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  2. You seemed I would say almost obsessed with this, you do realize, this is not the only time this has happened, why is this particular case bothering you so much. It’s quite disturbing yes of course and If you want more answers, watch this. The answers your looking for are here. Maybe do some self reflection, why is this burdening you? What does this mean to you? Don’t answer me answer for yourself. This is out of your control. There are and have been billions of horrific things like this all over the world, are you concerned with these things as well? You cant change the outer world, not what’s been done, the only thing you can do is work on yourself. Your reality is based on you. I should say the only way to change your outer world is by changing your inner world. I think you’ll be surprised that by doing this how much of the rest of the world really will change by doing this.
  3. I think it depends. I mean how much work have you done with yourself? I feel like there’s always going to be things that need to be worked on, as in once you healed one thing, it can come up later as another layer. Therapists see therapists for a reason, they get triggered, I think you need to ask yourself, how you FEEL about it? Does it feel right, right now to do that in your life at this time? Also another question to ask is, is there any possibility that you’re doing this on some level or another so you don’t have to fully do the work on yourself? To somehow sidestep yourself by helping others? These are just questions I would ask myself! Personally I think absolutely you can heal while healing yourself, but it depends on you, how you feel about it, etc.
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  5. Repressed memories My topic is repressed sexual abuse. I know for a various number of reasons, that I was sexually abused as a child. I would reenact, or do and behave in such inappropriate ways that still disturb me today, not as much now that I’ve actually discussed it a couple times with my therapist and with my mother. I would do so on my own and on two separate times in my childhood with two different girls, not knowing HOW wrong it was but enough to know that we should hide it, but I do not know where I learned these things. And after watching an interview about Teal’s story and she mentions children who will repetitively do things. I won’t get into detail, so as to get to the point of my question, which is should I dig for these or let them organically come up if they do at all? My therapist suggested this. It’s not like I really want to know and have my world shattered, it’s just, could I not benefit not in the long term from it from by getting a better understanding. The thing about me is, I’ll jump into the fire no matter how painful if I know there’s light, because there always is, it’s always better after. So yea what do you guys think? Organically or dig?
  6. Alright then. Thanks for your needless input, Scot. Anyway...... Yeeaah... Child murder. That's a pretty big deal. Am I the only person who thinks so? I doubt it.
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  8. I watched this video today It's an interview with someone who lived with Teal Swan. She says she took on the role of "nanny" to care for her 4 year old son and the son was not potty trained at 4 years old, and that Teal only saw him once a week. Is this true? Or is she in the death cult out to ruin Teal? I have a hard time believing this nice woman is in a death cult.
  9. 15 years is a loooong time. People believe a death cult has been trying to ruin Teal. Is that what everyone believes? It's been 15 years since Teal's escape. What have they done to ruin her? Just curious if anyone knows.
  10. Hi @eileene, Gaslighting or Ambient Abuse. I'm deeply resonate with your experience. In calm state probably you know where is a true and how picture looks like till you get in a someone else FIELD, you been naturally involved in other persons action, starting to feeling your mind blurry, actually there no time space for you was left something to change, even you realising you in a ^situation^ which scenarios was written before you came. It's time to reset your boundaries, if someone deliberately doing that to you yours god manners and humbleness would be used for their benefits. You have to listen yours feelings, also express them, in relationships do not afraid to ask or double check, to make sure you're still in the same page, if there is a job draw the clear start and end lines. Solution out of this? You can't stop them doing this to you, but you can stop doing what they want. Mindfulness meditation, grounding your self, reset boundaries, building up your self trust things to focus first. Lol
  11. I can play this song on the drums. Lol. When I was 19 I played the drums to this song for my mom. Like 11 years ago. At the end of the song, you know what she said to me? She said "Ummm.... Okay?" lmfao. Weird song I know. I hear this band now and I say the same thing. The band is very musically talented though (except the singer sucks when playing live shows. He's just terrible lol)
  12. Everyone wants to improve. But if Teal is not healed, I don't think she should be trying to heal others. I haven't experienced her trauma, and I don't have to help her. She is an extra-dimensional enlightened being with divine insight, remember? What would I have to offer her? Laundry and grocery shopping? I have never ever claimed to be a spiritual master, no. I have never lied about being a spiritual master, no. Also, no I don't lie in general. Honesty has always been a core value of mine, sometimes to my own detriment. I have been on LoA forums for a long time, and I have ALWAYS said I don't agree with that. So, no. What, her "Clear Directive" blog? That wouldn't make sense. Did you read it? What did you think about that blog? Again, I don't agree with that philosophy of life, and I find it very very very very very very dangerous to believe that. Sometimes projection can happen, but I've never been the type to project things. Usually, when you're judging something, it's because you have eyes, ears, and a brain. Most people have good judgment, generally speaking. Not at all, actually. Again, I am not claiming to be a fraudulent spiritual master. I also am not claiming to witness child sacrifices. Your point makes zero sense. Lol Lol Child murder, guys. Child murder. That's all I have to say right now. I can't believe you would go on such a tangent like this. All I am doing is speaking my mind. It's immoral, I think, to attack someone like this who is only searching for truth. But... You can do what you want to.
  13. Clever, sneaking in some exercise there Anyway, I'm no expert, but I've been seeking similar answers (assuming you want to know how to find a soul mate if they are in another country, or do you just want to know where to get the best plane tickets for a trip to Mexico?). What I've found so far, which could possibly answer your question, is: love yourself first, it does not matter where he or she is, once you start aligning with yourself, you'll attract that person into your life, as the law of attraction means that we attract what we sent out, and your soulmate will be similar in frequency to yours (once you align with yourself).
  14. I'm not hijacking threads. People talk to me and I reply. Btw... My 2nd post on this thread was replying to something Ranja said to me. She later deleted her comment to me, which makes it look like I went on a tangent, but I just replied to her comment. I always think it's ridiculous when people throw unfounded accusations at someone just because they challenge their beliefs. It's rude. Please stop.
  15. Alright. I've been watching a bunch of Teal's videos recently, and I'm trying to figure out how this self-love works. I've finally learned that I ought to accept my shortcomings, as it's part of me, and thus something I should be able to love. However I occasionally smoke, I occasionally drink, I ocasionally eat heaps of sugar and cake, and I occasionally spend entire days playing games or bingeing series, and I love it! Sure I feel the effect now and again, but if there wasn't something fun or attractive about these things, I'm sure I wouldn't do it. Still these are some of the hardest things to accept about myself, and I believe it might be because, external sources are constantly reminding me how bad and sometimes "evil" they are. I know Teal says, that I should start by accepting my shortcomings if I want to love myself (which should bring happiness in my life, and possibly direct me towards enlightment, which also would be pretty cool), and I should ask myself "what would a person who truly loves themselves do in this situation". And I've done this, and to me the answer seems to be, that I should accept smoking, drinking, sugar, cakes, video games and bingeing series, yet still this seems to be frowned upon or at least adviced against even in the spiritual community. So what am I missing here? Am I misunderstanding my wants? Am I being mislead by my ego? (Which I think would be more interested in exercise and quitting smoking, as it (the ego) is the only thing that will truly get damaged from those activities) Will my wants automatically (or magically) change to healthier things as I become more well versed in the practice of self-love? Or is it possible that I could become one of the first masters to walk the Earth and still beat up kids in Rocket League and disappear on a mountain for a day or two when the next season of Stranger Things is out?
  16. Apparently, Scot doesn't do any research of his own. He needs people to tell him things, and then he decides the truth by judging their personality. If that isn't a recipe for failure, I don't know what is. Anyway. Scot, are we done here?
  17. As I see it, I have to choose who I ought to trust. I could trust the local law enforcement, and the main stream media. Or I can trust conspiracy theorists, and @MistaRender Personally I will take the main stream media and the police force. And when it comes to whether Teal Swan reported the crimes she witnessed, I’ll take her word for it over yours.
  18. Oh? You've always defended Comet Pizza, Scot. Why the sudden change of heart? (Notice how Scot hasn't denied any of my accusations. According to his past comments, I am a bad person for thinking Comet Pizza is ran by pedophiles. Can you imagine that? I'm a bad person for being concerned about overt pedophilia. That's Scot, for ya!!)
  19. Father need implants Hi, my father is planning for dental implants. He has lost his tooth due to the periodontal disease. It was detected a week ago. He was showing symptoms like swelling, bleeding etc. The dentist periodontal; disease and he suggested getting dental implants for missing tooth. He is scared of all dental procedures and changes the appointment dates each time. Can anyone share more about dental implants? Is there any alternative method other than implants? Why do people choose dental implants? Kindly share your insight with me.
  20. Hey..this is just gonna be a loop. I think that just accepting each others beliefs and stands about teal would probably be best. As much as it would be to defend whay you believe in ... Im not sure if one side is gonna be willing to see the other so its just going to be a cycle.
  21. Teal doesn't have good intentions? what if teal herself is healing still? arent you healing still? arent we all doing that? have you experienced the severe trauma she went through? are you dealing withher issues? are you helping her to where you believe 'a better place' for her would be? are you always 100% conscious of your 'shadow' and never make any mistakes? you have never manipulated anyone? you have never lied? It smells like projection here... if you hate others you hate yourself. what you see in others is within you. do you agree? what if she took it down to protect herself from people who are willing to abuse her and use it against her, because they misunderstand the info she shares? people who are quick to call out her faults and dont understand her good intentions and would love to see her go down for not being perfect? could it be that your perception of her is just a mere reflection and projection of your own inner insecurities and wounds? by saying all these negativites about her it just means you have these issues within yourself but you are scared to see it and and accept them and integrate them... it seems to me you are screaming for attention. and im willing to give it to you if it helps you heal and redirect your focus. but you need to have some selfreflection and honest introspection and scan yourself first before youre pointing the finger, dont you agree? nobody is just light nobody is just dark you need to pay attention to what you dont like about yourself and where you are insecure and heal it first. peace
  22. I am not going to defend Comet Pizza. And that does not make me a pedophile. It also does not make me a pedophile defender.
  23. I see where youre coming from, but what is your good intention in letting off unsolicited steam and negativity in so many posts and hijacking other peoples post with unrelated topics? help me understand this one too please
  24. Hello from Estonia,, Tallinn!
  25. @Angeldust In my mind, Teal is in a different category than real spiritualists. Real spiritualists are authentic. Teal deleted her "Clear Directive" blog, which is very disingenuous. Therefore, I don't associate with that. I like the real people here. I like the people with good intentions. Saying that I dislike spiritual people is a false accusation. I love real spiritualists. I am one. We seek truth, and claim our place at the Right hand of God in the end and above all. If you lie, deceive, manipulate intentionally, you are not a spiritualist to me. Does that help you understand?
  26. Try defending Comet Pizza again. Let's see how that looks on you. I'll allow you the space here to state your case, so people can judge you for themselves. Tell us... Tell everyone how Comet Pizza is an innocent, family-friendly pizza place.
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