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  1. I would assuage beings loneliness. Prisoners, old people, animals. Spending time just being with people and beings is extraordinarily healing for all parties.
  2. lightworker


    You just don't know how to interpret symbols is all! It takes a bit of practice but it's easy after you open yourself to them
  3. lightworker

    Haunted Painting

    I began to sob the second I saw her she's so beautiful and soft and gentle. I needed to see her, I love her
  4. Holy fuck you misread her so poorly and just infantilized not only yourself but every woman on the planet. Please seek help. Consent is not difficult. It is a mutual yes or no between two or more people. It's that simple and Teal didn't even imply that women are unable to consent. Jesus fucking Christmas.
  5. Complete surrender to another person body, mind and soul. Complete melding with them, taking them as part of you and you as them.
  6. I actually really like chaparral. I would be the tundra though. It's so beautiful and ethereal, harsh, and only the toughest things grow and live there, but I believe it is some of the most beautiful and captivating scenery on the planet.
  7. lightworker

    New Era

    Completion process around powerlessness and authority
  8. lightworker

    Responsibility Hack

    I'd like to hear more about how to learn / train myself to take responsibility for the things I want instead of other people's emotions and well being when it does me no good to do so. As a scapegoat it is my habit to take responsibility for how other people feel even when they are abusing me and won't do the same for me and it's made me loathe to take responsibility for myself and what I want in any way because I don't feel like doing so will make anything I want pan out. I can easilly take responsibility for easy things that have instant results like oil pulling daily or doing ex
  9. I come from north German/ slavic witches and warriors, American Quaker leaders and Scottish nobility. My family has a military history and fought in WW2 and survived the great depression... I feel deeply conencted to the land and to spirituality, I am a leader, and I am connected to the earth and to my "wild" nature. I have a warrior spirit and am willing to fight for what I believe in. I'm a woman, and I have A LOT of trauma from the witch burnings, I mistrust and even hate men deep in my core. I hate the idea of bearing children and manifested uterine fibrouids - all of the women on my mothe
  10. Neither me nor my brother have ever wanted kids. Our whole lives. My uterus is so fucked up I can't have kids anyways. We've always known we'd never have kids. My family line needs to end I think. I am the only one in my whole family to do any spiritual evolution work. I find that despicable and embarassing.
  11. It sounds like you have been hurt and let down by your perception of how the universe/ "god" should be. The problem with that thought is that YOU are god, and the beings here on Earth are literally the Divine manifested physically. Perhaps the Divine is just ugly. Perhaps the Divine is using these experiences to show Ourself something. How do you feel about that? Why?
  12. And you're doing it here, too. By attempting to say you know people well enough to be able to say that for them, you're doing the thing you ar condemning them for. Putting yourself on a pedestal above them and condemning the for their percieved unconsciousness.
  13. lightworker

    Childhood Story

    Cinderella - specifically the Disney one and Ever After. I was suffering from being abandoned by my family emotionally. They were there physically, but not really as evidenced by the "evil" stepsisters and step mother. I was suffering from being unrecognized and diminished and belittled and tried upon. I wanted to be and feel important. I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be chosen by someone and to be lifted up because of who I am. I wanted to be envied and admired and cherished. I wanted the kind of passion for life that Danielle had and inspired in Henry. Swan Princess - the cartoon. I
  14. lightworker


    Lilac. We had a lilac tree in our backyard when I was little. Lilac puts me into a trance. Pine Sol. Spring breezes. The smell of the ocean.
  15. lightworker

    Teal On Candy

    Almond joy and Mounds. Snickers. Kit Kats. OMG. Also Skittles. And those giant chewy Smarties. Blow pops. Sour gummy worms. And SWEETHEARTS!! Love those. And butter mints. And the wintergreen lifesavers. oh my godddddd
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