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  2. Apologies @Olivia Bell for paraphrase quoting your quote. Know this, you are doing. And by doing you are changing. Every thought you put to your practise of changing (note the change of meaning of practice to 'practise') which means in your case a method and form of refining what you are doing. Before you were half-hearted and you are now refining what you do by what has been with hopefully insight into what can be. The difference from before is your new-found focus. (that what we lend energy to, will manifest and show up in our reality)... you are creating a goal in front of you and inspiration for a better way. So to recap - Olivia, you needed to cry and probably still do. That's your emotional compass telling you what's needed for you, here, now. When you find situations where you are numbed or unconcerned - THAT'S WHEN you should be very, very scared. Most people with more wisdom that you or I can be unconcerned and treat it as they have become 'enlightened' to the point of it not mattering anymore. Ask yourself when someone puts that out there - and think of how teal, in all her wisdom and contact with higher realms and dimensions, can still be overwhelmed by world events where anyone gets hurt. So these enlightened ones - are they so enlightened or just pushing it out of their experience? And as for your questioning Olivia, Teal once presented (book or event) a small winding, increasing circle. Then put a horizontal line through it from the central point out to the right past the circle. Then said something like: "The central point is an experience we have had - and ever since then we have grown and expanded and learnt; which is the expanding circle of our life experience. The horizontal line is the same even cropping up from time to time through our life. When it comes we go "Oh I am facing the same situation I thought I had fixed before. That hurt has come back." Teal then explains, we can experience what we think is the same but in fact we have learnt since then and face what we may think is the same hurt but handle it a different way the next time. And the next time. And the next time. Until it no longer affects us when it next crops up. The reason we think we have the same hurt is just old patterns. To break the pattern teal has The Completion Process. I suggest if you haven't found out about it, do so. Even do it. There should be someone local near you or a trusted friend - maybe best place to start. So the whole point here Olivia is, I believe you have started your journey - confront your fears and single them out for what they are - just events that are there to help you re-intergrate fractured parts of yourself. The crying can be cathartic rather than from hurt - can transform into Insight and new ways to transform yourself. One secret you will discover along the way is to believe in yourself and the most truest friend is yourself and all that you will ever need - rather than relying on others for your Bliss and happiness; that you can give it to yourself. Bon Voyage Olivia! I wish you well on this journey you have started. With love crystal Rob
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  4. Indeed Garnet. Indeed. An angry troll needs sustenance to criticize. You are welcomed to leave. Oh yea, I punished you so hard you must be crying right now.
  5. I just listened to that segment in the video. Interesting . I think the best approach to one's self would be through learning to understand others .
  6. Fame can come through any door. Perhaps we need to be more specific about the fame we want. Just in case 😄
  7. Well, you're right about that. A lot of parental material are about how to teach children to occupy themselves which are similar to just give a child a specific homework that they don't even want to do. A task like that usually doesn't create much problems but that doesn't mean that the problems won't come out later. @GabijaCij
  8. @Garnet beautifully said! Love that! I'd like to add to what I said earlier - I think eventually people want their kids to "grow up" and want different things other than connection, at least this is what I have found. It becomes "go play by yourself", "go play somewhere else", "I'm busy right now", etc... Adults don't see the value in connection and little do they feel that it is the primary most missing aspect in nowadays society. Someone who has true connection in their life would never hurt anyone else, as connection brings empathy, love, understanding, collaboration, happiness....
  9. Profound as fuck.
  10. Twin flame topic. You know how most people find people like their parents attractive subconsciously? For twin flames they know themselves at their core so they are able to pick up on their soul in another body and you get this magnetic attraction from them, you clear all the layers and still you think about them, you quit them and you still think about them, if it is a true twin flame that will never go away because your soul is noticing that it is your soul, Because your parent is now your soul/higher self because you listen to yourself above everyone a person with your same soul will come along and you recognize it, you guys are already connected if you are real twin flames. You usually get your blue print when you connect with your soul, this you that exists now has to be whole and that comes with healing and clearing layers and beliefs. Even the old paradigm of relationships doesn't go with the twin flame union, its soul love, not ego love or human love. The evolving never ends, never. If he is a real twin flame and you let him go you will always be connected, but if he's not it will fade away. When you heal all your stuff comes up so it looks like you are in a bad place when that suppressed stuff is finally coming up to be healed, the opposite of being numb. We will all have to deal with this eventually people just aren't aware of their trauma. 2 twin flames that aren't whole might be painful because you can't lie to them because they are you and they show you who you are more so than the average relationship, so if you do not love yourself it will be painful, they are just showing you who you are. Twin flames are volunteered/graduated souls, so if you have any questions ask away, I'm one too, its just a label, but that's what it is. Self love, that's what this path is.
  11. Inner Child and Internal Moderator Hy there I just heard an interview of teal "073 The Completion Process with Teal Swan". On about minute 26, Teal talks about a point where I am at the moment in my life. It's the point, where your inner child refuses to work with you. So the process is not working any more. Teal says it's beacause one's parents made us feel as we were totally wrong, so our inner child refuses to get heald from "being wrong". So the child sits there until we accept who we are. We have created an inner moderator, beacause the rejection of our parents was so hurtfull, that we took over. The internal moderator tries to correct me and thies toma keme better, so noone else has to do it . She also says that this is really good news, as it is the last breakthrough to self-acceptance. As I am exactly at that point, it would be so great if you could share your experiences with me. Have you also been in this situation? Is there some other information from teal to this topic? Thank you all very much in advance :-) <3.
  12. I've found my twin flame, and it hurts like hell. hello everyone! some of you might remember me as the girl that was asking about the sense of recognition of another person, someone who triggers extreme emotions just by being physically present. I thought that the only people who can understand this situation are here on this forum, who are spiritually conscious and could give me some real advice. I can't ask anyone in my day to day life because it wouldn't make sense to them. So, this all started around venus retrograde season. As I was telling you in my previous post, I started having this strong emotional triggers whenever I encountered this guy, and we didn't even talked to each other...Then what happened was that I decided to use the completion process regarding this feeling and after a while I found the core trauma, an isolation one. Then a couple of days after that, I wasn't thinking of this guy anymore when he reapperead out of the blue, but this time the negative reaction was gone and I felt this urge to talk to him. And lo and behold, it was like talking to someone I've known for all my life, a sense of utter peace and belonging. We would finish each other sentences after just two days of texting. On top of that, there's an insane physical attraction between us. The more I'm getting to know him, the more I am sure of who he is. I'm 25 and he's 22.Our birthdays are 7 days apart. When he looked me in the eyes he saw something that was too much for him. So my intuition guided me to finding more about twin flames and here we are, I know who he is but he doesn't. He's 3 years younger and still quite ...I don't know how to say this but I've been really spiritually active and he's still on a 'lower' level of consciousness. But now I fear that the 'runner' pattern has started. He's started to be distant, aloof, even if he confessed to me that this has been the hardest year of his life and he's not doing well. I'm trying to get closer, not to scare him away, but it's getting nowhere. roadblocks and barriers. Why would the Universe put me in such a hard situation, when I was having the best time of my life? I was feeling confident, at ease with myself, meeting really good friends ,everything was pretty good...And then this. The fact is, I can't even resent him because I know he's not trying to hurt me, I 'm just at a loss about what to do. Should I let him go, even if I know he's in a really bad place? I can't afford to lose my balance and peace of mind right now... If anyone has had a twin flame experience, or simply has a sincere advice please share your thoughts with me. Thank you so much, Giulia.
  13. It feels like a slippery slope that can lead to perpetual negative focus. Sweingt <- typo that cant be deleted (on phone lol) Where the focus is on peoples short comings instead of whats good about them. Easirt (Easier) said than done, I know though especially raised with parents that are very critical. Woot 20min later haha doing this on phone is quite the experience
  14. a e s t h e t i c
  15. You hide something special but you punish me for not knowing what it is. Do you know what it is?
  16. Anu (Annunaki) Deities of Mesopotamia, origins, and story
  17. I am not sure if babies have the need for connection or they just simply know it. I have seen how well they can communicate with each other without using any words. My mom told me i was a very easy baby. For about my first year or so (before i started talking ) she could just look at me (often not knowing why, Hehe) and knew what i wanted and needed. I wasn't born in the age of diapers and she told me I didn't like to be wet so i learned to communicate my need through facial expressions and body language and my mom picked it up! yay! She doesn't know why this type of connection eventually stopped . Probably the more a child is able to speak the less there's a need for telepathic connection . Maybe this is why we feel disconnected from others. Unless we can speak silence 😊
  18. Awakening Process - Ego Death? Hi everyone, My awakening happened almost two years ago in which I had a "dark knight of the soul" experience (deep depression) that led me to either taking my life or staying physically. It was at this time that I completely gave up, surrendered, and let my ego/identity die. I didn't care what was going to happen with me, what others thought or wanted from me, and what my mind & ego wanted. It was the ultimate form of releasing resistance that I've ever experienced. I knew I was still in body, but a massive part of me died for the better. I don't know if this was related to the energy shifts and Earth vibrational changes, or if this is tied directly with personal ascension and awakening. My question is: "Does everyone's awakening entail a death of the ego, or at least an ascension past this?" When the new energy of my being took over, I literally did not know who I was and sometimes I even forgot my name when people called me by it. I found myself picking up on other's energy dramatically. Has everyone experienced this, or is it personally specific to me and my individual awakening? I would like to know your experiences and thoughts. Thank you!
  19. Every time is see repeating numbers (ex: 111, 222, 333, 1010, 1212, etc.) it's always an indication that my guides are with me and positively re-affirming the thoughts I just had as a "YES" (you're on the right track). However, people could establish different meanings as forms of communications with their guides and angels. I simply put the message out there loud & clear that I wanted them to communicate a YES to me in a known way that's very clear for me to depict. Hope this helps!
  20. Hi there! Don't worry, your life is just beginning! I was the same way when I left high school. I immediately jumped into college and didn't know what I was going for and after the first year, I still had no idea, but the experience of going and doing research on what paths were out there in the world helped me to better solidify what I was aiming towards. I do agree with Daemic V that doing something of this sort to get you into a new environment will spawn your interests and get your gears turning on what you might be interested in. If you're not ready to jump into college just yet, then by all means TRUST yourself. You can simply start working and discover paths at the same time (You can ask for internships in the fields you want to experience firsthand, or simply volunteer & you will see what people do in these jobs day in & out). Teal has a few excellent videos on life path/purpose, calling etc (What is My Purpose? & Indecision). If you start working, pay attention to what interests you both inside and outside of work. Combine them and make the best out of what life gives to you. Sadly, our educational system fails to really show the youth what careers are out there, why they are there, and what those careers/fields truly accomplish. I think you simply need some more time to find yourself, and once you do, invest all of your energy into what excites the most after doing the research. Also, in regard to the acne scars, stop comparing yourself to others. They have not lived your life and do not understand what it is like to be you. No one is perfect. I have surgery scars on my back. That's what makes us all unique and beautiful. (Teal even has a video on acne that might help too). Hope my message gives you some guidance!
  21. You're not going too deep, you just don't really care about whatever I said or do it in a way that doesn't make me feel very involved with what you’re saying. Are you a bot? lol
  22. Hi Lea Marie! I agree with all the other member's comments as fantastic solutions to your situation. One thing that I've learned in my spiritual awakening that may help you is that I learned to never deny my own expansion and spiritual gifts for the sake of others who do not support it, or are confused by it. Because when I do, I instantly know that I'm not living in alignment to my higher self. If source/God is always seeking expansion through you, then you are doing what you do best! You do not have to explain yourself if you don't want to. You can love them and love yourself at the same time too. Just make sure to prioritize your life first to become strong with who you are, then if you desire, you can assist others in getting to the space where they need to be. Hope this helps! Love & light <3
  23. I dont't know about that, but maybe you should look into who's really doing projections.
  24. Cool, I'll make sure they'll be willing to pay my fame with almost the worth of their lives lol. Though you probably meant it more in a manner related to slavery.
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