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  1. zunilda

    Season Change

    Thank yooooooooooou
  2. zunilda

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    holyyyyyyy shhhhhhhh
  3. zunilda

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    holyyyyyyy shhhhhhhh
  4. zunilda


    The things I didn’t do haunting me
  5. zunilda

    Path Test: The Results

    1. Take the long path 2. All white 3. Go find them myself 4. initially wanted them by the door but I guess it’s on the bed 5. Sleeping 6. Short path , home quickly
  6. zunilda

    Path Test: The Results

    This was amazing and sooooo on point !! Hi, so I was wondering , do you have any games like this for shadow work??????????????????? I love games and I do shadow work a lot but I would love it if it was in game form ,, unless this game qualifies as shadow work lol
  7. zunilda

    Robotic Behaviour

    Crazy how I was telling myself about this for a couple days now
  8. zunilda

    The Tea Room

    This hit home,, *tears*
  9. zunilda


    That I’ll lose something dear to me and it will ruin every waking moment of my life because it won’t be reversible?
  10. zunilda


    I would prioritize joy, creativity in some physical way, and most importantly prioritize finding a romantic relationship and never self sacrifice instead I’d negotiate
  11. zunilda


    I’d promote everything and anything that I was passionate about patten it and get my $ , defend my little brothers more, focus more on my life and future more than anyone else’s, never allow myself to become overweight, never get over involved trying to please or make ppl happy instead of doing that for myself because it’s never appreciated and I end up lost, have more structure instead of bsing for years, n maybe find a bruja to tell me what my purpose is so that I wouldn’t feel like I wasted time.
  12. zunilda


    Too feel good in my skin, whatever my purpose is, taking care of my family
  13. zunilda


    Adventure time !
  14. zunilda


    Learn about your work
  15. zunilda


    My Massage therapist license, it took a lot out of me and I learned a lot in the process basically it’s a physical representation of what commitment looks like, and it’s what I’ll be my work so I can replace all the stuff I couldn’t take lol

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