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  1. Jem


    Thanks for the references! Your designs sound amazing as well, are you on Instagram?
  2. Jem


    @megmats here we go again surfing the same wave! Lol. The things you mentioned about sacred geometry, and building with the Earth rather than "on" her are right up my alley! Interesting that you mentiond pyramid structures too, cuz when my Grandma visits me in my dreams, she tends to come with pyramids for some reason, I'm gonna look into that more closely now. Congratulations on not only discovering your passion, but walking towards it! I'm sure that your cup will runneth over, and you'll definitely be in my thoughts/prayers. Out of curiosity, what kind if art are you into?
  3. Jem


    Sooo....I did this exercise and got a completely unexpected answer. My question to myself, and ultimately the Universe at large has been: "What is the right vocation for me?" The Bible of all books is the one that called to me. I let it fall open to a section of the book of Chronicles, in which my eyes landed on a sentence explaining that King Tyre sent materials, along with stonemasons and carpenters to David to build a palace for him. I closed the book, then reopened it, trying to find the exact verse of the passage i'd just read, and wound up at 1 Chronicles 29, the words "palatial st
  4. Jem

    Volunteering Mission

    I would love to do a "learning empowerment" workshop of sorts. My heart is in the Black American community, so that's the demographic I'd target, but my workshop would serve anyone with a learning disability, regardless of age. The focus would be on maximizing, and revealing the value of people's innate excellence, rather than constantly reminding them of their deficiencies. My goal would be for attendees to leave knowing that they can learn ANYTHING.
  5. Jem

    Being Human As An Art Form

    Thank you Vanja, you have a beautiful name by the way! I hope you have a lovely day as well:).
  6. Jem

    Being Human As An Art Form

    That is exactly how I feel about being human. As fascinating a non-physical reality is, I feel so lucky to be embodied. Humanity is such a gift, this update actually brings back to my remembrance a conversation I had with my mom when I was little. She was teaching me the biblical interpretation of God's relationship with humans in comparison to angels, demons, and whatever else could be out there. I told her "I think Earth is the Harvard of the Universe." I still feel that way, I firmly believe that there's no teacher out there like physicality. Life definitely ain't been no crystal stair, but
  7. Jem

    This Is A Sign

    That's awesome megmats. Funny enough, what you've posted here is my sign lol. Me and my mother have been on a very similar journey latley. In the past two weeks in particular, I really feel like i've been healing backwards. I feel like i'm playing a big role in creating resolve for neglected traumas along my family line, it's been a very transformative process. I wish you the very best of luck.
  8. Jem

    This Is A Sign

    The most memorable events in my dream last night was me driving through a luxurious neighborhood with my parents, having a gay son, and roomating with a dying cancer patient. I woke up so confused by this one, and i told myself i wasn't gonna worry about it, but now i guess i better lol.
  9. Jem

    Typical Gemini

    My mars is in Taurus, i can relate lol.
  10. Jem

    Typical Gemini

    I love Pisces! My brother is a Pisces, you guys are super empathetic and creative, and i've never met a Pisces who didn't have a great sense of humor!
  11. Jem

    Typical Gemini

    I'm 6/17.. June twins where you at?!?! My Gemini sun shines through the faculties of: Humor Child-like curiosity Communicative Very opinionated Multifaceted Flighty Lots of nervous energy Quick-witted Racing thoughts Penchant for languages Varying interests Zest for knowledge Lofty ideas/ideals
  12. Jem

    Purpose Quote

    Lol, Vanja you're right dear, that's not true. I just have a tendency to not try, because I have a fear of failure.
  13. Jem

    Purpose Quote

    What if my joy is doing nothing, 24/7?
  14. Jem

    Morning & Night Routine

    I've been telling myself to do the same thing Alma lol. I've actually been singing and dancing a lot more over the past 2 weeks, idk why. I used to sing all the time as a child, then one day I just stopped, I thought my pipes were rusted beyond repair by now, but I actually don't sound too bad. I hope you keep singing sis.
  15. Jem

    Normalizing Strengths

    Oh yeah...authenticity moment. As I was reading people's responses, I found myself getting so annoyed with those of you who had these long lists of your positive attributes. In reality, I was annoyed with people's ability to speak highly of themselves. Now that I've thought it through, I wanna thank all you self-loving bastards for making me aware that i'm neck-deep in self-deprecating thought patterns. My shadow wok
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