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2023 New York Synchronization Workshop

  • 00:00:20 Something is keeping me stuck but I can’t pin point what it is. Somatic feelings of stuckness and tension in the body. Lack of boundaries.
  • 00:50:08 How can I integrate my inner critic?
  • 01:07:58 My self destructive behaviors almost cost me my life. Why is my self worth not enough and no matter how much joy is in my life I keep going back to that again? Overcoming addictions.
  • 01:27:56 I moved away from home to focus on healing but now I am considering going back. Is it possible to heal the relationship with my family without sacrificing any part of myself? People pleasing.
  • 01:45:25 I want more intimacy and more connection in my marriage but my partner is not motivated to do inner work. Do I push harder and keep leading or do I renegotiate the terms of our marriage?
  • 02:08:49 Stuckness Group Exercise
  • 02:21:20 I have control issues. Needing to control people and not being able to trust or depend on the people around me. Acting out of desperation in relationships, resourcing multiple people.
  • 02:48:42 I have a lot of family trauma. I tried to make friends “my family”, but all the same family patterns came up. I don’t want to do life alone, I want a family around me but it feels dangerous. Narcissism and safety in relationships.