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  1. Hi Teal I love what you say about the plant beings. There is a wonderful book called "Plant souls Speak" by Robert Shapiro , wherein he communicates with the consciousnesses of many diverse trees, herbs and plants, including rose, coffee and banana! I often dream about the day when we can live here w/out causing pain to others. INterspecies respect and benevolent connection is my passion. I wish you would write a book about your awareness of all the other species; it's always fascinating when you talk about these things. Since your teaching focus is relationships, why not spend some time on our relationships with our fellow species, which , in most cases, are in need of tremendous healing. Although I guess they're just a reflection of our relations with ourselves (as always),.... but still..! I never cut flowers , but buy "silk flowers" instead - as a pain-free tribute to their beauty and sensuality...
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