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  2. Hoarding and Hoarders in this episode of Ask Teal explores the psychology around Hoarding and what creates the mindset around this. Teal Swan explores the relationship between Hoarders and their things, piles and hoards. You may be surprised about what you learn about Hoarders. Video References Today’s Great Epidemic (And How to Cure It): 5:17 Cut the Invisible Strings (How to De-Attach from Manipulation in Relationships): 7:47 Attunement (The key to a good relationship): 13:30 The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality: 17:35 Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is one of the Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the world. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
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  4. David Ding

    I can't tell you how good it feels to know how involved you are with Tennis. That said...of all your videos that could have triggered me...this is the one that really hit me where it hurts. Tennis was the first thing I realised I was passionate about as a boy. When my body (seemingly) prevented me from moving forward with it in my teens...professionally or became a source of intense contrast. I excelled and often reached finals of tournaments but noticed my body beginning to work against me by holding on to body fat (even when I was training like a beast) and closing my eyes on match point/hitting the ball into the net uncontrollably on big if I had a nervous tick. This eventually manifested in physical pain in my body and ultimately chronic injuries that I knew deep down I was powerless to control externally. Nonetheless, I kept bulldozing my mind and body until eventually, news from a doctor that I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 30 if I kept playing tennis was enough to stop me in my tracks. I remember the moment I surrendered to the reality in the car with my Dad. The devastation washed through us both as I allowed it to be felt for the first time yet it was also somehow relieving. Since then the constant blame and hatred of my body has resulted in revelation after revelation and as of today (uncanny synchronicity), I can say I am genuinely hopeful of bringing tennis back into my life again. Over the last week I have been able to recognise beliefs I have kept hidden most of my life, that have led me to realise why my body has been protecting/preventing me from playing tennis...and many other physical activities that bring me immense joy and even ecstasy. One of the most profound experiences I have had is the journey towards the realisation that my body has been refusing to release body fat regardless of what I eat or don’t eat. After many keto style diets, juicing and eating super healthy my body was just refusing to release any of them was 90 days long, but still nothing. When I eventually came off food altogether (on a water fast for days) my body still refused to let go of any fat. This provided the physical evidence I needed to be able to surrender to the truth that (in my case), food had nothing to do with whether my body was going to hold fat or not. I had been suspecting this for a while but my ingrained beliefs about food were extremely difficult to let go of. This led to deeper exploration of my resistance where I discovered aspects of myself that were PROTECTING me from experiencing joy. The conclusion I came to was this...The only influence I have over my body being in its perfected state is to consciously and authentically change my perception. The most effective method for me is to reveal a hidden truth causing a distorted perception. I know that if I believe what I am eating is beneficial, my body will react in exactly that way and if I believe experiencing joy/ecstasy is a threat to my wellbeing then my body and mind will protect me from that threat any way possible...whether that threat is the ecstasy of winning a tennis tournament or the joy of eating trifle. What helped get me there was noticing I had a belief that my divine feminine is inferior...which was right...but I also discovered I held a belief my divine feminine is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than my divine masculine...and essentially that women are more powerful than men...I was shocked by this. This meant that it was my own choices to subjugate my divine feminine that were sending the message to the universe that it was inferior to the masculine...serious epiphany! So the question now do I allow my divine feminine to integrate with my divine masculine? This only just happened today...but what I discovered is that my divine male will not step back until he knows “the coast is clear.” Meaning any perceived threat caused by expressing the divine feminine must be mitigated. I dug deeper with my inner child and recognised the first time I subjugated my divine feminine was to prevent a family member from feeling inferior and saving myself from being persecuted because of it. I was able to easily find this pattern entrenched with teachers, bully’s etc throughout the rest of my life and I was using subjugation of my divine feminine every time to keep myself safe. I also realised that it was the power of my divine feminine that caused people to feel inferior as it is the part of me that receives inspiration/is connected to higher wisdom/reveals the shit out of everything kept hidden etc. So the question remains… can I guarantee that if I express my full divine feminine power and beauty, people won't lash out and attack me due to feelings of inferiority in the presence of this energy? The answer is...I can’t...but I did find the kernel and ultimately the solution that liberates me from my subjugating my female essence. It is to acknowledge that I believe my divine feminine essence is indeed the most powerful creative force in the universe. In this I am re-cognising the belief I have been desperately trying to keep hidden from myself and others so they won't feel inferior in its presence. When I re-cognised this belief in the power of my divine feminine, the integration of the masculine and feminine began happening straight away. By changing the perception of the whole of me (masculine and feminine) all l was left with was a CHOICE made by the integrated whole of me, as to when and how to express either/both in order to create and maintain harmony/peace/ or even turbulence if that’s what I choose. To use one of my favourite metaphors of your Teal…”All polarities become like colours we can choose to paint with.” In this the polarities of divine masculine and divine feminine are now (finally) available to me to paint with as, when and how I CHOOSE. In this energy, the need to subjugate my feminine essence is negated completely. To me, this is what it means to be truly sovereign. In summary, my belief that expressing my divine feminine would result in persecution or attack has led me to subjugate my feminine essence to protect myself/mitigate being attacked by people who feel inferior when this power is fully expressed. Here's the amazing if it the rest of it isn't...and it relates to my body holding fat. The essence of my divine feminine wants a beautiful and perfected vessel so she can express/reveal the beauty of the sole! I could not allow that before in case it triggered people’s inferiority, resulting in some kind of attack against me. What does that mean?’s OK for me to want a beautiful body in its perfected is actually what my sole wants...a physical expression that is a vibrational match and therefore radiates the beauty and purity of my sole. It wants a vessel that is capable of following inspiration freely, without impediment. Of course! All my life I have had it drilled into me that I was meant to accept and love my body as it is...bulldozing the aspiring athlete in me...pretending the passion I had for sport wasn’t there and that I should just be OK with what I had or even grateful for what I had...but I wasn’t...and that’s so OK...totally valid...and then some! Finally today I was able to give myself permission to grieve for the loss of tennis in my life. I was also able to forgive my body/mind and somehow I just know we are on the same page now. So thanks for your random video on tennis today Teal...I watched it over and over with tears streaming down my face hahaa! It was potentially the most cathartic but least profound video you have done (for me)...just know there are no words for you. Bye now!
  5. Pastor George

    You speak of it being not ok to feel. I get that. i remember being a child and having my grandmother who raised me saying, "Oh, you don't really feel that do you?" In other words, "I can't handle that truth, that feeling, so you can't feel that or I'll have to address what I feel and do that led you to feel that." I denied my feeling because I didn't want to cause her pain. I'm still working on that 50+ years later! It's hard to express my feelings when I know it will cause another pain but I have learned to express them more objectively so as to offer the other insight into the pain they cause and their own fear of seeing themselves.
  6. Broken_Mirror33

    One of the best ways I've found to tune your chakra system is through singing bowls, they are tuned to the same frequency as each chakra. If you have good enough speakers, there are plenty of youtube videos that make use of singing bowls, templesounds is my favorite channel for this: 7 Chakra Meditation. Here's a sample of a throat chakra bowl: 5th Chakra ~ 422 hz. I would love to own a set of singing bowls, myself, but they are uber expensive!
  7. BeyondTheRim

    Try an example of opposing desires. The closer the choices are in 'weight', the stronger the resistance. Pitting desire against desire. What a mess? Lets say you are visiting a bakery that is far far away, while on vacation. Doughnuts. You really want that doughnut because you probably won't get the chance again sooner than two years. But you're on a diet and don't want the temptation as you're having a hard time losing weight. Two opposing desires. What to do? We are beings with multitasking, multipurpose lives. How about multiple flavors of ice cream, but allowed only one choice right now? Maybe a little more refinement on the definition of resistance. Resistance is an obstacle to your deeper desire, good or bad. Since we have many desires, there is a potential for many obstacles or conflicts. Its compounded, like interest on a loan, because some of those opposing desires inherently create resistance due to the roughly equivalent pull they have. Time to flip a coin or roll the dice. Also interesting that I commented once on how resistance can be your shield and sword. Cut away and deflect those desires that can be harmful to you through the use of resistance/obstacle. Not all resistance is bad. We do change are minds and our preferences over time.
  8. BeyondTheRim

    I read too much. Try the Spartak Tennis Club in Russia. Uses an interesting technique called Deep Learning. The technique is a form of muscle / nerve conditioning that can be applied, not only to tennis, but piano, golf, shooting, etc... Picture yourself, going slow slow slow mo; teaching your muscles the proper motion and increasing speed only after you have mastered the motion at each speed level. Wonder if this has application on the mental side. Times tables...painting, wood carving....
  9. Broken_Mirror33

    I don't think a hacker would accept this. It's like trying to crack a password. The number of possibilities may seem astronomical, but it's still possible to come up with the correct password via a lucky guess! This method may seem a lot like the method hackers use to brute force a password and you'd be correct. But the so-called brute force method is still one of the most powerful tools in the hacker's arsenal, because it has been known to work! Remember, we don't have to come up with every possible initial condition in the data set; we just have to find one that works for the given situation! The whole point is to get probability on our side, every possibility we explore increases our chances of success. I'll take 51% odds over a coin toss any day 😉
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  11. Leighton gill

    I't says this was posted 2 days before today??? Time Weilder
  12. Leighton gill

    Hahah yes! I was Homeless for a year. And now I live in intentional community.
  13. deniz

    Yes i practice IFS as a coach with my clients! 😁
  14. uclasteven1

    Thanks @Garnet and @Eveslofl for your responses, I've been doing more work recently in Shadow work and the Completion process too. I did finally find a job that felt right, and still working on some resistance around going to work, day after day. And regarding my parents, I've been looking for ways to hold space for their perspective as well as mine, although I have a tendency towards self-doubt and a susceptibility to gaslighting. I've learned to see that they are just unaware and not really doing these things consciously, so I'm practicing not really taking anything they say seriously, and just finding the humor in it. Instead of taking their criticism personally, I look for the humor in the fact that they don't know everything that's going on in my life, in my body, in my head, in my emotional body, and just let them think what they choose to think.
  15. stace

    TEAL ; ” ONEness is a by product of polarity....which occurred when this ONEness, that’s PARTof the UNIverse, divided into this polarity.....” vid @ 02:00 (two minute warning); “BrrrDING” ME; “Wait! Is coffee ready?” TEAL; ....” make sense?.....does that make sense...?” 🤣 ( guess u had to BE there🙃🤣🙃) 💚!👽😻👩
  16. GabijaCij

    Teal visited the IMG academy in Florida today and met tennis legend Nick Bollettieri.
  17. Garnet

    Can bulldozing count as an act of self-defense?
  18. stace

    Indeed! Or further, the Shadow that IS the difference/ resistance in homeless v HOUSEless! Keep em coming Teal 👁! 💚, stace ( 👽😻👩)
  19. Garnet

    Many work places are are very interested in training their best employees! For FREE. So let's remember that. Because working just pay off your degree leaves a woman with no life unless she has financial background already.
  20. Garnet

    I know it when I see it. Maybe it's a shortcut😄 There are things that come to us through imagination, dreams etc. It gives us opportunity to either create it ourselves or find it already made for us and ready to use.
  21. Not knowing the full picture or when having very little information about something usually leaves us with one option- following our gut and choosing what feels best at the moment. It's like following the momentum. Sometimes knowing too much leads to inability to make any decisions at all! No decision is also a decision. No momentum.
  22. Garnet

    Time slows down right before something very important is about to happen. Or at least it feels like that... as if everything moves in slow motion. Many people experience delay in time right before an accident or when meeting someone very significant in life. The delay in time is often described as a gift.. an opportunity to reach for.. an open window in time.. a chance to re-group yourself.. take that wheel and hold it tight.. move away.. or just mentally and physically prepare for the inevitable to happen [in worst case scenario] So when a person doesn't see his entire life flash in front of him in a matter of long seconds, I guess, it is a good day. I've heard many stories of people surviving really bad situations thanks to their ability or pure luck to face the danger from the right angle so to speak. Here is an example of one of them (the page appeared in English but it may be my settings): I would like to take this opportunity and bring it to everyone's attention. This has nothing to do with LoA. Knowing is better than not knowing, so let's just share what we know or perhaps experienced ourselves! Because the truth is we never know what we don't know but it doesn't hurt to know what to do just in case.
  23. Garnet

    Thank you. That thought makes me feel better somehow. There is information that is very hard to store for the reason the way it was created.
  24. Witt

    Someone has actually created an amazing modality on this it's called internal family systems IFS therapy. It's so intrueging and the studies done show this modality is very successful ... Like unseen positive results come from this work.. one woman said one session of IFS would have taken her a year in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)!!! I am so grateful I've found this gem and key knowledge into healing and integrating all the unresolved parts of self! Check into it. Ifs therapy . Richard Schwartz is the founder . His speeches and presentations on it (check YouTube) r the absolute best.
  25. Witt

    @deniz look up ifs therapy Richard Schwartz on YouTube... Teal is in elementary stages of understanding and explaining parts work... It's good she's at least becoming aware of it ! Bit Richard Schwartz has created a whole modality all about parts... It's genius and very advanced and sophisticated.. it's the fastest growing modality in psychotherapy amongst therapists! There r three things to know... We have two kinds of parts and the authentic, true self . The two kinds of parts are protectors and exiles. The exiles r the wounded vulnerable inner children that r hidden away by the protectors. The protectors are brokem into two groups.. managers (pre becoming triggered) and firefighters (post being triggered). The most common parts are managers. But getting past them And meeting the exiles and going through resolution with them is amazing. There's a whole protocol and system to it. They can be healed and they r still there but their role takes on a new form , something healthy. U really gotta look into it! It's my hope that teal does too, as it can help her immensely and help her teachings immensely! Enjoy.
  26. tsunami

    desire and want i realise sometimes that i don't know what i want...until i search for it! an example is that i go to a shop or something... i basically don't know if it is the best way to have something?
  27. you are my first follower, thank you!:)

  28. what if let's say a tibetan monk passing by looks into the box and sees Schrodinger's cat being both dead and alive ? what I like about buddhism is the will to transcend duality amongst other things. I think multiverses and all their dimensions totally enable me to be already dead on another planet/timeline, surprisingly alive and typing here and maybe even beyond space and time in another realm at the "same time". quantum physics are fascinating: try to divide a photon in two and it...multiplies itself. Like fragmented selves, or when dissociation happens for the very first time in someone's life? love and cheers, Deneb
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