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  1. Sarah Mohamed


    Thinking of myself as worthless
  2. Sarah Mohamed


    Teal, cause I’d wonder what it’s like to have all those traits I always think I’d be much happier with than the opposites that I have (needing to be the opposite of me to be happy)
  3. Sarah Mohamed


    Instant healing
  4. Sarah Mohamed


    Neglecting: emotionally mostly as in lack of self regulation harming: not doing emotional processes in the right way resulting me in retraumatizing myself making my wounds worse. (Which I now know is because I can’t emotionally regulate myself)
  5. Sarah Mohamed


    That I’m too weak, incapable, can’t handle it, can’t do it, too small, too dumb, too traumatized
  6. Sarah Mohamed


    Me My sense of self
  7. Sarah Mohamed


    That I’m in pain
  8. Sarah Mohamed


    The sun the yellow
  9. Sarah Mohamed


    Grief an despair to see, weaker than other people so they can feel strong and empowered instead, loyalty in that way?
  10. Sarah Mohamed


    Differences in emotions especially joy
  11. Sarah Mohamed


    Shadow work, it’s even better to not eat much food or any at all when I’m processing emotions or thoughts
  12. Sarah Mohamed


    Inner landscape of emotions, like a painting joy to the left and dark negative and potential energy to the left like dark steady mountains

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