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  1. So beautiful :,( the “dear” part hit me hard, and great ending wow
  2. Amygirl

    Sleep Minerals

    Teal I am so sorry about your family crisis I love you
  3. Amygirl

    Sleep Minerals

    I’ve been surrounding myself with MOLDAVITE
  4. Amygirl


    Yeah I got some relieving news with it as well
  5. Amygirl

    Support Network

    I wonder frequently about how much time we have to create our resiliency before this is not able to be made or overhauled. Do we have until the end of summer?
  6. Okayyyyy Teal thank you so much. I was visualizing while that was happening. The taking in of your writing. / reading. yes. This “Artists will be valued and recognized more so than in the previous epoch.” and “All this being said, do not be afraid to put energy into learning about money this year.” Thank you
  7. Amygirl

    What's Your Collection?

    wow that is so cute and sweet! "I collect people I like!" haha ...... I used to "collect" stuffed animals, so many, they were stacked nearly to the ceiling on my clothing dresser and all around my room, I had a name for all of them and gave them each a kiss every night.
  8. Amygirl

    Human Family

    Thank you so much for being here with us on Thanksgiving.
  9. Thank you for helping us through this awareness
  10. Amygirl

    Seasons Change

    My neighbor at the pond I grew up on “talked to rocks” they would tell her where they want to be and she would move them accordingly. She also practiced reiki and her home was so peaceful to be in. I didn’t think she was crazy even though my dad laughed at it. I just wanted to end up like her.
  11. Amygirl

    Trust Universal Timing

    The immunity comment was so helpful and empowering today. Looking forward to this coming week so much now.
  12. Amygirl

    Looking Forward To

    - beautifying the home in a new and daring way - upcycling thrifted goods or furniture - selling things online to make enough for something else you want - making a list of things you would do if (you were a different person or) no one in your life would judge you for and see if you can start doing one of them
  13. Amygirl

    Haunted Painting

    This is so beautiful Teal
  14. Amygirl


    Alsoo!! Swinging ... Whenever I am in a town and I know where the swings are (and weather approving) I will sit and swing on a swing for up to 45 min, I love it.

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