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  1. This had me cracking uppp!!!!!!!!
  2. I’ve wondered for a long, long time as well haha
  3. Omg... not getting the Halloween coloring book I really wanted at the grocery store has seriously traumatized me
  4. Same here, I absolutely relate to this and am struggling with this also. As an ex-radical feminist before the movement got batshit bananas years back, I am just left feeling... embarrassed And with a lot of self-hate, imposter syndrome, gaslighting myself, there's just so much residue I say I've owned but haven't. I feel like the left walked away from ME rather than I from it. I identify as radical centrist now and have for some years
  5. Yes, I believe honey to be toxic. Not due to Ayurveda, but because of other reasons.
  6. This question caused me to remember that as sad as I am about having to live with my family, under the circumstances I am, that I am doing this because it is the safest option. That gave me rest
  7. Ah! I didn't know I could still write on my wall without still having premium! I WILL BE USING THIS for all my fleeting, esoteric, nerdy thoughts!

  8. My, my, my, interesting that Teal posts this only a few days after I initiated a value shift. I’m still on the fence about whether I can be friends with everybody, but I’m really shifting gears towards not. It’s hard to accept
  9. Same! And you put it the exact way I think of it too, lmaooo
  10. Thank you for being one of the good ones!
  11. I listened to this song the other day! Soo many synchronicities! I was also very reactive today to my family which I feel bad about, especially since I’m a grown ass adult (23 as of yesterday). I was reactive because of a combination of being afraid of never getting out of this house (my family is incredibly psychologically abusive), built up burdens about financial issues and scarcity I have, and because I am having doubts about my choice to start being a morning person despite night time being my only escape from them. The reasons I made this decision are numerous and vast but the tldr is that I feel like with the exception of it inevitably meaning more interaction with my family, I think it would be good for my mental health all around. It’s just that the more family interaction thing freaks me out. I might apologize to them, I’m still trying to talk myself into it. I’m trying to break myself out of the prideful mentality of treating them any which way just because I know they deserve it and are 100X worse than me. But, after I do that every time I feel shame just because it’s not in alignment with MY higher self’s morals. I have always had the mindset that if a person goes past a certain threshold of bad, that you do not have to even attempt to be yourself of live to your own morals with them, they are a rightful exception. And while I still agree, it is weighing on me more and just, just for the fact that it doesn’t feel right in ME. It’s not about them. I am thinking of starting to pay rent for this same reason. It is just so hard to break out of the pride knowing that they are so toxic and so undeserving and so irresponsible anyways so it sucks to know that they would just trash my hard earned money. But I was watching a Teal video the other day. I forget which one but it’s on the tip of my tongue! But I ended up doing a mental exercise where I thought what would need to happen for me to feel as though I am deserving of all the emotional labor that has been given to me throughout my life, because I finally faced something I had been resisting due to shame which is feeling as though throughout my life I’d been given way more emotional labor than I deserve. And so when I envisioned what would make me feel right in my spirit about this, the honest answer was that I needed to start paying rent and also act better even in the face of knowing that they DON’T deserve it. Because they really DON’T. I am now trying to talk myself into actually USING this information now. I am starting slowly with the acting better aspect first. Rent will be a big and hard one that I may never conquer while I’m living here. We will see
  12. It supports the BPD trait of ‘splitting’
  13. You’re fine. Know how I know? Multiple indicators point to it: 1) You’re asking 2) you’re on a Teal Swan site. People who like teal are open minded but WITH discernment 3) this ones kinda hard to explain as far as all the depth I wish I could go into but basically in a nutshell I guess the best way to describe it is you’re canceling because you’re ACTUALLY cancelling, not cancelling for the sake of attention. You believe in a cause and that is a beautiful thing in and of itself. You’re not circle-jerking around with it unless it’s GENUINE ACTIVISM. Not trendivism

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