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  1. lightworker

    Salt Flats Shoot

    This is so fun and teal is so beautiful!! Photoshoots can be fun if you are working was photographer you trust and like. I have worked w many photographers who are just awful.
  2. lightworker

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Beautiful introspection.. thank you!
  3. What you're looking for is the end of capitalism into a more connected, alive, creative, sustainable, win-win system like socialism, communism, and eventually anarchism - which is where we need to go if we are going to survive. As of right now, by the time we reach global cataclysm, it will be too late. We need immediate systemic change, not apocalypse.
  4. If we could "pray" that all the CEOs of these corporations, the board members and investors, and the corrupt politicians somehow "reincarnated" as donkeys within the next few weeks, that'd be great.
  5. Beautiful and beautifully said.
  6. Horrible.... I feel so powerless to do anything about what other people are doing, I look out and see so much unconsciousness, meat eating, lack of respect for the self by destroying the earth completely ignorantly. I feel like the only power i have is over myself and that that's not good enough because I still see so much blind arrogance. The fact is that CEOs, destructive politicians, and the people who run these corporations need to be taken out. They need to be rehabilitated forcibly at the very least and if they are unwilling to change, their power needs to be taken away completely so they can at least cause no more harm.
  7. lightworker

    Fear Of Intimacy

    You look so beautiful, that yellow suits you!!
  8. I wanted to see what their quotes would be too!! Mine would be "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious".
  9. lightworker

    Rejecting 3D

    Wow. Classic denial tactic as well as negating your experience and denying you as a person. Incredible bypassing.
  10. lightworker

    Rejecting 3D

    Same. I personally cannot stand new-age "spiritual" communities because it reminds me of my mother, who is deeply religious and gaslit herself and me and denies reality constantly. Just constant spiritual bypassing. I would rather hang out with bums on the street than "spiritual" people who are constantly in denial of life and trying to escape it via god. I find that the people who are the most healthy do not try to escape this life via drugs like religion, alcohol, food, sex. They are fully grounded as well as spiritual. They love the physicality of life and also have their spirits nourished consciously.
  11. lightworker

    Rose Garden

    Teal, I love you, but perhaps you have a shadow with women because you generalize us so much - "all girls" this and "all girls" that. Just a thought. Most girls are not as shallow, jealous, bitter, or hopeless as you make us seem (and many of us are gay/ bi/ pan/ ace). We are full, complete humans with complex lives and desires just like you.
  12. lightworker

    Life In One Word

    My life is so passionate and filled with passion that I know I will never have a normal life either, despite that being what I want.
  13. lightworker

    Dangerous Assumptions

    Outlander is horrible lmao.... so weirdly conservative and the main character is just awful and unlikable.
  14. lightworker

    Regular Job

    You Always know what you're here to do, it is buried under unhelpful beliefs, self doubt, denial and anxiety, but it is there. Always.
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