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San Diego 2023

  • 00:01:04 Raven Meditation
  • 00:12:31 Group Exercise: Questions for The Problem I am Facing In My Life
  • 00:17:29 What is a Synchronization Workshop and how does it work?
  • 00:19:59 How can I shut down my hypersensitivity in social settings?
  • 00:52:08 I’m procrastinating on the things I need/want to do. Why am I not following through?
  • 01:20:03 How do you reside with a twin flame?
  • 01:45:36 I work in the spiritual/self-development field and dealing with imposter syndrome. I’m worried about misusing my influence.
  • 02:12:00 My partner and I are very different, I get overwhelmed by his loud personality. Suppressed selves and attraction in relationships.
  • 02:26:46 I’m in a toxic situation, but I don't leave.
  • 02:33:59 Why is it so hard for me to connect to men and make a relationship last?
  • 03:12:52 I feel fake all the time and have different issues every month. I also had a psychedelic experience years ago that I haven’t fully processed. Ancestry and lineage.
  • 03:40:52 I’m on a mission here on Earth and lacking joy in my life. How can I make my journey here more tolerable and enjoyable?
  • 04:10:13 Teal’s message: Ending the conditional relationship to life