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  1. Nidhi Shukla


    The day I had had it completely lost and decided to no longer be complacent or please anyone anymore no matter the cost. That day for the first time, I actually truly stood up for myself and the ironic thing is that was the time I didn't even need to communicate this to anyone. It was the conversation I had in my own heart and it defined my relationship with myself for the times to come.
  2. Nidhi Shukla


    Thank you Teal ❤
  3. Teal, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you tons for this one! Love you ❤❤
  4. Thank you so much Teal! Reading it at a time when it makes all the more sense to me ❤
  5. 1. What do I want to experience out of life before I die? Travel and taste so many cuisines 2. How do I want to grow? Living each moment completely and fully, creating more and more beautiful and bigger experiences for myself 3. What/How do I want to contribute? By teaching people how they can create those experiences for themselves 4. What is my number one priority in my life? My growth and self-love 5. What would you do differently if you knew there would be no consequences (Ie. No one would judge you)? I would have lots of sex, having no idea what female sexuality is really like, I would love to explore more and more 6. What are my top ten needs? Self actualization, being seen, being heard, being touched, beling felt, being in limelight, being cocooned, silence in togetherness, being hugged, lots of money 7. How am I living fully? By self expression through all medias 8. How am I not living fully? No investment in even trying for a romantic relationship 9. How am I loving fully? I take so sweet care of myself 10. How am I not loving fully? I have so much love for the people who listen to me and my content but none to give someone individually (enmeshment trauma) 11. If you could do your life over again, what would you do differently? Nothing 12. What am I doing because I think it will eventually make me happy, but that is currently making me unhappy? Studying law 13. If I found out I was going to die in a year, what would I do today and for the rest of the year I had left? Find the perfect partner, coz I know I can do it no time if I prioritise it above all else 14. What is preventing me from doing those things now, regardless of how long I have to live? My fear of being choked and suffocated and the fear of they knowing all about me and using it against me 15. What could I do to make myself feel even better right now and enjoy right now even more? Watch a movie 16. What pain do you want (In other words, if pain was unavoidable, what are you willing to struggle for)? To be in the limelight for all the things that I love doing 17. Who do you love and what are you doing about it? What are you not doing about it? I love my mother. Actually, I am doing everything about it 18. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? 2648 million years old 19. What belief is the best belief you possess? And what belief is the most painful belief you possess? I can get anything I am restricted by my mother 20. What ten things are you the most grateful for in your life? Myself, my intellect, Teal Swan, my mother, Taylor Swift, connection to the world (access to more than my culture), my you tube channel, my creativity (always having things in the pipeline), my new home, my frequency paintings and crystals, my money
  6. Teal does joy make you that red!! Wohooo I have known this forever, but god your face is so pure and transparent ❤❤
  7. Nidhi Shukla


    Lol Gaslighting, dark humour, irony in the same message
  8. When we let go of their life and our life along with it. This says everything

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