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  1. Aten

    Path Test: The Results

    Wild! Not overly cautious because when I fall in love, I fall in completely The roses indicated red for passion and white for our wedding, so a mix is good I am excited to see my lover and know it’s ok for me to just let myself in. I have been self-sufficient and autonomous for millions of years, so I’d really love to be together now. After all, isn’t that why I’ve come to your house? Blissfully sleeping I’m never able to go back to the way things were before because I’ve found my forever home.
  2. Aten

    Ear Candle: The Verdict

    Agreed. I couldn't find any value in it.
  3. Aten

    Ear Candle

    Curious as well... I have never tried it
  4. Aten

    Take Your Power Back

    This dovetails perfectly with the new 2021 meditation. To surrender "trying", just give up. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
  5. Aten

    Are You Relaxed?

    I experienced this beautiful meditation early this morning. Thank you, it's very freeing.
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