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  1. Vile

    Frequency Card APP!

    they need to do a new Tarot deck with all the cool new Paintings!!! ^^
  2. Vile

    Synchronicity is Coming

    Ahh good to hear...hope ita gonna come true. Couse damn so many things, simple things that i was wishing for has been deleted destroyed and unfulfiled epicly to the point where i am so close to being again like i am in winter: without energy wish or means to do anything anymore.
  3. Vile


    And she gave it all, and it was glorious- Heavens weeped, Humanity rejoiced, And life was never the same. Starlight ☆☆☆
  4. Vile

    Blank Slate

    i would go and find you, and from then eternity and beyond lol ^^ :DD
  5. Vile


    How awesome, fulfilling and succesfull it could really be!!!!
  6. Vile

    Change Your Name?

    oh so cool! in lithuanian language Taika means Peace, like literally ^^
  7. Vile

    What We Love About You

    awww Teal, Casio love you too dears!!! thank you for this ,felt very nice to hear those things thank you again for creating the Tribe and putting us all misfits into one basket!! haha ^^ life wouldnt be the same (thank God!!) without you, and it would SUCK! I can't wait to meet u all live again as soon as posible!! =**** Vilė
  8. Vile

    Yoni Steaming

    Same! Wanna hear more of it ^^
  9. Vile

    Guaranteed Happiness

    I choose freedom ofcourse! Fake Happiness is not worth slavery...ofcourse
  10. Vile

    Taking Requests

    Uuu i love this: how to overcome disturbing energies when going to sleep, very relatable! Especially now, as 5g is about to pop up everyhere! O.o that shitt can get intense...i dont know from where it comes sometimes, but whlist i sleep, a lot changes around, days are so different in the morning couse of the intensity of noise that comes from the environment! How to cleanse it? Crystals?....pyramid filters lol breathing techniques, just grownding in your body fully would help a lot i guess
  11. Which year Persona movie?
  12. Vile

    Taking Requests

    Also would love to know how is your Teal eye company doing? Havent heared of it in awhille...what r u in the process of creating? How is the restructuring of the social, help care, school and other systems going? Any success u see? Thank you for doing this, I would love to be a part of this revolution in a near future (like helping to built a connection based community ;)) i heared u wanted to have it somethere near by your Philia Center maybe) that would be so cool Also so where is the humanity going with all of this crisis? How long is it gonna last before we see the utopian change we were all going for in this world? Aliens showing themselves anytime soon...? probably not next years problem lol Srsl though, how bad is it gonna get before its gonna get better? As in if u can give us an aproximate time in years that would be great Would be great if u could finnish your 'car in the air after the crash' analogy relating to all of this world wide covid crisis...has it landed yet or no? When is it gonna? Thank you ❤❣⚘🏵
  13. Vile

    Taking Requests

    What is your current relationship status? (Sorry if its too personal) Why did u change/covered your personal life so drasticly, like couple of years ago (u dont writte blogs as often as u used to before etc...=/) How could we help you out? Is there something u need help from us for you personaly? =] Also would love to, if u were to cover more of a metaphysical side of teachings: how to do magic for example? Is there such thing as dark magic & what is it then, how its done and the diferences between it & whitte magic. That would be awesome to hear from your perspective also how can one master the mental field/mentality? I guess that would be the element of Air...;)) advanced teachings on that would be awesome!!! ^^ So far thats all, Thank you very much for asking!!! ❣ Love u
  14. Vile


    powerfull- in my power
  15. Vile


    my computer fo sure. couse its the main database of everything in my life (pretty much), it has all of my memories saved and more...

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