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    Totally. I remeber a lot of years ago thinking that forums were the best way to talk... only a highschooler could be that naive! At least society's starting to catch on that social media's no panacea. I like what some people say though: it's the human collective unconcious made manifest. Everyone's mostly talking to themselves, everything's impersonal, so... all the shadows are on full display, way moreso than irl. So I guess it's got that! Skype's actually a good idea though, makes things much more personal and accountable. I wouldn't have really thought of that... but then, I don't have a skype account 😛
  4. Garnet

    @Done Now I honestly wonder how anyone solves their personal issues through the internet/forum unless it is face-to-face, so of course it is going to create confusion. And confusion breeds more confusion. Obviously.
  5. How to ask out Kiev Ladies for a date? I have a co-worker from Kiev who had just migrated here about several months ago. This lady is so sweet and bubbly. She’s extremely gorgeous and very kind too. I am so eager to ask her on a date but I want to do it correctly. I do not want to scare her away. I’m wondering if there’s any traditional way of asking Kiev ladies out for a date? I’d like to approach her in a way that might just flatter her more than the usual ways of asking out.
  6. Papaya111

    Perfectionism Hi, has anybody been observing perfectionist urges? Just right now, i’ve realised how much limitation has and is it creating in my life. I wonder why is it there in the first place and how to let go of it? i just see it messing with my relationships, my work, my career, friends... the whole thing! For some reason in the past i learned to think that it was beneficial, But i still cant see any benefits, only missed opportunities... missed life actually... Do you have any clue whats driving this and how to soften around this? maybe its connected with selfworth somehow... Thx.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Done Now

    I can try to put my understanding into words then? My understanding is a bit coloured by the rest of the discussion, but I think I get her general gist. I don't like seeing people confused. I think she's mostly, amongst other things, pointing out that you chose to post first in the war room thread, and made it pretty personal and hurtful. A little but like we've been talking about, you had all the options in the world open to you and chose that one. Apprently she'd like to hear your reasons for why, her preference being skype. Cool though, you work with homeless people longterm? That's awesome, my mother-in-law runs a supported accomodation facility for people transitioning into public housing out of homelessness. It's pretty demanding stuff, she's always having to deal with death and mental health issues. I worked in disability services for a decade, it has a lot of overlap. I agree completely that most people involved are more interested in telling them to change, over finding out why they are how they are. It grinds at me! ...but then I started working in Tax, and I miss the fuck out of it, stress, drug abuse, physical assault and all, heh. At least your days mean something, working in human services, even if they do leave you with scars. Tax just feels like debt collection... I miss human services so much!
  9. Valeria

    I’m moving to LA too. Have you found a place yet?
  10. Garnet

    The video reminds me of Dr. Emoto's water experiment. Of course, I don't know which water he is drinking......
  11. starstruck9

    Stab in the back? What cards? Hurt you with what? I'm seriously confused. But anyway.
  12. Garnet

    Starstruck9, I did not ask you to read your words to me on Skype. I asked you to face me and back your words up. Actions speak louder than words. Right now it is just words on this page. I am much more than what you assume about me. I am sending you my Skype name. Show up please and find out for yourself. Be honest and take responsibility for what you did. According to your profile you registered here on March 25. Two month ago. "War room" is the only thing in your history. First you unloaded yourself onto the Universe. But then you turned around and picked me. Looking at it now I can see that I was already there, so that was easy. As i said that before your very first response to me was very sudden. Cold stab into my back. You had all the cards in front of you, all you had to do is to pick one and continue the same cycle you said you understand. In the "land of no rules" this is what you choose to do. You hurt me and I want to know why. This is the last time me asking you to respond. Nothing more after that. Have a great day.
  13. Theresa_May

    Thank you,yes I'm the same.with little insects spiders etc release them outside,I love moths.rats are pretty cool too,but yes so so destructive.Haha yes, I would love to have a cat but we live in a protected bird reserve so not an option. Things are out of balance because of us though ,it seems unfair to even consider my life more important or valuble than theirs.I guess ideally you don't want to live where you eat,and store food where it is safe,like underground,then they wouldn't be attracted?
  14. my-alteregos-and-me

    shit happens? cancer results out of deep grief youre unaware of. you can harm your body energetically by putting foods into it that are of low energy. but it depends on your own personal energy (or also said suppressed energy) which diseases you will manifest in your body. your body is just your physical expression. i think the word thought should be replaced with believesystem and personal attitude. your believes and attitutes come from childhood, but you can unhook from them by reintegration. that will make the energy flow again and will prevent diseases.
  15. Apparently Gandhi said something like “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
  16. starstruck9

    I am not doubting free will at choices people make. Im baffled at why go that direction when you can go in the other direction. I dont know about locking people up being a solution but its really difficult if not impossible to rebuild a grown up, especially if they already paved their path "in the wrong" direction, for society. Since the opinion that someone should be and is locked up is left to society and justice system. Serial killers etc. will sooner or later be ending in a prison or prison chair or whatever they do. And there is supposed to be no wrong and no right decisions, meaning people like Manson did nothing wrong. But we live on planet Earth that prisons and kills people like this. Why? Why is that so wrong? Obv. we dont want serial killers, rapists etc. There is sth wrong with that behaviour and people want to stop it with weird technics. It seems like no one wants to deal with it but at the same time we judge it. Which brings me back to, nothing is wrong or right. Maybe there is a reason for these people to exist. The school shooting in USA are just getting hilarious really. There is nothing funny about people losing their child but, in all those years, NOTHING, completely nothing has changed? How is that even possible? I watched a documentary of Columbine high school shooting back in the 90s. What changed? Nothing. And how do we know that nothing has changed? 19 year later ... Not sure for credibility but this is from CNN. An article from May 18, 2018. Change the way you see the world and the world will change. Yes of course. Surroundings and environment needs to change. Not how a potential serial killer sees the world (though it would help a lot) but rather how "sane" people see the world. Nothing will change if the environment doesn't participate. Obv. justice system does not work. I have been working with homeless people. No serial killers, maybe minor offenses, stealing and similar stuff. If they are not far gone because of the alcohol and or drugs they are swamp with patterns and me as a girl sure as hell cant do anything because Im just a "cute young girl" that "doesnt understand anything" because I have a "peachy" life. And the programs for those people at least here are pretty poor because mostly people have no clue how to deal with those people and mostly nobody talks about the "why are you a drug addict what brought you here". Its all pretty much a positive focus and self accusations because that is socially approved. I dont really have faith in people. Jesus was here more that 2.000 years ago. What changed? Nothing. Just a bunch of determinists saying they are Catholics, shaming everything, raping the positive focus, raping children ... if there is change, its for the worse. And as for Teal followers. True ones. A lonely bunch with attachment issues raping the positive focus.

  18. Done Now

    @Inquisitor oh, no, sorry, heh. I'm just going on about my own topics again, heheh. I don't mean to distract, I'm just chatting. Though I do know Vsauce, he's pretty neat. I mean Spirit Science and its creator, Jordan... someone. I forget his surname. I can't actually remember why I brought him up now, but I'm happy to start posting links to his videos at the drop of a hat, heh. They're... a rollercoaster. Spirituality meets scifi meets conspiracy theories meets... well, it's tough to describe, except that Jordan has since departed from this reality we all mostly share, and lives entirely in his own one, now, for better or worse. It's fascinating on so, so many levels. Even without getting into the source material he based his videos off. Amazing fun. Not a fun community though, I hear.
  19. I don’t know but ... Lock them up to protect society. Try to deal with their underlying issues. If they can be rehabilitated then great. If they can’t be rehabilitated then never let them out. This raises the question of the death penalty. Death penalty is an admission that some people cannot be rehabilitated. It is an admission that the black wolf has killed the white wolf. Like I said before, my hope for humanity is that the white wolf cannot die, but people like Charles Manson might prove me wrong. The question also comes up about whether society has enough resources to keep such people alive while we try to rehabilitate them in jail. Or we should just give up and give them the death penalty. I don’t know.
  20. Done Now

    For sure Scot, I think I agree. There's always an element of choice. Plenty of people had abusive parents, but not many people ever did what Fred and Rosemary West did as a result. Choice always comes into it first and foremost. What came before the choice is just what frames the issue at hand to the person who's considering making that choice. The experiences determine what options people are aware of, or consider. It's always the person who makes the decision, in the end. Example, Elliott Rogers was built into the person he was by the interplay of his upbringing, mental health issues and social isolation... but it was always him who chose to act on those variables the way he did. His decision makes sense from his perspective, even if it was the worst, most asinine and harmful one to make, to anyone who lived outside of his head. It was his choice to react to his own pain the way he did, because making that choice made the most sense to him and his worldview. His worldview said, as an example (amongst a lot of other things), that other people's feelings on what he did weren't worth considering. They said he was right. They said other people were the problem. They said a bunch of stuff... so that shaped the options he saw. We have free will, but the way we seem to work as individuals is to always boil our own choices down to a handful of options that are compatible with our own worldview, which is crafted out of our life experiences. Any of us can respond to anything any way we want at any time, objectively speaking. But we all limit ourselves to a handful of responses that seem to suit our socialisation and life experiences. We seem to work more by incremental choices and decisions, than having complete freedoms in everything we do. Those limits are self-imposed. I guess, like my wife was saying in her sleep last night, people tend to see maybe three choices, maybe four, at any one time, in response to the things that they come across in life. That number seems fair as an initial ballpark figure, Heheh. That's still so weird she did that...
  21. Inquisitor

    If you're referring to Vsauce, yeah I've seen a fair few of his videos every now and then. Very interesting stuff there. I was going to say that Batman needs to pay attention, but then you'd get into the topic of people in the real world who are like the Joker, interpretedly irredeemable. Free will or no, what would be the solution for these kinds of "criminals"?
  22. Inquisitor

    Wow, aside from the fact "deserving" is a perspective of ideal, so everything is their fault or that you don't care that it does. There's a lot of potential for irony here. Back when I was at school there was this one particularly notorious kid who basically bullied everyone. It eventually turned out he had anger issues that if left unchecked could cause his blood pressure to rise so much, it could cause him serious harm to his health, maybe even lethal. Having enough of his antics, all the other kids decided to try to purposely make him angry to build up his blood pressure so much that he'd pass out or be sent to the hospital. We deliberately told him stuff that would intentionally piss him off and he was off school for most of the week. Essentially, giving him information that would deliberately cause him harm because we thought he "deserved" it. Would you say he deserved it because everyone had a problem with him or will you condemn me and the other kids involved for doing it? If you condemned us, then equally, you must condemn yourself for the same principle. I just made it a point that it depends on an individuals ethical interpretation. Yours is that suicide is definitively "bad" without regard for circumstances. My only interest in this respect is allowing the exorcise of free will, that is all. You also have issues with people such as Teal who try to pinhole people into doing it which is also what I have issues with as well. Your view of it is itself valid and respectable, but at the end of the day, that's all it is. I'm only making a point that there could be unforeseen consequences that you aren't aware of by doing so, which is exactly the same that applies to me or anyone else, however I am aware of that possibility as opposed to you blindly thinking that what you're doing is right without consideration of potential wrongdoing or danger in it's own way. I mean't more referring to using and relying on your own statements that could be used to disprove me by themselves to be seen as innate proof of correctness., or rather, relying on disproving me to automatically prove you right when you don't supply your own independent evidence as authentication of proof of correctness itself like third party documentation. Basically, proving me wrong doesn't automatically prove you right, you still have to bring your own evidence separately that proves how you are correct that does not include piggybacking off disproving me or reliance on your statements themselves to be expected as innately correct by themselves, such as the Vsauce example where you claimed that he was only doing it for the money and didn't actually care if what he said was correct without any external backed up evidence other than your own bias. There were no external statements or evidence that were supplied by someone other than you to back this up that showed, not told the situation. You agree with is generally currently known about reality, but that's as far as anyone can go. It's basically like trying to explain a mobile phone to someone in the medieval ages. I'm not referring to you specifically, but the generalized current state of comprehension. For now there's nothing to say they are wrong, but dont' necessarily have the full picture. Exactly, when observed. Until you find any external source that properly discredits the third Vsauce video as invalid or inaccurate, I suggest referring back to it. Yours as well if what you said to someone goes shitfaced and ends up being more detrimental. Works both ways. Which s a close minded and arrogant view. There is equal potential in either side to do help or harm. You have the view of your actions that if you don't see that effect, it didn't happen.
  23. over the years I have spent a fair amount of time thinking about the question of free will, and the cause of criminal activity. As in, “if we see that criminals had a traumatic childhood, did that cause the criminal activity? Did we just take free will out of the picture?” My answer is no. Free will exists can criminals are culpable for their actions. Some might think “wait, if x (the past) caused y (the activity) and x was not the fault of the person then how can the person be blamed? My answer is that “causes” in this connotation means “x increased the likelihood of y”. A person’s free will is intact. Just because someone had trauma does not eliminate their ability to make different decisions and they are still responsible for their actions. I think this makes me a “compatibilist”. Which means I think free will and responsibility is compatible with causation. And hating the criminal isn’t going to cure them. Compassion might. But compassion would not mean letting them free. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
  24. Friend's taking me to a ballroom party. Of all the invitations I could receive from my best friend, why does it have to be going in a ballroom party? I mean, I don’t have any negative reviews about ballroom affairs, it’s just that I don’t like it and not my thing. He said I’ll be meeting his friends in a foreign bride social he attended weeks ago, and they’re expecting my presence, so that means not saying “NO” to him. I don’t dance! How should I get out with this? I need your advice!
  25. Solon

    Your ship can handle the toughest waters, Teal, and the captain is more than capable and experienced to steer it into uncharted waters. With you in meditation and thought nonetheless. May both yours and Ale's journeys continue in peace.
  26. Fairly recently, I have heard reports that it doesn’t matter what you think, you might get cancer or not. And beating yourself up because “oh, I got cancer. I must have thought the wrong things” is the wrong thing to think. Shit happens.
  27. toemilyjune

    Day 205 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' Corey Goode from Cosmic Disclosure is warning us about a solar sneeze that will wipe out all technology. He says not to live within 400 miles of the coast. I was planning on resettling in Santa Cruz, CA where I left my heart on the beach, but lately I'm researching the interior United States for safety. Where does a bohemian raw vegan go? Santa Fe and Sedona have an awake population, but are located in the desert away from local food and water sources. Colorado to the mountains? I live in Alaska now, I want to be warm. How will the converted school bus I dream of do in the cold? Humidity with my internal mold situation aren't compatible at the moment. Tactical thinking overruns my focus.
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