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  1. My, my, my, interesting that Teal posts this only a few days after I initiated a value shift. I’m still on the fence about whether I can be friends with everybody, but I’m really shifting gears towards not. It’s hard to accept
  2. Same! And you put it the exact way I think of it too, lmaooo
  3. Thank you for being one of the good ones!
  4. I listened to this song the other day! Soo many synchronicities! I was also very reactive today to my family which I feel bad about, especially since I’m a grown ass adult (23 as of yesterday). I was reactive because of a combination of being afraid of never getting out of this house (my family is incredibly psychologically abusive), built up burdens about financial issues and scarcity I have, and because I am having doubts about my choice to start being a morning person despite night time being my only escape from them. The reasons I made this decision are numerous and vast but the tldr is th
  5. It supports the BPD trait of ‘splitting’
  6. You’re fine. Know how I know? Multiple indicators point to it: 1) You’re asking 2) you’re on a Teal Swan site. People who like teal are open minded but WITH discernment 3) this ones kinda hard to explain as far as all the depth I wish I could go into but basically in a nutshell I guess the best way to describe it is you’re canceling because you’re ACTUALLY cancelling, not cancelling for the sake of attention. You believe in a cause and that is a beautiful thing in and of itself. You’re not circle-jerking around with it unless it’s GENUINE ACTIVISM. Not trendivism
  7. Omg— I totally relate to both of these answers!!!
  8. As time goes on, Gabi reminds me more and more of myself
  9. Yeah I feel like my relationship with him is that of a descendent master. I do think, however, it’s totally plausible that Christianity can be real AS WELL AS Teal’s new age teachings (I mean hello I’m here I’m Teal’s biggest fan girl and I tout her name anywhere and everywhere lol) because I feel like if that were the case that would mean that God resides in the AETHER. That is his home. And the alchemy field is draped with ether. If a person who is a Clair-something cannot see it, it’s literally because it’s not for most or ANYBODY to see. It’s the fucking ether. That could be where
  10. I thought it was gonna be the cookbook! But I’m also SO HAPPY it’s a novel, had to give ya the trophy react
  11. It’s crazy how I struggle to believe after seeing him with my own eyes. I think I’m just a Christian in denial Bc I don’t WANT to be a Christian and I don’t think I’ll ever be saved ever and I’m just doomed to hell i just bought a Bible like two minutes ago though. I’m simultaneously trying to build a relationship with God while also thinking it’s all for nothing and I’ll never fully believe anyways so what’s the point because I’m gonna be doomed to hell anyways since I’ll never fully believe anyways
  12. I saw Jesus when I was 6 years old
  13. Hi, are we the same person??? Hahhaha Im the EXACT same way and going through that EXACT same conflict— dang Teal and her sales
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