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  1. MatthewRobertElsey


    Welcome to the community connieisteddy. I love your screen name. I can read it as either Connie's Teddy or Connie is Teddy. Most of the people that post on here are real and down to Earth. We all try to accept that we have issues that we are dealing with. Teal doesn't actually post comments on the forum, if you want to ask her questions there are other ways to do that. Sometimes we get people who deliberately post argumentative questions as if they are talking to Teal but, I find it best to not get involved with that kind of thing. I do suspect that if Teal has a free moment or two in her day that she might read some of our comments now and again, just to keep an eye on us. Remember Teal is an extrasensory so doesn't have to meet you, or talk to you to know you are there, just visualising an image of her is enough to connect to her Loving energy. Peace and Light Matthew x
  2. Did anyone catch what the stone Teal is working with is called? Matthew x
  3. Bigot a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group. I think you may be stretching the use of the word Bigot, Greeny. Although Teal does give Lightworkers a hard time. Indeed 'Life is dukkha' Glad to see your still with us, by Us I mean, Us as apposed to THEM although strictly speaking there is no them and us, there is just US. ' Imagine what you'll know tommorow?' Matthew
  4. Being able to repeat the 108 moves of the Toaist Tai Chi set almost perfectly. A skill that you can't teach to anyone, unless they specifically ask you to teach them. And your not allowed to charge them, even if they do ask, because that goes against the Toaist principles And to brag about it, like I just did, is also an ego power trip and, also contrivines the idea of taming the heart, another Toaist principle, so strictly speaking I can't even tell people I know the movements. Matthew.
  5. God your aggresive. You always manage to trigger some kind of emotion, when I have the courage to read you. This time you made me smile.
  6. Hi i just watched this video from 2017 I know this isn't the place for questions but what the hell maybe somebody out there has a suggestion, or even the same question. If you search the internet all you get is techniques for ridding your life of Low vibrational people. On face value this seemed like a good idea so I spent the last two years doing it. This now feels exactly like the narcissistic bubble Teal describes in this video. When I walk through a busy supermarket I am literally invisible. People seem to float around me as if they sence a presence but can't see it. When I walk through the woods I feel connected to everything. I see beauty in all things, from the humblest Butterfly to the majestic Oak tree. But I can't connect with my neighbour to solve the simple problem of her dogs wee and poo piling up in her back garden. As the sun shines on the plastic astroturf, the wind blows and the stench of corruption and neglect wafts into my garden. My question. How do I maintain a high energy vibration and still be able to interact with other people who are at a lower energy vibration? Feel free to message me on this subject. Or indeed ignore this post entirely Matthew
  7. MatthewRobertElsey


    Thats a good point. The way I tend to 'pick' stones is with my intuition. The other day I came across a tray of crystals, they looked like they had been there for a long time. When I started to pick them up I got a negative feeling from them, even the rose quartz. When I 'asked' are any of you for me? I got a resounding No. Matthew x
  8. Argh I want to say how wonderfully bubbly, full of energy and incredibly feminine Teal feels today, but I know it's going to come over as creepy. I am after all a Man. I can't stop myself though I have to say it. Watching this update made me feel happy, so sue me. Yes I know the world is full of disconected miserable people, but that doesn't mean I have to join them. I.m pretty sure Teal is far to busy to read these little posts anyway. But if you do Teal, please forgive me for being creepy. And yes I am trying to manipulate people, out there into commenting such as 'Thats not creepy Mat, it's sweet'. Or even 'yuck what a creepy guy.' I don't care what anyone thinks, apart from the lady herself. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, still doesn't change the facts... Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, X
  9. Hmm having read your history it would appear that you like to provoke a reaction in people. I wonder if you realise that it matters not to you whether the reaction is positive or negative. You and I are very similar, we are both addicted to the 'Buzz' when we get a reaction. This 'Buzz' is an endorphin release in our brains just like any other drug. And just like any other drug we must increase the dose to get the same 'Hit'. This is why we must increase the shock value of our comments. Do you realy want to die? I did for a very long time, years, and years. But now I want to Live. Remember you can always kill yourself tomorrow, so why not live today the best you can? Matthew
  10. MatthewRobertElsey


    Filter the water. Place a piece of clean, polished, Rose Quartz in the water. Gaze at the water. Breath in through your energy centre, the core of your being. Breath out through your Heart Chakra, imagine yellow light passing into the water, from your Heart. Sit up straight with your shoulders back. Relax. Say out loud 'I pass my Love for the Sunshine into this water' 'I pass my Love for the Ocean into this Water' 'I pass my Love for the Children into this water' 'I pass my Love for Teal Swan into this water' 'I pass my Love for all living things into this water' Repeat five times slowly. Drink the water. But. Don't Swallow The Rose Quartz. Matthew (Day 498 of 'What would someone who Loved themselves do') P.S If the cup has LOVE written on it the word will effect the water in the cup passively.
  11. Big Sign reads 'Gain True Awareness Here' Eating dead animals makes you absorb their suffering and lowers your vibration. First person to see sign 'You must be mad dead animals taste lovely, especially in curry, and what's a vibration?' Person holding sign 'Never mind' Slowly places sign on the floor and walks away. P.S You were right Olivia I was full of it, probably still am, its hard to find people in my Country that tell it like it is, glad to see your still in the World. Matthew
  12. Indeed Men and Women are not the same and never can be. A Man can never give birth to a child. I support Teal's statement, to argue that Men and Women are the same is fundamentally flawed. Strictly speaking whether one is born a Man or a Woman has no relevance to gender. Gender is in the heart and mind of the individual. Perhaps rather than argue we need to accept that we are all different. Sometimes it is not what is written on the paper but what is beneath it. mi planeta siente "My Planet Feels" These words are my opinion alone, yours may differ. It is our right to our own personal opinion that is sacrosanct.
  13. Yes please do if you feel it would be ok to share. I have never known anyone who was struck..
  14. This is what a car looks like hitting a concrete wall at 70 mph, a tree is just as hard. Starts at 2.00 minutes. Just to clarify matters the best place to be is not in the car in the first place, unfortunately the car in the metaphor is the human species. The party is over. Time to clean up. Picking up litter is a good start!Then how about somebody figure out how to get all the damn plastic out of the sea. Picture a Petri dish, the bacteria eats all the agar jelly then consumes itself. The Earth is the Petri dish, guess who the bacteria is? But don't give up guys in 3000 million years the Earth will have fully recovered. We are but shadows on the Sun. You can't get so hung up on where you would rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are. Look around you, start cleaning your little bit. In two hundred years time we will all of us reading this 100% deffinately be dead. Let's at least start to tidy up, if only for our great great great grand children's sake. Much love Matthew
  15. compassion sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. "the victims should be treated with compassion" Might as well ask, did my Chihuahua puppy have compassion for the nice clean blanket it just weed on? Yet a Chihuahua puppy is just as much a part of source as we are. Of course it doesn't, its a puppy. compassion is a human emotional response to another human or animal suffering, triggered by empathy, which is a feeling of relief that we are not enduring the same suffering. Just my opinion as a part of source consciousness, from my limited perspective. Maybe the blanket smelt to clean and needed some wee to sort it out... Hugs Matthew

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