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  1. Haha! I wrote a blog post on this subject a few days ago... "...Real, lasting empowerment comes from being secure in who you are as a person. Empowerment is knowing whatever life gives you, you will be you. That nothing can take yourself away from yourself. That no matter what, you have a voice that speaks, and with that voice you can change lives... ...The year of Empowerment changed my life in the sense that I found my will to live, not only my will to survive. It took the forces that wanted to kill me manifesting externally (in people or things that tried to kill me
  2. HELL YEAH! Teal, we are absolutely on the same page. This is the blog post I wrote, intentionally without once looking at yours before publishing! https://tessa-rae-integration.weebly.com/blog/the-year-of-discipline What an exciting year! I did not begin the forming of some of the things I am doing now in 2009, but that's mainly because I was still at the very beginning stages of awakening... However, to be honest, in 2009 I really, really liked this guy who went to my church because he's had so many interesting philosophies that have changed my life... Anyways, today we got cof
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    I've actually really been struggling with this as well.. My mom recently got breast cancer. She caught it really early on, and got a mastectomy! Everything should be fine, right? Except it's not fine, and she isn't getting to the cause of it. That's great that she dealt with this specific cancer, but the fact of the matter is it will likely manifest elsewhere in her body. The path she is choosing is one of severance; sever the part of the body with the cancer, cut off the part of yourself that you don't like, and everything should work out. It is a harsh way to live, and what bothers me t
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