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  1. Jem


    I used to be terrified of cats because I had a lot of bad experiences with them as a kid, but now i love them, and tend to bond with them very easily. They're such beautiful creatures .
  2. Jem

    Sleep Minerals

    Im very sorry to hear about your relative Teal, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
  3. Jem


    Darkflower i'm very sorry to hear about the situation with your husband, i hope you guys find resolve. I can definitely relate to becoming increasingly unreliable and not keeping my word. I no longer consider integrity and dependability to be personality traits of mine, because they're simply not right now. I do wanna revive those traits in myself, its just that i havn't felt motivated to do much in a long time. Idk whats going on lol, but anyway i just wanted to let you know that i kinda understand how you feel, and im totally cheering for you!
  4. Jem

    Path Test

    I'd take the short path if its my first time going to their house and I don't really know where I'm going, but If I already know where I'm going, I'll take the long, scenic route every time, going to and from their place. I'd grab ten red and ten white, so they can have a nice, colorful bouquet with some variety. Realistically I'd ask the maid if my partner was home first, and if they weren't I'd just ask her to give them the flowers when they return, but for the sake of the test...I'd go up to their room myself. Assuming that the bed is the first thing you see when you enter the room, I'd put
  5. Jem

    Star Wars Characters

    I've always been more fascinated with the world of "Stars Wars" than the actual characters/plot. I love all of the different planets, cultures, governments, languages, and tech of the series. When i was a kid, one of my absolute favorite possesions was the "Star Wars Atlas," i never ever got tired of that book, but make me watch one of the movies? I've yet to stay awake through one lol. Now...i did watch the most recent season of "The Mandilorian" with my little cousins, and i must say i was pleasantly surprised .
  6. Jem

    Throw A Blanket

    I actually used to do this all the time when I was a child, simply because it made me feel at ease, but I quit doing it because my mom didn't like it. I will definitely do this next time I feel overwhelmed.
  7. Jem

    A New Epoch

    I'm so glad you're helping those families! Love and blessings to everybody in the comment section! I love y'all so much, Happy Conjunction!
  8. Jem

    Priceless Motivation Tip

    Love you too Daniel. I'm really glad that you feel inspired!
  9. @emmaus I love that you pointed out how large issues, like toxic patriarchy, can infect 1-on-1 relationships, the mother-daughter dynamic is a wonderful example. The most helpful insight I've had about crabs in the bucket syndrome is that the crabs do not put themselves in the bucket. I never ever excuse abusive behavior, but the understanding that individual behavioral patterns are linked to something bigger, makes life make a lot more sense.
  10. Jem

    Returning Home

    The funny part is I've been vibing out to Solange's "When I Get Home" album all week lol.
  11. Jem

    Looking Forward To

    I'm definitely gonna do the intuition walk tomorrow morning, fantastic idea!
  12. Jem


    I often assume that I'm going to fail, and therefore disappoint, and therefore have to hear someone else say the demeaning things I say to myself far too often. I'm working through this pattern more and more though. Its rough, but I am indeed improving.
  13. Jem

    A Closed Door

    Lol I've always fantasized about being an old woman too! My granny fantasy consists of my 90 year old self, having a comfy, dome-shaped abode on Mars. I'm always sitting in a rocking chair on my porch, with the ends of my tailbone-length, silver dreads resting in my lap. I have a little nephew who says he's gonna move to Mars with me, so I imagine watching his kids and grandkids play in front of my house, and before my nephew, takes his kids home, we all hang out on my porch, eating a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies as we watch Phobos and Demos acsend into the night sky.
  14. Jem


    Thanks for the references! Your designs sound amazing as well, are you on Instagram?
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