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  1. I feel fear but then am reminded that I am familiar with death. Nothing to fear there. I fear suffering and loss but I've dealt with both before. I worry for friends who aren't as at peace as i am so I try to offer comfort and support and that comforts me too. This too shall pass! I am angry at our politicians who are doing more damage to our economy with shutdowns and quarantines than the virus. I am angry at the media who promote fear and panic through their focus on the scary and ignore the reality. Mostly I feel love because I am at one with the Source of all, God, the Spirit, Love. Be Blessed! Enjoy the ride, if it wasn't scary it wouldn't be fun. This to shall pass.
  2. Pastor George


    Was it Roosevelt during WW2 who said? "We have nothing more to fear than fear itself." Jesus and other spiritual teachers have said, "Fear not for I am with you." If we know we are eternal spirits merely visiting this earthly physical realm we should have no fear of death since it is merely a transition to the next world, the next plane of existence. None of us wants to suffer, be sick or spread the contagion. Let's not spread fear either. Be safe, be sane, be sober. Love everyone and help when and where you can. Peace!
  3. So is Corona virus a force of nature, natural selection as in, thin the herd of the old weak and slow or is it a weapon? Strange that it hit China, North Korea and Iran at the same time and first. Weren't these George Bush's axis of evil? Is this a response to the folks who attacked us with computer viruses and cyber warfare? Or is this a weapon we give ourselves first so we can recuperate first and attack our enemies while they struggle to deal with spreading infection?

  4. From my perspective, Borderline folks can't see boundaries and so are always crossing them without meaning to. Anti-social folks can see the others borders and boundaries but cross them because they know they shouldn't in order to cause discomfort and "shake things up a little."
  5. We used to say in the counseling field that the problem with "split personality" was that person only had two. Normal folks have a whole spectrum of personas to choose from. I find it perfectly understandable that you in your highly empathetic state would see all sorts of dysfunction within yourself but you get to choose the stuck individual is trapped in their dysfunctional pattern unable to choose or even perceive their own dysfunction.
  6. Pastor George


    Applied to join!
  7. Pastor George


    Dear teal, I was so disappointed when you redid the website and dropped the Forum. Facebook and social nedia just doesn't connect me with hurting people the way the forum did. I loved being able to respond to their struggles and share the love and the courage and the peace I've found in my own life. Please stay true to what you said was your motivation early on, not wanting anyone to be alone in their pain like you were as a young girl. Be Blessed, enjoy the ride!
  8. Pastor George

    Tornado Moonstone

    My brother Ray came to visit and it was our first Christmas together. He's my half brother and we didn't meet until we were both adults. We cooked, we ate, we talked. It was glorious!
  9. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Life!

  10. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Cool Kwanzaa, a warm Winter Solstice and some Festivus for the rest of us. Happy Holidays!

  11. Pastor George

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    Maybe you need to become that which you seek. If there is no one out there to meet your needs then there is no one out there to meet anyone else's needs. If you've seen the need you've heard the call. I learned far more about solving my own problems by talking to others about theirs. Become a practitioner, become a healer, become a coach, become a friend.
  12. Pastor George

    Sugar Plums

    So Teal, what about figgy pudding? The name is not very appetizing but I love fig bars and have wondered about Figgy Pudding.
  13. Wheee! You got me to laugh out loud! I need to pet more plants but some have issues such as cactus and poison ivy.
  14. Pastor George

    Collective Blindspot

    OK you got me! That's exactly what I've been going through. Blaming my family, wife and step-daughter for everything that's wrong. Problem is I've been blaming them for everything that's wrong with me! Traffic is a great tester of enlightenment. I found myself fussing about other people's driving then said,"you drive just like i do." and it's true the people who irritate me on the road are the one's who do the same things i do. Could that be true of my family as well? Yep. think so, but now I have to sort out how. Stay tuned...
  15. Pastor George

    Teal Tribe Down

    It was a sugar free cheesecake no candles required.
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