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  1. Shaan-121

    Play... In Reverse

    I am not doing anything fun or play and have not for many months (slaving away at work). If anything, this card should have been pulled forward for me! Figuring out how this applies to me or one of my parts (since i did see the video soon after upload!)
  2. Shaan-121

    Enjoyment And Denial

    Just opened a can of worms ..
  3. Shaan-121


    Great examples. Parent and love/friendships
  4. Loved it we need more of this! It was important to be truthful
  5. Shaan-121

    One Virtue

  6. Shaan-121

    How Do You Wake Up?

    Is this from Teal’s personal consulting (sports people etc?) are those blue blocker glasses : )
  7. Shaan-121

    This Is A Sign

    Hi Florian. Have the same issue. Listen to her dream video min 12!
  8. What a beautiful post. Congratulations Blake!
  9. Thanks for the fast turnaround in upload of recording!
  10. Shaan-121

    Mine For Positives

    The process of becoming aware of the silver linings shining brightly around the dark clouds, is also painful... i can see light at the end of the tunnel. but not sure if i will ever get there... so much deep suffering and intense wanting within me, around me ..
  11. Two of us, no marriages or kids. Driving parents nuts. But they have ‘shifted‘.. i dunno what that says about the two of us kids! Can’t get into relationships, cant make babies lol.
  12. Shaan-121


    Same here. Trained to “work hard” ignore fears, hurts, vulnerability. “Toughen up”. I did. To a point where i became insensitive to my own body and needs.
  13. Shaan-121

    Teal's Son

    Teal thanks for sharing with us.. your love (son), the challenges... giving us a chance to know Teal, the person.

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