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  1. KameronS.


    Learn every language, dialect, slang, and glyph created by man so I could talk to everyone. How dope would it be to be able to clearly communicate with everyone on the planet? Oops, my 7th House Mercury in Leo is showing.
  2. KameronS.


    To be confident in my confidence. I've always been proud of myself (quietly), and I dimmed my own light bc of the criticism I received when I shined. Babyyy, no more. I'm practicing being OK with making people (women specifically) uncomfortable with my being confident in myself *and my displaying said confidence,* confidently.
  3. KameronS.


    Studying astrology for right now. And redesigning products that I like/use.
  4. KameronS.


    Having a nice home with all the amenities available for my children (I grew up destitute.) Having my children. Having the means to order Chipotle when I don't want to cook.
  5. KameronS.


    Going by the river and reading, meditating, writing, painting, sketching, exercising, and talking to people. And eat good food. And have a pack of dogs around me.
  6. KameronS.


    Acts of service, spend quality time, and give unexpected gifts.
  7. KameronS.


    Lead thru example in every facet of my life.
  8. KameronS.


    Ending my romantic relationship of a decade in pursuit of respect, adoration, compatibility, sensuality, protection, trust, love, and affection.
  9. KameronS.


    Putting off going to the dentist.
  10. Mars is in Leo now as well .
  11. KameronS.


  12. KameronS.


    A Klondike bar.
  13. KameronS.


    My top priority in life is building my autonomy. I've come to realize that all of my relationships will benefit from it; the "trickle-down" theory that works from what I've seen.
  14. KameronS.


  15. KameronS.


    I'm currently harming myself by: 1. Finding reasons to not workout. 2. Focusing on what I don't like in my relationships. 3. Antagonizing myself by picking apart, analyzing, and finding something wrong with literally every thing I do.

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