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  1. Yes, I believe honey to be toxic. Not due to Ayurveda, but because of other reasons.
  2. This question caused me to remember that as sad as I am about having to live with my family, under the circumstances I am, that I am doing this because it is the safest option. That gave me rest
  3. Ah! I didn't know I could still write on my wall without still having premium! I WILL BE USING THIS for all my fleeting, esoteric, nerdy thoughts!

  4. My, my, my, interesting that Teal posts this only a few days after I initiated a value shift. I’m still on the fence about whether I can be friends with everybody, but I’m really shifting gears towards not. It’s hard to accept
  5. Same! And you put it the exact way I think of it too, lmaooo
  6. Thank you for being one of the good ones!
  7. I listened to this song the other day! Soo many synchronicities! I was also very reactive today to my family which I feel bad about, especially since I’m a grown ass adult (23 as of yesterday). I was reactive because of a combination of being afraid of never getting out of this house (my family is incredibly psychologically abusive), built up burdens about financial issues and scarcity I have, and because I am having doubts about my choice to start being a morning person despite night time being my only escape from them. The reasons I made this decision are numerous and vast but the tldr is th
  8. It supports the BPD trait of ‘splitting’
  9. You’re fine. Know how I know? Multiple indicators point to it: 1) You’re asking 2) you’re on a Teal Swan site. People who like teal are open minded but WITH discernment 3) this ones kinda hard to explain as far as all the depth I wish I could go into but basically in a nutshell I guess the best way to describe it is you’re canceling because you’re ACTUALLY cancelling, not cancelling for the sake of attention. You believe in a cause and that is a beautiful thing in and of itself. You’re not circle-jerking around with it unless it’s GENUINE ACTIVISM. Not trendivism
  10. Omg— I totally relate to both of these answers!!!
  11. As time goes on, Gabi reminds me more and more of myself
  12. Yeah I feel like my relationship with him is that of a descendent master. I do think, however, it’s totally plausible that Christianity can be real AS WELL AS Teal’s new age teachings (I mean hello I’m here I’m Teal’s biggest fan girl and I tout her name anywhere and everywhere lol) because I feel like if that were the case that would mean that God resides in the AETHER. That is his home. And the alchemy field is draped with ether. If a person who is a Clair-something cannot see it, it’s literally because it’s not for most or ANYBODY to see. It’s the fucking ether. That could be where
  13. I thought it was gonna be the cookbook! But I’m also SO HAPPY it’s a novel, had to give ya the trophy react
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