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  1. caritasrichard


    To sacrifice = to make sth sacred. Wohou that is a language from pretty cool times.
  2. caritasrichard


    I regret trusting the other to convince me my inner guidance was a fraud and manipulation. I do not regret laying in bed with a man. Nothing sexual happened so I got that experience knowing I get turned on just by women.
  3. For many years I was "discinnected fron the physical to a great degree".
  4. caritasrichard


    Well my understanding is that Teal names the painting. Thus yes the art of hers must be me she draws sigils/structures of space.
  5. What about Cancer culture? What O hatte most about cancel culture. 1. Your cancel culture is 1.0 2. You have no style of it. 3. People think they understand yet they do not. Thus I will show you what a Cancel Culture truly is. Oh "my video" about Cancellation moment will be Cancel Culture 2.0 #MrYellowstone Thank you for doing all you can to teach me about who cares and who just takes. Be blessed.
  6. caritasrichard

    Palomino Horses

    That is exactly why O ride donkeys
  7. caritasrichard

    Palomino Horses

    I was thinking about it...maybe I would not go for it...but Mohito did not respond. So duck USA. As I was saying - America should be dumped under water for 100 years. Then restarted. Well - if sickness will not do it Yelowstone will. And with that america will be unhabutable for quite some time. So be stupid and die or not. Brownies I hope they will listen. Or we will have some good belly laugh in the rest of the world. #thatwillmakeamericagreatagain #thatprovesamericawastrulythebest #americandream #usastillgoingstrong #usaisnumberone
  8. Hello Sheena Leney (Shawna Lenee - sorry I missed ) Post here your bodygraph and I shall add some deeper explanation.
  9. Enjoy your world of duality.
  10. Allow me in and let me do my thing. Ah and as a Split here comes answer 2 - communicate. Be personal with me. That gets me "engaged and interested" Must be hard for non-projectors to grasp the superfocused laser attention we have and thus deep need for things and people be personal and real. Layer 3 be loved. As much as I can give and receive from it too still I am human as well needing to be loved too in a way I receive it. Dynamic touch and quality quality quality time together - as a "Cancernian-cubic" with 15.2 authenticity and depth beyond 99 %. Met personally just 1 bein
  11. Unified field. Teal can see it within the collective of a group. Teal can see it within the collective of humanity. Let your question become one of that which benefits us all and Teal will see it.
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