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  2. I think it's all about you.
  3. Seeing people at the soul level?
  4. People that lack discernment should avoid rightwing news outlets such as Breitbart. It's been reported for over six months the pizzagate conspiracy theory started in Europe. Conservative trash like Michael Flynn picked it up and ran with it. Adam, your symptom is that you hate on women. Are there any male impotence patterns you would like to share?
  5. Everything is beautiful?! I have had a massive leap in my spiritual development and my life has turned in a massively positive direction and I'm loving life more than I ever thought possible When I went out today everyone around me looked familiar to me and everybody looked beautiful. Has anyone else experienced? What is that about?
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  7. Hi I'm new Hi, I had a question, I think I maybe gifted, or is it just in my head? A while back my husband and I were thinking about moving. I wanted to live in a house in the country so I put a picture of a house on my mirror, and a few months later, we bought a house that was almost identical. Before that, I was very lonely for many years and I would play a song that made me think of someone I could see myself with. There are specific lyrics in the song that I see now in my life including a wonderful man. I have had thoughts of other things too that have come true, positive and negative. The last thing I did was to call my cat to come home. I just thought it, and she came home 2 hours later after running off two weeks prior. There are many more examples.. what do you think?
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  9. Hi Teal. In case you still working on your Safety Book, I would like to recommend a great (work)book on this topic: Techniques for Generating Safety: Create a Safe Life and a Safe World by Robert Shapiro Sat Nam Zoran
  10. Something funny you reminded me of.... Are you following in your mothers footsteps in terms of men? Our parents are what we think is a normal loving relationship... but back in those days there was a lot of unconscious dysfunctional issues going on, so we may not have had the optimal imprint when it comes to what healthy relationships look like. If you have this bad example, it will take a conscious effort to change the kind of man you'll be attracted to. So what kind of man do you think you want? Also, you may have trouble finding this man, because your friends seem to share the same negative attitude (energy) towards men. So I'd suggest getting MORE female friends who have healthy successful male partners...
  11. Both Trump and Podesta sound like children playing with their twitter accounts
  12. Democratic Campaign Chairman John Podesta went on a little twitter rant a couple weeks ago in reply to one of Trump's tweets. Podesta admitted that the problem was that his emails were hacked. By the way, that's where pizzagate got started. It started from the John Podesta hacked emails that wikileaks released legally. Edit: isn't the greatest site. Here's another one about the tweet storm (more credible website)
  13. You caught me, majda.
  14. Teal, You stood up for yourself so well. Wonderfully done, you have integrated yourself so thoughtfully, Great job. Emily B.
  15. Adam has come right out and said his agenda is to have fun. The slander and innuendo he dished out are just part of his fun. He considers it to be "turbulence" (his word)
  16. Scot, discussions with Adam never go anywhere because his agenda is weak. Slander and innuendo are not fact centric.
  17. it would suck to be a celebrities kid though, being born into that, or its just normal to them, then they see behind the wizard of oz curtain that they are normal people.
  18. I cried from happiness when I saw your happy posts, especially riding the horse on the beach. ♡ It's really strange to me that people are angry at you for being happy. I felt so much relief at being able to see this side of you. Being able to feel true enjoyment in your life. You are so open about so much pain, which is incredibly meaningful, but sometimes I feel sad for you, to only see you in pain, only always being tortured still. I was so glad to see that this isn't all your life is. ♡
  19. @Andrea Barrett thank you so much for contributing to this thread. You have made some really great points while also validating me. You are absolutely right about 'narcissism' being the shadow aspect of 'empathic' people. And one shouldn't invalidate the other as they are each on the opposite side of the same coin. I have always believed that human nature has the ability to be on either side of the vast same spectrum of any two aspects. For instance, an Empath can very well be on the extreme side of the spectrum as a narcissist and visa versa. It's all determined where we choose to be. So, I absolutely agree with you 100%. We shouldn't be too hard on the narcissist because all Empaths have that aspect and I feel like most if not all, like myself have taken advantage of having that dormant aspect when in a desperate situation at one point or another. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank you!
  20. Had a dream where you were concerned about my health. I hope you are well.
  21. How do I manifest more positivity in my life or amplify positive experiences that I've already had? Using The Completion Process on Positive emotions or to feel better is an addition to Teal Swan's Completion Process Technique, which is traditionally used on negative emotions. This technique utilizes the completion process to delve into positive memories rather than negative ones. By using The Completion Process to amplify positive emotions, you can increase your positive point of attraction and improve your manifestations. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality. For More Information on The Completion Process visit Purchase The Book Join The Completion Process Community on Facebook Register for Premium Content Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  22. This is so very true! I've been mulling over this idea recently; you articulate clearly the classic journey of realising that one has been invalidated due to others' own fears of one's exposing charades, which is important for reclaiming the sovereignty of one's own intuition. Something additional: I think it is worth being cautious referring too often to ideas of 'Empath' and 'Narcissist', because after the identities have served their purpose -validating one's experiences- there is the danger of them becoming a 'black-and-white', dualistic, good-and-bad, 'othering' lens which robs one seeing the humanity of the 'Narcissist', and invalidates the shadow aspect of the 'Empath' which is a 'Narcissist'. This shadow aspect often remains dormant, and usually is only activated when the person (Empath) is feeling deeply powerless to create their life, plus are in a state where needs-trauma is triggered , hence the identity aspect of Narcissist, with its modus operandi of manipulation. Without re-humanising (and integrating) Narcissism it remains ostracised, and seen as the 'perpetrator rather than the hurt child who didn't get their emotional needs met, which is at the heart of the adult's narcissism. A final caveat is that in certain situations, when one feels powerless to someone we perceive to be a narcissist, it is of course helpful to give them the role of 'the other', in order to disconnect from enmeshment and meet one's need for safety, authentic interaction, and (naturally) validation.
  23. I have snakes in my house, not live ones. One is wood , a sinuous limb carved and burned into the likeness of a snake. Another is woven and flexible it hides behind the pictures and nick-knacks on my mantle! Am I a snake? sometimes. Sneaky, vengeful, resentful, vicious, conniving ; not an aspect of myself I'm proud of but it's still there buried deep within my inner self. It plays with and protects my inner child! Thank you Teal, for reminding me of this aspect of myself.
  24. I agree @Alex7 that often the root of desiring attention-fame- can be experiencing the opposite. I also think that often it can occur from the positive of wanting to express one's creativity through the medium of music, acting, etc. and that since these are prized cultural spheres celebrity is the side-byproduct. And perhaps occasionally certain celebrities are actually in resistance to attention and fame- and thus attract it! Recently I was thinking about these questions you are curious about @Majda and I agree that a proportion of celebrities (as with all of humanity) are aware of 'the metaphysical'. For instance, Lana del Rey, alludes to the idea of manifesting one's physical form and death being the end of one's soul present incarnation, via the metaphor of 'clothes' in her song 'Lust for Life', , whereby her 'boyfriend' is death, and the beginning and end of the video takes a cosmic space perspective to contextualise it. Additionally, I have this pet theory that celebrities use the sensory condition 'synesthesia' as a euphemism for extrasensory perception. One celebrity I am quite sure is extrasensory is 'Lorde', i.e. Ella Yellich O'Connor. The interviews which has allusions to it: Lastly, I wonder if all those in positions of fame are 'mirrors' for the collective..?
  25. Alright sports fans, for those of you just tuning in, here is a brief run-down of the action so far: (1) Neptune started with a jab at Democrats that he probably fully believes but no Democrat would find legitimate. Even old school Republicans might not have found the jab to be legitimate. (2) Walt countered by saying Neptune doesn't have a "semblance of legitimacy". (3) Neptune replied with a sarcastic comment about the word "semblance" sounding "so intelligent!" (4) In his reply Walt admitted to being a high-school dropout but still thinks of himself as very intelligent. (5) Neptune accuses Walt of lies and brainwashing. And accuses Walt of attacking him. Accuses Walt of having no morals. And accuses Walt of either being "paid troll" or having a mental disorder. So that brings us up to date. Let's see what happens next as the action unfolds...
  26. I cried when i red the snake was hurt. It makes me ever so sad to think of any living creature being hurt and especially the big and scary ones. It makes me cry. It's not their fault they r born this way. I have so much love for you ❤️
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