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    Fearlessly live as an authentic light and fully express that light through creative endeavors. Shedding light on conditioning, fear, and helping to transform fear into acceptance, joy, peace, and expansion. Support the healing processes of others.
  2. EnergyinAngie


    Hidden agenda Try to be something or someone important or acceptable why is it hidden because I don’t want to face myself with the responsibility I face for who I really am
  3. EnergyinAngie


    Not being accepted by others. Rejection. I think I would rather be myself with my flaws included than try and live up to someone else’s version of how I should be.
  4. EnergyinAngie


    The way people think of me is a reflection of who I am and my worth.
  5. EnergyinAngie


    I like making medicine for people. I like giving gifts that make people feel special or appreciated and acknowledged. I appreciate being able to hold space for others, be with them in their honest experience.

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