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    Been there often, love the view. Very sad place. You'd think that people would get the whole thing just by looking at the castle. There can't be many straight men, who'd fancy living in a plave like that? Or am I being sexist?
  4. Garnet

    Yes, Angeldust, I can try to expand a little more on this but I need to feel that you are open and ready to receive, otherwise it's just a waste of time . ❤
  5. Arvi619

    Well put. Thank you 🙏
  6. Casia

    What frequency am I at my highest potential?
  7. Casia

    What does alignment look like?
  8. So sorry to hear you are having to go through all this now. I'm glad you are here and have Teal and her community to help. Your Mom is suffering too and is desperately trying to overcome feelings of failure and inadequacy at the loss of your brother and the collapse of her marriage. She blames you because you are all she has left and like most codependent victims she is terrified that it's really her own fault. Rather than a psychiatrist, a family counselor would be much more appropriate to your situation since they deal with dysfunctional relationships within the family. Everyone shares some responsibility but the parents were codependent before bringing you and your brother into the mix. A good grief counselor could be of great help as well and can often be found through either the church or Hospice in your community. The prime opportunity here is to focus on patterns of behavior and how each person in the family tends to blame someone else for the pain and suffering within the family. "Whose fault is it," becomes the primary concern instead of each of you accepting and addressing your own feelings and the behaviors that result. #Toemilyjune has a great blog in this forum about 365 days of What would someone who loves themselves do? and her journey with her family. Look at the patterns in your family and see how they are unraveling due to the loss of your brother. Research codependency, there is lots of stuff out there as most of us in addiction therapy deal with it every day. Love your Mom and try to forgive her and understand why she thinks and feels the way she does. Love yourself and ask yourself, what would someone who loves themselves do? Beware of jumping into a relationship with someone who seems to be able to save you from all this as you're primed to remake any new relationship in the patterns of your current family relationships. Seek out healthier families and compare their patterns of relationships with your own. If you want to continue to discuss these issues with me feel free to respond here or message me here. There are also many Facebook pages of groups of Teal Tribe people who can help. Be Blessed, the universe loves you and wants you to be whole and healthy. have courage it's a rough ride but well worth it. Namaste
  9. faehe michelina

    i was there once to and the castle is so beautiful. interesting fact to, the castle of his parents is like on a hill right next to it so not even was he very unhappy with his live he was also watched by his parents.
  10. Angeldust

    It means that you need to find alignment first before taking action. Taking action from a place of resistance will lead to more hardship vs success.
  11. Angeldust

    Interesting, do you want to elaborate? Is it anything specifically you’re thinking of? Thanks
  12. Codependent Mom Codependent Daughter (How to Resolve) Hello, I am in a really bad place right now; I feel like every Teal's video I've watched for the past couple of years applies to me, from the lack of self-love and fear of people to codependency and resistance to committing to anything in my life. I am 22 years old; grew up (as I only recently realized) in a house with a narcissist (dad) and a codependent (mom). I will try to keep it short... I am the "good" child , who could always comply and do whatever was asked and needed. I am an extreme perfectionist and get myself "dissolved" in other people. I fear true connection and people in general. All my life I tried to be perfect; only 3 years ago started rediscovering my true self, and of course when I did, parents resisted, in every imaginable way. I also had a brother, he was the other "type" of a child in our "family" - the scape goat. He was never able to get love by being perfect; he just wasn't complying to my parent's standards in most of the ways. My brother committed suicide this summer. He was 16. It is a true tragedy for me. He was the only person who loved me. He was wonderful and talented. Extremely sweet and funny. My words can't describe how much I miss him. Right now im in the "transition" phase, as Teal says. The phase when you lost everything, became aware (at least to some degree) of who you may be and cannot eat the crap you've been fed your entire life anymore; on the other side of this hell I should probably be seeing a rainbow, but can't really get a glance at it yet. It can be really dark here... No one is here for you to understand and accept. I am so lucky to have at least a couple of people who at least accept some aspects of me. Besides a ton of things I am struggling with right now, I have a really hard time keeping a relationship with my mom (haven't talked to dad for some months since my brother passed away). Since she is a codependent and just recently divorced my dad (narcissist at his core), she possesses this idea that she is the GOOD one, and he is the BAD one, which couldn't be further from the truth. I get in fights with her every freaking day. She doesn't accept me. And I feel it from her every day, in her every word. Although she says she loves me, I don't f feel it. I blame her and my dad for the loss of brother to some degree, but of course don't express this stuff. When I get into arguments with her about how I feel and what I want and what is happening, I feel like I cannot express myself fully (even though I have been under emotional abuse my entire life I am having a very very hard time explaining what has ACTUALLY HAPPENED and what's "wrong" with her - I think this is because I don't even know what should be there instead of the hell I experienced). I just feel like I constantly owe her something; like I am never good enough; like she is lying; like she is playing (even though my entire like I believed my parents are the best and I am in such a good place). I feel like I have no energy to try to dig into my childhood and explain every detail to her. I just want Teal to come and show her the truth to be honest... I so relate to most of Teal's videos. Every time I watch a video on ANY "problem" or "disorder" I recognize myself and my parents. It's freeing and extremely scary at the same time. I want to just download this information to her brain, but don't know how to. I want her to feel my deepest pain, but on the other hand know she is so different and will never understand. She thinks that she's THE VICTIM. A part of me loves her, and a part of me hates her so freaking much. I am angry and hopeless, fearful and lost. I am very sorry for such long paragraphs... I would never be able to write everything that has happened and express how I feel. My question: She now wants to get a psychiatrist to resolve our regular conflicts. I feel that it will never be resolved. I feel like if it's not Teal, no one will ever understand this dynamic. A part of me wants to establish some sort of connection with her and another part resists her like nothing I have ever resisted in my life. I want to just leave. But feel guilty and cannot differentiate now between the truth of her and the lies... Feel like I must do this now (resolve everything)... But I am not ready. What do I do? Does anyone else has a narcissistic dad and a codependent mom? Would you guys recommend me to try to talk to a regular psychiatrist like she wants and bring myself together, trying to express my feeling in the best way I can? Or just leave? Or find a middle option, a compromise for both of my parts - the one who wants to be connected to her and the one who doesn't believe we will ever become even a bit compatible? I so appreciate any answer or response in advance... Teal and this community have been saving me for the past couple of years of my life. Love you all.
  13. joeee

    Need help..!! Hi, I'm Joe. My 12-year daughter has crooked teeth. It's obvious she needs braces. Last week we had an appointment with a local dentist in Whitby. He explained the treatment process and took X-rays, made a plan, took out three remaining baby teeth and we discussed costs and payment options etc. We have an appointment to have her braces fitted next week. Yesterday, I discussed with my friends about her dental problems. They said consulting an orthodontist is better than a general dentist. I did a little research on dental treatment services in Whitby with orthodontist treatment. I don't know what to do. Other people are happy having their braces done by a general dentist. Should we continue? It seems almost too late to back out now, but I don't want to risk my daughter's teeth. Has anyone else had braces fitted by a general dentist and not an orthodontist? Please share your thoughts on it.
  14. toemilyjune

    Day 326 of 'What would someone who loves themselves do?' Ahh Mercury retrograde. Its effects have begun. My business paperwork was kicked back now requiring a hand signature verses an electronic one. It gave me the opportunity to second guess my decision and the group I chose. I'm now even more confident in my original choice after further deliberation. Everything will remain the same and be submitted on Monday, which happens to be the second of three great days in November to start a business. On we roll! I even told my mother about this. I'm unstoppable.
  15. Day 326 of 'What would someone who loves themselves do?' 

    Ahh Mercury retrograde. Its effects have begun. My business paperwork was kicked back now requiring a hand signature verses an electronic one. It gave me the opportunity to second guess my decision and the group I chose. I'm now even more confident in my original choice after further deliberation. Everything will remain the same and be submitted on Monday, which happens to be the second of three great days in November to start a business. On we roll! I even told my mother about this. I'm unstoppable. 

  16. Bernard Bujard

    Phobos is the god of fear in Greek mythology. Deimos is the god of terror in Greek mythology. Many of these "gods" were created by humans to create fear in populations in order to control them. Fear is powerful at controlling people even the innocent. Today, mainstream media uses fear to control the masses. Fear is used just about everywhere to control others including the innocent even when it is not necessary. The ancient gods created by humans were no different. This has been a successful strategy that has worked thousands of years. The question is, Who are our "gods" today that create fear in us? How is this fear being used to manipulate us? It is the same reason that "monsters" are created by humans - to create fear and control behavior.
  17. Garnet

    Sharon Mount, I agree with a previous reply, this is a very intense story. I see that it's been posted a while back but I am only now reading it. I hope you are doing well and found solution sinse then. The thing I would like to say here is that I know that one of the artist's struggle is to actually sell their work and make a living off of it. So, while I understand your resistance, but maybe you would consider commison work. This could be your potential kick start you need to get in touch with your true inspiration. When other people want art made by you for them - this is big. It says a lot about you as an artist.
  18. Garnet

    Yes, Angeldust. Going against Mother Nature can cause all of that.
  19. Garnet

    Wait wait wait.... I thought the whole reason for shadow work is because something is out of alignment. What would be the reason for shadow work if you are in alignment? Forget about it and go live life😊
  20. What do you mean exactly by "sex work"?
  21. Mick

    So raw and so real Teal. Yes many bdsm people disagree the film represents them. In the area of consent I can only see one solution. All dating chaperoned, no sex outside of marriage, and arranged marriages. Consent cannot be proven, the ability to consent has no objective test. As Teal admitted adult women can't really consent, thus need fathers or carers to consent for them. Men with a disability such as autism can't consent either, and thus must live an incel life like I have done! I hate this. I want to die. But I am too cowardly to commit suicide.
  22. Yesterday
  23. avilesandres

    Hermes is my favorite greek god.
  24. In this session during the Seattle Synchronization Workshop with Teal Swan, she discusses with a person on stage about Infertility issues and self sabotage. to watch the entirety of this workshop join premium at Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: ❤ Free Gift: By pre-ordering Teal’s new book The Anatomy of Loneliness you receive the Connection Process audio book for free. Just email your proof of purchase to [Limited time offer]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is ranked 27th on The Watkins Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  25. Find the part in you that doesn’t want to connect and be unconditionally present with it. Why do you not want to connect? Also ask, what do I want from connecting with someone, what expectations do I have? Release the expectations you have for it.
  26. Angeldust

    Healing for pcos Hi does anyone have any spiritual knowledge about pcos and how to heal it? What’s the cause etc? Infertility, hair loss, body hair, hormonal imbalance, painful periods, overweight, heavy periods, low sex drive etc I feel it’s probably not embracing and owning the feminine energy + shame and guilt ? has teal done anything on it? I couldn’t find anything. Would appreciate anyone input
  27. Matei

    Hi! People dont really like Saturn, especially those who know about astrology. But actually Saturn is not harsh or however people paint it to be. It's actually very loving Generally its a very good sign if you have a good relationship with Saturn energy. Did you have a hard time at the secnd square at 21? Did you have it in the 8th already? : D I felt cold energy towards it even before knowing anything about astrology. But now i have no more resistance towards it
  28. ShadeZ

    MetalDays Hey! I'm from California but I'm making my 2nd pilgrimage to the MetalDays festival in Tomlin, Slovenia in July! I cannot wait to feel the healing powers of the river Soča and the surrounding mountains. Any Tribe members who also do this?
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