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  1. opalskies

    Boulder Mountain

    It looks so beautiful there! I love the mountains also, super excited to watch your updates on your mountian adventure! thanks for sharing with us! Sending love to you all! ENJOY!!!
  2. opalskies

    How To Love Yourself Q&A

    I watched again and that ending though... Deep TRUTH! Thank you for bringing this powerful video to all of us.
  3. opalskies

    Teal's Son

    Teal, have a super fantastic day on your Son's Birthday! Triple water sign, WOW! Side note, I am dyslexic, and my moon is in Cancer and my rising is Scorpio also! Winter, being a crystal and gifted, sure picked a loving and gifted Mama, Dad and community to be surrounded by. Love to all! Happy 11th Birthday Winter!!!
  4. I absolutely loved this workshop! Thank you for doing these online workshops Teal and Team, I learn so much from everyone of them. Thank you to all who courageously participated and made this workshop possible. love to all!
  5. opalskies

    Taking For Granted

    The first thing I thought of is... I often take for granted that tomorrow will come. That I'll wake up and begin my day and see the Sun and sky and breathe the fresh air. I"m bringing energy around appreciation for being on this planet today. .
  6. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you.
  7. opalskies

    Childhood Story

    My favorite movie as a child was, "To Kill a Mockingbird." I wanted a Dad just like Atticus. The injustice in the movie really affected me, and I felt it intensely. But I really loved it. I could feel into the character and his responsibilities, and just how much he cared. I also loved Atticus's kids in the movie so much. It is still a favorite of mine. So interesting and fun Teal, to see into why we identified with our favorite movies and the characters. I also loved a TV show called, "Lost in Space." it was on once a week. I was so excited to watch the continuing adventure in space and on different planets. I am quite a bit older than the average premium member, so not sure anyone has ever seen these. hahaha! xoxo Love to all!
  8. opalskies

    Self Sabotage

    Love you Teal, and community. Thank you for everything you are teaching, and have been working on. You are all appreciated so much.
  9. opalskies


    It was comforting to watch your video today, and looking forward to reading your blog as well. My hope is that you found some comfort somewhere today. I know this has been difficult to say the least for all, however, I can't imagine how hard this has been on you..you are beyond courageous and have worked so hard with this pressure. I am wishing for you lots and lots of restful sleep. Sending you so much love Teal, and for all.
  10. opalskies

    Teal's Chicken

    I love when you share your childhood memories! You are so precious Teal!
  11. opalskies

    Los Angeles Workshop 2020 - 2/2

    I absolutely loved every minute of this workshop. Thank youTeal and Team!
  12. opalskies

    Southern Utah

    Thanks for sharing Teal, so beautiful!
  13. opalskies

    Philia Beach Day

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  14. opalskies


    Eucalyptus ( and Lemon), my favorite fragrances. The fragrance reminds me of exploring lemon groves in childhood. The eucalyptus trees would line the groves and we would built forts, and explore all day. Interesting that I pulled my Teal Swan Frequency cards yesterday as to find what would be in my highest good to focus on at this time. One of the cards that came up "Joy In Reverse". What really stood out was that the card revealed the message to, "Get out of the routines of your life. Try some new radical experiences. Take on different perspectives. Shake it up! Inspiration exists but it will not pierce the walls of your cocoon. Its time t break out of your mold." So Some big deals for me to shake it up...I am going to the Theater in Seattle Sat. ( not the usual routine ) Just this morning I received my ticket to go to Florida with childhood friends in May. (I've never been to Florida, and I do not like flying..AT ALL lol ). I think just as important is the smaller changes, like morning routine. stepping into creativity more often. Start my business plan is currently on the forefront. As for today currently going to get off my laptop, go in deeper, finding the root of why I tend to cocoon myself. ( its becoming obvious as I'm writing this lol). Thank you Teal!
  15. Can you please sing sometime for us? that would be phenomenal!
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