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  1. Did you just shit on people and ask them why they manifested you? This feels twisted to me. I see that you are in pain with lots of anger. You are seen.
  2. Jenny Lee

    Season Change

    Wow what you said is in line with the concept in traditional chinese medicine where we use the energy or "type" of plants to bring our own energy back into alignment, and we only go out of alignment when we fail to adapt to "cycles" of the universe. There are many types of cycles in TCM - four seasons in a year, 6 solar terms per season, 12 divisions in a day, etc.
  3. Well, it doesnt sound like an easy answer to me. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by commenting this, is it to make people see your pain?
  4. I received a lapis lazuli "accidentally" with other stones that I bought. Teal said before that crystals can decide where they want to go, I am pretty sure this one wants to come to aid my expression
  5. Love the last question, totally relevant until today. The takeaway is - we are in a consensus reality, which means what that we are all cocreating this current reality. In this case our vote count immensely, not the vote for a political election, but a vote on what we want to create. So where should we put our focus on when the world systems go haywire and crumble? We focus on what we want to see. This is not avoidance or denial, as the world situation is indeed painful, because the boiling point needs to be turned on super high for some people to realise that they are not living the life the come here to live. This is casting your vote. Instead of paying attention to what you don't like, focus on what you want to see more, focus on what brings you joy.
  6. Jenny Lee

    Brain Healing Meditation

    Just a few breaths, the foggy feeling I had disappeared. My vision clearer and head lighter
  7. Jenny Lee

    Who Has Your Mind?

    This is powerful. As a Gemini rising and moon, my mind is total monkey. It gets distracted by anything and it runs super fast. I intended to settle it down but sometimes it feels like a fight that I would give up and let it runs its course. Now knowing that where it goes is actually casting a vote and encouraging creation, I want to master fueling it into where I want it to go.
  8. Jenny Lee

    China and the Hive Mind

    Absolutely resonates with this. I am from the South East Asia, my great grandfathers originated from China. During my 3 years in Germany, I saw my own enmeshment patterns in contrast with their individuality. It was liberating. But at the same time, the loneliness I felt was intense. The connection in neighbourhood, or on a bus, a train, on the streets, etc, is so thin. It is basically every man living for their own, there is not much empathy, not much reaching out energy. I saw the light and darkness of my own culture, and the light and darkness of the Western (or rather conservative European) culture. The waves of experiencing loving the freedom but hating the coldness were very enlightening. They all calmed down now, I decided to travel back home to my understand my roots. I love how I open my eyes to this contrast mankind is having, it feeds my love for all of us on Mother Earth so much more
  9. The part on visibility is helpful. I am at the point where the universe is calling me to look at how I always feel invisible but want to be visible. It had been manifesting (without me realising of course) in my romantic relationships, friendships and also career, where I constantly feel unseen or unimportant. Recently the need to be seen has been coming up as a power struggle with a friend, and my manipulative behaviour is looking at me squarely in my eyes. Since we only manipulate when we believe we cannot meet a need, I know the time is more than ripe to address this.
  10. Jenny Lee

    Birmingham Workshop 2018

    How many times have we verbally said that we want to change something, but when the change is offered to us, we freak out and worse, reject it? Awesome reflection
  11. Jenny Lee


    I would regret not living in every moment, not savouring each and every taste of life. I would be glad that I loved, I loved life enough to take steps towards authenticity. If I got another shot, I would love without reservation, towards myself, others and life.
  12. Well this is my childhood. My mother is antagonistic. Now that I have two young nieces whom I am very close with, I felt disgusted thinking back about how my mother treated us, because I find it utterly impossible to do the same to my nieces.
  13. Jenny Lee


    That I am not good enough

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