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  1. Though I am super aware of the things being taken away from us, like human rights, I so not see what I can do ... except to move to Portugal or Costa Rica and start a community ... but will that help? On a different but related topic, I would love some advice. I had a big run in with people I love, spiritual people, after someone posted one of these mass meditation calls. This particular one was about using mass focus to change timelines away from corona ... So, I admitted to not quite getting the point of that - I am totally aware of the power of joint meditation, do it often, but as the present situation is already an answer to the collective unaware asking, and that could have turned out much worse in my opinion, this positive focus changing time lines set up might just as well land everybody in a worse situation, for all I know ... Instead, the focus should be to jointly reach higher levels of consciousness to improve collective manifestations of reality ... something like that. Anyway, they are not really talking to me anymore ... I feel really rejected. And, YES, I have seen the video. Honestly, I do not know what to do with myself. The only peopel I can talk to are my kids and maybe three friends. What happened? How did it come to this? SIGH
  2. Ingamun


    I really love the interdependence painting, but still cannot help it reminding me of the German flag ... like a pretty and good version of it ... must be the colours. Leaving the house has become a trip into the unknown, or rather known, or, with Freud, the uncanny of weird vibes ... stuff from my past, unresolved emotions, the past of the people around, their emotions ...
  3. Ingamun


    Yes, it is super crazy. And very hard to not get triggered by people's reactions. My ex keeps sending my kids messages of panic, like "Don't go out. Do not meet people. It's dangerous!" Makes you seriously reconsider Oneness ... Love to all!
  4. Ingamun

    Breakfast At Philia

    Love papaya ... actually used to vaguely dislike it when I was young ... my children would never eat it ... Now, I am addicted. To papaya and tahin. I would love to know what that says about me. Which would be another angle for Teal's cook book/restaurant chain etc. project: Tell me what you want to eat and I'll tell you who you are! Spooky!
  5. Ingamun

    The Truth About Triggers

    Very good summary! Thank you!
  6. Ingamun

    Developmental Trauma

    Oh, tell me about it ... As most of my root traum happened within early infancy, it is often very, very difficult to find an opportunity for healing. Sometimes CP or parts work is enough. Though I often use a combination of techniques. I do have parenting parts, parts that represent my nurturing aspects and so forth working on this, but the actual experience is often needed for this to develop into constant changes. I am glad I have a good relationship with my dad these days, and whenever I am staying with him, I can feel myself heal a little. I am also blessed with amazing children, who have much understanding for my baby mommy parts. And I am slowly finding people, who are willing to give me nurture and support in the way I need it. But it still is often not easy. Healing itself is often not easy, particular when there is nothing to balance the amount of distress I am facing. Sometimes I am awed by my own resilience. I mean the fact that I live. In comparison, helping others is so easy.
  7. Ingamun

    Extrasensory + Suffering

    YES ... Finding more and more perspectives with every suffering part that surfaces that make me understand how people would not see their way out ... And the increasing awareness that if you cannot see that, you cannot possibly help them ... Thank you, Teal!
  8. Ingamun


    Super hard question, as there are so many smells I love ... but the one that really gets me going is the scent of Spring: the earth waking up, water, cherry blossoms, grass and young leaves and bees ... Makes me feel alive and in love. Less calming and comforting than winter and snow, but def the opposite of monotomy. Also love the smell of cats and vanilla. And ALL flowers. And fresh clothes that have hung outside all night ....
  9. Okay, THAT is what the mouth sores are about. Could have guessed! Last couple of days have been working on a collective shadow representing the negative, ostracised aspect of the male, patriarchy etc., you could call it trumpiness, hehe ... personally, part that insists on being all alone and unwanted vs part that has a joy rush when asked for money/a favour/my blood ... fairly along the lines of last AT episode, not because I tried to apply that to myself but because I followed up my cats resistance ... The universe moves in not so mysterious ways!
  10. Ingamun

    Philia Nature

    Pineapples are just weird ...
  11. Ingamun

    Teal On Candy

    Oh, I hardly spend a day without a cartload of Teal's fudge in my fridge!!! Though I keep changing the recipe, like using cashew butter and less sirup, or putting in real Peruvian whole cacao .... It's basically what I live on.
  12. Ingamun

    Tornado Moonstone

    Ooooh, I'm still missing one of my fave stones I lost some while back ... I know it is supposed to have moved on, but does not feel that way ... looked at hundreds of similar crystals but none come lose to it. Me still waiting for the frequency pendant I wanted for my birthday, but didn't make it, not for Christmas either Probably stuck in bloody customs ... Anyways, had a lovely Christmas and birthday, both kind of blending into to a very mellow and relaxed season, hope the New Year will be an extention of that. Merry Xmas and much love to everyone!!!!
  13. Ingamun

    Teal Painting Her House

    I don't like white walls, and I am not hot on the wood, though I love the material, white or brown walls depress me, unless it is whitewahsed stonewalls or wood painted white .... Hey. I am weird. I love rooms painted in different colours, like in a castle, and calling them the blue room or the green room. In the seventies, when most walls were covered in unhealthily psychedelic wallpaper, my aunt had a room with dark brown walls. Unfortunately, this was also the guest room ...
  14. Could do with some Papaya, my digestion just collapsed and it is still four weeks till Christmas .... Note for cook book: digestion friendly christmas recipes!
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