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  1. Ilirijana


    I will struggle to help the young and defenseless feel safe. I am starting to feel this call to be an advocate for young kids and teens.
  2. Ilirijana


    I would adopt my cousin in law because she is being emotionally and physically abused, and has expressed that she would want us to if we could.
  3. Ilirijana


    My journal/book of power. It's one of the few reminders I have of my happiest memories.
  4. Ilirijana


    I spend too much time on my phone to escape my life and problems.
  5. Ilirijana


    That sometimes I would rather go back to before I had kids. Even though I couldn't go back emotionally with the knowledge I have now.
  6. Ilirijana


    How to feel fulfilled and free at the same time.
  7. Ilirijana


    Society, my family, my partner's family, my partner, and I don't know how to completely stop yet.
  8. Ilirijana


    I notice beautiful singing, beautiful make-up, beautiful smells, and offbeat clothing styles.
  9. Ilirijana


    My spiritual craft. (Just a personal thing for me, it's not that I think that it's a bad thing, if you can do that and still feel authentic doing it than more power to you. I just feel like sharing my art or music feels better in that way. The only exception I have to this rule is YouTube videos. If I happen to do well, great. I probably wouldn't go past adsense though.)
  10. Ilirijana


    That I'm selfish for doing what I want to do.
  11. Ilirijana


    Sarcasm, anger, numbness.
  12. Ilirijana


    I want a long time alone so I can find myself.
  13. Ilirijana


    I would wish to be okay with being alone, and to not hurt my family in the process of that.
  14. Ilirijana


    I want to be a person who is known for surpassing my depression and trauma without medication.
  15. Ilirijana


    I appreciate that I'm still trying to find myself.

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