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Online Workshop - Jun 24 2018 - Part 4/4

  • 00:00:08 How do I get over the guilt of moving on with my life and being happy when the people I’m leaving behind are miserable?
  • 00:09:50 Paranoia on marijuana.
  • 00:11:07 Chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia.
  • 00:13:53 Aversion to metal.
  • 00:16:08 As a woman how to be a match to a divine masculine man?
  • 00:17:40 How do I build self worth and self confidence?
  • 00:18:45 Why do i keep manifesting a chronically blocked ear?
  • 00:20:07 Can I address issues of the parents of autistic and special needs people and assisiting them in the creating companies or finding ways to work with them without forcing them in a box? Should it be non-profit or for profit? Am I in the right direction creating a village for my son?
  • 00:22:00 Do the body, the emotions and thoughts have three different awakenings?
  • 00:22:30 Can you tell if I'm out alignment growing an "energetic penis" or am I actually trans?
  • 00:23:35 Underlying cause of hereditary high cholesterol.
  • 00:24:54 Is it important to grow our hair? What are the metaphysical effects of hair and beards? Why do only men have beards?
  • 00:26:14 I'm confused if people are using me to get something from me or are they just being nice?
  • 00:28:00 Sungazing.
  • 00:29:10 Why am I so fat? I’ve been overweight a lot of my life and nothing I do works!
  • 00:34:50 How can you be sure that you have ADHD and not other disorders such as anxiety?
  • 00:35:30 In 2013 I tried to commit suicide, and my near death experience haunts me. I think it was Hell. I once heard you describe Hell constructs as only lasting for a few seconds, but this seemed to last for eternity. I want to understand what happened.
  • 00:39:48 What is the reason for my lifelong lack of romantic relationships?