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  1. Milky cheese. We would lay slices of cheddar cheese out on a plate and cover it with milk then put it under the grill to brown, then dunk buttered bread in it. Xx
  2. Suzanne Hatton


    Thank you
  3. Suzanne Hatton

    Skipping Rocks

    This looks so beautiful
  4. Suzanne Hatton


    I had this today, big time. Not being honest with about what I want from people, trying to manipulate... I've been doing that a lot lately because of my situation, desperate to get needs met. I was aware of it today and it made me feel compassion for myself. These videos where you share the shadows are my absolute favourites. Thank you
  5. Suzanne Hatton


    Yes I can really feel this.
  6. Suzanne Hatton

    Self Love

    I'm all ready, let's do it!
  7. Amazing workshop! That was such a powerful message at the end especially. I can see how this is happening and how we need to caretake the other side's safety, It makes sense. It isn't necessarily something I want to do, but I'm going to try xx
  8. Suzanne Hatton


    Very happy to hear this
  9. This made me think: I hope I fulfil my potential!
  10. Suzanne Hatton

    For Yourself

    Not an awful lot I am spending quite a lot of time with my sister's puppy. And letting it be okay that I'm not in a good space.
  11. Oh my god that was brilliant! So accurate I do fall in love really quickly and take bloody decades to move on. I definitely avoid conflicts and things and accept people unconditionally, I need to work on these areas. I didn't realise I needed autonomy but now it does make sense. Thanks so much that was awesome! Edit: I did 14 red and 6 white definitely giving is my thing.

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