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  3. Being ignored triggers me.

    I like that thought, yes. I might delve into that whilst meditating soon Thanks for your perspective! Maybe I am bitter because I have not been devoting enough time to myself. I realized after meditating that I end up creating a toxic environment in a relationship by becoming overinvolved with someone. To put it simply, sometimes it's just easier to worry about other people's problems than to deal with your own. To obsess about someone's life, because it's an escape from your own... It's a slippery slope. I think I'm starting to understand what it means to have balance in your life, but it's hard. I would be content with loving this boy and doing nothing the rest of my life besides love him... but that's not what I'm destined for and I know this from a higher perspective. In a way, by being with him, I'm running from myself. Using him as a way to escape myself. It's not fair for either of us.
  4. Any idea regarding 6 month braces?

    Wow, sorry, I know this thread wasn't for me, but recently I got like a crap ton of cavities (like six! I'm embarassed to admit it! xP) and this was intresting because this literally describes me to a T, holding onto trauma because it's safe and familiar, not wanting to move forward because of fear of failure.... So to marypole, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone on this. I guess I need to do more inner work than I thought... Actually, I think it's time that I start moving outwards despite not being 'healed' enough...
  5. Clairaudience at night

    imagine a long tunnel you are in and you trying to consciously go out of body, you aren't going to go all the way to the end first try, you just get closer ever time and get shown more every time. you could get to the vibrational stage 20 times then you want to move past that, so you leave your body then come back 10 times so you can remember. I stopped at seeing other races lol I'm like "oh shit a blue geometric being" these are like actual beings in another dimension not like a hallucination from your subconscious. I haven't got to into that but yeah there are other races.
  6. I am in a crisis and on the verge of giving up Hi, some of you might have read my post about my obsessive thoughts. Not only that, but I am currently massivly in debt, my relationship to my mother is not the best right now, I need to look out for a home to stay at, while I wait for therapy, and a friend of mine passed away a week ago. Iam very stressed out and I feel like I could pop anytime. Living right now is hell to me. I have no place where I can feel save, and every thought I have is stressing me out. I just don't want to live like that anymore. I am on the verge of giving up, because I don't know if this is worth fighting for. I can't do the things I once enjoyed, because my mind is wandering all the time. I don't even know what I want or what I want to do, really. Can someone please help me? I don't know for how long I can stay like this. I want to give the CP a shot, but neither do I have the money to pay a practicionor nor the book. So if someone reads this, please help me out. Since I live in germany, I would prefer a german practioner, but anything helps, really.
  7. Choosing Career 

    Choosing Career Hello guys, how are you? I don't know if here is the right place, but I have to make a decision, maybe ... During the last 5 years, i dedicated myself to became a commercial pilot, but I'm trying to get a job for about a year and the things simply didn't happen. I thought I couldn't wait anymore and know I'm preparing myself to study psychology, but I can't feel if it is a right decision, or if it's something related to my life purpose... How can I put myself in the way aligned with my higher self?
  8. Dyslexia, school, and spirituality

    Yeah I hear ya. Why someone would pull out a student loan is beyond my comprehension. One thing im proud of myself for is paying for my classes upfront, so I don't have to worry about going into debt. Still.. thats alot of money and time already invested but thats not the first time Ive done something stupid and live to tell about it. A good portion of that money paid for school was money borrowed from my grandparents, so I have to pay them back but theyll be cool about it. I know them too well and won't push me off the rails because of it. They just want me to stay out of trouble. I know if I stay on the college train Im more than likely going to hurt my GPA score, my head is just not in it right now. But yeah fuck student loans. Maybe thats why everyone with the exception of me is pushing for the societal collapse. My guess is we have alot of spiritual people that don't want to pay their college debt. *Face palm*
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  10. Clairaudience at night

    So how did you do that? So far I have only managed to feel a sort of lifting off sensation and very hard sounds after I meditated at 4-5 am or something, but that is it. Just like you, I want to experience it and prove that it works. @heloiseviola I have never had it as strong as you had, but yes I do hear weird sounds or voices sometimes. I have quite some tinnitus and wear hearing aids so I am already easily confused by sounds around me, but some of the sounds that I hear are definitely not 'normal'
  11. Hello there, I may be able to help you Llisa, as I have been in similar situations. So that you know what I am talking about, I also developed autoimmune, it is mostly effecting my thyroid and I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have had over 28 food allergies, could barely walk from the pain even, not to mention that I have been walking around with a blood sugar level of 2 or that I can't even count how many times I have been in near death situations. I have also tried my best regardless of the situation to do things, errands, and school... (Currently recovering, you will see how just below this) So what did I do? I may write this randomly a bit, mostly because I have discovered a lot of good and new stuff the past year. Have had my allergies for 7 years and my symptoms for 15 years. First I went into an autoimmune diet. You can find it as autoimmune paleo mostly. This helped me a lot with decreasing my allergies down to 4ish and to lessen my inflammation. May not taste good at first, I admit, but after that, it is going well. Also, in my case, I had to include natural sugars and leave out xillit and stevia, as my liver and thyroid did not approve of those. After one of the near death experiences, where I have lost all, I decided to change myself as much as I could-for the better. I literally sat down with everything, that annoyed me, asked myself why it annoyed me, then shone some decent view on it. I guess it was integrating it, but well, this decreased my level of stress and it is just awesome! First I had really nasty migraines, not just your normal one, but one that can be only treated in hospital- but I couldn't even talk when it occoured, let alone move at times. I actually had a neurology professor treat me, but he couldn't do much. He only told me to call an ambulance at the first symptoms, as not even his best medicine has worked- not to mention the fact that I suffered from side effects as well. Here what saved me were the herbs. Taking a few herbs cured me out of a continous, 4 month old migraine, in just TWO DAYS. Ever since then, I highly prefer herbal remedies, and they work for me way better than synthetic drugs. I am also free of side effects. For the pain in my body, I actually have not used anything. That has been excruciating at times as well, as the pain level of them usually reached up to what I had experienced when I had a bleeding in my spleen. What I did here was that I have just decided to stop fighting the pain and simply acknowledging it as the messenger. It is there, sometimes it does get hard to walk, but I do not suffer anymore. I sometimes only notice the fact that I can hardly move. Lately, I have found that almost everyone has parasites, but most don't even notice. Especially if you have some kind of disease, I would put money on it, that you have a bad case. Currently, I am undergoing my second parasite cleanse, this time around with a gall/liver cleanse. For this, I use Hulda Clark (MD)'s way. Here I must warn you that a gall/liver cleanse is more delicate, as you must not have bigger gallstones or live parasites. I suggest you see a certified natural healer of some sorts before attempting it. However, if you are allowed to do it, I can certify that it helps a lot. After 15 years of suffering, it actually turned out that I have had chronic Lyme disease all along. The autoimmune process and allergies are also just symptoms, so if I heal, it will get better. There is also a chance, seeing what you have written, that you have it as well. I have been under treatment for 6 months or so, and things move slowly. If you want to have a reliable test for it, check out the elispot test- I had to send my blood to Germany as well. The Elisa came back as negative for me as well- it's accuracy is around 20%, yet they are diagnosing with that. I have had no tick bites that I noticed, nor a bull's eye rash. Coinfections may be also present. Well, I tried to be short and I hope I have included what had to be here. You may want to think about these, or find alternatives even, and pick what resonates with you
  12. Success Workshop


    Hi Andreas, I think I understand more where you're coming from now. Most of us sense that we're oppressed by something, but there's so much confusion as to what it is. And I think that the confusion is part of the strategy and part of our challenge to overcome. A few things about the Establishment that I've determined from looking outside of the US media: It is a very complex hierarchy where we only see the bottom and middle levels. Therefore when we attempt to lash out against it, we are often half-cocked and misguided. The top of the hierarchy is not human and feeds on our fears, anger and feeling of powerlessness. So if we lash out against it in the wrong way, we can end up feeding it. So restraint and discretion are key as are an open mind, research and patience. There are so many good internet sources on the different aspects of those evil powers which rule us, but if I had to pick one, it would be But the best place I know of, if you just wanna work on yourself is actually right here. Don
  13. Houston Sycnhronization Workshop


    Omg when I found out I litterally cried, this is so amazing!!!!! Im so happy she is comming to H-town!!!!
  14. Clairaudience at night

    I did it just to prove to myself it exists, but I don't really do it, I know its possible and you can go places, but I haven't put my focus on that. all your lives on higher dimensions overlap so you are these higher beings also, which is cool, its just I'm playing this 3d human currently lol, but yeah that leaving your body stuff is real. it will probably happen once a month something like that just on its own. you literally are stepping into the unknown so that's why its scary but you see your own thoughts from this life and whatever you focus on you will see, so get rid of the fear and every being you see is evil, or any beliefs you have about demons and all this stuff that will come up that's why you would scare yourself and be like "never mind! I want to go back in my body!" try a dream journal in the beginning. you will leave your room and hover then go back in your body. your aren't actually leaving it just your consciousness is changing realities(frequencies) so you perceive this light body turning on in you and electricity going through your body and you are using a different body. vary hard to explain, the crazy thing is you will go to sleep it will feel like you were gone 2 hours and you come back and its only been 10 minutes when you go back in your body, time is an illusion. Some people are really good at it, teal can do it at will and other people too.
  15. How to get to know who you are?

    Thank you Alex! It feels just right, because it was just a couple weeks ago, when I noticed that I usually identify with similar characters in fiction. Now I feel excited about writing this list you mentioned!
  16. Chronic fatigue and NLP

    Thank you for your advice. My alarm bells were really going off but the temptation of feeling better sooner was enough to make me doubt my intuition. Thank you for reminding me to go with what feels better for me. Do you have a link to Teal's CFS video? I can't find it. thank you again for your reply and advice,. I really appreciate it Love Tanya
  17. You can also participate in all of the Synchronization Workshops Online and participate in the Group Exercises with other viewers online. New York Events: New York Synchronization Workshop - $122 New York Synchronization Workshop Online - $10 March 4th Kripalu Womens Empowerment Event - $375 February 24th-26th Success Workshop - $3500 February 28th - March 2nd Las Vegas - Synchronization Workshop (Hay House) - April 9th $150 Houston Synchronization Workshop - April 15th - $100 Online Workshop - $10 Help us caption & translate this video!
  18. Clairaudience at night

    Sometimes when I dream and focus on something specific, I start to feel a huge amount of energy and I'm so scared and resistant to it that I end up being paralyzed. I would like to go out of my body but I'm scared ! Do you go out of body oftentimes ?
  19. Clairaudience at night

    I've heard voices before and realized those were like energy parasites, very dark voices. ive heard music before and I have heard like I was picking up on a radio station. Past sleep paralysis is when you can leave your body, when you accept that I cant move feeling you will leave your body, and that's when the crazy stuff happens lol. or you can play around in a dream or your room, wherever you go. When you have enough out of body experiences and realize time isn't real its just constant now those higher aspects of your consciousness and dimensions you go to are other yous you were tapping into, so your spirit guides are you in another life. Dreams are your subconscious mind(ego) and past your own human ego is objective truth, you have to pretty much experience death to get there, but baby steps...
  20. Why am I attracting this shit?!

    I think we see certain things not because it is somewhere in our subconscious , but also simply to just raise our own awareness about some things . Most social pages have news feed and as you scroll down you see random things from happy babies to children dying from cancer. This is what i actually just saw on my feed. As with everything else we can always choose what to focus on or to look deeper at what catches the eye. Interestingly, the girl who reposted about cancer is from my home country. Very-very religious. I could see on that photo pain and dispair in women's eyes and knowing the girl I completely understood why she feels the need to share things like that. In the past 10 years cancer is on a rise there. And unfortunately they use the same chemo treatments as everywhere else. When people see/feel someone else's pain - any action helps. Because even if they are not completely open to the alternatives , eventually pain will push them over their limits.
  21. Clairaudience at night

    Clairaudience at night A few nights ago, I had a sleep paralysis and heard classical music very loudly in my ears. I managed to get out of that state but fell asleep immediately because I was so tired. The music started again. It repeated 4/5 times before I could really woke up. Have you ever experienced something similar ? I wonder where it came from. I experience sleep paralysis on a regular basis and I don't understand why.
  22. Raising awareness in the middle east

    Religion was invented for one reason, to oppress women. Look how screwed up the world is because of it.
  23. Just wanted to say...

    Just wanted to say... Just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you unconditionally...I don't need you to compliment me or encourage me or say nice things to me so I could love you. My love for you is eternal, unconditional, and I think you're so beautiful... I fall in love with each and every one of you more and more every single day and I wish you can see how special, beautiful and deserving you are... That is all
  24. Why am I attracting this shit?!

    so why don't you? (okay, I know it is not that easy but actively putting it to practise does help)
  25. Why am I attracting this shit?!

    The subconscious creates everything so something in there. some stuff I manifest and looking back im like how the hell did that happen? I guess I was focusing on that in some way? like I remember the first time I saw a dead body I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be, it was just a body with no life in it, before I thought it would freak me out, but it just makes you think(a man got hit by a car). and another time I was at a park and 2 people on drugs were having sex in the cold, and random stuff like that happens lol. real life moments are kind of funny, but yeah darkness also exists down here and so you see these aspects in people and just life in general, like you have to experience the whole spectrum, not one side or the other, but both light and dark.
  26. Kerrie O Reilly

    I had the pleasure to be facilitated by Kerrie, in her loving presence I felt safe to face my most vulnerable aspects. Kerrie creates a safe and comforting place to dive deep and then holds your hand trough the process. She was the first practitioner to help me trough a completion process, and she really helped me understand the art of presence and allowing in a new way that I now use in my own practice daily. I highly recommend her as your Completion Process Practitioner
  27. I help my clients with acceptance of their emotions by creating a safe space for them to experience whatever comes up. My focus is on allowing each emotion as it comes and providing a space of unconditional presence for those aspects of yourself that have possibly never had the change to experience that. Unconditional presence and allowing are my strengths as a practitioner, which allow me to help people reach completely new emotional depths within themselves. My areas of specialty include depression, abandonment trauma, grief and feelings of unsafety. I am also a master's student in the field of psychology and will graduate as a certified psychologist in my home country, Finland, in a few years. Because of that I have a broad understanding of human psychology and mental health issues.
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