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  2. New York Synchronization Workshop


    Hi! I pretty sure I will be taking the bus from Philly to NYC. I'd be happy to meet with you to take the bus. I take Mega Bus or the Bolt bus from 30th and JFK Blvd. Thanks!
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  4. Anyone being called to move to Costa RIca?!?!

    That sounds awesome, I unfortunately myself wont be able to do this I have no idea how to haha I'm still a university student, however branching out to teal tribe there will definetly be people there who can do this.
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  6. Please Help! Heavy panic attacks

    Splash yourself with ice water. Hope this helps because obviously your drugs don't .
  7. A Very Real Risk

    Dear Teal, I know a little bit about haters and those who lie and defend lies. They get very scared of honest people. Their defence mechanism can make them very aggressive and abusive. I very much prefer people to be honest and try to be inlightened (about the truths of our world and time, at least) What can I do (as one, or a part of a collective) to help? I want to help. I'm with you. Sending good thoughts and vibrations to the best of my ability. ❤ Vala
  8. A Very Real Risk

    It’s kind of like when children have been neglected or abandoned for so long, when they see light, they reject it, stomp on it, because they feel the light abandoned them. They’re scared of what the light means. They’re scared of what they have to face in that light. They’re scared of themselves, of believing in something strongly and then realizing that hope of happiness was all wrong. That all there is is shadow. I know because suffering used to me my security blanket, and the thing I could always rely on. With the law of attraction I think it’s not necessarily about attracting this hate, so there must be something wrong with you. I think with healing, and especially global healing, there will always be a detox. Light brings people’s shadows into awareness I think But with Teal whom I have so much love for, I think that to the extent that it bothers you Teal means that there are still wounds regarding you being ‘bad’ and I wish there was an army of people who would put their lives on the line to spread your message and support you because hearing that there are people trying to hurt you hurts me Love you Teal! <3 You have my loyalty!
  9. Feeling Stuck

    You crystals are the future. I believe you are here to help the earth transition to the higher dimensions. Crystals are in an unique position to spiritually influence the Gen Xers which are slowly taking over from the boomers. This leaves the rainbow children. There is only one spiritual group uniquely qualified to create a world in which rainbows can thrive.
  10. Fascinating! I've had sleep paralysis once and it was during a period of my life that I was dabbling in meditation and spirituality, it's been over 10 years and I haven't seen those red eyes again but it bothered me to the core and I've been afraid of attempting to lucid dream since I heard it can cause sleep paralysis stuff to come up. K2tari I would love to hear more about your experiences! Mine was completely out of nowhere, but I never saw the entity...just heard it growling, breathing...looming. I still don't know if I was asleep or awake as the memory is so vivid. Has anything else happened since the last time?
  11. Apresentação

    Apresentação Alguém do Brasil ? Meu nome é Luis Gustavo, Curitiba/PR. Paz!
  12. Need help breaking a psychic connection

    Thanks! I'll try to figure out this shield thing (I think maybe i'm just kind of unskilled at visualisations?) I wonder if it can work before anything happens, or just as a reactive thing. And thanks for the recommendation for Adam Stone, that's great, i'll give him a call as soon as I get a little money, see if he can help in a more permanent way, and with stopping feeling the future too.
  13. I am a spiritual teacher, CP facilitator and practitioner, working with clients more than 6 years as an kineziologist. But most of all, I am an empath. If you are struggling with accepting your gift or you grew up with an abusive/alcoholic paren(s) - these are my specialities, also the deep connection (born in Pieces .) Combining CP with my gifts is a powerful combo, so be ready .) Looking forward to working with you.
  14. Maybe you should just take a couple of weeks without contact to neither one of them. Two or three weeks is not a long time if everyone involved is dead serious. Use the time to reflect. Think of their flaws and see if you feel like you can accept them all in a long term relationship. Think of your dreams and goals in life, and how they could work out in relation to their dreams and lifegoals. Are there conflicts on major issues like wanting kids, where in the world you want to live, religion or big core beliefs? Good luck 💓
  15. A Very Real Risk

    Damn girl! Fuck the bastards! Don't ever give in! I have been a seeker of Truth for many, many years. Lifelong student of metaphysics. Had many exceptional off world Teachers. You are the real deal! We are so lucky that you are here and doing what you are doing. Your teaching resonates deep within. The clarity of your teaching is impeccable. I love your brashness, your directness. Fuck the ignorant coward bastards! Much love for you girl!
  16. In Love with two people- how to choose

    So, with the deep one...I do feel I have to kind of look past some things. We lived together once and his messiness frustrated me. He didn't cook/clean as much as I would have appreciated. He used to not have a job for a long time but within the past year or two he has become very successful with an internet business. So it was the practical things about him that frustrated me. If we wanted to plan a trip or something, I felt that I always had to do the legwork. But I love him in that I care for his wellbeing and happiness. Like Teal say's about trust, I capitalize on his best interests. However, obviously sometimes our needs conflict. Right now I have a need for freedom and his need is my consistency. He wants to be able to rely on me. I can't give him that right now because I am more committed to freedom than I am to an enduring relationship with him. With the sweet one, I just look past our somewhat simple relationship. I mean, I have to wonder about our growth potential. I feel like it may be one of those relationships that will be beautiful for about a decade and then we may drift apart. I dunno. I just don't know.
  17. In Love with two people- how to choose

    HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! This killed me. Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!! Hi Vala. Thanks for your response. Hmm...well, it seems I satisfy both of their needs, except that they would prefer I am simply committed to one of them. As far as my own needs, I wish I could somehow combine them into one man. They are quite the polar opposite. Some of you manifesters may say to me "wait for the right one, then" but I think I could be pretty content with one and meet my other needs outside of that relationship. For example, with the sweet one, I could satisfy my depth by reading, writing, meditating. I love all these perspectives. Thanks so much for all of your input.
  18. Feeling Stuck

    That societal pressure sucks... I Constantly feel that pressure, I'm slowly not giving a shit. Do you like art or music or anything? For sure you are a starseed, so lets get that out of the way otherwise you would be able to do things you don't like to do like everyone else. I don't like to be around people because my default mode is understanding people and having this unconditional love perspective, I didn't have that before, but I got it back. I've gotten extremely sensitive, I saw a bunch of cows like a week ago and started crying lol because they are out in the cold and dead already. I don't like to be around people the same reason you don't want to hang out with racists, your perspectives don't mesh well and I end up quiet around people anyways. I'm more of a one on one person, but it is a chore t o be around people. I have found a couple good ones, so I'm happy about that. I understand people are at their level of awareness and consciousness and it could take multiple lifetimes to evolve, but I'm just here for my energy, the universe is huge and much more than earth, my soul doesn't really hang out here lol, but when it does it gets it right the first time. Crazy doesn't really exist to me, so nothing you say will shock me, I don't like violent crazy though, that's different. I got love for anyone, I don't have a hierarchy of who I can and cant love. I'll never tell you you cant be a certain way or to change, there's nothing wrong with you, this society is just a mess and the higher self part of people is disconnected, they don't listen to it. I never respected school, I still don't, if I want to learn something I learn it, that simple.
  19. Feeling Stuck

    Hi Raphael, First of all you aren't alone in this. So many people feel this way or have felt this way at some point in their lives including me. I completely know what it's like to feel lost. Right now is a great opportunity for you to open your heart and unfold your passions. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you happy. I cant emphasize that enough. I think in times likes this, we get time to really go deeper into ourselves to learn about why we came on this earth in the first place. Connect with your heart, be willing to have it open. You will start to see people coming into your life who are similar to you. I really believe that if we live from our heart space answers will start coming to you. Also think about ways that you already fit in. That is a gateway into you feeling like you do belong:) and you will come across more opportunities that show you this. The most important thing is that you connect with yourself; you will find it easier to connect with others. You can google this question: how to connect with yourself. See what vibes with you. hope this helps Raphael. You are supported -Sana
  20. @Open Eye Sorry, didn't mean to drive the focus off you. All I know is that If you want to turn your pineal gland into a walnut shaped icebreaker just like walt has done himself and make it much more difficult to open your third eye from the long term fluoride damage then get on the lexapro prozac antideppressants whatever. If you want to be in tuned with your emotions then find another alternative.
  21. Codependency

    Codependant no more, is a good basic book. There are coda meetings in most countries. They also have online meetings, that can be attended from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Check out Byron Katie and Ross Rosinberg on YouTube. Teal Swan has a lot of excellent stuff too. Stick to your guns. Practice saying no, without explaining why. When asked just say you have your resons. If asked further, just say you don't want to talk about it. It is a great way to get people to stop taking you for granted. Don't worry about them getting pissed of. The ones that matter will stick around 😉 Good luck. Remember that being rejected by narcissistic assholes that don't respect you is a great blessing 🙂
  22. Feeling Stuck

    Feeling Stuck Hello dear Teal Tribers, I am new to this forum, and I'd like to say Hello to everyone! My Name is Raphael and since School, even earlier I felt, there is something strange about this reality, rather how people would interact with me. I find it extremely difficult to communicate, because I cannot share my inner self to almost everyone, because it seems to me that there is a lack of openness. It seems to be rather about to become someone, than truly understanding who we already ARE. I felt isolated, and ever since it only got worse. I met some spiritual people, and it opened up a bit, but it seems I cannot really connect. Now I am stuck since 2 Years at my parents place, not studying, not working, because I don't fit in. Tried it...different story. I need money to move out, I need to get to other people. But I just cannot feels like I am not getting out of this How to get out of this isolation?! Much love Raphael
  23. Heavy panic attacks Hello community, a while ago, I posted something about fear, in which I stated that I had panic attacks around the thought of getting really ill. It got worse since then, and the topic changed. I am afraid of killing my mother for some reason. While the thought of harming someone is bad enough, the panic gets worse, because I am worried of losing control over myself. I am certain, that nothing will happen, but as soon as I get near my mother or think of her, I get these really bad panic attacks. Please help me! This feeling is unbearable! PS: I don't think Teals video on panic attacks really applies, because I don't think you would compare a plane crashing to commiting a serious crime PPS: I am currently taking Mirtazapine. I started taking 15 milligrams about two weeks ago. Maybe that information could help.
  24. Economic Insanity and the Psychology of Money
  25. A Very Real Risk

    the hate created only proves how right you are and that the timing is right for you sending your word. The world has always been fighting bloody battles for the good, no matter what the message was. Challenging peoples closed world views will cause a lot of bitterness. See the good in the bad, the people who are not believing in you 100% will be leaving you. lots of strength and love towards you Teal!
  26. This thread is about a person; Me I am asking a moderator to remove all posts except #1, 2, and 4 The other posts are not relevant. For reference, here is a definition of relevant: closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered
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