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  1. Tik tok blew it up and made everyone interested in it.
  2. you need to be in therapy not an internet comments section
  3. Your initial question was about suffering, "how can Teal advocate for abortion when she is against suffering?". I was pointing out to you that being unwanted is a form of suffering. Compared to being abandoned & unwanted, the suffering of abortion, if there is any at all, is miniscule, and no one but the being who experiences the suffering can choose the meaning of that suffering.
  4. You misread my tone. You are projecting onto me judgment which was not in my message because of the way I write. There was no judgment about you, only answering your question.
  5. You misread my tone. There was no judgment for you. Just answering your question.
  6. Teal already answered you. Her stance on abortion is clear, and her reasoning why is outlined in her video on abortion. Any further demands for clarity from you are simply your desire to be right blustering to the surface, unconsciously.
  7. An unwanted being in the body of another causes that being to absorb the vibration of being unwanted. Forcing that being to stay in a hostile place is focring that being to suffer needlessly. Many of us have womb trauma from our mothers who did not want us while we were gestating & now have to go back & heal. The basis of the lives of being born to mothers who do not want them is, without exception, suffering. When you have a child you do not want, or force an unwatned child to be born, you are selfishly setting that child up for a life of abandonment, loneliness, isolation, rejection, and pain. These are the homeless, the dsrug addicted, the poor, the people who suffer the most because they have been abandoned by society. One cannot gestate in the energy of bering unwated for 9 months without experiencing the impacts of being unwated for the rest of their lives unless they heal. The foster system is full of opportunistic predators, pedophiles, psychopaths, & despair. The adoption system is no better. Being born to mothers who cannot inancially, physically, or emotionally care for a child is abuse, and it is cruelty.
  8. lightworker


    Are you butthurt because I said philosophy isn't a job? LMAO sorry being right hurt your feelings
  9. lightworker


    I want my being to be in service of empowering humanity, especially women, especially women who feel sexual shame/ repression, for whom sex is used transactionally, who have low self esteem and low self worth and no boundaries. My goal is to empower women, to become powerful & to reclaim their sexuality from patriarchy & liberal feminism.
  10. lightworker


    how does that serve people though? You might think you know what is right, but how will you convince them of that, how will you serve people with "what is right", especially when that is subjective and perhaps nonexistent?
  11. lightworker


    I'm not meant to work. But I am terrified of men & my family is abusive. I'm not a hustler. I'm not meant to hustle and break my back for survival. And yet it's all I do. I work all day. My day is spent working. And I am in poverty. I have nothing to show for it. When I tell her what I'm going through my mom recommends a homeless shelter, I would say I've fallen, but I would have had to be up somewhere to fall from. I have no hope. I have nothing.
  12. lightworker


    Literally everything. I'm blocked at every turn. Everytime I try to make progress I'm blasted backwards. I don't get it. My life is just one epic failure after another. I can't even kill myself properly.
  13. The first woman is so beautiful, her energy is so beautiful.

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