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    There are things that we know, and things that we don’t know. But we don’t know what we don’t know. Some new piece of information might come along that upsets the status quo and require us to change our thinking. But that does not mean we should all be empty vessels for whatever information some particular person wants to put in. It means we should think for ourselves and be open that we might change our own minds. That is being open minded about being open minded. But in the other hand, if we think we have all the answers and we will never need to change our thinking then we have closed our minds about new information. And if we decide that that is the correct way to be then we are being closed minded about being closed minded.
  7. Han Solo

    @MistaRender You're not really taking in the info I gave you. From my perspective, there is no patriarchy in the sense that society at large subdues women, beats them and does not give them any freedom outside of what society decided they are supposed to do. And again, it doesn't mean that there are no issues at all between our genders. And I mean huge Issues, that have accumulated over time and we may not even be aware of. What shit like screaming "patriarchy!!" tends to do, is take our awareness to an extreme, that has not manifested yet, and blind us to our actual situation. Visualize, you're in the rainforest with a feminist, and suddenly you notice a little stick on fire in your path. The girl starts screaming that there is a huge forest fire, and your reaction is, it's just a fucking stick, calm the fuck down, the forest isn't burning down. And you bicker and go back and forth over that burning stick, yet don't notice the pile of corpses stacking up on the side of the path, tanks rummaging through in the background and all of the trees being littered in deadly, fungal parasites. That's what we are doing, if we clam down on our precious, ego-attached viewpoints. That's why I stress open-mindedness to you this much. Allow yourself to be blown the fuck out, and see the bigger picture in the process..... got it?
  8. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Hell and Teal please tell me if I'm completely wrong. I was trying to create some space to talk about what's going on in the world with polarity. I have scziofphenic episodes I felt confused at the mental hospital now I feel like the universe is trying to get me I'm extremely paranoid I want to help mentally ill people I believe it's my life purpose. I also want to help Teal by making a more accessible version of her practices one that improves sprituality 101 to help people with mental ilness or attract the life that they want by using daily methods. And I think it could decrese suffering on the planet if humanity was able to practically apply her concepts. She uses phases that I know are true but sometimes the point is missing or people don't understand how groundbreaking it really is. I think we should break everything apart and start over so even the most unconscious person can have a chance at a amazing life. Teal if your reading this. Is it normal that I feel like I have information that is bad. Is this cause I was conditioned by society or am I evil? I really need to know if I'm evil..
  9. DoNow

    Thanks I appreciate that. I hope you find health wealth and happiness. And sorry for stealing your name. X )
  10. Done Now

    The idea that Render would demand someone be less judgemental is impressive. The Pot is demanding the Kettle be less black. 'Malicious troll' though? Pretty poor troll considering the only person I've ever had an issue with here is you, and I've never done more than ask questions and make no secret of my opinions of you. Considering you've argued that everyone should be allowed to say what they think and has 'the right to hate' (oh look, that post has been deleted... what was that about not deleting your posts?)... well, it's a strange double standard, isn't it? Eh, whatever, you won't ever stop being an unprecedented hypocrite and narcissist, because I don't think you understand any other way of living. Eh, who cares, your words are a broken record. This is straying from the topic. Back to topic for me, no more troll-feeding. @DoNow it's interesting, isn't it? I tend to come here when I'm just starting to come back up from my lowest. It's all ebbs and flows. I wouldn't worry much about other people's posting, I don't think you're repelling people, I think your posts are interesting and a great insight into a different perspective. Hopefully you feel like coming back at some point!
  11. BeyondTheRim

    This forum does twist and turn. You started off your discussion talking about a course you took that apparently discussed patriarchy in the context of the negative impact onto women. Words have importance. A patriarchy is merely a an attempt to describe which sex dominates in formal rule making role. What would it be called if an ancient Chinese eunuch came to power (sarcasm considering some histories I've read)? It could at the level of a family up to the structure of a much larger governing body and can be even subdivided. Ie. secular or religious. Whether its a patriarchy, matriarchy, democracy or republic. It usually boils down to the character of the individual who is 'governing' the affairs. Such 'governance' could be positive, negative, neutral or all of the above. We've had good, bad and mad kings and queens throughout history. I personally reject the notion that 'governance' should be so straight jacketed. The talent that is lost and overlooked. Patriarchy doesn't involve any particular qualities except as defined above. Trying to define it beyond that is futile unless you are talking about a more specific type. A patriarchy COULD reward strength, power and dominance. Is strength always the deciding factor? Not in my book. Cunning? Brains over brawn. Don't come into a longbow contest with your fist or on your way to a fight, you got caught in a bear trap. That's not a candle, that's dynamite. Dressing for success. What was that group of sayings? A pig in lipstick is still a pig. Don't judge a book by its cover. Watch out for the quiet ones and most certainly watch out for the snake-oil salesmen and saleswomen. I digress. Adding in another thread of thought. A little more along the lines of the changing yin and yang. Components within each individual so utilized as to reach their goals. Don't we all wield both and isn't it convertible?
  12. DoNow

    What is there to profit from revealing that information? Nothing. That's not important. In fact I'm going to delete all of what I posted on this topic. Maybe I'm losing my mind but I am more than sure that Teal holds alot of anger towards reading my material, even though she never met me. I sensed it along time ago and I think its because I'm repelling some of the readers on here among other things. Its better that I just stay off this forum, I'm finding it has little to no benefit for my healing. I'm always at my lowest when I waste my time on here. I'm more than likely going to have this account deleted in the near future if I see no use for it. Anyway I apologize and take back any harshness given to you.
  13. MistaRender

    Come at me with some real problems @Han Solo. Let's actually debate something. If you provide facts, my mind might be changed. How is the US a Patriarchy?
  14. MistaRender

    That's not your decision to make for me or anyone. Ever heard of boundaries? Jesus dude back off a bit. It's like, people are supposed to be an empty vessel for whatever information you want to put in. Gosh wouldn't that be convenient for you? It's so ironic, too. Haha. I'm the one who is considered "closed minded", but I gave all the facts and reasoning behind my beliefs while these people refuse to hear it. The ole flipperooskie. They did it again. Zzzzz I wonder what's gonna happen when real people start talking about real problems. Lol
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  16. Han Solo

    In my egoic reality, I feel that this discussion is a chaotic mess. I think discussion in a forum in general is always chaotic. Can everyone try to keep it more condensed and to the point? Especially when you guys start to space the paragraphs like this, it blows up the page and your own text as well, and it's not enjoyable for me to read at all. Would you guys be willing to do that for me? To you render, I want to answer, that the only thing I want you to change your mind about, is to not close it off to revision and change. I brought up the car as an example for when there is no right or wrong. What is the best car? What is the best life? I know you are going to get pissy after hearing that, but consider it for a few moments:There is no right or wrong way to live a life, from the perspective of the Universe. A good or bad life, a concept that we have taught ourselves, that is taught within each unique splintergroup. Rightwing is good, leftwing is complete misery. Leftwing is good, Rightwing is complete misery. Yet both perspectives manage to live on, and tout their ideal way to live. Not unlike ego, this serves only to expand the power of your belief, and not the consciousness of humanity. What is the right way to live for a kid in an indian ghetto-slum, that get's beaten by his father every day? Why does a patient ridden with crippling ailments and a fast approaching end of life expectancy feel happy for their live, and it is the commiserating of everyone else that makes them feel the worst? Just like the kid in the Indian slum learns that obedience no matter what ensures survival and thus is the best way to live life, we also take up a lot of shit that we inherited from our predecessors and just keep running with it. But we have the opportunity now, to stop blindly running, to stop right in our tracks, and prospect, what the hell we are actually doing. What the hell we have been doing all our lifes. Independent on what the ulterior motives are of feminism, who has interests in funding them and keeping the movement alive, they are signal pointers for us to stop and have a real good, close look at how we actually treat women. And that doesn't mean we have to actually buy their crap, I personally reject the notion that all men are rapists and a woman can never do wrong. We can move past that, and get to the part that is never looked at: Is what we think is good treatment of women, actually good? -> How many men feel like they understand women? Why do we have such high divorce rates? Why is there a general unhappiness between our genders? etc. I know this sounds a lot like merchant talk, but you have to keep your mind open to all possibilities. Like a lot of questionable movements, Feminism is a double trap, that, at the very least it's extremely vocal part, very obviously insinuates dramatic, in my opinion butthurt, awful crap changes to our society, so for those of us who gather enough awareness to realize this, our instinct is to clam down and stop change at all costs, and by doing that we walk straight into the other trap, by refusing to look at and resolve issues that date back much, much further back, that have been so ingrained into our consciousness that we don't even know existed. Issues that have been overlooked, and continue to wreck us harder and harder until we resolve them. Ideally, and that's my subjective "good" way to live, we would encounter a feminist screaming "put men into cages!!" and we'd say, no, we won't put ourselves into cages, but we want to resolve why you feel this way, and we want to ask you to join and help us for a great outcome for both of us. Of course, it's not a magic recipe for utopia on earth, and makes you certainly very open for violent outbursts, but if enough people actually pull together on one string and present this kind of attitude, even the most hot headed troubled person will eventually be swooned, because, and that's my and Teal's belief (?), at the end of the day it all stems from lack of love, and if you can give them this love by caring, just by giving them the possibility to resolve it, you enable real change to happen.
  17. MistaRender

    I have never deleted any posts. Never, not even one single time. So just knock it off. Stop putting things on me that aren't there. Personally, I think calling people a "cuck" is a bit tasteless. I maybe called one person a cuck here, one time. Give me a break. What was your name? Well... All I can say is... Stop doing that. Be a free thinker and stop judging so much. What the f**k are you talking about? This isn't even a real conversation. Right....
  18. MistaRender

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble. But I will. Objective reality exists independently of your awareness. There is a real world out there with solid facts that you can't change, even if you change your perception of it. Objective facts are solid reality, and NOT open to interpretation. 2+2 equals 4. It doesn't equal 5 just because you want to be more rich. A 150 horse power car is more powerful than a 100 horse power car, even if you pretend your 100 horse power car is a Ferrari. One fact that cannot be changed based on your egoic opinion is the definition of Patriarchy. A patriarchy is when women are excluded from society. Well guess what? The US, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Denmark Poland Germany Ireland Scotland etc etc (Western Civilization), are all not even close to being a patriarchy. That's not up for "interpretation" or personal feelings or opinion. It is a fact, a solid fact in the objective world, that women have equal rights as men in the Western world. Are you with me so far? A real Patriarchy looks like Afghanistan. Women are forced to cover thier face, they have limited rights, and men completely dominate all aspects of society. What am I supposed to change my mind about? Do you have FACTS that determine what I'm saying to be objectively false? Lol You have given me NO facts at all to change my mind. What should I change myind about? Please answer that question in a direct way. What should I change my mind about, and why should I change it? I don't think you've ever sold cars, but you have to provide FACTS about a car and REASONS WHY the car works well for the person, in order to sell it. A car salesman can't just say "Trust me on this one. Spend $25k on this one because... just because I say you should". You also have to pick a real car to sell. You've given me nothing to buy.
  19. Done Now

    One comment on one of the posts from that site I linked said this, which I couldn't ignore: The part about Aspies tending towards "Intuitive or N types" is something that anecdotally matches up from my experience too. Intuitives vs Sensors is something I'm just re-learning about recently... it would fit my personal experience to say that Aspies could be natural Intuitives who weren't able to develop as Intuitives, but were pidgeonholed into being Sensors, which would've caused a faira deal of mental damage during development. My wife is a Trauma specialist: she suggested a few weeks ago that a lot of the behaviours of High-Functionioning Autism (or Aspergers... man I wish they hadn't changed the name...) are shockingly similar to those that arise from Complex Trauma. The complex Trauma cases are more extreme, but have extremely similar underlying mechanisms. Which is what I kind of meant when I mentioned in the post above that 'Snipping' is common for more than just Autism... ...Anyway, sorry, heh. Point is, It might be worth trying out their suggestion and checking out some social media groups around Intuitive MBTI personality types. I would never have thought of that. I'm tempted to look into it myself!
  20. Hello. I 'd love to get in contact with people from Greece (greeks or not) - I live in Heraklio Crete - and I 'd love to help create and be a part of a Teal community in Greece. I 'd love to see a Teal workshop in Greece. I' d like to be a completion process practitioner - sometime after I finish  my completion process of course (does it ever finish? anyway, you know what I mean). I hope I 'll succeed.

    Γεια σας. Θα ήθελα να έρθω σε επαφή με ανθρώπους από την Ελλάδα - ζω στο Ηράκλειο Κρήτης - και θα ήθελα πολύ να συμμετάσχω στη δημιουργία μιας κοινότητας της Teal στην Ελλάδα. Θα ήθελα πολύ να δω ένα workshop της Teal  στην Ελλάδα.  Θα ήθελα να γίνω completion process practitioner κάποια στιγμή - μετά που θα τελειώσω την δική μου compl;etion process φυσικά (τελειώνει ποτέ - τέλος πάντων ξέρετε τι εννοώ). Ελπίζω ότι θα τα καταφέρω.

  21. Done Now

    Hey hey! Like Matei, I showed all the signs of Aspergers as a kid (eh, well, Autism nowdays, since the DSM V got rid of Aspergers and folded it all into Autism Spectrum Disorder). It's taken many, many years of hard work, but by now I've managed to compensate for the vast majority of issues that come up from the condition. I'd love to help, but let me know if I'm getting too... whatever. Where to start? It's complex. Where are things at for you guys? Where are the issues currently happening? Here's something that's very common though: Communication is one of the most fundamental issues that comes up. There are lots of things going on, but one big one is the general idea that people with Autism have strong implicit expectations... but simultaneously, very little emotional insight into their own expectations. That creates a problem: strong feelings, but not really knowing what'll set them off. A common way of dealing with that is called 'Snipping', which is kind of how it sounds: snipping out bits of one's awarness, to reduce the mental load of emotions. Autism comes with a lot of duality around emotion: it's often too much, or not enough. 'Snipping' is kind of like the concept of 'Fragmentation', but a bit more autism-specific; it means snipping emotions away. Upset that you don't know how someone wants you to respond to something they've said or done? Snip. Don't know how to control your feelings about intimacy? Snip. Don't know what you want out of a relationship? Snip. It's very common for Autism*, and if someone does it for long enough, it becomes automatic and subconcious. The only way around it is to spend time thinking about it, and putting those feelings and expectations back into words. Which can be really, really hard and time-intensive to do. Turning those implicit expectations into explicit ones is a vital step for emotional communication to happen. They have to be put to words, and negotiated. Directly and without judgement. Saying those expectations out-loud is vital to start working towards figuring out how to meet them. This does need to be a two-way street, though, because it's a relationship after all: you need to work towards meeting his stated expectations, and he needs to work towards meeting yours. The most important thing though, is working out what they are, and putting them to words first. Everyone has to know what the rules are, and agree to them, to play the game. Even if that means making up new rules and negotiating over them as you go along. ...Anyway, I hope that example's relevant to your situation! I would suggest this blog/website, which has a lot of very practical explanations and ideas on how to understand and approach Autism. The lady who writes it has extremely good insight into the interpersonal dynamics involved, though she's not updated for a while. Definately worth checking out though, as a partner of anyone with Autism. Or anyone with Autism. If you want to, please ask questions. I'd probably do better answering questions than trying to operate in a vaccum here, heheh. *It's actually very common for a lot of things, but that's a much, much bigger discussion.
  22. Apurva Deshpande

    Me too!!! I am.from India, Wbu? I was the problem child too though
  23. Leauparkenzo

    Watching this was more enjoyable than watching a show on Netflix! 😁 That lady was brave to expose herself onstage like that. I wouldn't have half the guts to do that!
  24. Anorexia is an eating disorder that like most eating disorders is much less about food itself than it is about trying to cope with emotional pain. For this reason, it could be considered a behavioral addiction instead. People who struggle with anorexia cope with the specific emotional pain that they suffer from by controlling their bodies, especially with regards to weight. They tend to suffer from an inaccurate perception of their own weight (body dysmorphia), as well as an intense fear of gaining weight. This then leads to behaviors such as severe restriction of food intake even to the point of starvation, misuse of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, diet aids and excessive exercise. Some people who struggle with anorexia binge and purge, similar to those who struggle with bulimia, but there are some key differences between those who struggle with anorexia and those who struggle with bulimia. For a person struggling with anorexia, all these behaviors can lead to abnormally low body weight. This behavioral addiction is not only harmful to a person’s overall health, it can be life threatening. To understand the motive for this behavioral addiction, we need to understand the life experiences of those who suffer from anorexia. People who suffer from anorexia have deep and often suppressed trauma involving feeling out of control. When we are children, we are essentially out of control in our lives. We are at the mercy of the adults in our life. Our degree of safety is about how much we can trust them to be in control in a way that takes our best interests to heart. All too often however, we come into environments where it isn’t about our best interests at all, it is about their best interests, even to our detriment. We begin to feel as if we are simply a tool for their self-gratification. This can occur in less severe ways such as being consistently criticized by a parent so we have to shape ourselves to the image they want us to be. And it can happen in more severe ways such as an adult sexually abusing us. All of this spells “I’m totally out of control and because I’m out of control, I can expect to be in pain.” Obviously, this is a terrifying kind of prison to be in. It gives rise to constant anxiety. If someone is only concerned with their best interests, they don’t see or hear or feel or understand you. This means you are alone even when you are with them in a room. For this reason, anorexia is no exception when it comes to addiction. All addiction is about isolation at its root. Those who suffer from anorexia were and are emotionally isolated and that creates intense pain. A perception that all people with anorexia tend to share is the perception that no matter how much they tried to do something, it never worked. No matter how much they tried to shape themselves to please the adult and avoid criticism, it never worked to make the criticism stop. No matter how hard they tried to manipulate the adult so as to get their needs met or stay safe, it never worked. No matter how hard they tried to be loved and approved of and belong, it never led to actually being loved or approved of or being treated as if they belong. No matter how much they tried to get the things they wanted in their life, they couldn’t make it happen. Their desires were totally at the mercy of the adult. For this reason, people with anorexia carry a core self-concept of failure and never being good enough. After all, if it seems like everyone around you is capable of making things happen in their lives such as making themselves be lovable or making themselves be approved of or getting their needs met or belonging etc. then what does it say about you? This experience of failing turns onto self hate. In early experiences like this, there is no actual love. To love is to take something as part of yourself and as such, the other person’s best interests become part of your own. So the person with anorexia learns love as something that it isn’t. And therefore develops a subconscious negative association with love. Love is very often experienced as some form of abuse. Because this false love is taking place in such a dysfunctional way, the giving and taking of energy from one another becomes quite dangerous. To accept something for example may mean you are indebted to whomever you accepted it from. Or to give something may mean you will be rejected. The safest alternative is to not take anything and to be very careful about giving. If you are dependent on someone who does not have your best interests at heart, the best idea is to train yourself to not need them as much as possible. If you need a specific energy, whoever dolls out that energy is in control. The only way to gain back control is to willingly starve. What is important to see is that the anorexic does not only deprive themselves of food as a form of control, but deprives themselves of many other forms of energy intake; thing like praise, enjoyment, affectionate touch, other people’s presence etc. If anorexia progresses too far, this self hate and desire for control can and does turn towards life itself. Life is essentially relationships. Because dysfunctional relationships are the experience of those who suffer from anorexia, life itself becomes painful and pretty soon a person starts to feel towards life the same way they felt towards the people who set the stage for their life. Like life is in control of them and not in a good way, rather in a way where they can expect pain. So at a certain point, they may decide to not take in life. At this point, a person does not only shut down in terms of food or other forms of energy intake. They shut down to life itself. It becomes a subconscious death wish. For a person with anorexia, much like a person with OCD, they feel so out of control, they gravitate towards controlling whatever they can control. And often, they find this is related to their body. This is quite ironic because so many people who are anorexic felt out of control physically as children. But this is one reason why being able to control the body somehow is so attractive. They control whether they eat, what they eat and why, how much they eat, whether their body is allowed to keep the food or whether they throw it up, whether they force a bowel movement, whether they exercise so hard that the body is forced to lose weight and anything else related to the way they want their body to look. But the emphasis tends to remain on weight. In the life of the anorexic, they often learned at some point that thinness is equated with self worth. This makes their weight a good target in terms of being able to control their self-concept and whether others value them. For the anorexic, being in control in this way is a way of mitigating the pain of these life experiences, the feelings of being a failure, the low self worth, anxiety and feelings of being totally out of control. It is a method of coping. So what should a person do if they are struggling with anorexia? Anorexia is a behavioral addiction. For this reason, it must be treated like an addiction. You must accept that like any addiction, it is an attempt to escape from the pain the addiction is serving to mitigate. If you want to overcome the addiction, you must be brave enough to go in the opposite direction that the addiction is taking you. Instead of going away from the pain (the wound that exists within you), you must go straight into it. And preferably with help to do so. In my opinion, the best process for doing this is: The Completion Process. You can go to to learn all about it as well as to find a practitioner to work with if you want one. Find any way you can to be in control but in a conscious way. For some people, the path of progression for them specifically is to let go of control. This is not the case for someone suffering from anorexia. A person suffering from anorexia must see that they are capable of taking control of things in ways that lead to positive feeling states. The behavioral addiction of anorexia is actually an attempt at this. Here is a small list of just some ideas of what I mean. Consciously visualize things for 5 minutes a day and seeing how they show up in your reality. Design a day your way. To do this, decide to do only what would make you feel really good to do and plan it and then execute it so that you have taken control of what happens in your day. When something happens that doesn’t feel good, like something spills, clean it up and while you are doing that, consciously remind yourself that you are taking control of the spill and now that there is no spill anymore, feel how good it feels that you could control that and turn it into a situation that felt better. Create something, like art, where you are in control of the finished product. There are SO many ways you could consciously learn to be in control and see that you can be. Make sure to start with little, achievable goals and things. The more achievable and controllable a goal is, the better this will work. Completing the goal you can set and meet and controlling the things you can control are obviously going to help your body somatically learn to move away from the story that you are out of control and a failure because of it. Get people in your life who can and do take your best interests as part of their best interests. Separate from those who can’t and don’t do this. This will get easier and easier with the more conscious awareness you place on these deep wounds that created the addiction in the first place. Addiction is about aloneness. We feel alone when we are not seen, heard, felt and understood. If someone is only concerned with their best interests, they don’t see or hear or feel or understand you. This means you are alone even when you are with them. You really need closeness with people. You need to experience the opposite of the relationships that created this perception that you are out of control in a negative way. Your ultimate goal needs to be to collect people with whom to have long term, intimate relationships where you are safe because you can think the thought with them, “I’m out of control with this person… and so I feel safe.” In these relationships, you can viscerally learn that it is safe to receive from other people and that is safe to give. Bring Love to Your Self-Hate. Self-hate is a coping mechanism that comes along with anorexia. At first glance it may be hard to see how self-hate could possibly be a coping mechanism. After all, self-hate can’t possibly decrease a person’s distress can it? The answer is yes it can. To understand this coping mechanism in depth and to find out how to heal it, watch my video titled: Self Hate (The Most Dangerous Coping Mechanism). Discover your narrative and demolish it. Every person who is struggling with anorexia is struggling with a narrative… A story of yourself or alternate reality that is completely false and is doing damage to your life. You have a false ‘story of me’. This story of me contains two sides. Not only false negative things but also false positive things. For example, a story of oneself as hideous, bad, disgusting, dark, worthless at the same time as a story about oneself having ethereal powers, being endlessly self sacrificing, coming from royal blood, or any number of other things that serve to negate the negative self story. It is a polarized view of self. This comes from parts within that adopted a negative self-image from one’s childhood and parts that were designed to compensate for or cope with those parts. Often the disorder itself is woven into these false positive stories and as a result, we have to shoot holes in our positive self-story in order to overcome it. For example, my thinness and not eating is attributed to the fact that I am a super spiritual being with such a high consciousness that food weighs me down to the physical. To overcome anorexia, you must philosophically dissolve away your false story of self. Part of these narratives are also stories about the world. These need to be demolished as well. For example, we tend to tell ourselves that no one likes fat people. But what if that weren’t true? What if men for example were more attracted to the 1950’s body where women have curves and cellulite? What if entire dating sites exist of only people who are looking for chubby and fat people to date, people who think skinny is gross? Dedicate yourself to Authenticity. You learned there were consequences for being yourself. And there were when you came into environments with people who were incompatible to you or who were only concerned with their own needs and desires. But the more authentic you can be, the happier you will feel in life. The less you will feel like you are uncomfortable in your own skin, living your life in the attempt to gain approval and avoid conflict. You will stop being controlled by perfectionism, which is really an attempt to manipulate in order to get your needs met. People will be attracted to the real you and as a result, you will feel what it is to be truly valued for what is intrinsic about you. You will stop this pattern of rejecting your own needs and consistently attracting people into your life who reject your needs. Also, you will stop feeling disconnected from your role in life… Where you truly fit in. To learn how to do this, watch my video titled: How To Be Authentic. Heal your relationship with Your Body. You behave towards your own body, like the adults in your childhood behave towards you. You are in control of it without having its best interests at heart… only your own. This means you are disconnected from and abusive towards it. To undo this, do integration work with your body specifically. You can treat your body (or even specific parts of your body) as if it is one separate part. To learn how to do this, watch my video titled: Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease. Close your eyes and feel what emotion or feeling you get when your body feels the way you want it to feel? If I am brutally honest, what does self-starvation give me that nothing else does? What does it feel like when it is clean on the inside or skinny or when you are in complete disciplined control of what goes into it when others are putting things in their body that cause them to get fat? What emotion or feeling is it that this gives you that you cannot seem to feel in your life without it? Perhaps it is the feeling of gratification of revenge or punishment of someone else? Perhaps it is the feeling of being light and slippery and able to get away from anyone fast. Perhaps it is the feeling of relief of being in control. Identify the sensation. Brainstorm other, healthier ways that you could get that feeling in your life. Involve other people in this brainstorming as well. Focus on safety. Some people need to get out of their comfort zones. You need to develop comfort zones first. This means, become familiar with the feeling of safety. Consciously do things that make you feel safe. If you struggle with anorexia, you feel like you have to fend for yourself and as such you feel unsafe and unprotected. This means in every situation where you begin to feel unsafe or anxious, instead of tuning it out, use that feeling of un-safety as an alarm bell. When it goes off, ask yourself, what could I do to make this situation feel safer? And then take action on the answer you receive. It isn’t always dramatic things like leaving the situation that are necessary to do. For example, in a social situation perhaps putting on a puffy coat would make you feel safer. Write up a safety list. Put everything that makes you feel safe on that list. Things like warm water, listening to soothing sounds, being held, the smell of bread etc. Make this list as long as possible. When you feel unsafe, go to that list and pick something off of it and go do that thing. Give loving presence to and understand your worry. People with anorexia are struggling with anxiety and worry. This is because they feel out of control in a world where people and even the universe cannot be trusted to be in control in ways that will benefit them. To understand your worry in depth as well as what to do about it, watch my videos titled: How To Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode On Worry) and How To Stop Expecting The Worst (Catastophizing). Develop a positive relationship with food. Since negative food relationship is a part of anorexia, it is critical to change your relationship to food. It is ok to be controlling with food, so long as you ACTUALLY are in touch with your body’s signals, needs, desires and best interests. Just be ware that just like the adults in your early life thought things were in your best interests that actually weren’t in your best interests at all, you run the very real risk of thinking things are in the best interests of your body that actually are not in your body’s best interests at all. For more information about how to do this, watch my video titled: How To Improve Your Relationship With Food. If exercise is part of your anorexia, the same should be done with exercise. Exercise with the best interests of your body in mind and heart, even if that means much less exercise or totally different forms of exercise. What would it be like to exercise with the idea of helping your body to feel healthier and stronger instead of for it to lose weight? So often we can do things against our body instead of for our body, but we lie to ourselves by telling ourselves we are doing it for our body. This is self gas lighting. Any time we do something against our body, it will backfire eventually. As with most things, I could write an entire book on the process of healing from anorexia. But here I have listed the most important aspects of healing. If you commit yourself to these steps and this process, you will experience this healing. Believe it or not, it is possible for you to have relationships where people take your best interests as part of their best interests and therefore to feel safe in your relationships. It is possible for it to be safe for you to take in energy from life and for there to be no consequences for doing so. It is possible that the person that you really are is not only a success, but is also more than good enough. It is possible for you to control the conscious creation of a life that feels good. In fact, you came here to do exactly that.
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    That's a good way to put it. At the same time stone has been the best so far for preserving history))
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    I just let the world melt down on it's own. No matter how hard you try to change yourself it won't matter cause your still going to be part of a flawed system wealth inequality will stil be a problem. The prision industrial complex will still exist. You can't become part of the system when the system is broken we need to tear it down and start over we need a progressive agenda. The Democrats used to be progressive when FDR was president. They gave in to corprations during the 1980s. Wealth inequality is the worst since 1929. Change comes from the bottom but we don't do it alone we make change by speaking the truth and we make change by using the goverment to our advantage. This is what is so frustrating maybe your an anarchist and don't even know it
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    After watching this video YouTube pops more on my screen, realized Claire was making these videos for years and awakening what life is for and what to do with it comes to her at age of 12, hear another youtuber sharing experience of knowing her , question why we can't see life values till we about to lose it? And her own experience of dying, you don't have to comment, but I recommend to watch it. R. I. P.
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