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  1. _Dalia


    I still live in a scarcity. I feel powerlessness.
  2. _Dalia


    I do not allow myself to be seen, therefore I feel very isolated, alone.
  3. _Dalia


    Drums! This means it’s time to create / express myself.
  4. _Dalia


    Still trying to figure it out It probably has something to do with authenticity, emotions, creativity. For sure I was meant to be the biggest pain in the ass for my parents
  5. _Dalia

    Change Your Name?

    And in Lithuanian (which is quite an old language) the word ‘taika’ means ‘peace’
  6. _Dalia

    Taking Requests

    1. More about community. 2. Food. 3. Hygiene&stuff (soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes; house cleaning supplies; cosmetics; waxing; ...). 4. Tips on finances. 5. Parenting tips. 6. Music. Art. 7. Fails.
  7. _Dalia


    Avoidance & blaming.
  8. _Dalia


    to hold space.
  9. _Dalia


    My partner and my child, and my mother. To understand them fully.
  10. _Dalia


    Many parts of me! For example the deterministic one. I’m not there yet to love ...
  11. _Dalia


    Determinism. I have a very deep need to be seen with all of my emotions and there’s no way I could be seen, heard, felt, understood in this point of view.
  12. _Dalia


    The pain of losing a zero sum game.
  13. _Dalia


    I was going to do parts work (literally at this moment), but then I decided to check the ‘Let The Universe Choose Your Question’ first So the ’why’ part is that I want to distract myself from any feelings (is that even possible? ).

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