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  1. Absolutely beautiful, @Teal.
  2. I let my ego get the best of me huh? Who am I to say what is good and what is bad for people.
  3. @Teena I will reread this blog and reevaluate my understanding as to what she means.
  4. I do understand her view better after your explanation, I hope I don't come off as ignorant to the context of the blog. Thank you Teena. @Teena I hope I didin't**
  5. Wow! I'm the first. This is the first and only thing thus far that I don't agree with Teal on. I understand the concept and ideology behind her belief of money. I'm not saying despise money because we didn't come here to have negative emotions towards physical objects. I do however agree that using money, which is nothing of real value anyways against the corrupt assholes who control it. They compel us to be a slaves to it. I also know that spiritual teachers are teachers and all teachers alike have to make a living. I don't think you can put a monetary value on knowledge though. If I gave knowledge a monetary value I would say that I would owe Teal alone millions. I don't agree that falling in love with money or any physical material at that is a safe thing. I'm not going to say that money is evil, this is in no way going in that direction. But you almost lost me Teal, I kept waiting for a twist (I'm still waiting). We are here for less than a fraction of our whole existence so material things should not be loved. Yes it is a material of source when it's broken down back into energy that holds no shape and reflects no light. I think Teal maybe getting a little ahead of herself on this one and here is the reason: There is another kind of Love that is almost none existent on this earth that I call Pure Love, can only be felt while we are in the state of christ consciousness. I have felt this once for about an hour two years ago. Pure Love is an emotion projected straight from our soul or higher self. It is an emotion that is felt stronger than how a mother feels for her newborn because it is not controlled by oxytocin like a mothers love is. I'm not discrediting the emotion that we call Love here. It is still very important that we work on self Love and finding yourself in others thus Loving them as well. So, I think that it is important for us (humans) to understand how there are unfathomable existence of other emotions in this universe. Don't get too tied up in the emotions that we are limited to here on earth. In order to reach your higher self with full potential, you need to let go of this world. Once you let go of all you know of this planet, you start remembering what existence is really about. You will start to realize your purpose and how good it feels to be in spirit form. Furthermore, people Love material things to fill voids lacking Love. In conclusion, Money is a good thing when it is used against the ones who control it; i.e. spiritual teachings to awaken the human potential of higher frequencies.
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