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  1. Dee R


    My daughter and grandkids, they are all that really matters
  2. Dee R


    My daughter. To see what she really thinks of me and how I can improve on that.
  3. Dee R


    Simply be. I've done all the searching what I'm here for etc. There doesn't appear to be any real reason other than being there for family etc. So just get on with it until my numbers up
  4. Dee R


    Somedays it would be suicide, Somedays it would just be being confident
  5. Dee R


    Equality in every sense.
  6. Dee R


    I can relate to that! And it is scary!
  7. Dee R


    Belief in myself and own my space!
  8. Dee R


    Possibly dead the way I'm living ( not enough exercise, too much crap food) and possibly successful, a lot can happy in 5 years but tbh I'm no further on than the last 5 years even after completing a late college course!
  9. Dee R


    Good one
  10. Dee R


    Money. Loads of it so that I can share it with my loved ones, set them all up in homes and businesses, including myself, help charities etc. Money could fix quite a lot in my life right now. I'd help everyone, then retire to my country cottage where I could walk my dogs in the woods daily and work from home.
  11. Dee R


    Better health, more confidence and more motivation. Just so that I can be more productive and always there for my grandkids
  12. Dee R


    Absolutely NOTHING! My daughter & grandkids are non negotiable, not even hypothetically. My mum is elderly and ill cherish the time we still have. I'm not particularly close to my brothers and sisters but we are there for each other when it matters and I value them. So, no, nothing is worth my loved ones I'm afraid, and it took me one second to make that decision.

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