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  1. katyajam

    Haunted Painting

    How cool! How do you clear an object that's possessed by a negative entity?
  2. katyajam

    Teal Loves Cooking

    I would read that cooking blog in a second! And I love fall food too!
  3. Love this, Teal. Thank you
  4. katyajam

    About Cancel Culture

    Excited for the video! Teal and the team, you are amazing for never skipping a Saturday. I don't know how you do it but I just wanted to say thank you.
  5. katyajam

    Ask Teal BTS

    Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this, Teal. I don't know what we would do without you
  6. katyajam

    What's In My Bag?

    I love this! Thank you for sharing, Teal! Fun times!
  7. katyajam

    Nurture Today

    I translate it as "заботиться с лаской и нежностью". Hope it helps
  8. katyajam

    Quarantine Fatigue

    I love trying artisan teas too! And exploring places! Thinking about writing this list gives me energy What a great idea - thank you for sharing, guys. Last night I created a new music playlist on Spotify - that gave me energy
  9. katyajam

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday Teal! Hope you have an amazing day celebrating and NOT working!
  10. After watching this video, the first two feelings that came up for me was panic and anxiety. Then I sat down and wrote my version of the worst case scenario and multiple options / solutions. Then I wrote a list of things that I would want to bring with me if I were to leave my home. Looking at each item, I asked myself "How would this help me and what need would it meet for me?". Based on that, I was able to see what my needs are right now: security, comfort and emotional support. Now I'm gonna go and put my energy towards meeting those needs. Sending love to all of you
  11. katyajam

    React VS Respond

    Thank you for this, Teal! Your daily updates and insights have been the most helpful thing in these times
  12. I totally feel this way. The main feeling that's been coming up for me is disappointment. There is a part of me that has been disappointed so many times, she feels like it's beyond repair..so to her the only rational thing to do is to give up. That's the only way to protect myself from experiencing this kind of pain again. Hope feels unsafe right now. There is a feeling of despair too, like "what's the point in trying?"
  13. Does anyone have tips on how to come out of this meditation? I have trouble with bringing my attention back so I’m a bit intimidated by this exercise. Thank you in advance!
  14. katyajam

    Guaranteed Happiness

    For the longest time my focus in life was to be happy and positive. But all it brought to me was more pain because I was in the state of resistance. Then I found you, Teal. And now my goal is to become aware of what my personal truth is for every part within me even if it doesn’t feel good. I always thought that I would be stable when I’m happy. But that’s not true for me. I am stable when I know what my personal truth is in the moment. Because then I can make a conscious choice using my free will towards something that’s in alignment for me. So I choose freedom over guaranteed happin
  15. katyajam

    Life In One Word

    At the moment the word is Limited (by false beliefs that I am now changing).
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