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  1. On Time! I've been feeling like giving up and take the test vax since the start of this morning. I've been feelin like any kind of demonstration would be useless against these measurements. I still do. I don't know whether to take this vax or not before becoming the 2nd class citizen. I still don't have the answer .. However, I will still do internal work like you have suggested here.
  2. kzhiko


    The kind of body and face tht I want to have.
  3. kzhiko


    Money only needs to come ina specific way, like going to a job and wait fr eternity to save the money I need to make the changes. I don't think it is a belief, rather a reality. Feel free to shatter my reality.
  4. kzhiko


    Ghosting! I only want to show how I want myself to be to other people but I am not there yet so.
  5. kzhiko


    Be the kind of person people admire! and it sounds lame but I do have an image in my mind, but not like a last suvivor, Mother Teresa or anything like that :0
  6. kzhiko


    I notice a good taste in colors, dishonesty and the reason behind why someone did what they did.
  7. kzhiko


    I don't do anything bad to myself but the universe does.
  8. kzhiko


    In 2017, when I finally stopped lying to myself. It js like a part of you knows the truth and I go with the fake hope anyways. Ever since then, I never lied to myself.
  9. kzhiko


    inability to make enough money to get the things I want and my face.
  10. kzhiko

    Family Shadow Side

    Woah! How was their reaction?
  11. kzhiko


    Finding ways to make money
  12. kzhiko


    Endless wait for yur life to get started.
  13. kzhiko


    Maybe, we don't understand what she's talking about. I think that's why.

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