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  1. KameronS.


  2. KameronS.


    I'm currently harming myself by: 1. Finding reasons to not workout. 2. Focusing on what I don't like in my relationships. 3. Antagonizing myself by picking apart, analyzing, and finding something wrong with literally every thing I do.
  3. KameronS.


    1. A committed, honest, loyal, intimate, humorous marriage with my Ace Boon Coon. 2. A hot body. 3. Entrepreneurship. 4. Motherhood.
  4. KameronS.


    1. Having my hair done. 2. Genuinely trying to understand others' perspectives. 3. Following thru on my word to myself & others.
  5. KameronS.


    Heights and autonomy.
  6. KameronS.


    I notice good taste, authentic style (I love aesthetics; beauty for beauty's sake.) I also notice pretense (pretense is a super pet peeve of mine, thanks mom.) Drives me up the wall.
  7. KameronS.


    I can't make money without money. I'm finding out how incorrect that statement is.
  8. KameronS.


    I lost both my grandma's gorgeous aquamarine ring & the ring my now-fiancé gave me on our second Valentine's Day (get this) on the SAME DAY. I'm still broken up about it.
  9. KameronS.


    I'd wish to speak every language and dialect on Earth, fluently. I've had an affinity for language for as long as I can remember, and I enjoy one-on-one conversations. People approach me all the time, so having the ability to talk clearly with everyone anywhere I go would be amazeballs.
  10. KameronS.


    Research. Baking. Listening to people.
  11. KameronS.


    My undivided attention and focus. People will just come up and talk to me, and I do my damnedest to hear and understand them. And they always thank me for it.
  12. KameronS.


    I appreciate that 75% of the time I follow thru on what I say I'm going to do for someone or myself. I'm working on getting that to 76%. I also appreciate that I'm getting better at saying "no" to things I don't want as well.
  13. KameronS.


    I assume that I'm not capable to do (and do well) things that I've never done, even something simple like driving. That stems from the fear of making mistakes and being singled out for my mistakes. I was a high achiever in school, effortlessly. So whenever I made a mistake in class, it was made to be a bigger deal because I'm "smart" and "smart" people aren't allowed to fuck up because you should know "better." I was told this in front of my entire class by the Dean of Students. School ain't shit.
  14. KameronS.


    Caretake my fear. Its been running my life.
  15. KameronS.


    Be with my sons.

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