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  1. Maybe it's just me. Does no one else care that the Forum is missing from the new web page.? Is it because i use Firefox and not Microsoft?

    My heart is breaking for all those folks I used to hear in the Forum asking questions of their community. I could only answer a few, but I tried to help those i could and occasionally rebuked a few who seemed lost in anger and tangled in the need to judge others so they didn't have to look at their own pain. I love all you guys. I love you too Teal.


  2. What ever happened to the Forum. I realize it had gotten superceded by Facebook and other social media pages but it still served a need for lost souls to connect with needed support and encouragement. Haters had invaded but not taken over to my mind. I'll be very disappointed if it's gone. I thought Teal set that up so no one would ever be alone.

    1. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      I guess I have to admit it served my need to be needed and to help others who are struggling with anger, depression, isolation and rejection as i did in my teens and 20's. Childhood trauma is just becoming a topic of research and the need for building Resilient communities seems to parallel Teal's work in self love and healing the hurt by embracing the pain as a way to the root cause. Authenticity anyone?

  3. Hi Tribe, so good to be back online. I'm here to serve. How can i help?

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