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  1. Aten

    Alternative Careers

    It has been a long-standing dream of mine that you could host your events on your horse ranch. The participants would enjoy the the miraculous benefits of equine therapy. Combined with music and fabulous food... Just sayin'
  2. Aten

    Blue Lotus

    Ooooo ! Will definitely investigate!
  3. Today is the day to receive!
  4. I'm a huge fan of Moldavite and Chintamani
  5. Aten

    School Memory

    Love the jewels, truly powerful. I can empathize your childhood experiences. Selective mute, same here. I'm truly sorry you had to suffer at the hands of abusers who never deserved the title teacher.
  6. Aten

    New York 2021

    Heart-felt thanks!
  7. Aten

    Gaslighting The Human Race

    Yep, a continual vigilance is needed to avoid gaslighting. How you perceive it, is the reality.
  8. Aten

    Season Change


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