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  1. Olivia

    Intentional Community

    Wow...Damn that was great insight...Thank you
  2. Olivia

    Graci's Bday Presents

    Happy Birthday Graciella!!! This was so sweet to watch
  3. Holy. SHIT. Thank you Thank you thank you Teal.. so fricken much...seriously ...but HOLY SHIT......
  4. Olivia


    Thank YOU Teal!!!! Woooo!!!! So fucking much. Maybe that’s why I felt so fucking excited this morning. Weird. I still am!!!!! Awwww thank you thank you thank you!!!! You are a fucking Love Genius woooo!!!!
  5. Olivia

    Misconceptions About Sex Abuse

    Hi this is great and I can’t wait for the course!!! But just a question that’s off topic... when is the Chicago workshop coming out?!?
  6. Olivia

    Means To An End

    This one really blew my mind today. This is my problem. I am doing everything through this Shadow and it's really painful. Thank you for sending this message x100000
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