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  1. KAL

    What's Your Collection?

    Many years ago I used to collect Nancy Drew books.... also playing cards, regular, miniature, round etc.... unusual ones.... clocks, Now I like to collect folk art - especially the brightly painted wooden figures of animals from Oaxaca Mexico. But I love any animal figure that totally captures the humour and quiddity of the creature. I know it when I see/feel it. BOoks. I cannot live with out books and they accumulate quickly. And crystals/stones, yes, of course.
  2. KAL

    Sugar Moon and Snow Moon

    Sadly I have no animals now. But that is only because I haven't established a permanent home anywhere yet. But once I do, it is my desire to have chickens , cows and pigeons! These creatures make my heart beat faster! Although , like you, I love all animals.... including cockroaches ( a tremendous teacher of shadow), flies, snakes, rats etc.... rats are the most clever, funny and loving creatures.... I wish people could open their hearts to ALL Divine creatures, not just the most popular....
  3. KAL

    Returning Home

    I have been sensing that I need to return to old ways in just about every aspect of my existence! It is the vision I was given several years back. It is why I am leaving as much of modern culture as possible - behind - and going to a community in nature. Nature is the answer for me. In every way, with whatever that entails. I am committed.
  4. KAL

    Who Has Your Mind?

    I don't pay any attention to any media. Never watch tv ( not for 17 years), no movies, no radio no magazines. I like to listen/read to what you say, and a few other folks like Nicola Amadora and Andrew Harvey, David Icke. I have no idea what goes on in the mainstream unless someone tells me . I have zero interest in "popular culture" or mainstream anything. I love to be in nature, to listen to beautiful music and to swim and cycle . To be in sunlight. That sensory interchange with nature is the crux of my existence. I think about giving my workshop and setting up my cabin /tent in the commu
  5. KAL

    Inner Critic

    Wow yes this one has been big for me lately. I have had so much to do managing two moves, one local and one overseas. So many things go wrong, and I panic each time, saying things like, " well, it's all ruined; stuff NEVER works; it's all a mistake, I didn't get right guidance.... etc". Then I noticed that things usually improved the next day if not , got completely resolved. Still I always panic! For example, after moving my mother into her new lodgings, the next morning her car which we had parked on the street, had three flat tires. I immediately assumed it was vandalism and panic
  6. KAL

    Seasons Change

    I had a big smile as I watched this one. Love this one! I feel inexorably magnetized towards anything to do with animism. One thing I want with tremendous feeling is to live in the time when humans all know , take for granted , that everything is conscious and alive . I guess one of my greatest pains is that we are not , as a whole, at that point yet. And my second greatest pain is that I am not aware that I can read the longings of mineral beings like you do.
  7. KAL


    Yeah it's really unutterably beautiful out West. I fell in love with it in 2015 when we drove cross the country to see you. I wonder if it's the only place on Earth with precisely these types of beings? Is there anything like this in Europe? Bryce Canyon is one of my favorite places on Earth. Magical. Do you ever talk with the great Stone Beings there? Don't envy you the cold though. I hate being cold. Right now where I am is glorious, warm and sunny. I am so grateful! Spent the day on my bicycle.
  8. KAL

    Election Anxiety

    I am in the midst of managing two moves - one locally and one to another country..... so I did not even know it was election day. I don't pay any attention to media or politics so that is how it always is. People tell me what I need to know. I feel no anxiety about it because we know what we're in the middle of and Teal explained long ago that off-planet benevolent beings were happy Trump got elected because he has a job to do. He is a destroyer and must destroy the old system so the new one can be born. That's how I understood what Teal said ( and others)... it feels right to me. It is n
  9. KAL

    Questions With Cassio

    Nice! I like to see the updates with new people to meet! And I love questions like this For me, the quality I would like to see ..... I was going to say compassion/empathy, but Teal kind of already said it, so my next one would be softness which I see as beings being able to release resistance when conflict arises and dissolve into laughter, see the light side of things that appear heavy. What I would do without limits of lack or time (I fantasize about this already) is all for animals. All species, including the many-leggeds, rats, snakes etc.... rescue/healing/ loving centers
  10. KAL

    Full Moon In Taurus

    Gee I don't know if I know how to answer this question..... If it's unconscious, by definition, how would I be aware of it? I play classical music (quiet cozy chamber music or divertimenti), I light a beeswax candle, I be in sunlight.... be in a small corner or cozy space where I feel contained.... is that what you mean?
  11. KAL

    Adorable Teal

    I like to speak in gibberish! It is fun and gets me out of my analytical mind .... scrambles the wires, so to speak. Sounds a bit like a cross between Hindi and .....?? I don't think about it but whatever sounds come out are it.
  12. KAL

    Looking Forward To

    Well, I am supposed to fly to Ecuador in December for the winter ( or longer) I really hope that happens. But on a smaller scale, everyday I look forward to riding my bicycle to do errands. I look forward to eating delicious fruits I love. I look forward to reading a new book, or coloring a new picture. It feels good to me when I get done so much on my list of things that must get done before I leave country. I look forward to getting the mail because I have ordered something or other I need/want.
  13. KAL

    A Closed Door

    I never knew this about Blake! I LOVE it! makes me feel cozy and secure. Blake , you have so many lovable qualities. I am similar . I love to sit in rocking chairs and be in silence with someone. Just sit and think. People figured out a lot in bygone days doing this! Newer generations don't appreciate silence and always seem to have to have noise around them. They never seem to have enough time despite all the "time-saving" devices, supposedly...;.they could benefit a lot from the wisdom of previous times. And Blake, I totally agree with your preference for doing stuff the
  14. KAL

    Haunted Painting

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE UPDATE EVER!!!! I LOVE esoteric. O my gosh, I wish you would just talk like this all day every day!! LOVE IT. can't get enough. I am totally esoteric. Talk like this makes me feel alive. I don't know where but I wish I could find more of it. She is magnificent. To me she feels slightly melancholy, very cozy and also curious. Citrine is superb also , what I could see of her. I love this stuff because I love animism and detecting the life in "objects". So fun! I also applaud what you say about the responsibility in having objects, inhabited by thought form
  15. KAL


    I don't think it worked. I did not feel reallly drawn to any book on the shelf. But I picked one . The book did not fall open because, being a soft cover, it had been read before, so some parts of the spine were stretched, so that's where it fell open. Then, I wasn't drawn to any particular passage. How can you be drawn to one over another? So what I read made no sense. I really hate it when stuff doesn't work for me. I feel cheated or "not good enough" or excluded unjustly..... I want so much for these esoteric things to work because I believe in them and I know that is the wa
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