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    • 10 December 2016

      Time: Dec 10th, 2016, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM (PDT, San Diego Local Time)
      San Diego State University
      Don Powell Performing Arts Theater
      5500 Campanile Dr
      San Diego



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    • 28 December 2016 - 01 January 2017

      Event Start Date: 28 Dec 2016 - 16:00 CET
      Event End Date: 01 Jan 2017 - 13:30 CET
      Location: Sammasati Retreat Center - http://www.sammasati.cz/en/
      Map: https://goo.gl/maps/zt2RSC1wyRT2 (1.5 h ride by car from Prague)
      Address: Veselí 30, Zákupy, Czech Republic
      Get your tickets here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teal-tribe-gathering-new-years-eve-2016-in-europe-tickets-29655395085
      Welcome to the New Year’s Eve celebration with Teal Tribe!
      Let’s take an opportunity to say goodbye to the year 2016 and in the spirit of the purification theme of this year let go beliefs which doesn’t serve our expansion anymore. In this time of the year when we experience more darkness than light we can take an opportunity to sink into our depths and bring light of the consciousness into them. At the end of the year we can decide to finally allow ourselves to feel our feelings whatever they are. To be present with them without trying to fix them.
      Only when we fully feel into them and absorb everything we need from them, then the space for something new could appear. It could come maybe also new realization how we want to live and create in the world.
      The meaning of the gathering is also to renew the connections with the people of Teal Tribe you already met and to create new connections with like minded people you haven’t met yet. Enjoying the healing by staying in the energy field created by the genuine intentions of the participants such as to be open, learn, heal and support each other. All that in the comfortable calming place in the peaceful countryside outside of the busy cities.
      *** Notice: Teal Swan and Blake Dyer will not be present at the gathering. The gathering is focused on us - the community, so we can have a space to live and explore our relations with us and with others. The gathering is limited to 60 people.
      We can have an opportunity to do shadow work at the gathering. Some of the topics we can focus could be:
      Feeling and expressing our emotions and needs for our benefit and the benefits of others. Receiving and supporting the emotional expression and feelings of others with unconditional love. Finding our boundaries and expressing them. Bringing more understanding into our relationships. Exploring what our life purpose is.  
      Moreover we can have an opportunity to meditate, exercise, have fun, celebrate, dance, sing, breathe, have a massage, enjoy vegan food and so on.
      All activities will be in the form of the offerings and it’s up to you if you want to participate in any activity or not.
      The gathering will be alcohol free. Please, do not bring your own alcohol to the place.
      The official language of the gathering will be English. However you can do some group exercises in your local language if you create a same-language group for that exercise.
      Location: Sammasati Retreat Center - http://www.sammasati.cz/en/
      Map: https://goo.gl/maps/zt2RSC1wyRT2 (1.5 h ride by car from Prague)
      Address: Veselí 30, Zákupy, Czech Republic
      There are free parking spaces at the place.

      Overview of the Program

      Arrivals: From 4pm on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
      Departures: At 1:45pm on Sunday, January 1st, 2017 (it’s possible to stay till January 2nd leaving at 8am) 

      - Arrivals from 4pm
      - Dinner from 6pm
      - Opening Circle
      - Skype with Teal (under consideration)

      Thursday and Friday
      - Morning meditation and exercise
      - Shadow Work in the groups
      - Evening rituals
      - Morning meditation and exercise
      - Ritual of farewell with the old year
      - Conscious New Year’s Eve Celebration 

      - Closing Circle after early lunch
      - Departure at 1:45pm

      Monday (January 2nd)
      - It’s possible to stay overnight
      - Departure at 8am after breakfast

      Get your tickets here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/teal-tribe-gathering-new-years-eve-2016-in-europe-tickets-29655395085
      Ticket Price: 30 EUR for the first 50 people (40 EUR for the last 10 people). The ticket is not refundable. It’s possible to transfer it to another person.
      The ticket include the participation on all activities during the gathering. It doesn’t include lodging and food. You can pay accommodation and food at the arrivals only in cash (EUR or Czech Crowns).

      Accommodation and Food

      24 EUR (600 CZK) per person and night for the accommodation including vegan full board with staying in the rooms (2 to 6 persons) with bed linen provided.
      Or 20 EUR (500 CZK) per person and night for the accommodation including vegan full board with staying on the provided matt in your own sleeping bag in the attic . (limited to 10 persons).
      Allocation of places in the rooms will take place at the arrivals up to your choice.

      Sammasati Retreat Center
      Retreat center in the quiet Czech countryside with the capacity of 60 people. Two separated halls for the activities. Beautiful rooms for 2 to 6 people and attic up to 10 people. Brand new facilities and bathrooms. Dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wi-Fi
      The owner of the retreat center will establish the Internet connection accessible through Wi-Fi at some places for our breaks during the days. But please consider that the connection will not be established during ALL the time.
      How to get to the retreat center on December 28th
      We provide shuttle bus from Prague going via Česká Lípa town to Sammasati Retreat Center departing Prague at 14:00. It will stop at Česká Lípa train station at 15:30 and arrive to the retreat center before 16:00.
        Price of the one way ticket from Prague to the retreat center will be from 7 to 9 EUR (according to the number of passengers) and 2 EUR if you’re going from Česká Lípa town to the retreat center. Way back is for the same price. You can pay the ticket for the shuttle bus at the arrival to the retreat center together with your accommodation and food.
        If you’re not able to catch the shuttle bus in Prague or Česká Lípa town, let us know and we will suggest you another transportation options to the retreat center.
      How to get to Prague by plane
      Check http://www.skyscanner.com or https://www.kiwi.com/. If you’re coming by plain plan to arrive to Prague Airport (PRG) before 12:30 to catch the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will depart Prague Main Train Station at 14:00.
      How to get to Prague by bus
      You can buy return bus tickets from European cities with Flixbus (https://www.flixbus.com) or Regiojet (https://bustickets.regiojet.com) for the reasonable prices.
      How to get to Prague by train
      If you live in the cities south of Prague (eg. Vienna, Munich, Budapest etc.) you can come by train to Prague and then continue with our shuttle bus. Plan to arrive to Prague Main Train Station before 13:30. The shuttle bus will depart Prague Main Train Station at 14:00.
        For example train from Vienna for 20 EUR:
      Wien Hbf 8:09 Train EC 104 Sobieski
      Břeclav 9:04 9:07 Train EC 280 Jan Jesenius
      Praha hl.n. 12:06 (3 hod 57 min)
        If you live in the cities north of Prague (eg. Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am. M etc.) you can come by train to Česká Lípa town and then continue with our shuttle bus. Plan to arrive to Česká Lipa train station before 15:30 to catch the continuing shuttle bus to the retreat center. It will depart at 15:45.
        For example train from Berlin for 20 EUR:
      Berlin Hbf (tief) (via Dresden) 11:04 Train EC 379 Porta Bohemica
      Děčín hl.n. 13:53 14:42 Train Os 6611
      Česká Lípa hl.n. 15:27 (4 hod 23 min)
        You can check train connections to Prague or Česká Lípa here http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlaky/spojeni/. Just switch to the English language in the bottom right corner of the page.
      From Germany, Austria and Poland you can do the train and bus travel in one day on December 28th. From more distant countries you can probably need to start your travel earlier and go overnight or add one more day for travelling.
        I suggest to buy your international train, bus or plane ticket as soon as possible. The tickets around the New Year could be sold out quickly or price can rise significantly.
      How to leave retreat center on January 1st
      We’ll be departing by shuttle bus at 13:45 from the retreat center coming to Česká Lípa (in 15 minutes) and then continue to Prague arriving at 15:30 to Prague Main Train Station.
        If you need to leave earlier and you need to help with the transport to Česká Lípa or Prague, please mention that in the registration form and we will help you.
        To be sure that you will catch your connection in Prague plan your:
      flight departing from 18:00 train departing from 16:00 bus departing from 16:00   For example connected train to Vienna for 20 EUR:
      Praha hl.n. 16:52 Train RJ 371 Joseph Haydn
      Wien Hbf 20:49 (3 hod 57 min)
        To be sure that you will catch your connected train in Česká Lípa train station plan your train departing from 14:15.
        For example connected train to Berlin for 20 EUR:
      Česká Lípa hl.n. 14:30 Train Os 6608
      Děčín hl.n. 15:14 16:00 Train EC 172 Hungaria
      Berlin Hbf (tief) 18:57 (4 hod 27 min)
      Leaving retreat center on January 2nd
      You can stay in the retreat center one more night till January 2nd. In that case the breakfast will end at 8 am and we can help you with arranging the travel to Česká Lípa town or Prague. The travel to Česká Lípa takes circa 15 minutes and to Prague circa 2 and half hour.

      Bring your own
      - Towel
      - Refilled water bottle
      - Slippers for indoor
      - Winter shoes
      - Blanket or sleeping bag if you want to sleep in the attic
      - Notebook and pen
      - Musical instruments (drums, rattles, flutes, guitars etc)
      - Light
      - Scarf

      Testimonials from the summer gathering
      “I feel like I made some deeper connection with some people during the gathering and they made me feel like I was heard, seen and felt. There was a lot of support when we were working in the smaller groups, and the exercises really helped with connecting to our shadow selves. Lots of positive sharing of ideas, skills and resources. Thank you Vaclav for organising this.”
      Tania from Manchester, England
      “So happy I found a wonderful Community of liked minded people whom I can feel safe with.”
      Josephine from Vienna
      “I experienced that it's safe for me to express myself in my full power.”
      Eleonor from Sweden
      “Many people, some of whom have known me since I started my journey, commented that they have noticed a change in me since I returned from teal tribe gathering! One of my friends commented that there was a much better quality to my hugs!  Personally, I feel more connected to other people in a way I have never felt before.
      I also wanted to express my gratitude in a way I could not at the gathering. I do not take my life for granted today, considering the place I came from 5 years ago, and I feel so very blessed to be alive and free today. I intend to let nothing hold me back. What I am trying to say is to thank you all for being a very small but important part of my journey. I shall try to continue to carry the love you have all shown me in my heart and to give this to others that really need it. As it is my purpose to help others like myself. Who knows what the future holds for us. I hope I may see you all again and that we may continue to grow in our spirituality together. Sending you much peace and love ✌️❤️”
      Jacqueline from Scotland
      “I am asking this myself a lot what will stay with me after this amazingly beautiful weekend, it was really one of my very best experiences I had in my life, and I am grateful for all of you, everyone of you, even if we didn't meet personally or even if I have trouble remembering your names. For me I can say maybe something similar, I think I am really somehow more open to "my people". And this is a wonderful feeling. Namaste, my friends.”
      Elimar from Potsdam, Germany
      “In the summer of 2016 I can say that I really found and reconnected to my authentic self. A mentor that I have never personally seen, but who I still feel so connected to, was giving me the tools to connect to my spirit and inner core. I am so thankful for the teachings of Teal Swan and her expression of pure authenticity and honesty. It was seeing this that awakened my deep longing for these core values. In July I visited the European teal tribe gathering, which was held close to Prague. It was this experience that resulted in my personal paradigm shift – realizing who I really am and what my purpose in this life is. The connections I made during this gathering and after will always stay in my heart. The vibration of pure unconditional love and total acceptance that was present during the gathering healed me. It shifted me. I understand now that we are all beings that deep at our core carry this unconditional love towards everyone and everything. I am immensely grateful that I have found the connection to the unconditional love within me.
      The gathering was held for about 3 days. It took 3 days to shift around my whole mind-set and perspective. New realisations hit me every day, which were cornerstones in transforming myself and reconnecting to my higher consciousness. I stayed in prague with the amazing friends I made on this gathering for 3 further weeks. Together we created an immensely healing energy around us and we learnt something new about ourselves every day. It was like I was caught in a dream that never ended. Everyday I found myself wondering if this was all real. It was and it is. And I am so deeply grateful for this transformation and my choice to live in alignment to my purpose now. There is no going back. Once you know what you are really here for, it is an effortless conscious motivation that guides you to do the things that are in alignment with your passion. I am fully dedicated to lose myself in this ever ongoing process of awakening and becoming my whole authentic being.”
      Henri from Scotland
      See you soon!
      With Love,

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