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  8. Like Narnia, there are non-physical dimensions to every item in this house. The question is: Are you someone who sees the wardrobe? Or are you someone who seen what’s inside the wardrobe? This house was featured on the Discovery Channel program, "Ultimate Homes - Great Escapes”. It took eleven years to build. The house itself, a hacienda style work of art situated on the Monterey Peninsula, was collaged together by its maker, a world traveler and antiquities dealer. It was built in a place that Steinbeck (the Nobel Prize winning Author) called 'Tortilla Flats' and wrote about in his book “Pastures of Heaven.” A lifetime of collecting has culminated in a house so ornate and so heavy in history that it weighs down the senses. Beds from imperial China, rugs from ancient Afghanistan, Beams from Tibetan temples, window frames from palaces in India. It is to sleep in a museum. Or better put, to not sleep. Each night, I woke up in a cold sweat to the stopping and starting chorus of frogs in the terraced garden outside. And having been tossed and turned in the memories attached to everything. Stories that have forever seeped into the woodgrain. Thought forms that will forever be attached to certain items. To sleep in this house, is to sleep in the story of humanity. It is to live inside a microcosm of the world. A very close friend of mine in Los Angeles lost her son to poisoning this past week. And other friends that live nearby have not seen me for over a year. And so, I let myself be called to them in succession... Called up the coast of California from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The coziness of seeing them again was bittersweet given all that has transpired between now and when I saw them last. As I drove North, the warm nostalgia of their company gave way to the cold and feral grip of the Pacific Ocean. The waves near pebble beach break against the craggy ocean rocks with fury. The ocean is the color of aqua green sea glass. The moody water folds and churns in on itself, hurling white foam into the air. Mist wafts from the coast to claim the town of Carmel. A mist that permits lace lichen to grow on the trees. Carmel by the Sea is often included in lists of the top destinations in the world, mostly for its uniqueness. It is a European style, square mile town in which you will find no fast-food places or chain restaurants. Nor will you find addresses on any of the houses, parking meters or street lights. The city’s founders would not see their beloved town ‘citified’. Wearing high heels (heels more than 2 inches in height or with a base of less than one square inch) is illegal, unless you obtain a permit. Which I am told, is a law that local police overlook now a days, but this law is not urban myth. It is a law that still stands. I am told that this strange law was created by the city attorney in 1963 in order to prevent high-heel wearers from suing the city if they tripped over irregularities (like tree roots) in the pavement. There are at least 41 courtyards and passageways throughout the village. Some of these passageways and courtyards feature shops, galleries, and restaurants. Most of the houses and shops look like the European style fairytale buildings you might see in a miniature European Christmas village set. Names like “Sea Urchin” and “Driftwood” and “Hansel” adorn many of the houses. And it is considered bad luck to change the name on a Carmel cottage. The first residents put up camp in Carmel in tents, cooked abalone stew on fires in the woods and developed a poetic relationship with the sea. Among these first inhabitants were the poet Robinson Jeffers and the authors George Sterling and Jack London. When the 1906 San Francisco earthquake destroyed so much, an artist colony was formed in Carmel, as Carmel found itself suddenly inundated with writers, painters, musicians, photographers and sculptors. Because of these early inhabitants and their relationship to the land and sea, Carmel became a progressive Californian epicenter of intellect, philosophy, culture and art. Since then, it has become home to many artists, luminaries, authors, politicians and famous actors and actresses. It is also rated one of the top dog-friendly towns in America. A while back, I wrote about how certain places either ‘suck you in’ or ‘spit you out’. The place that is perhaps most famous for this in the United States is Sedona, Arizona. Carmel is one of these places. When you visit, it either says no to you or yes to you. If it says YES to you, energetically it pulls you in like a rip tide intent on claiming you for its own. Suddenly, you feel an undeniable sense of belonging and feel as if the town is where you must live and die. If it says NO to you, it refuses your presence. Your presence seems to bounce off of everything and everyone. Being there begins to feel wrong. It drives you out like the ocean spitting something out onto the shore. The Monterey Peninsula knows whether you are meant to be in its undomesticated grasp or not. The dominant negative vibration of Carmel is: Discerning. Discern is one of those vibrations that has a clear upside and a clear downside. Carmel possesses both. To discern is to perceive, recognize, identify or distinguish something by sight or with the other senses. This allows you to identify things as separate and distinct. This opens the door for discrimination. Someone may use their power of discernment to clearly discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad, tasteful and tasteless, smart and stupid etc. and then reject one or the other. In fact, the town itself was founded on the principals of doing so. For example, the founders had to discern between city and village and then strongly reject anything “city-like” in order for the town to have a central post office, with no addresses on the houses to deliver mail to. Or no street lights, so the pre-Edison blackness envelops you on any given night. As a town, Carmel is an epicenter of individuals who discern and then reject. It has given rise to an uninviting arrogance in the consciousness of the town. Ironically, it means the collective consciousness of the citizens of Carmel is not open and warm. Instead, it is closed and cold. It is intentionally segregated, promotes polarization and is highly resistant to change. The dominant positive vibration of Carmel is: Dear. To say that Carmel is regarded with deep affection by a select many is a gross understatement. It both was and is cherished deeply. The place itself has been discerned as being special by many great thinkers. As such, the minute you enter the area, it feels as if you are entering into someone’s personal hoard. It is a land and town that the locals wish to keep secret and which they carefully guard. Visitors are… tolerated. The degree to which the town of Carmel is cherished, shrouds it in a thought form of ‘being held dear’ as thick as the fog that so often covers the town. Those great thinkers, and those who have found their belonging there were not mistaken. Carmel is quite special. I walk the perfectly manicured streets of this quaint town that was and still is the collective vision belonging to a batch of moody people of exceptional mind. The twisted arms of the cypress trees appear gnarled by the wind and the splash belonging to the feral Pacific Ocean. The silvery speech of the ocean breeze catches the lichen on the branches in its current; and lifts it like an old man’s beard. A curious mew gull flies past the line of tourist that have collected themselves around an outdoor heater just outside the Cottage of Sweets. For a block in every direction, the air is dominated by a fight between the buttery sweet scent of fresh Caramel and the creamy brine of clam chowder. The sidewalk ends. I find myself back at the car that we parked in front of a garden style cottage on a side street. With the passenger side door open, but before I get in, my visit to Carmel is completed with a view of a sight memorialized by the words of John Steinbeck, a man who held this area dear to his heart: “It was purple dusk, that sweet time when the day’s sleeping is over and the evening of pleasure and conversation has not begun. The pine trees were black against the sky, and all objects on the ground were obscured with dark, but the sky was as mournfully bright as memory.”
  9. In 1776 it was decided that all people have the right to equal treatment. That ‘God’ gives people rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And that those rights can be neither taken nor given away. It was said that the only legitimate purpose of government is to ensure that these individual rights are protected. It was also said that the only legitimate way for such governments to exist is for the people to consent to their existence. This ideology created the Declaration of Independence. And in the year 2021, humanity is closing the loop on an “epoch cycle” that began as a result of the decisions made by humanity at that time. This is true regardless of what country you consider yourself to belong to. When an epoch cycle comes to completion, the very same themes come up for question again. This means, the very same themes that appeared in the collective consciousness of mankind and mankind’s society in 1776, are back again. Themes of power, alliance, freedom, control, dependence and independence, punishment, governance, authority, equality, personal rights, justness, politics, trade, economy, rules, free will, choice, sovereignty, morality, re-formation, corruption, conflict of interests, polarization, citizen wellbeing, societal change and the old vs. the new. It is a big mistake to think that 2021 will be a year for “getting back to the way things were.” In fact, come early summer time, when you begin to see things trickle back that have been gone from human experience in 2020, you must be very careful to not fall into the collective gaslight that things are returning to normal. It is understandable that all people want 2021 to be an end to all that has happened in 2020. No person is wrong to want this, as it is only natural. But far more personal power can be found by accepting reality. And the reality is that 2021 is a direct reaction to the events of 2020. For this reason, it is impossible to separate the events of 2020 from the events awaiting people in 2021. Irreversible global changes are happening. Global changes that are irreversible and that have and will impact everyone. This means that 2021 will continue to feel dystopian for a while. Many will fear whether we are headed towards a utopian future or slipping into oligarchy or communism. In many ways, 2020 is a close to an old way of life and therefore, simultaneously it is the opening of a new way of life. Just like the happenings that led to the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America created an end and by doing so, a new beginning. 2020 made one thing absolutely obvious to people: What does not work. This is as true for the macro level of collective reality as it is for the micro level of your individual reality. The age of Aquarius brings the birth of a new world. To use a metaphor, the birth process tends to be difficult and painful. In this birth process, you will see conflicts between the old and new ways of life. It will be a struggle that shows itself in all areas of life. We have been forced to see (quite painfully) what in our society and what in our individual lives is unsustainable. For this reason, it is critical to not look to go back to the way things were, no matter how tempting it may be. And no matter how much nostalgia you may be suffering from. Instead, go back to the drawing board and invent the future anew. The dominant theme for the year 2021 is: RESILIENCY. This is the theme because in 2021, that which is not resilient will become even glaringly more obvious. Many of those things that are not resilient will collapse. And you are being asked by the greater universe to prioritize and create resiliency; both in your own life and out in the world. You can break resiliency down into two things. The first is your ability to withstand adversity. The second is your ability to adapt well in the face of adversity. For something to have resiliency, it must be able to withstand and also to adapt. How resilient are you? How resilient are your relationships? How resilient is your community? How resilient are your finances? How resilient is your lifestyle? How resilient is your business? How resilient is your sense of purpose and meaning? How resilient is your mentality? How resilient are you emotionally? How resilient is your health? How resilient is the environment in which you live? How resilient is the society and the systems which have been built? And what is your contingency plan? I want to give you an idea of what isn’t resilient. If a person’s lifestyle is sustained by debt, they do not have a resilient lifestyle. If a business depends upon a social media platform and the social media platform has the ability to simply eradicate their account, that business does not have a resilient business plan. If a community is dependent on supply chains that can easily become disrupted, that community does not have resilient resources. If a species exploits a finite resource as if it has no end, that species does not have a resilient survival strategy. If a city has no plan for natural disasters, that city is not resilient. A mentality whose positivity depends entirely and passively upon what good happens, is not a resilient mentality. If a person continues to remain uneducated about health, makes poor dietary and lifestyle choices, and simply runs to a doctor for medication when the symptoms of those decisions arise, their health is not resilient. If a person simply complies and trusts authorities, that person’s freedom is not resilient. If an economy concentrates the benefits to the few but distributes the costs to the many, that economy is not a resilient economy. You get the point. In 2021, you must clearly recognize what is not resilient and be willing to go back to the drawing board so as to make changes and create what is actually resilient instead. The downside to this, is that we will be blindsided a lot by thinking something is strong, stable and dependable, when in fact is it brittle, vulnerable and easily falls out from under us. The upside to this, is that you will be both creating and establishing things in all the different sectors of your life that are actually strong, stable and dependable. All that being said, finances and economy is a big concern from the micro to the macro in 2021. It is critical for you to take a very, very deep look at how to establish resiliency relative to your finances. The reality is that the current structure of economy is not sustainable and is not resilient and many people do not even know that. Do not be fooled by the trends you are seeing in the financial institution. There is no connection between the stock market and reality right now. Many people in today’s world, indeed most of us, essentially depend on a financial system built on quick sand. The world economy in 2021 and 2022 is vulnerable to power struggle, recession and even to collapse. Some countries (for example, the ones who have been living like there is no consequence for simply endlessly printing money or building up mountains of debt or riding on the back of low-wage workers who are one pay check away from financial devastation) are much more vulnerable to this than others. And other countries will take full advantage of it. In the years to come, the potential that is most likely in all of human society’s life paths is that Chinese currency will grow stronger and US/European currencies will grow weaker. Money is one major tool for meeting needs. But don’t box yourself in by thinking that abundance or meeting your needs is only about money. Some people use their money to buy property that produces its own food and water, thereby eventually removing the dependency on money or societal structures being their way to secure food and water. Some people create resiliency by figuring out how to meet their needs without money entirely. Others put their energy into developing skills, knowing that skills cannot be taken away and are worth something and therefore secure the opportunity for mutual exchange. One way to create more resiliency is to put extra thought into: How resilient is my ability to meet my (and potentially my family/community’s) needs? In what ways does my dependency on a financial level, put me at the mercy of others regarding my needs and therefore make me vulnerable? For example, if you have no financial diversification, your finances are not very resilient. If a person only has cash in one currency and that cash/currency loses value or becomes worthless, then you have no money with which to meet your needs. So, ask yourself the question: In what ways can I create more resiliency relative to needs? This is very important because you are in a society where power struggle is a reality. Your needs can and will easily become a thing that other people can manipulate you with. So, take your power back and establish resiliency in every way you can in 2021, so no one (including governing entities) can use your needs as leverage to control you into doing what is in their best interests. The positive form of independence is calling you in 2021 because certain forms of dependency may just render you powerless. Powerless dependency is not resilient, interdependence is. The time has come to see where you are powerlessly dependent. Citizens have never before in history been more powerlessly dependent on the greater system. Just remember that positive independence does not mean “I am on my own”. Positive independence means I have put myself in a position to not be at your mercy. This is a year to develop financial resiliency. This is not a year to take big financial risks. This is a year to get out of financial casino mode and make smart and secure financial decisions. All this being said, do not be afraid to put energy into learning about money this year. 2021 follows in the footsteps of 2020 in that there will continue to be a huge divide between what is actually happening and the public’s knowledge about what is happening. To understand this, I want you to imagine that two parents are getting a divorce. But they intend for various reasons to keep the kids in the dark about it. The kids will end up either in total illusion because the truth is being hidden from them. Or they will end up confused and feeling gaslit because signs are showing and things are changing, but the narrative they are being fed and the show that the parents will put on will totally contradict those signs and changes that they are experiencing. In 2021, the public is being actively gaslit for many reasons, both well intentioned and not so well intentioned. The reality is that human society is in the midst of a power grab. And therefore, a great vying for power by any individual or group or business or government that seeks that power. Each person will have to decide for himself or herself what he or she stands for and what personal power to hold on to or let go of when he or she is put into the position to choose. This will bring conflict and violence to many areas of the globe. For example, as the impacts of Brexit begin to become apparent to the citizens of Great Britain, there will be a spike in violence there. Another example is that it doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that this will be the year that the ‘vaccine war’ begins. People will polarize over the topic. Government organizations and social media platforms will look to control the voice of those whose voices do not align with their personal beliefs and personal interests regarding the conflict. This conflict will dredge up scientific debate, the issue of body sovereignty and personal freedom, the issue of social control, authoritarianism, censorship, social safety, personal responsibility, corporate corruption, medical opinion and so much more. Another example is that the conflict over centralized power, especially relative to virtual currency and crypto currency will kick off. There is an emerging cryptographic financial structure within the collective consciousness of mankind. This transition of power away from centralized banks and federal institutions will instigate a very strong counterforce. It's akin to the battle over the control of the Wild Wild West. Many powers that be are not interested in the liberation of money, which will become a new social movement in the years to come. There will be many conflicts regarding the control of money (which is really just a tool for power). In 2021, there is a push to control cash flow. And with it, people. In 2021, all people will be asked to define their values and live according to them. But many conflicts will arise as a result of differing values, all the way from individuals, to communities, to businesses, to governments. There is a potential in two out of the three dominant life paths of earth for an asteroid, significant enough to be of interest to humanity, to come uncomfortably close to or even to impact earth in 2021/2022. It might be of interest to you to know that several asteroids that are large enough to cause devastation pass within five miles of earth every year. So, it is a mistake to think that the space around earth is simply empty and on a super rare occasion, space rock comes flying at us. Either way, 2021 is highly likely to be the year that asteroids come back into the conscious awareness of humanity. One of the minerals within many asteroids is Iron. Iron carries the ‘medicine’ of confidence in power, action, will, human strength, fortitude, courage, determination, tenacity and sharpness of the body and mind. Another of the minerals within many asteroids is Enstatite. Enstatite carries the very strong cosmic, masculine energies of adaptability and decisiveness. It also carries the ‘medicine’ of bringing a higher perspective about any action a being might take. Along with this, an asteroid is often a message to a species that has become too strongly identified with (and lost in) the temporal/ physical realm. It is a message to bring the energy of the cosmos/non physical into the physical in the same way that an asteroid is pulled to the earth. So, it is no surprise why the universe at large may send that energy toward earth at this time. Instead of panicking about this, use the energy it brings to clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of society, the world and the universe. In fact, instead of waiting for the universe to ‘send them’, you can find meteorites that have already landed on the planet in order to accomplish this. 2020 has brought a crisis to humanity. The measures that have been imposed as a reaction to it (regardless of whether a person agrees with those measures or disagrees with them) creates pent-up pressure. Pent up pressure always seeks an outlet. And this “out letting” of pent-up pressure creates societal crisis. It will be up to the consciousness of the collective of humanity whether that societal crisis lasts for two years or five years or fifteen years. The instability that is established as a result of a non-resilient society revealing itself to be non-resilient, makes a society as vulnerable to civil war (and civil war can very easily open the door to world war) as it makes it ripe for positive restructuring. Keep in mind that the war of the future will look very different from the war of the past. In today’s world, a war can happen behind the velvet curtain, where citizens are simply living in the ‘surface symptoms’ of that war that is going on behind the scenes. When humanity transitions to a new world and has to establish a new set of rules for that world, but people hold different values, conflict is inevitable. Right now, the reality is that humanity is divided and all trust for governing entities is being lost. Unfortunately, conflict is one carry over from 2020 to 2021. When you just read that, you may have felt doom. But let me assure you that it is critical to know both the negative and positive potentials that exist for the next several years. This knowledge is power because it will change what you decide to do with your own free will and power to create. Never forget that the world you live in, is a consensus reality. Each being in existence is co-creating the collective reality that we all experience, including you. And this will be a very important year to own your hand in and impact on the creation of that collective reality. In 2021, in perfect alignment with resiliency, it is critical to take your power back by taking personal control over your health. Mental, Physical and Emotional. Do not play a passive role relative to your health. The way many people are eating and the lifestyle many people hold is unsustainable. It makes them susceptible. Instead of expecting a health care professional to know what is right for you or to heal you, take the initiative to independently learn how to make yourself healthy or get better. It is at this point that I am going to give you a huge tip about a certain ongoing health crisis. The most important thing to do is to create resiliency and health in your VASCULAR SYSTEM much more so than your respiratory system . Think ‘how do I increase my vascular strength and health?” I will leave it at that. And let you be the one to research the hell out of how to do that! So, now that you’re in reality about 2021, let's look at the ‘positive’ flip side of the coin relative to this upcoming year. On December 21, 2020 (which is Yule, the Winter Equinox) we had a very special astrological event take place. A Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. These planets came within .1 degrees of one another. They lined up and thus, their energies aligned in order to work together. It is the first time they have come this close in conjunction for 800 years. Not only that, they both moved into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is already the sign of social change, collective action and humanitarianism. And a conjunction brings about an epoch shift. This means, as we discussed earlier in this article that this is the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. These times of transition heralded in by great conjunctions are super intense! But intensity is not in and of itself a bad thing. They are linked to crises, cultural revolutions, global shocks, and a complete change in perspective/thinking for humanity. The climate also simultaneously tends to undergo major changes with these epoch shifts. As for 2021, this means heat (and all the effects that trapped heat energy has on the climate and earth in general), lighting storms, serious tropical storms, stronger than usual winds, earthquakes, rising waterlines, cold water from the deep ocean rising to the surface, a disparity between areas of the globe that experience more rainfall than usual and areas that are more dry than usual (which means both floods and drought), and fires (one of the earth’s most common end/beginning creating events). Because we are on this note, I do have to issue a word of warning. Vibrationally speaking, epoch shift years (like 2021) are in complete opposition to ‘being on a set track’. They come with the frequency of changing direction. This means that risk of technical malfunctions, mechanical failures, operational errors and even crashes will go up this year for any mode of locomotion in which a course correction (especially sideways) cannot be made quickly. Some examples of these modes of locomotion are trains, subways and rollercoasters. So, extra caution should be exercised. Even though people naturally resist change, humanity has in fact been craving a new era for a long time. Those things that do not work about the current epoch (you know what they are) are coming to an end. But do not expect them to go quietly or without a fight. 2021 ushers in a kind of grand scale re-set. And people must re-educate themselves and adjust to a change in everything from the micro to the macro. A change in what you do every day, how you live, where you live, how you work, what work you do, how you spend your money, your approach to relationships, who you have relationships with, how you do business, how you manage your health, what your focus is on, how your life is structured etc. And all this is true for the Macro level of reality as well. It is also important to mention that this epoch will be ruled over by the air element. Air is about knowledge, innovation, flexibility, curiosity, originality, adaptability, genius, radical new ideas, social revolution, learning, quick thinking, rapid change, different perspectives, objective perspective, intuition and consciousness. Sit for a bit and think about how these things will manifest in the physical. To give you just the tippy tip of the iceberg of what kinds of things will manifest in the physical due to this epoch shift, 2021 is set to bring a huge breakthrough in cancer research. In the coming epoch, old political systems will begin to be replaced by new ones. There will be inventions, adaptations and innovations galore! Social structures will be invented that eradicate the extreme gap between the rich and the poor. Humanity will shift towards an end in the ‘taking mentality’ zero sum game that it plays with every other species on the planet as well as the earth itself and will instead, start to focus on win-win scenarios in order to meet its needs. This means sustainability will cease to just be a trend. It is possible that 2021 is the year that sustainable energy, ‘guilt-free flying’ is introduced to the human experience. The economy will be overhauled, so those of you who have suffered because of the current conditions of the debt-based, capitalism belonging to the global financial system should be very happy about that. One of the biggest upcoming social movements is the movement to both separate and liberate money from the state. Relationships will be liberated from ‘the box’. And as a result of the system having to change because of that, much of the suffering caused by that box will end. The current trend of non-traditional relationships will only become more and more commonplace. The concept of marriage is something that will perhaps see the greatest overhaul in thinking. With the impending trend in favor of localization and with everything (including power) becoming more localized, there will be a movement towards building strong, regional food systems. Artists will be valued and recognized more so than in the previous epoch. Social justice leaders, climate leaders, new thought leaders and any other leader who is in alignment with the themes in this new epoch will gain power within human society. And that is just the itty-bitty beginning. It is becoming more and more clear to the collective of humanity that actions have consequences. That because of this, we have distinct collective responsibilities. And that if we want a better tomorrow, we can’t passively wait for that tomorrow to happen to us. We must go to the drawing boards and put our thoughts, words and actions into the creation of it. Metaphorically speaking, we cannot wait for the light to come to the darkness, we have to generate that light. The light everyone is looking for is generated from within and spills out into the world. And so, I will leave you with a clear directive for 2021. In 2021, it is not an option to passively wait for things to get better. It is not an option to passively wait for the external to become what would make you feel good or become what you want it to be. In 2021, you have to be active and take initiative to vote for the new world. But your vote in this life, is cast by your thoughts, your words and your actions. You must BE what you want to see in the world. You must SAY what you want others to say. You must DO what you want others to do. You must STAND FOR what you think others should stand for. In 2021, don’t hope for light… Be the light you are hoping for. If enough people do that, this world will be what you want it to be.
  10. Here The space between skin and skin is torment. But here The space between souls makes the space between skin and skin a comfort. The truth is hidden and yet its whisper reaches us. In the sweet luxury of a smile In the brief consumption of embrace It tells you to look deeper… To look deeper. Look beyond the space between us all and see that you are that smile. You are that embrace. You are the civilian whose life was lost to hatred. You are the man who strapped a bomb to your own body, and in the name of hatred, took those lives. You are the earth that held them both and converted their bodies into new life. Your pain is a congress of tears called the ocean. Your joy is a collation of light called the sun. The whisper of truth tells you to look deeper… To look deeper. Until the truth is revealed that there is no space between skin and skin. That there is no space between souls. Relationships are currently the heart of expansion and the expansion coming from the experience of being in a primary relationship is immense. Your partner will become your biggest mirror and so, committing to them, is the same thing as committing to both self-awareness and personal integration. Also, the perspective that comes along with being pair bonded in a unified couple is an immense vibrational improvement upon the perspective of independent individuality. Marriage is an opportunity to practice unity and therefore oneness with someone that is currently perceived as an “other”. This is why it so often takes place between a man and a woman. It serves to harmonize the polarity of the genders. In the physical dimension, we live in a binary universe. This duality is a source of contrast. The unification of this duality is bliss. Marriage provides people the opportunity to live out a physical expression of this unification of dual aspects. Marriage is its own kind of spiritual practice. If we were to run the other way from relationships when the going got tough, we would forfeit the opportunity to grow because we would be running from our own reflection and our own shadows. They would continue to chase us from partner to partner and we would keep running from them to the next partner and the next partner instead of facing our own shadows when they are mirrored in the other person. We would forfeit the opportunity to find not only transformation but also love for those aspects of ourself (and them). By committing to someone else in marriage, we are ultimately committing to ourselves. And today, it is my pleasure to announce that the member of my intentional community that has ben with me the longest, has chosen to commit to himself... by committing to another. He has chosen marriage as his next spiritual practice. I met Blake Dyer 18 years ago, when both he and I had only barely left the confines of childhood behind. I was 18 and he was 19. We became each other’s family, refuge and safe place to land. After enacting a form of mutual rescue, we decided that we wanted to walk the landscape of this life together always and to witness the rest of each other’s days. Because of this, when the threads of romance between us unraveled, we stayed together as family. We built an intentional community together and around us. We set out to change the world together. We have lived together now for 17 years. Many partners have come and gone for both of us in that time period. But Blake is the one who always remained in my life and I was the one that always remained in his. Because of this, there is a sacred weight to any man stepping into a position closer and more intimate to me than the place that he occupies in my life… A sacred weight to any woman stepping into a position closer and more intimate to him than the place that I occupy in his life. And as of yesterday, a woman has. Blake met Juliana a couple of years ago in Bavaria (where she is from) when we were on European tour. Fate ended up orchestrating an introduction between them through her father, as it was he who was following my work first. The romance between them was not immediate. Instead, it was a slow ember that grew slowly and at a distance. And it grew into a love that effectively closed that distance between them. When he decided that she was the woman with whom he wanted to spend his life, every member of this community was involved in the planning and execution of his surprise proposal, which came to fruition yesterday in the fragile morning sunlight at an altitude of over three thousand feet. Having invited her on a ride in a hot air balloon, Blake waited for a moment when Juliana was distracted by the beauty of the landscape below them to drop to one knee. When Juliana didn’t turn around for several seconds, the balloon operator said “It’s getting awful quiet in here!” To which, she turned around to see what was going on with the other people on the ride. When she turned around, everyone was silent and staring directly at her, some holding phones to record the moment. And Blake was on one knee. Blake competed with the roaring sound of the fire being periodically turned on to keep the balloon afloat, in order to tell her that the time he had spent with her had been the best in his life, to let her know what he loved about her. And to tell her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He opened a little feminine box with the engagement ring that he had carefully selected for her personality and taste. A stunning pale blue aquamarine, accented with white sapphires and white gold. And Juliana said yes! And so, it is with pleasure that I announce this big step that a beloved person in my life (a person that you all know so well) is taking. There are many bonuses that come with belonging to this community. There are many gifts that come with being central to Blake’s world. But it also takes a very special person to say yes to the intensity, the rollercoaster, the pressure, the unpredictability, the difficulty, the uncertainty, the pioneering, and the mission inherent in this community. It is with this deep awareness of having been blessed with the bravery of her heart and the fierceness of her commitment that I announce that we have welcomed a new family/community member. And she is a blessing to us all. Do not look at your ability to love or at the fragility and the vulnerability of your open heart as a flaw. Don’t look at it as something that should be hidden, tucked away and kept safe. It is the most beautiful and brave aspect of you. If you can let this world shatter you and still stay open to love, there is no brokenness in you… only beauty. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
  11. Maya Angelou once said that prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible. Here we are in the middle of June, in the year 2020; in the midst of a global pandemic. But it is the harsh reality of racism in the United States of America that has consumed the world’s attention. It is not that racism in the world has suddenly been created or has increased. “Instead, it is that current events have ripped back the curtain and have made what has always been there both transparent and obvious… It has exposed the societal wound that was never healed. I am not tone deaf enough to miss the fact that the very last person on earth that people want to hear from right now is a “white girl”. And so I find myself torn between that awareness and the reality that as a ‘spokesperson’ for that which is beyond physical incarnation (including species or race), my voice is a necessary ingredient for change. The perspective I am going to share in this message to the human race is not a popular one. It is not a message that fits with the current mainstream narrative. It is certainly not politically correct. But it is the only way to actually end racism. We know that ‘racist people’ exist. There are white supremacists. There are police who profile Blacks and Hispanics and ‘Muslims’. There are bosses who won’t hire minorities. But we need to take our focus off of them because our capacity to know what to do with these people among us, is dependent upon our ability to do something else… To recognize and admit to the racism in ourselves and work with the vulnerability underneath it. Most people walking the planet today do not see themselves as racist. They have already accepted the societal belief that racism is bad. It is now politically correct to say things like “I don’t see color only people” and “only laundry should be separated by color”. It is now politically correct to slip into white savior complex. It is politically correct to save spots in your companies for minorities so as to not appear racist. It is politically correct for a university to hold a certain amount of scholarships or spots open for people of certain races. It is politically correct when a company advertises or when someone makes a movie to ‘racial hire’ for the sake of PR. And contrary to popular perception, instead of this ending racism, it simply buries it to fester. The ego is nothing more than a sense of self. It is self-concept. As such, it is obsessed with being ‘good’ and ‘right’. It is also obsessed with survival (staying safe). Because we are a social species, we depend on the group to get a great many of our needs met. It is critical for other members of whatever group or society we belong in, to see us as good and right. Otherwise, we are pushed away and our survival is threatened. But this means that if the social group decides that something is bad and wrong, we must disown, reject and deny it in ourselves. Doing this doesn’t make it go away. It just makes it so we become defiantly unconscious and unaware of it. The second that racism became bad and wrong; people simply suppressed it and selectively identified with being against racism. This means that instead of genuinely integrating with different races, not being racist simply became one more thing to decorate our ego with. I am going to make a claim that people who are the most egotistically identified with anti-racism will immediately reject and fight me on… Everyone is racist. The general definition of racism is: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group. It often involves the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. Many people believe that only the members of a group that has the power can be called racist. For example, many blacks in America believe it is not possible for blacks to be racist because whites are the ones with the power and are therefore the ones with the upper hand in an unfair system that supports oppression, dehumanization, demoralization and injustice. But having power only allows racism to create more damage. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism as well as the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities is something that can and does exist inside everyone, regardless of whether they are the member of a race that has more power in society or not. And each and every one of us must see it in ourselves regardless of what race we belong to or how much power we hold (or lack) within a society. We must powerfully own our racism and not shame ourselves for it, but directly work with our perceptions that create the “push away” of a specific race. The reality is that the mind identifies patterns and it groups things together. It works rather like a computer in this way. In many ways, this helps you to make quick decisions and survive. So here is painful truth #1: You may think and say that you are capable of not generalizing and that you never stereotype, but actually your brain can’t not do it. It is designed to do it. Generalization is a conceptual tool. It is a tool that can be quite beneficial and can be quite detrimental, therefore it is a tool that should be used with caution. But it can’t be thrown out. Without generalization, we could never talk about commonalities, trends, tendencies or patterns and all three are critical when it comes to awareness. It is as important when it comes to awareness to identify commonalities, trends, tendencies and patterns as it is to be aware that there are exceptions. Unless we recognize the commonality in the first place, we will not look into the why behind it. You may say things like “to generalize is to be an idiot” or “I don’t believe in stereotypes” or “I don’t see color only people”. But the problem is, your mind does. If you see people of the same race doing certain things or behaving in certain ways, the mind goes to work equating those behaviors with that person’s race. We call this a stereotype. It is no use to spend your time denying commonalities and identifying exceptions so you are nothing like those “shameful, hurtful, ignorant people” who you don’t want to have anything to do with. What is useful is to see that perceiving patterns and commonalities that exist within the members of a group create expectations. Things like Asians are awesome at math, Black men are violent, Mexicans are illegal immigrants, White people are rich. And expectations alter the way we act towards people. It can cause us to act in ways that hurt ourselves and others. Painful truth #2. All generalizations and stereotypes exist for a reason. The question is what reason? That is not to say that they all exist for a good reason or because they are all right. Some stereotypes are false. Some have been intentionally created despite inaccuracy to cause harm. But many stereotypes are in fact accurate assessments of commonalities, trends, tendencies and patterns. That being said, generalizing and stereotyping have a bad reputation for good reason. If you look at the etymology of the word stereotype, it is: “Firm or solid impression”. This is where you can get into trouble with generalizing and stereotyping. Where there is firmness and solidness, there is a risk for a disowning of flexibility and openness. Not being aware that there are exceptions and differences can make you unaware and close-minded. It is not that generalizations are all un true. It is that they can open you up to the danger of making one story the only story. And that can hurt you and everything else around you. But contrary to popular opinion, generalizing and stereotyping is an essential and natural feature of your mind. It is not a cultural, unnatural glitch in your mind. Generalizations can be inaccurate and harmful. Conversely, they can also be accurate and useful… A critical tool for learning, comprehension and communication. Therefore, question your generalizations and the why they exist. And make your generalizations flexible instead of being determined to not make them at all. Underneath all racism is the perception of threat. This means that vulnerability is underneath racism. When the ego is threatened, it pushes that which it sees as ‘other’ away from itself. It wants to gain power in order to be safer. The ego perceives itself (and is therefore strengthened) through comparison. It compares itself to other things in the world. And the ego needs to see itself as good, superior, right and justified. So, the ego uses the mind to look at these stereotypes and decides what those observational stereotypes mean in relationship to itself. The ego uses the mind to look at these stereotypes and seeks to make itself feel good, superior, right and justified by contrast. For example, if a stereotype a person holds is: black people are animals, their ego can feel sophisticated by comparison and therefore see that black person as inferior to them. But that then determines how they treat the black person. No one one earth is born a bigot. We are not born racist. We are socialized into families and cultures where racist perspectives exist. We adopt those perspectives so as to establish solidarity and belonging with our social group instead of being ‘cast out’ and ‘made inferior’ by our social group. We are not born with meaning intact. When we are young we are fed meaning by the adults in our lives. We are fed painful meaning about other races by the social groups we belong to. We also become racist based on painful personal experiences that we have. To carry around painful beliefs and painful meaning and to live with a worldview of separation is painful. But if you want to end racism in the world, I have an exercise for you: Be brave enough to make a list of all the negative racial generalizations, stereotypes or beliefs that you have. For example: White people are self-centered, Hispanics are dirty, you’ve got to be careful walking by a Black man, Asians are terrible drivers. No Indian will ever let their kid marry someone who isn’t Indian etc. Your answers will be unique to you because of your upbringing, nationality, race, culture and personal life experiences. But this is the time to become completely aware of what they are, no matter how bad or good it may sound. Ask yourself relative to each stereotype, what do I make this mean? Then ask yourself, how does that meaning change my relationship, thoughts, words and actions relative to people of this race? Look over the list you have completed with your racial stereotypes and what you make those stereotypes mean and how that meaning makes you think and behave. This time, try to see the various types of pain this has caused you and does cause you today. Also, try to see if you can figure out where these stereotypes came from. Which stereotypes were adopted and which ones came from painful personal experiences. Once you have done that, see if you can see the kind of pain this racism of yours might have caused, or could cause people of that race. After we become aware of this root, we need to be willing to have open dialogue with one another about the vulnerable, painful root below our racism. We need to be open about HOW we became racist. And we need to be open to heal those experiences. To heal is to experience the opposite. If we feel demeaned, to heal is to feel valued. If we are lonely, to heal is to achieve togetherness. If we are chronically feeling poor, to heal is to feel abundant. If we are traumatized by snakes, to heal is to form a different association with snakes so that instead of feeling negative towards them, we feel positive towards them. To heal from racism is to identify the pain relative to a race and to experience the opposite relative to that race… And THIS puts the power both in the hands of the person trying to heal their aversion to a race and in the hands of a person who belongs to the race that a person has an aversion to. It’s time to seek out and create these “healing” experiences between different races within human society. But we can only do this if we de-shamify racism. We become racist as the result of pain. The ego takes over when the being feels threatened. So, if we become racist as a result of pain, the question is, what pain? The racist himself does not know that pain is what the racism is about. The pain is the vulnerable root of the racism and if that pain was resolved or healed, the racism (which is just a branch off of that root) will not exist. We may have had a painful experience in our personal life (or several) relative to people who belong to a certain race. Or we may be in pain because of pain passed down through the generations so that each generation will grow up with it. Sometimes racism becomes a part of our own racial identity. The reason we cannot overcome racism is because we are not addressing BOTH the very real pain of the person who is on the receiving end of the racism and the very real pain of the person who is being racist. When we turn the racist into the bad guy and the victim of the racist into the good guy, we cannot recognize that what unites them both is pain. We make healing impossible. The single biggest thing we can do to end racism in the world today, is to de-shamify it. At what point in human history did saying that someone shouldn’t feel or think a certain way (because it is bad to feel or think that way) ever actually change the way that a person thought or felt? The answer is never. No prejudice, discrimination, antagonism or belief that a different race possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities will end by trying to make people see it is bad and wrong or by protesting against it. Lawmakers may make changes in response to public pressure. But never make the mistake of thinking that these changes that happen in response to public pressure means the underlying issue has changed. Instead, it simply means the issue has been driven deeper underground. It is a given that racism hurts people. But if we continue to make it so bad and so wrong, because of how the human ego works, no one will be able to see it in themselves, much less to admit to it. This makes healing it impossible. This condemns us to a gaslighting world where racism thrives under the curtain of a world that says it doesn’t exist. If we want racism to end, we have to stop allowing political correctness to hide what is real. We must make conversations about race, no longer taboo. If we can face these stereotypes and the pain behind them on both sides, racism might just become a thing of the past.
  12. George Floyd was lying face down, handcuffed on a city street. One officer held his back, one held his legs, and the other kept his knee on the right side of his neck for almost nine minutes. He yelled “Please”, “I can’t breathe” “mama” and “don’t kill me” before losing consciousness and dying. What was different about this one man’s death than the death of so many others (most especially the deaths of so many other people of color) that have happened at the hands of authorities? The answer is, the entire world saw it! And the entire world saw it at a time when the distrust for authority was already at its peak due to the government actions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic. Demonstrations and protests began to take place all across the nation. They turned from peaceful to violent. The riots have not stopped. Instead, they are escalating. Now, the national guard is being called into cities across the nation. But those who took to the streets to peaceably protest or to vandalize or to loot or to set things on fire, were not all people standing up against the injustice of what a white officer did to a black man. It is true that some were there for that reason. Some were there because black lives matter. But others were there to rise up against the tyranny of a government that they could clearly see was against instead of for the people… With all the restrictive measures taken in the name of Covid-19, these people have been slowly pushed to the boiling point for the last three months. The death of George Floyd was merely the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ so to speak. And still others were there to deliberately cause violent opposition between citizens and government officials. And it is this reality that should snap people out of the automatic reactivity that they are caught in immediately. If you are like most people in the world right now, you are probably thinking “what the hell is going on right now?” And you should be thinking that right now. You are caught in the swarm of the chaos of mixed motives. We are all on different pages, fighting for our own subjective best interests. We are inundated with so many conflicting news stories that no one knows what is real or fake. We are caught in the perfect storm. And we are caught in that storm, brokenhearted. Welcome to controlled opposition. I want you to imagine that someone wants to make a change that will negatively affect you. They know that you will react poorly, making you harder to control. But they want to control your reaction. So they introduce someone who appears to be on your side. Maybe an advocate, a leader who you will feel has more authority or power than yourself. Really, this person is already controlled by them. But you don’t know it. Controlled opposition is a rat trap designed for those who wish to break free from control. Controlled opposition is a chess play that is being played by individuals who (due to their trauma and subsequent need for control) have been playing chess with people as their pawns and knights and bishops and rooks for most of their life. Controlled opposition is the current chess play that the human race is stuck in. I am going to tell you the truth today even though it is a truth that is unsavory. Your entire bi-partisan political system is a game of controlled opposition. It doesn’t matter whether you vote red or vote blue. Today, the people with the actual power, the people behind major corporations, employ government officials as puppets. They use these puppets to play the role of villain or hero to give you the illusion that the game is not rigged and to distract you from what is actually going on; the objective picture. The freedom you thought you had was not actual freedom. It is time to break out of the illusion. Infiltration by establishment is not paranoia or conspiracy theory. It is not a rarity. It is the norm throughout human history. Today, controlled opposition is serving as a tool for ‘divide and conquer’. I don’t want you to make an enemy of all people who own major corporations. I don’t want you to think that everyone in the government is against you. I simply want you to open your eyes and see that some people with a lot of power, want you to fight one another. And so, I ask you to answer the question: If those people with power are able to use other people in the government (who have more power than the average citizen) as chess pieces and they want you to riot and they want you to get violent… WHY? We are in a time where thinking deeply and stepping back to see objectively is an absolute necessity. It is all there is to do when you find yourself swallowed in an ocean of contradicting information where nothing is adding up and things are never what they seem. And yes… Things are not what they seem! They never have been, but now the people of earth are finally seeing it! If those individuals who want to control you, want conflict, want riots, want violent opposition between citizens, want you separated and want you divided against one another, then the chess move you need to make is to unite. You must do the opposite that they would have you do. The heat is being turned up on you and you are being called into radical unification. Unification is not easy. It means taking the villain and the victim both as a part of yourself. Stop doing what people have always done. Stop dividing into ‘groups’ that oppose one another. Start to look at the ‘person’ inside everyone. The power that people either have or are given, causes us to no longer see them as people. The soldier who storms into your house with a gun is a person. The owner of the corporation who is playing a zero-sum game against his own buyers is a person. The black man who walks into a store with a 20-dollar counterfeit bill is a person. The person refusing to wear a mask is a person. The person who insists you wear one, is a person. Each one is a person with needs, feelings, thoughts, values, vulnerabilities, strengths and preferences, all of which add up to the picture of why they think that what they are doing is ‘good and right’. If you cut them, they will bleed red. You have to look for the person inside the ‘persona’ people wear. We have got to stop this game of “us and them’. How are you the same as “them”? What needs are the same? What feelings are the same? What values are the same? What motives are the same? Look for commonalities. Look for ways that you can go in the same direction. Look for the third option that meets both your needs and theirs and work together towards it. Put your energy towards what you are for rather than against. The human race is being tested right now. The test is this: Will you choose to end the zero-sum game? A zero-sum game is essentially when one person’s gain is another person’s loss. It is an ‘I win and you lose’ scenario. And though humanity itself is taking that test, you cannot take it for humanity. You can only take it for yourself as an individual with the person who is in front of you. Humanity is made up of individuals. If individuals cannot end the zero-sum game within themselves and with others, it doesn’t matter if they are passive democrats or raging republicans or libertarians or nonpartisan. Without knowing it, they are all in fact voting for war. It is not possible to change your world, while you as an individual, remain the same. Conflict is the bait being laid out for you and so, I leave you with this: Here The space between skin and skin is torment. But here The space between souls makes the space between skin and skin a comfort. The truth is hidden and yet its murmur reaches us. In the sweet luxury of a smile In the brief consumption of embrace It tells you to look deeper… To look deeper. Look beyond the space between us all and see that you are that smile. You are that embrace. You are the civilian whose life was lost to hatred. You are the man who strapped a bomb to your own body, and in the name of hatred, took those lives. You are the earth that held them both and converted their bodies into new life. Your pain is a congress of tears called the ocean. Your joy is a collation of light called the sun. The murmur of truth tells you to look deeper… To look deeper. Until the truth is revealed that there is no space between skin and skin. That there is no space between souls.
  13. “Mankind will very soon be facing its deepest split… Freedom or Connection.” Many people will tell you that humanity is at a crossroads today… The crossroads of what kind of earth it wants to live into. Do we as people want to live into unconsciousness? Do we want a world of separation and restriction and decline? Or do we want to live into consciousness? Do we want a world of community and freedom and health? I am a teacher of truth. The truth is that your future is an ocean of potentials and out of those potentials’ probabilities arise. The truth is every single change you make will alter those potentials and therefore alter the life you are about to live into. The truth is that humanity’s future is no different than this. But the truth is that people are resistant to change. This is what turns a potential into an absolute. For the future potentials of humanity itself to change, enough of humanity must change. And enough of humanity did not change. The truth is that this is not a crossroads that humanity is standing at. The collective consciousness of mankind began to arrive at the actual crossroads in 2012. By 2015, humanity had already subconsciously chosen the path it would walk down. In 2015, I said “most men on earth think they are free. The reason for this is that they have been sold an idea about what freedom is. But what if the idea of freedom that has been sold to you is actually a prison? What if I told you that the beliefs you live your life by are the bars of your own perfect jail cell?” With the intention of altering the life-paths of humanity, I began teaching people way back then to set themselves free from the attachments they have to their own rat cage before the universe demolished it for them. I warned that we were headed for a cleansing of the collective human shadow… that we would all be made aware of not only the collective human shadow, but our own individual shadow so we could acknowledge and face them head on. I warned that humanity itself was headed for a “whack a tree at 70 miles an hour” awakening experience. In my 2020 annual forecast, I said “To be honest with you, this particular yearly New Years Forecast is one that I have been troubled about writing for the last several years.” In life, if expansion and awakening is not chosen in response to pressure, that pressure is escalated. If it is still not chosen, the pressure is escalated further. Though many individuals have been awakening, mankind itself has instead proven its capacity to cope with and adapt to pressure so as to stay the same instead of to make the conscious choice to change. And so with this Covid-19 crisis, humanity has whacked the tree at 70 miles an hour. The initial hit in this collective rollover car crash has already happened. It is already done. Now, humanity is upside down in the air… As if someone pushed a slow-motion button mid-rollover and we are headed for the second hit and maybe a third and maybe a fourth. Most people feel like passengers in that car, unable to do anything about it. Those who are not in denial, are breathing the air of uncertainty in and out of their lungs. They see a vast array of damage that has already been done by the initial hit. They see the potential carnage and loss that might come as a result of the next hit. But how do they prepare for, or make a choice when facing an array of potentials, all of which depend on what decisions other people in that car (especially authorities) will make between now and that next hit? The reality is that a whack a tree at 70 miles an hour experience is a really hard way to wake up. There are people who are saying things like “thank you Covid-19 for letting us see what we took for granted”, “this is exactly the change we have been asking for.” And “I’m excited”. Is it true that good will come of this? Yes… Eventually. But I need you to be in the reality of what is happening here. A person who gets in a high-speed car crash can one day put their life together in order to create a whole new better normal. They can weave the experience into their life in a way that adds to them, instead of diminishes them. But what comes first is pain. What comes first is that moment where they are lying on the side of the road looking at a shattered life. What comes first is a reckoning with the people whose lives have been lost, pills that must be swallowed and years of rehabilitation. When humanity chose what road to walk down when they came to the crossroads years ago, they chose the path of pain and crisis to awakening. I remember the sick feeling I had in my stomach when I saw it. I remember the look on the faces of those I told. It doesn’t matter whether or not you see a crisis coming, it pulls the rug out from under you just the same. We boarded a plane that flew into the night and upon waking in the morning the very next day, we had woken up to a world forever changed. Further into separation we go. Further into prison. As I find myself in the air in this high speed car crash, no part of me is concerned about a virus or the damage that a virus could do (which is surprising given that I am a person who has a deep respect for submicroscopic pathogens). What I am concerned about is the real threat in this situation… The decisions being made. I am concerned with the psychology that created this entire car crash in the first place. I am concerned with the many conflicts that will arise in association with Covid-19. And I am the very most concerned with the fact that the collective consciousness of mankind has never been infected with this much fear. Fear can open the door for people to control you in whatever direction suits their own best interests because fear puts you in a state to want to be told what to do. Mankind will find itself divided. There will be those of us who would gladly give up freedom and certain needs (things like civil liberties, the right to govern their own bodies, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of speech, privacy, the need for human touch and togetherness) for survival and a sense of safety. Many of those same people would expect you to do the same. They would even vote for someone to force you to do it. On the other side of this polarity, there are those of us who have a deep understanding that to caretake life is much more complex than simply making sure that life is long. Those of us who would gladly risk death to really live. We would fight for those freedoms and that closeness which are about to be sacrificed on the alter of humanity’s desire to prevent death, no matter the cost to life. You must understand that no matter whether you believe that this entire crisis was intentionally created or whether you believe that it is an organic crisis that is simply being responded to, both stories have the same ending. Both are a recipe for control. People do not want control because of malevolence. They want it so they can bring about what they want. They want it so they can prevent what they don’t want. They want control so they can create that perfect vision of a world that is free of crime, disease, poverty, unhappiness and death. They are not awakened enough to see the reality that using control to try to accomplish this will only bring about the things they are trying to prevent faster. When we are threatened, we respond with control. And totalitarianism is the apex of control. You must understand that even if you do not believe that Covid-19 is a carefully crafted set up for justified control, that the entire world will be saying “we cannot afford for this to ever happen again”. It is in the measures that will be justified with that sentence that you stand to lose so much. The question is: Will you choose to give those things away? The stage is being set for health to be the new form of discrimination. The stage is being set for militarization, suspension of freedoms and rights, changes in the law that allow indefinite detention, the banning of physical forms of finance, censorship, compulsory vaccination and other forced medical procedures and treatments, tracking, certain activities and businesses being permitted and others outlawed. The stage is being set for war… the ultimate form of conflict. And many people will support this recipe because of their fear of death. These people may perceive there to be a right way and a wrong way to die. They may believe that death in and of itself is wrong. They do not understand that when someone’s life is saved, their death is not prevented. It is postponed. Many will support this recipe in the name of public safety. Others are approaching a day where they may very well be forced to choose whether to adapt to these changes and let go of freedom and rights because it will be the only way to experience the basic human right to be with other people. Which is why I say that we are approaching a day where we will be forced to choose what matters more to us… Freedom or connection. If not for safety, would you give up freedoms and rights for the sake of being allowed to be near those you love? Because the recipe is set for this to be the leverage that those with authority will use to force compliance. In the middle of this crisis, we are suspended in the air. We are suspended in uncertainty. The rug of normal life has been pulled out from under our feet. And in the upheaval of uncertainty, all that is left as solid ground is values. What is it that matters most to you? What is important? What is it that you truly want? One of the ways to arrive at this answer is to ask yourself, would I let myself be tracked at all times and give away the sovereignty over my body and live in a digital world in order to be allowed to participate in society… to go to those places, to be close to those people? For most people, the answer to this question will be yes; especially if those people are people that we love and people that we need… which is what makes it such insidious leverage. You can ask yourself, if I knew that it would save my own life or my child’s life, would I agree to the end of civil liberties and the end of freedom and the end of togetherness and say yes to economic collapse and the suffering that brings for the rest of humanity? Is safety really always first? Stop looking for what answer is right or wrong and answer it for yourself. Your values reside in your heart and in your heart alone. It is common in a crisis that we want to ‘return to normal’ as quickly as possible. It is a kind of denial that we become stuck in that returning to what was is even possible. There is no returning in this situation. This is not a temporary disruption of your normal life. This is the beginning of a totally different way of life. We are headed towards a new normal. But that new normal, contrary to what optimists would have you believe, is not a normal that you are wanting. You need to see where humanity is headed with your eyes completely open in order to make the right decisions for you personally in terms of what to do about it. There is one thing that this crisis has already shown us… How fast of a change can happen if humanity is united in a common goal. Humanity has passed the crossroads, but that does not diminish the truth that in each moment exists a crossroads. Imagine the world we could live in if we opened our eyes and responded to this crisis or to world hunger or poverty or homelessness or environmental crisis in a synchronized way. Imagine if each member of humanity understood that human life and wellbeing is community, that microbes are not the enemy, that all things in this universe are interdependent, that wellness is dependent on the emotional and mental (not just physical), that even though you can’t have quality of life without life, quality of life is more important than survival. Imagine the world we could live in if each person understood that life does not remain life in a state of isolation. When your normal is collapsed to ruins at your feet (like your normal is today) you are individually at a crossroads. You get to ask yourself what part of that old normal you wish to return to. We arrived at this place because of that old normal. We arrived here because of so much that it lacked. So as we are spinning in slow motion through the air, we get to ask ourselves what parts of that old normal do we wish to resurrect and which parts do we wish to retire and which parts do we want to build for the very first time? During this crash and on the other side of this crash, will you choose isolation or connection? Will you choose freedom or chains? Will you choose self-defense or kindness? Will you choose coping mechanisms or change? Will you choose to stay unconscious or to awaken? Will you choose fear or love? What future will you choose to step into? Disaster can be an invitation for a stronger rat cage or a breaking of the rat cage all together. And so much of whether it becomes one or the other depends on individual people and which one they consciously choose... or comply to.
  14. In this vast universe, we are not just neighbors if we live on earth. We are roommates. We share the same ‘house’. And yet, relative to the majority of beings (including people) who live here with us, we live as strangers. I have lived in neighborhoods where if I passed someone who lived right next door, I wouldn’t know it… Neighborhoods where no one says hello. The loneliness is growing in the human race. Its cold, sharp edges numbed by the addiction to our technological devices. All species are suffering from our ability to disconnect and separate from that which we see as ‘other’. They say that if you put a frog in cold water and heat the water up slowly, the frog will not jump out. He will acclimatize until he boils to death. This I fear, will be the story of people and separation. The human race is becoming more and more aloof by the day. And I watch the chill of this aloofness making people more afraid of one another. The Covid-19 outbreak is just the "cherry on the cake". This makes my heart ache because people need the warmth of each other. What those of us who see the pain of this ‘boiling water of separation’ can do is to become that warmth… To be the one to speak first. To be the one to smile. To be the one to act in a manner that relieves the tension of other people’s fear. To act in the best interests of nature itself. Today the world is boiling in the water of fear. The Covid-19 outbreak has become the tipping point for the human psyche with regards to this fear. The fear that people and governments feel makes openly speaking about the outbreak in and of itself a very risky proposition. I will simply say this: Back when people began speaking about the fact that the 2008 financial crash was caused by big hedge fund companies, insurance companies and banks creating mortgage backed securities and giving subprime loans for their own personal profit, people considered it a conspiracy theory… until it became obvious that it was reality. There is nothing insane, paranoid or kooky about the understanding that money is the root of most every decision made in the world today. It certainly isn’t the care for our fellow men. That is a gaslight. And you must understand that the reality of economy is that when changes happen in the market and many people become financially ruined and even die, others become very, very rich. But because we have been socialized to comprehend that self-centered motives (such as wealth or campaign strategy or irresistible headlines or personal safety) is immoral, no one will ever admit it. Instead, they will cover it over with a veneer of morality. If the safety of people is the concern at hand, we get to look directly at the reality that according to statistics, as of today about 337 people die in fires every day. Around 1,418 die of the flu every day. About 3,792 people die from car accidents every day. About 7,671 people die of obesity every day and some 21,000 people die from hunger every day. There is almost no global reaction to any of these threats. There are two main reasons why there is no reaction. 1. People see minimal to no profit in solving them. 2. Uncertainty is the food of panic. We have the tendency to not panic in the presence of a very real risk if it is familiar and known, but panic anytime we encounter something unknown and unfamiliar (even if it ends up posing a minimal risk). Covid-19 is an invisible threat that we feel is novel and foreign and that we feel we have no control over catching or not catching and so it suddenly feels like a survival risk to all of us. Not just to “those people”. When people are afraid, people become narcissistic. It is not that people are ‘bad’ for doing this. It is simply that the focus naturally shifts to self-preservation. It is a knee jerk reaction... One that is biologically wired into us. The irony is that this knee jerk reaction so often makes us even more unsafe. Especially in a modern world, where the threat is so much more complex and multifaceted than simply immediately reacting to escape a physical threat. Fear can make us completely blind and also controllable. So many of you have been asking and even pressuring me to comment on the Covid-19 crisis. What you want is an answer. Many of you want me to tell you what to think and what to do. That is the normal reaction to have when you are in fear. All I wish to reflect to you about that before I continue is how easily fear can open the door for people to control you in whatever direction suits their own best interests if fear puts you in a state to want to be told what to do. The real problem with Covid-19 will prove to be the reaction to it. In this case, the governments have different motives and reasons for panicking than the citizens do, because they have different information. The reaction to it has the potential to kill more people and ruin more lives than the “organic virus” ever would. The many conflicts that will arise as a result of the reaction to it are the biggest threat of all in this situation. It is the beginning of what I was writing about when I released my 2020 forecast earlier this year. Most people will not be facing how to respond to a virus, but instead how to respond to government action and the reaction that companies and citizens have relative to those government actions. The world right now is set up like a house of cards, more interdependent than most people have awareness of. The domino effect is already proving to be colossal and will continue to prove to be so. But never forget that each and every one of you has the power relative to how you respond to the situation. Are we going to respond by making the world a safer place on a physical, mental and emotional level? Or will we make it more unsafe in the delusion that we are taking steps to ensure safety? In the name of safety, people have the capacity to destroy life as they know it. This is what creates vicious spirals. For example, imagine that people began to fear that the financial markets would crash. And so everyone tried to withdraw their money from the markets overnight. They would create the very thing they are afraid of. People who foresaw this would be in a very difficult position themselves. Because if they are the only one to not do the same thing, they are left with nothing. So it would seem their hand would be forced by the rest of humanity to participate in the very thing that creates the downfall of human society… To act in their own best interests. The definition of a safe relationship is a relationship in which we take someone else’s best interests as a part of our own best interests. When we are in fear and thus in self-preservation mode, this is precisely what we are not doing. And so, by definition we, ourselves become unsafe to others. This causes other people to go into self-preservation mode relative to us. As you can tell, this inevitably becomes a self-perpetuating spiral of warring methods of self-protection. It takes some deep, deep looking to see the vulnerability, the fear and pain underneath those warring strategies. If we did look, we would quickly see that the best strategy for actually being safe is not to focus on preserving ourselves, the best strategy is to focus on alleviating their fear and pain. It is a drastically different focus. It is a step towards taking others as a part of ourselves, which is a far more objective response than strategy. You will hear a lot in the coming year about how bad fear is. Fear will never go away. You will never live a life without fear. There is no such thing as fearlessness. We may try to hide our fear from each other but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Fear is neither good or bad. It is information. Information about a potential or a reality that is deeply unwanted. Everything depends how that information is used. And most people do not know what to do with that information, which is something that the media must understand unless they want more blood on their hands than they already have on their hands as of today. Reacting to fear causes us to do stupid things. Ignoring fear also causes us to do stupid things. And so your task for this year is to master fear. To figure out how to make objective decisions that involve risk. If all you can do is to practice this mastery, that is enough. Fear is inherently about separation. By its very nature, it is an instinctual reaction to push something or someone away from you. And fear is the number one most isolating experience on the planet. The more fearful we are, the more alone we are. To help visualize this, imagine that you are standing in the middle of a circle with a bunch of people. Now see yourself feeling fear toward these people in the circle and pushing them away. When you do this, eventually, everyone else ends up outside the circle and you are the only one inside the circle … alone. Now imagine that same scenario but this time, your fear toward everyone causes you to want to avoid them and thus, run away from them. If you do this, everyone else is still inside the circle and you are now outside the circle … alone. This is how fear creates loneliness and prevents connection. This is a big problem when we fear each other, because the number one human need is connection. And this outbreak has caused us to fear each other. I am the first person to say "never mess with a single cell organism". But there is a big difference between 1. Deciding to take precautions relative to transmission and 2. Fearing everyone, pushing everyone away and separating and isolating them out of that fear. The trauma and ripple effects, aftermath and implications of forcing separation on people will extend far beyond the potential damage of the threat that people SAY they are trying to prevent. We must be very careful as well because the threat of separation from loved ones is perhaps the biggest form of leverage that someone can use on someone else in order to force their compliance. To love is the opposite of to fear. We make very different decisions out of love than out of fear. To love means to make the decision to take something as a part of yourself. This means, nothing is more important than to re-own your own fear and to take responsibility of it as if it were a crying child. When a child cries for help because he or she is afraid of something, the correct response is not to immediately get rid of that thing. For example, there are children that cry hysterically in fear that their own shadow is following them around when they walk. You cannot get rid of the child’s shadow. What you can do in that scenario is to help them to see the reality and to change their perspective. It is only by really owning and taking responsibility for your own fear that you can make an objective decision in whatever situation you find yourself. Because fear tells you very clearly what you don’t want, it means the door is wide open to figure out what you DO want and need. If you could take your attention off of pushing against the unwanted and put it squarely on putting your energy into what you do want in any situation, life would feel much, much better. What is the Covid-19 situation telling you that you want and need? Is there a way you could put your focus and energy and action into those things in a much more direct way? Every time a decision is made my someone outside of you, consider it a chess move. And your job is to figure out what you want and need given the new situation and pour your energy into that. I’ll give you an example, when President Trump declared a national emergency yesterday, we made the decision to cancel both of our events this month. I want and need to teach and to see a world full of awakened people. I want to live out my purpose. But a bigger want and need for me is togetherness. When the government created a risk of separation through quarantine or closed borders, we found that we were unwilling to take the risk of people being forcibly separated from their families and loved ones. It does get significantly harder when you find yourself in a lose-lose scenario in which there is fear on both sides of a decision. But prioritizing according to your most honest and important wants and needs still works in a lose-lose scenario. If any of you are interested in understanding what to do about fear in a much more in-depth way, I have an entire chapter dedicated to it in my book titled: The Anatomy of Loneliness. One of the many gifts of near-death experience is that you get to measure being alive next to so many things. I am going to say something now that I want you to never forget. Fear has a way of convincing a person that the most important thing in existence is survival. It isn’t. It is quality of life. Quality of life is what humanity must stand for. I have been teaching relentlessly for a while now about the importance of taking that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself. At the most objective level of perspective, the Covid-19 outbreak is a manifestation of the failure to do this. The failure of humans to take nature as a part of themselves and thus to commit environmental abuse. The failure of the individuals running major corporations and governments to take citizens as a part of themselves and thus profit off of their suffering. The failure to take the most basic human emotional needs that we have as a part of ourselves, and thus make decisions that will damage our capacity to thrive. The most important thing you can do as an individual, which will change the way you respond to anything you fear, is to take that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself and by doing so, to take their best interests as a part of your own best interests. To do so is to fix the root of the entire weed of suffering that has grown rampant within the human race. And I believe that each of you, whether you decide to do it or not, are capable of doing so. You are capable of popping the bubble or narcissism that fear has the tendency to cause you to build. You are capable of lovingly caretaking your fear. You have the power relative to how you respond to any situation. You have the power of transcending herd mentality and not doing what everyone else is doing. You have the power to ask yourself what your fear is telling you that you deeply want and need and focusing your energy and actions on those things directly. You have the power to take the best interests of others as a part of your own, without sacrificing your own best interests. Because YOU are capable of the practice of love.

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