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What do I feel I am meant to do in this life?

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From "100 Of The Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself"

Nothing has the power to completely alter perspective and therefore your thoughts and actions and life quite like a question. Inquiry leads to understanding. The quality of the answers we arrive at, correspond directly to the quality of question we ask. The better the question, the better the answer. One of the most important things to realize about a question is that a person learns far, far more from the process and work involved in answering a question than from the answer itself. This is why spiritual teachers throughout history (including myself) have tended to pose so many questions to their students rather than to simply offer a direct answer. For this reason, I have selected a collection of 100 of the most powerful questions that you can ask yourself.

Make sure to take time to carefully consider each question that is posed in order to meaningfully answer them. And don’t forget to come back to these questions again and again throughout your life, especially whenever you are feeling stuck, because the answers will most likely change over the course of your life and also cause you to change your course in life.

- Teal Swan

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Collaborate with people to make my dreams come true. I have a strong feeling that everything I want to do I won't be alone in making them realities. Through strong friendships and connection, they will manifest. I want to write stories and help people heal. I want to write a story with others about characters actually doing shadow work and entering their subconscious. I will write vividly what happens in their subconscious, as if readers were actually there with my characters. That's one really fun aspect I want to write about in the story itself. I just want to have fun with life and have play incorporated in everything. Writing is one way I can do that and also something I want to incorporate in healing centers for adults.

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Still trying to figure it out 😅

It probably has something to do with authenticity, emotions, creativity. 

For sure I was meant to be the biggest pain in the ass for my parents 🤦‍♀️

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Simply be. I've done all the searching what I'm here for etc. There doesn't appear to be any real reason other than being there for family etc. So just get on with it until my numbers up 

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Fearlessly live as an authentic light and fully express that light through creative endeavors. Shedding light on conditioning, fear, and helping to transform fear into acceptance, joy, peace, and expansion. Support the healing processes of others. 


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I am really fascinated by the human mind & damn curious about finding what's true. I dont want to practice mainstream western medicine. I will go into psychology- trauma speciality. I have been really powerless all along, and I feel I am meant to become empowered through awareness & compassion, understand people's perspective & help them realise their own power in a similar way.

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Wow I was literally thinking about this all evening. I wanna do the things that make me happy, instead of things that will make people like me. I also wanna encourage others to do the things that make them happy instead of living a life of avoiding unwanted things

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To be myself inspite of anything that crosses my way and to annoy everyone, like spongebob and to make people jealousXD and to inspire, like spongebob.

To be an anchor(a presence) of presence/aceptance, serenity (grace) and light to other people, wich creates calmness, serenity, simplicity, harmony and light and often times silence, where there was friction.(within seconds) in some way it seems im a motherly figure to people. And people respect me and admire me.

To set boundaries and assert myself, and seperate myself from things that hurt me, in order to not loose sight of reality and actually be able to have closeness with others who dont hurt me.

To rewire and change ongoing generational trauma.(through apreciation, love and desire) remove let go and build a new.

To go with the flow. To live by my own standarts 

To be happy, to learn, to be curious,

To let people have faulty believes and thought patterns, or a short sited views and let them go their own way..beeing that actepting, present, graceful presence. 

To care not what others think of me that much, (cause im in a sense a leader and a mother) not so much the words I speak, but in constistently showing up with the same energy and leading by example. Letting people figure out things by themselves unless they ask me about something.

I want to be like a f emale version of spongebob and like dumbledore at the same time if that makes sense? And Im a piscesXD with a gemini moon and cancer ascendent.

And I dont want to be my grandmother, but I find her to be inspiring and a good leader aswell. Same goes for the bible I grew up very christian, it was literally forced onto me. And I dont believe in God or Jesus, the way christians do and will never want to be a christian again. BUT I can and do apreciate many things about the bible or Christianity. 


I guess one important key to my life is, to cherry pick the good of everything and every experience and everyone, and to accept what didnt work out or went wrong or hurt me... and to end o  good or atleast neutral terms, for my own sake and the sake of my environment. 


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