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  3. Scot

    I am not sure if my own “spiritual experiences” have given me access to higher truths. Some of my intuitions that I have had when I have been in a “spiritual state” have been completely wrong. When I say “spiritual state” I don’t mean high on drugs. And I must admit that I cannot confirm the states I assume were spiritual were actual “spiritual states”. ”Spiritual states” might turn certain “spiritual functions” on but on the other hand what might be happening is that certain mental functions are turned off. I don’t know.
  4. Garnet

    Unless you are working in a place that has a certain %of gratitude included with every check, I really can't see how the job like this can provide one with security. From my past experience waitressing is perhaps the most unstable job I've ever had and despise good money I was making it was not good enough for me to want to come back there. Another thing that you can always try in case you are not sure about changing the place is to move up into a higher position that way you can always learn new skills and it'll give you more options to choose from.
  5. Angeldust

    Hi @Done Now first off i apologize for the super long break. After writing about all this stuff I felt like i just wanted to run away and zone out for a while so I didn’t check it for a very long time. Many things have happened. I am very very thankful to you and your wife. Thank you so much for caring and sharing this with her and asking her for advice etc. thank you for taking the time to try to help me and write me. I truly and deeply appreciate this. What you said is spot on, thank you for validating me, it helped a ton in making me feel less aloneand cared about! Things have improved quite a lot, even though it seems it’s swinging to the other side now., which worries me again.. It seems he’s under the impression of needing to please me now and trying to make everything the way he thinks it’s right for me. Which is not what’s I want. I don’t want him to try to please me, just respect me and consider me as a respectable human being. i almost feel like it’s useless talking about it, because I really don’t see the light here anymore. It’s all dull and intervowen with so much ‘offness’ that I feel extremely judgemental and just not in the right place. I am more and more tending to just leave. It sucks but I don’t think this is going anywhere really positive anytime soon. now that that’s fixed different issues are coming up, he leaves me with his kids all night alone without me knwoing he even left (he was supposed to come home from work at around 11) no clue where he is and when he’ll be back. I have to call him in the middle of he night to find out and he tells me I’ll be home soon... then he told me stayed longer at work because they were oh so busy. Which I know is a lie because he’s been drinking with his two alc friends... he then goes on to use the unreasonable argument that what he did was ok because he’s a man and works so hard, he should be able to go out... (I don’t have a problem with that at all, and that’s not the point. The point is that he didn’t tell me anything and just left me with his kids) i really don’t know why the hell im still here. I just don’t know where else to go. I would be homeless... He told me he doesn’t Think communication is important, is very avoidant when it comes to anything, threatened to beat me and told me im a bitch for always wanting to share my feelings with him, his son started smoking weed heavily and his dad doesn’t seem to be too bothered... I’m just so tired of it... how do I get out? I’m wasting away and not even taking care of myself anymore. I don’t eat enough, don’t drink enough... and I’m very very depressed.
  6. ThisMoment

    Everyone wants to have both feet planted in relative security, but if you don't place one foot outside of that in the unknown and chaotic, you won't be giving yourself a fair chance to succeed in your goal of moving on, which is out there in the unknown and chaotic world. It wouldn't be the end of everything if you failed once or a few times. It takes a few attempts for many people, but it's worth it.
  7. Teal Swan explains a great dilemma in the world for women relative to their looks. Women are given the mixed message their entire lives by men, the media and peers that looks don't matter, but conversely that looks are the most important thing about them. Teal Swan is an International Contemporary Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  8. NewMooninGemini

    If drugs are gateways then is meth a gateway to this world.
  9. NewMooninGemini

    There are two separate worlds I prefer practical understanding but spirituality gives me access to higher truths.
  10. NewMooninGemini

    Materialism and Spirituality Two Worlds ♊ Gemini is both sides of a coin that complete a polarity. Why do some people prefer the dark? What is the age of Enlightment in the 1800s what does it have to do with Occultists. Were they both right and wrong? 1940s is the birthplace of consumerism and machine warfare chemical warfare ect
  11. NewMooninGemini

    Fragmented Selves Core Self Bad, Funny, Sexual, Honest, Intelligent Self Broken Heart Self Shawdow Self Worried, Scared, Lonely, Empty
  12. 42:00 this narcissist is every Indian parent ever!!
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  14. NewMooninGemini

    I believe we are interdependent I think we should exchange ideas. That doesn't mean that should be a healer and person that needs to be healed that's very on sided unless it's someone who is a healer. Why can't someone who's healing can't offer anything?
  15. NewMooninGemini

    That makes perfect sense for all realtionships. So that's what leads to certain dynamics then. I started keeping track of stuff like that and I will observe myself when it's happening so that even if my boyfriend doesn't notice I can correct course and avoid the painful realtionship dynamic. It's about staying authentic in a realtionship.
  16. Scot

    I think walls and boundaries relate to attachment styles. I read there are 4 attachement styles. The attachment style I think we should want is called secure attachment. This is when you can be there for each other. You also don’t worry when the other person is not around. Each person feels safe to be vulnerable. And you respect each other’s boundaries. There is also preoccupied attachment. This can come across as desperate. This is where the desire for closeness can scare people away. There can be jealousy even in friendship relationships. Another attachment style is where you get close to other people by meeting their needs. Maybe you think if you rescue them or meet their needs then they won’t leave you. However there never seems to be space for your needs to be met. Another style is called “self-sufficient”. Here you view closeness as just an opportunity to be hurt. You don’t want to admit your vulnerabilities to others. Frankly you don’t want to feel vulnerable at all. But here you miss out on the chance for deep connection. I would say that in secure attachment, you can let the walls down, and can keep the boundaries up.
  17. NewMooninGemini

    I feel like I'm a rabbit and people keep tossing carrots at me so I get closer and closer and then they are going to trap me under a basket and eat me. So I hide in my rabbit hole.
  18. NewMooninGemini

    Or are you talking about belief?
  19. NewMooninGemini

    I have poor boundaries and a bunch of walls with people just cause I care what people think about me and I hate when they don't know me or think I'm someone else. My boundaries are poor cause I crave connection and looking like an idiot of self conscious or stupid. What is the context though? lol
  20. sundyer

    The vibration of the movement of consciousness through the unknown so as to learn, understand and integrate the awareness of it. Exploration is search for the purpose of discovery. This vibration assists anyone who wants to learn, know or discover anything within this infinite universe. This vibration brings about the ‘new’
  21. Walls and Boundaries If you want to really connect deeply, you have to let the walls down. We all have fears. Fears keep us safe but they also lock us away behind walls. But if you really want to feel something... if you really want to connect deeply, you have to lean into vulnerability and let the walls down. On the other hand, boundaries are actually a good thing. We need to respect other people’s boundaries and we also need to respect our own boundaries. If nobody respects anyone else’s boundaries and we don’t respect our own then we can’t trust each other. I am finding this to be a difficult distinction: walls vs. boundaries. I am thinking that a wall is based in a fear or a bad habit that we would really rather push past. And a boundary is based in knowledge of what is actually good for us in the long run. Brene Brown says that the most vulnerable people are also the people who have clear boundaries. I would appreciate your thoughts about walls and boundaries.
  22. Thank you for your thoughts! You have a very good point about psychology and its limitations. Psychology is a science, and science always lags behind. For example, even if it's obvious that the Completion Process heals people, science won't accept it until it has been proven by a proper scientific study and even then, people can just ignore studies that don't fit their current paradigm. So thank you, your comment has made me think this further. There must be a million ways to help people and one should not get stuck with the most obvious and conventional options. I completely forgot about the point of unity! Thank you for this reminder And it's also a good point that belief has great power in one's experience. If anyone has personal experiences about how they used their pain to help others and thus, further heal themselves, I am sure those would be great stories to hear! No matter how big or small these acts of helping are or were!
  23. She's an online video game addict and I hate it. For five months now, my girlfriend and I have been living together. We divided our tasks and bills so we can be able to survive without asking help from our parents. We’re old enough to stand on our own and we tried to stand on our decisions. On the first two months, we were able to make it. When my girlfriend started working at a BPO company, she became too fond of online gaming. She stopped doing domestic chores already and preferred to lock herself up in our room while playing. I have noticed that my girlfriend was only doing online games for almost a day and I hate it. She seldom talked to me and won’t even care if I go clubbing with a foreign workmate. What made me so mad was that she forgot she’s working. What should I do with her? How can I make her stop that?
  24. Garnet

    How does she explain this?
  25. Garnet

    Being affectionate is not hard. Never go days without affection. It can turn into a habbit.
  26. NewMooninGemini

    I'm going to clean up my act and stop trolling because I really have an important perspective. If I do it right Teal might be able to reach millions of people like me that are suffering.i suffer from anxiety and delusions. Today at group therapy I got in trouble trying to help someone and It could have helped this girl so much but I didn't have the right words. I would have just referred her to Teals video on how to stop thinking but the concept of manifesting is misunderstood cause they haven't got the first concept of cause and effect so most people are missing out on this knowledge due to that and it's makes me so sad. I think people just need some of these spiritual concepts explained in a practical way so they can live a better life.
  27. Does it ever hurt physically to be connected to source? Does anyone relate to feeling physical pain the more tuned in, on the path and in the flow you become? Sometimes I have experienced physical sensations like a sting, to "get my attention" and notice a synchronicity, or to guide me physically in a direction. Other times it may feel like a fluttering sensation in my back, and when I interpreted this as "keep going" I have occasionally felt pressure increase with urgency until it feels like being stabbed. This creates anger as it feels abusive and violating, which then shuts me down and I fall off my path for awhile. Establishing a boundary. As soon as I reconnect, it starts again. Getting stung in my finger as I type this now. What could it be and/or mean?
  28. Lil_gingerflowerchild

    I need help I’m in love with my boyfriend, and we’ve had our first argument about how he thinks I’m too clingy. I love giving and receiving excessive amounts of physical and verbal affection. He says he needs more space. He thinks we should be able to go days without physical affection, and this makes me feel terribly unwanted. He says he gets love from within- and secretly I am envious and offended. I want to be needed, not just simply wanted. I know I have a lot of self-love work to do; but is it really unhealthy to need giving and receiving as much physical affection as I do? I’m terrified to lose him, but I also value being authentic. My excessive crying over the past 3 days has annoyed him. And I feel more alone then ever.
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