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    Teal Swan in Carmel
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    Teal Swan in Carmel
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    Teal Swan in Carmel
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    Teal Swan in Carmel
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    Teal Swan in Carmel
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  8. Like Narnia, there are non-physical dimensions to every item in this house. The question is: Are you someone who sees the wardrobe? Or are you someone who seen what’s inside the wardrobe? This house was featured on the Discovery Channel program, "Ultimate Homes - Great Escapes”. It took eleven years to build. The house itself, a hacienda style work of art situated on the Monterey Peninsula, was collaged together by its maker, a world traveler and antiquities dealer. It was built in a place that Steinbeck (the Nobel Prize winning Author) called 'Tortilla Flats' and wrote about in his book
  9. In 1776 it was decided that all people have the right to equal treatment. That ‘God’ gives people rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And that those rights can be neither taken nor given away. It was said that the only legitimate purpose of government is to ensure that these individual rights are protected. It was also said that the only legitimate way for such governments to exist is for the people to consent to their existence. This ideology created the Declaration of Independence. And in the year 2021, humanity is closing the loop on an “epoch cycle” that began a
  10. Here The space between skin and skin is torment. But here The space between souls makes the space between skin and skin a comfort. The truth is hidden and yet its whisper reaches us. In the sweet luxury of a smile In the brief consumption of embrace It tells you to look deeper… To look deeper. Look beyond the space between us all and see that you are that smile. You are that embrace. You are the civilian whose life was lost to hatred. You are the man who strapped a bomb to your own body,
  11. Maya Angelou once said that prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible. Here we are in the middle of June, in the year 2020; in the midst of a global pandemic. But it is the harsh reality of racism in the United States of America that has consumed the world’s attention. It is not that racism in the world has suddenly been created or has increased. “Instead, it is that current events have ripped back the curtain and have made what has always been there both transparent and obvious… It has exposed the societal wound that was never
  12. George Floyd was lying face down, handcuffed on a city street. One officer held his back, one held his legs, and the other kept his knee on the right side of his neck for almost nine minutes. He yelled “Please”, “I can’t breathe” “mama” and “don’t kill me” before losing consciousness and dying. What was different about this one man’s death than the death of so many others (most especially the deaths of so many other people of color) that have happened at the hands of authorities? The answer is, the entire world saw it! And the entire world saw it at a time when the distrust for authority
  13. “Mankind will very soon be facing its deepest split… Freedom or Connection.” Many people will tell you that humanity is at a crossroads today… The crossroads of what kind of earth it wants to live into. Do we as people want to live into unconsciousness? Do we want a world of separation and restriction and decline? Or do we want to live into consciousness? Do we want a world of community and freedom and health? I am a teacher of truth. The truth is that your future is an ocean of potentials and out of those potentials’ probabilities arise. The truth is every single change you make
  14. In this vast universe, we are not just neighbors if we live on earth. We are roommates. We share the same ‘house’. And yet, relative to the majority of beings (including people) who live here with us, we live as strangers. I have lived in neighborhoods where if I passed someone who lived right next door, I wouldn’t know it… Neighborhoods where no one says hello. The loneliness is growing in the human race. Its cold, sharp edges numbed by the addiction to our technological devices. All species are suffering from our ability to disconnect and separate from that which we see as ‘other’

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