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  1. Canaan


    hearing about blake and juliana's wedding made me smile :') congratulations!
  2. Canaan

    Online Workshop - January 2019

    what do you do when your heart says nothing you can perceive? the image that came to me was a red pyramid and then a small alien with a huge brain. when i asked it questions the image disappeared. does it want to be alone? this is my first time doing this so i will try again
  3. Canaan

    Typical Gemini

    Im a typical Taurus in that I love physical things; I love music and art and nature and crystals; I love food, though I also have a complicated relationship with it; I'm told I'm stubborn but I see it more as wanting to honour my Self. By working to properly align myself I'm noticing other traits come out that I'd previously not related to, such as reliability and patience. I'm sensuous. I like my alone time. I'm calm when others are stressed and I try to project that energy out to them, which usually doesn't work aha but at least I try. I'm trying to direct my desire for Things towards spirit
  4. ok this turned out to be very accurate
  5. I've been wondering what your sign is! Gemini women are bundles of energy and emotion. I've gotten to a place with porn where I hope it's more about being with my body and my pleasure than it is a distraction.
  6. Canaan

    Auckland Workshop 2016

    the couple session was so interesting and powerful to me... also Teal says she's not politically correct a lot but nothing she says or does really puts that across to me. she's very thoughtful. maybe we have different ideas of politically correctness. in my head "I'm not politically correct" is something Republicans or assholes say when what they mean is "I'm going to say racist/sexist/transphobic etc things and I don't care if you are offended." Teal has never done that in any of the videos I've seen. The one thing I caught was she said "that's retarded" in another workshop, and the audience
  7. Canaan

    Los Angeles Workshop 2020 - 2/2

    Teal's point about the billionaires disproving the woman's belief that you have to be born into wealth feels a little false to me. Lots of them were born into families where they could take those risks because generational wealth alleviating financial stress, or utilising their family connections, and their privileged upbringing giving them the right tools to succeed in the way they did. Take Elon Musks' family, or Trump's family, etc... the wealth didn't just come to Elon or Donald because they had an amazing idea and pursued it and manifested abundance in their lives. They were born into fam
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