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  1. olivia

    Taping Stones

    This has been making me laugh my head off all day because I immediately took my rose quartz and other pink stone I can’t remember the name of and tapped it to my chest and ITS WORKING!!!!!!! Like wow this is my new best friend. Lmao thank you Teal’s friend and Teal... why the heck didn’t I think of this before (I’m totally taping this shit everywhere hahah)
  2. olivia

    Path Test: The Results

    Haha!!! I find this to be bang on about myself, and also learned about myself. I’ve never been in a relationship but I imagined the energy of it . I’ll share my results: Straight path to the house, a bunch of white roses, I go directly to ma boy, I leave the roses on the windowsill, I peer into his room and he’s still sleeping, and I take the long windy path home . Lol. This was so fun, I love it. Thanks Teal ^^need to add some red roses in there
  3. olivia

    Path Test

    Omg I love this game!!!! Ahh!!!
  4. olivia

    Enmeshment Trauma

  5. olivia

    Trust Universal Timing

    Woooahhh. Wow. That is super super cool...thank you Teal ... Like damn I don’t really have words right now....
  6. olivia


    Free me from my shame because it hinders every part of my life. I just want to be FREE.
  7. Holy fuck...it’s so descriptive it’s A movie playing in your head. So clear. So vivid. So beautiful. Holy fuck Teal
  8. This is I think my favourite blog from you Teal I come back to this a lot because it’s so cozy and beautiful and so magical - I have a thing for Ireland and I’m fricken Italian and German gaddamit LOL. I hope you get to go back...I’m sure as hell going there one day. Thank you. Love you
  9. olivia

    Gain Significance

    Hello can someone give me an example of what this could be? Thank you
  10. olivia

    Feeling Supported

    In my life RIGHT NOW, I feel the most supported when my CP practitioner cheers me on for whatever the crap I want to do because she is so safe to me and I trust her - and obviously my emotional integration sessions with her, having my space being held
  11. olivia

    Spelt Apple Pie

    Hi me again So I tried a gluten-free flour blend and it was amazing the texture is perfect ...you guys...this whole pie recipe is fricken amazing...I made it with about-to-go-bad peaches and some left over blueberries and it was fricken phenomenal. It tasted kind of like peaches and cream??? I probably needed a bit more fruit in there but daamnnn..I have never made a pie vegan Gluten-free before and my mom who is not vegan or gluten-free or sugar free [like moi ] LOVED it... Thank you Teal xoxoxoxo Try it ppl!!!!
  12. olivia

    Hunger Of The Pine

    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!! OKAY I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THEY MADE A MOVIE OUT OF THIS ONE!!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE TEAL!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I love how your slippin it in the entertainment biz you smarty pants!!! I CANT WAIT I PRETTY MUCH HAVE FOMO ALREADY!!!! love love love
  13. olivia

    Spelt Apple Pie

    Can you replace the spelt flour for a gluten-free flour? Love you xoxo and THANK YOU for this and everything you give to us all
  14. olivia

    Favorite Things List

    I love this so much, thank you for sharing Teal
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