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  1. Do you get the attention you want...no? How about an attitude of gratitude for what you have? Namely the freedom to pay attention to what you like and love. If you want more attention then pay more attention. If you want more love be more loving. If you want more peace be more peaceful. If you want more joy be more joyful. If you want others to do better then reward those who do better with your love and attention. Stop giving all your time and attention to those who irritate you or those who anger you or those who abuse you it rewards them for being jerks and makes them worse!

  2. It's time to open up the idea of psychedelic assisted therapy as an effective alternative to traditional psychotherapy. Repeal the controlled substances act, treat addiction as a medical problem, bring our children home who are rotting in jail for nonviolent drug crimes, take the money out of illegal drugs and stop funding cartels and narco-terrorists and convince our churches that psychedelic induced visions are a spiritual experience so they can be the supportive community we need them to be.

  3. So here's what I'm doing about the lack of inclusivity in my church! Does your community need a Hippie Church too?


  4. That is a rare insight, that most people who do good do it for inherently selfish reasons but ultimately there is nothing wrong with that if you are conscious of your motivations and the payoff that comes from helping others. It's that unconscious motivation and exploitation of others and the self justification that allows us to exploit others needs for our own profit all while bragging about how selfless we are being. Being conscious of our motivations leads to becoming conscious of our own pain and how it can trap us into hurting others to soothe the pain in the short term when what we need is to become aware of the source of the pain, face it and address it in order to overcome it and banish it from our subconscious to our conscious mind. It may still hurt but you have overcome its ability to control your thoughts and actions from behind the veil of personality. Pain is not who we are it is rather the result of painful experiences that happened in the past that couldn't be resolved at the time and so left scars or sores that could be reopened by current events, triggers that remind us of that old pain. the more of those we accumulate the less loving, empathetic and selfless we can be and the more selfish hurtful and callous we become. I know that you and your brother and sister have experienced a lot of pain but I am encouraged when i hear you addressing the pain in a courageous manner. That's what the way of the warrior is all about. We must battle our own internal demons and overcome them before we can ever be successful or satisfied with anything in the outside world. Be blessed son. Ttys.

  5. Maybe it's just me. Does no one else care that the Forum is missing from the new web page.? Is it because i use Firefox and not Microsoft?

    My heart is breaking for all those folks I used to hear in the Forum asking questions of their community. I could only answer a few, but I tried to help those i could and occasionally rebuked a few who seemed lost in anger and tangled in the need to judge others so they didn't have to look at their own pain. I love all you guys. I love you too Teal.


  6. What ever happened to the Forum. I realize it had gotten superceded by Facebook and other social media pages but it still served a need for lost souls to connect with needed support and encouragement. Haters had invaded but not taken over to my mind. I'll be very disappointed if it's gone. I thought Teal set that up so no one would ever be alone.

    1. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      I guess I have to admit it served my need to be needed and to help others who are struggling with anger, depression, isolation and rejection as i did in my teens and 20's. Childhood trauma is just becoming a topic of research and the need for building Resilient communities seems to parallel Teal's work in self love and healing the hurt by embracing the pain as a way to the root cause. Authenticity anyone?

  7. Hi Tribe, so good to be back online. I'm here to serve. How can i help?

  8. Resistance is the fear of change! It keeps us from moving, keeps us rooted and grounded in our comfort zone and is an enemy of growth and change. On the other hand it prevents us from making poor choices without adequate consideration of the consequences.
  9. I know Teal may not see my comments directly but someone from her team does so when I say Teal it's with the understanding that I'm talking to the team as a whole, whoever is listening. You listened, responded and thought about it. That's enough for me. I'd love to attend an event but I'm limited financially and physically from that kind of travel. Maybe she'll choose Tampa or Atlanta for an event and I'll be able to attend and visit family at the same time.
  10. You speak of it being not ok to feel. I get that. i remember being a child and having my grandmother who raised me saying, "Oh, you don't really feel that do you?" In other words, "I can't handle that truth, that feeling, so you can't feel that or I'll have to address what I feel and do that led you to feel that." I denied my feeling because I didn't want to cause her pain. I'm still working on that 50+ years later! It's hard to express my feelings when I know it will cause another pain but I have learned to express them more objectively so as to offer the other insight into the pain they cause and their own fear of seeing themselves.
  11. Pastor George

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Interesting, Teal, that you should be bringing this up right now when I'm reading about 8 Dimensional Quasi Crystals providing a key to understanding both gravity and quantum dynamics. The possibility of a universal theory opens so many doors to the world you seem to be able to experience directly. Take a look at Quasi Crystal projections and see if they aren't directly related to the frequency paintings you share with us.
  12. Interesting, Teal, that you should be bringing this up right now when I'm reading about 8 Dimensional Quasi Crystals providing a key to understanding both gravity and quantum dynamics. The possibility of a universal theory opens so many doors to the world you seem to be able to experience directly. Take a look at Quasi Crystal projections and see if they aren't directly related to the frequency paintings you share with us.
  13. In addiction treatment we called this "arrested development." When we began using drugs to deal with our issues our progress stopped because we had chosen to avoid our issues instead of facing them and integrating them as Teal has so eloquently described in her Completion Process book. Once we go back and see where we got stuck we have to address the developmental issues we avoided. For me forgiveness has been a powerful tool to get rid of the anger, hurt, hate and frustration that I escaped using drugs. I often encouraged others to seek role models for a lifestyle that would be more healthy. Sadly, finding a healthy role model or surrogate family or healthy community is extremely difficult. First, there aren't many out there, and second we tend to be attracted to others who have similar dysfunction to our own. Expecting someone who is struggling with being stuck at 6 to fix the problems of someone who is stuck at 5 is a sure recipe for disaster. The institutional church is filled with stuck people as well and so when we find our role models to be flawed we tend to rebel and relapse! But, if we can continue to struggle for enlightenment we begin to see the light of teachers such as Teal Swan or Baba Ram Dass and others who can be authentically human flawed and fallible and together we can all begin to move forward. Small wonder that the road is littered with folks who saw there idols as perfect, as saviors, only to find out that they were fellow travelers struggling with their own issues but still willing to offer a hand up. It is only in community that we can hope to overcome our humanity and become something better than we can ever be alone.
  14. Teal said, "some men like high maintenance women." My wife says I love my work so much I married it. I spent 15 years as a pastor and councilor. Yes, Teal I'm sure you could be included in that group. Oh by the way, the crazy ones are the most fun!
  15. Zac it sounds like you are in love with the idea of owning a house but not in touch with the reality of buying a house. I remember buying my first house and it was a dump, needed lots of work and even more landscaping that's why it was for sale by owner. But fixing it up, making it what I wanted and landscaping and gardening were even better than i could have imagined. Welcome home!
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