down in a marriage full of gratitude and happiness. Now, is it really hard to date a foreign woman? Will this theory be beneficial for men? Will marriage find its way to success if foreign women are more involved? Drop your comments below and let us hear from you.
  11. Hi... I am vegetarian but I only consume goat (cottage) cheese sometimes, from animal products, no eggs or anything, and it isn't a rule for me, I simply can't handle the taste of dairy products anymore, least the digestion. These days I am total vegan and I think it's enough. I love potatoes, rice, raw vegetable, mushrooms, and I never have enough of it. 💜
  12. Resistance is very real around a society that evolves very slowly, anyone that is a pioneer will meet resistance. Teal is ahead of her time, not even ahead of her time just this is common sense and we lost it, it's like you dumb fucks we are multidimensional, the authority in me(soul/god/source) says we are, I can't prove this to you if you haven't even found it in yourself. If you only exist in your mind and have a great powerful brain but emotionally dumb, it's a waste of a brain, your compass is your emotions it doesn't give a fuck what you think, the brain is a tool listen to your god damn heart! To me spirituality is just life, its not faith or peace of mind it just is life, it's interwoven with reality, and anything "spiritual" would be a less dense reality, the pineal gland is the antenna, why this isn't know and taught to kids? no fucking idea. Why is there a hierarchy of knowledge? 1st grade learns this, 3rd grade learns this, just give it all to them god damn it! kids are not dumb, they will thrive in any subject they pick and move onto the next, they will have no accreditation in this system, but smart as fuck. That's my resistance what I know is invisible, and even my own inner guidance only exists to me lol to explain that to a atheist mind it's like you fucks plateaued, stay in your community. Also we fluff up spiritually to the point it isn't taken seriously, we are in this reality, stop with the fairies, lets get back to emotional trauma and relationships, normal healthy relationships and teach that shit young, but than again when someone is it change not connected to their soul they will fuck it up. When nobody is in charge who is in charge? when we all listen to the authority within(source) who is in charge? this current system doesn't allow us to listen to that so you will see people get sick and drop like flies, especially the sensitive ones, zoom out and see humans as one entity the "normal" ones are the ones listening to their own internal guidance system(soul/source) no matter what the outside says, but we have fractured aspects so there are parts of us that still need approval outside of us, parts of us scared as fuck to step into our power. That was all over the place, it wasn't premeditated, never is.
  13. Day 18 of 365 days of 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' The day was spent feeling hung over on the couch from the food choices of the day before and the realization sinking in of just how frank and unapologetic my inner voice is. After all these years how could I not know this before now!? (dah, because it's the only one I've ever known.) It's like I'm a small child speaking to myself as a stern parent. The child who is fearful to even ask what it wants because it's almost a given its not going to happen. 'Do not bother the adults.' No wonder I struggle with asking the question 'WWSWLTD?'. It's because I don't want to hear the stern voice telling me to do something I don't want to do, as if I have no choice, like so many years spent in my traumatic childhood. I had the opportunity to really think about how I treat myself. It is absolutely the voice of my father who showed me no warmth in his communication. He just barked orders at me, short and to the point, and as a child I deserved no explanation. Asking why would only prompt 'Because I'm the adult.' or something along those 'don't question me lines'. It's also the voice of my mother. Although I have no memory of how she communicated with me then, I can see my inner voice reflected in her morals and speech now. In this way I can not whine to her or make excuses. There is no coddling. There is no negotiation because her mind is set. It's why I push through painting that apartment I'm to move into in the middle of the biggest detox of my life because I already know she is not going to sympathize enough to offer another solution. No one is going to help me; I just need to get it done ASAP preferably without complaining.
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  15. ================= Say What! subject #2: Resistance "What we resist persists'" Teal's repeated tenet as well as the majority of the spiritual community. So what triggered Heidi when she said "Brrh" at the words 'positive focus'..? Where is the resistance coming from? Well we can be specific but in fact generalising is just as easy and less judgemental... Now, there's a word! Judge-mental; sounding like something is categorised and put in a box and labelled. So what label is written? That would depend on the person judging it; as we all use our own experiences to filter a meaning from something that has happened to us and label it accordingly. Anyway, labelling - this is common and part of being human - so do we have to surpass being human in order to be non-judgemental? Probably. It has been said by Teal that "ego" has been attributed to buddhist teachings as what he experienced around enlightenment. Thing is, Buddha's perspective of this was labelled afterwards because Buddha did not know the word 'ego' as such - that was Carl Jung who first used that word for human-based resistance to the higher self's perspective of detachment of human emotion. Oh, by the way people, free free to judge my comments as I go... Where was I... oh yes - labelling: I, for example have heard several words that I had to go look up on Mr. Wikipedia... one was 'enmeshment' and the other 'gas lighting'. I guess I knew the cause & effect just not the actual descriptions used. For "enmeshment" I'd use "deep in doggy" and for 'gas lighting' I'd use "Devil's Advocate". One an unconscious thing (enmeshment) and the other very conscious of (devil's advocate). In reality I think we've all been party to having enmeshment done to us but usually simply known as controlling what someone says, thinks and feels. And 'gas lighting' is simply another word for using those forms of control to get someone even more vulnerable and second-guessing themselves. All control. All labelling. All creating resistance because the higher, eternal self will allow this to happen for a while, then when everything calms down, bring it slap-bang in ya face when you lest expect it - so we go "Where the fuck did that come from!?" Anyway, I'd use the conscious one (devil's advocate) to get someone to their feelings so I could know more about them. You could say that's an extreme form of knowing someone but people are funny and hesitant and just... not authentic. At least emotions over boiling are authentic, yes? Deeply entrenched (deep in doggy) used and sometimes I'd pale at who I'd use it on. Teal helped me out recently on me questioning doing this when she said, "Rob, sometimes it's the only way. People are funny and will hold their feelings so tight you'd think they'd be screaming in pain they hold on so strong." I had to nod at that. Then she continued, "So maybe instead of 'Devil's Advocate', because you are introducing them to being in touch with their feelings and addressing an issue, you could call it 'Angel's Advocate' (wink).." I just love it when Teal winks - she is so switched on... I thanked her and she simply turned on her heels with that little "Love you, bye-bye" smile of hers. sigh... Oh yes, back to Resistance. Whenever it happens, we lucky ones have Teal's CP to help us out - and her book where Jailbars of Belief give us practical, positive ways to question why we feel like we do and to be able to have perspective on whatever it is. But, listening to Teal talking about resistance and how it works - you think you have it figured and she side swipes you with how some concentrating on the positive only is still resistance. Anything we run from basically, anything we avoid. Anyone we find offence at. Anything we are not prepared to accept as it is. So, how does we move from resistance, understanding , accepting and allowing so that we can move to resonating with a different vibration (therefore no longer a match to what was) and focus on something we do want rather than what we now know we don't want? Integration of that we finally have come to accept - through CP. What did we ever do beforehand, before CP came along!?? Crikey dicks, as we say DownUnder, we'd put up with all sorts of crap. Put up with trying to feel better instead of being unconditionally present. Why is Teal's work not being taught in schools? I can see the day it will be and the day that we are all mindful of what we say because of what we think. So I guess fold, when the Light of Understanding is shone on those dark places we know is the human shadow (read resistance and negativity or mis-understanding, lack of experience maybe?), then all is possible... I bet there are those reading this that will also agree that sometimes you know something isn't how it should be and know you want something better - just how to go about finding out... that's where life and living it comes in (smile, wink). I'll end here with a quote I love, and it's from Teal's "The Eviction Notice" Blog. Go read the whole thing after reading this here - it actually says all we need about the subject of both resistance and of manifesting... sorry @Heidi Havula no cut & paste but the next best thing: the link - see the bottom of my Post. Teal 'Eviction Notice' Quote: ..."The universe will arrange all necessary conditions for you to achieve your desires and because the universe doesn’t have resistance, it will arrange those conditions the second you desire them. If anything other than what you think you want to have happen occurs, it is because of one of two things: 1) You yourself, are resisting what you desire with something you are thinking, believing or doing. 2) You are in denial of what you truly desire, while you have been simultaneously subconsciously informing the universe of what you truly desire; and so the universe is responding to the deeper, stronger truth of what you really desire." end quote. Light and Love crystal Rob
  16. Young as you feel Mark, young as you feel... hey maybe it's your Guides giving you the hard time not your higher self - though the distinguishing is possibly not that easy. I do like how questioning things helps with another perspective... so seems like you prefer the interrogation method rather than the good cop/bad cop routine; or concerned friend method? LOL All good - whatever way we learn new stuff and connecting. So. Next "Say What!": maybe you'd like to start it off and get Heidi @Heidi Havula all riled up and Brrh on the subject of "Resistance"...? I'll add to it when I can - busy day in the office being a Friday n all, will get back here when I can... so maybe you or @Alex7can kick it off? Light
  17. Thanks for asking. When I talk about the furniture and the floors, what I'm saying is there is a lot of chemicals and it makes it hard for me to think. When I ask the question 'What would someone who loves themselves do?' I go with the very first answer that comes to my mind. It's usually immediate and doesn't even let me finish the question. This answer has not been disrespectful or uncaring of how I feel in the moment. However, how I speak to myself normally is cold, short, and not so nice. I have been dreading the answer to the question because I fear that it will come in the voice that is cold and uncaring. I did not realize why I dread things so much is because I don't want to hear that voice making me do things I don't want to do. I had a chance to read your question and think before I wrote my post for today. Clarifying this to you helped me to further understand myself and for that I thank you again.
  18. Day 18 of 365 days of 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?'

    The day was spent feeling hung over on the couch from the food choices the day before and the realization sinking in of how frank and unapologetic my inner voice is. After all these years how could I not know this before now!? It's like I'm a small child speaking to myself as a stern parent. The child who is fearful to even ask what it wants because it's almost a given its not going to happen. 'Do not bother the adults.' No wonder I struggle with asking the question 'WWSWLTD?'. It's because I don't want to hear the stern voice telling me to do something I don't want to do, as if I have not choice, like so many years spent in my traumatic childhood. 

    I had the opportunity to really think about how I treat myself. It is absolutely the voice of my father who showed me no warmth in his communication. He just barked orders at me, short and to the point, and as a child I deserved no explanation. Asking why would only prompt 'Because I'm the adult.' or something along those don't question me lines. It's also the voice of my mother. Although I have no memory of how she communicated with me then, I can see my inner voice reflected in her morals and speech now. In this way I can not whine to her or make excuses. There is no coddling. There is no negotiation because her mind is set. It's why I push through painting that apartment I'm to move into in the middle of the biggest detox of my life because no one is going to help me, I just need to push through and get it done ASAP preferably without complaining. 


  19. Scot, in my mind was outside home, when you in different place like country or different culture, and you one stranger between ,,normal" local people and they trying to fit your image in they own recognised database
  20. @toemilyjuneu can you elaborate a little bit more on how can you ask for get the answers? Like the answers that you receive on being hard on yourself, find help and the furniture and floors, I didn't understand that part very well, thank you and have a good day
  21. I found interview and I like her easy understandable explanations, also downloadable book version available. Thank you!
  22. hi there i don't speak Latvian. ^^ just russian. i was 6 when I moved to Berlin
  23. Does any of this sound familiar to you... My intimacy need (“into-me-see”) seems to be higher than hers. And I have some amount of fear about “going there” to that intimate place unless a person is willing to go there with me. Or maybe I have a tough time “tuning in to her energy”. Or maybe she lets out her energy in such small short glimpses that I have to make sure that I don’t blink and miss it. But I tell myself that this is actually pretty normal. I think the usual stereotype is that women have a higher intimacy need than men but this isn’t always necessarily true. We also looked into the 5 love languages. My #1 love language is “quality time” with an emphasis on sharing and connecting. Her #1 love language is “acts of service”.
  24. Yes sorry if that was unclear. I meant to associate positive feelings with achieving or gaining what you want but more importantly if you can the process. It can be simple when someone says go do what you love, but for most of us drawn to this topic that's impossible because those associations were never made. You have to create your own associations because nobody assisted you or me with this basic but fundamental part of life, showing us how to do it when we were younger. For some people I am sure this is so simple they don't think to even share it, so it doesn't get talked about. There are multiple ways mechanically to do this, depending on your temperament, here are a couple. 1, Tony Robbins. All about the third chakra. Totally success orientated with a very detailed program to follow. 2, The spiritual route and detox, clean and clear the blood so it carries charge, do some mantak chia or other practice like yoga to get the wheels turning so to speak and practice energy work in a sharable environment. No metal, no wires, no electronics. Natural materials or outdoors. Eat whole foods, not cut, organic, having maximum energetic potential. Always keep the intent on what you want. Work on yourself internally. When you find old beliefs popping up to sap your energy observe them and don't focus on the ones that are not helping, slowly they don't come up as much. Uses crystals to help align the chakras with their colors. All this is bolstering your intent, like a freight train. Then you'll be in a space, where you sit down one day, and focus on what you want, make it as sharable as possible. Which means something you can give or share with others and they'd want it. The universe will line up, you might even feel a large gulp of energy turning through your chakras as it happens (when they move in unison for the first time as one being). Lot of work yes I know, so is tony robbins the first option, but both of these things will get you in a space to more quickly achieve what you want. There are many other teachers to suit your own temperament. These are just two methods i've tried the mechanics are everywhere. Rich dad poor dad, take you a day to read, well worth it for example. What I don't feel anyone does well. Is get people to experience the feelings associated with achieving something that they were missing out on. Tony Robbins tries with his pain/pleasure principles (NLP programming), and so does a teacher like teal talking about positive focus to steer you while also how to be present, not to run or shy away from all emotions. There is something lacking there when I type this, I can feel it, because I went through the lack of it. A missing part that either nobodies put into words because it is so innate to them, or nobody knows how to.
  25. Thank you @Crystal Rob I wouldn't call myself young anymore though. Funny thing is the higher self rammed me against the wall for three days after posting this to show me a possible benefit lol. My higher self is funny some times. One possible benefit is you can get excited for a result, no matter how small it is, if you've spent three days working towards it. Excitement being passion and energy etc. So there is that.
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