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  1. KAL


    Yes!! this is very prominent in me. I do this all the time. But! happily, I am aware every time I do it. Still I cannot stop. Most of the time, I am proven wrong. And I notice that too.. STILL, I cannot stop. I am like Teal in that I feel closer to animals. I totally love animals and get coo-ey and totally daft with them... but humans are infinitely less appealing to me. My animal is not horse, notably, I don't relate to horses much. I once got kicked by one in India, in Goa, but even before that, I didn't really relate to them. For me, it's pigeons, chickens, cows that really get me goi
  2. KAL


    O thank you! I LOVE anything about animals. Teal, please write a book about animals!!!! Ah, yes I know, you have so much to do, but that would be so wonderful. And I ADORE hearing the esoteric about them. Can't get enough about that. Please tell us about pigeons. I have my feeling as to what their divine purpose vis a vis humans is and would like your perspective. Wonder if it's close to mine. Also cows and chickens??? Animals are our guides and teachers. How to live on Earth. How to be. Tribal people always observed, imitated animals and communicated with them. It is why t
  3. KAL

    Profound Experience

    My profound experience involves an animal teacher: I was in a park in Brooklyn NY. In the boathouse, there was an exhibit. As I approached, I saw a woman and an aquarium. She was letting humans get to know a Madagascar cockroach. People would put out their hands/arms and the little critter would walk upon them. At first, I was hesitant, feeling about insects the way I had been programmed to . But then I tried it. And this little being melted my heart. She was soft, beautiful, tentative, and curious. I cried as my programming fell to pieces and my heart opened. She was the c
  4. KAL

    Taking Requests

    HI. Great. Thanks for asking. 1- I"d love it if you would talk more on esoteric subjects. ( I know it's not your favorite/sorry!) One of my most joyous updates was the one you did about the painting you bought which was alive with the thought form of the woman in the portrait. I LOVE !!! absolutely my being cries out for more of these!!!!! Show us stuff you see and feel easily which is hidden from the rest of us, like how everything is alive, what they have to say, especially ANIMALS AND PLANTS AND MINERALS... or the particles in any form . I absolutely eat up those ones you do about
  5. KAL

    Path Test: The Results

    These are so fun. I wish there were a book full of them OK. Well, I chose the long winding scenic road coming and going. I did not recall we had to specify number of white or red, so I just put an equal mixture I did ask maid to fetch my mate I left flowers on windowsill I found her sleeping ! I guess it is pretty accurate , but I have not had any romantic relationships for many decades, so I cannot tell for sure. Hope you can have more of these!!
  6. KAL

    Path Test

    I love these things.! I wish we could have more games. Games are best! I want to find more of these. where did you find these?? Is there a book?? Please tell.
  7. Hey Teal. Thanks . I was missing those online workshops. Blake said you intended one a month, but I guess other stuff interefered. I have been to many of the workshops in person and sorely miss them. Yes, please I hope you can do one in person again soon. Can you come to Cuenca or Vilcabamba, Ecuador ??? BOrders are not closed here and mask is not necessary!! Rules not enforced, thank Goodness. And it is warm...... I still don't understand how people are chosen online. I know in person, but if you are not in the room with everyone, how can you see the chosen one light up? I a
  8. KAL

    Ear Candle: The Verdict

    Thanks for reporting back. I am surprised. I was thinking it was a good idea. But the time I had it done, yes, I don't recall feeling much different. But I did go to a doctor once because I had got water stuck in one ear. She vacuumed out the ear wax, which was not too enjoyable but afterward wow I heard much better. So clear.. . however, my feeling over all is that that process was too invasive and , typical of mainstream medical training, too aggressive and I wish I had not done it. I think maybe it was a trauma for my ears. Nothing they do works with the body, just forces body to adj
  9. KAL

    Ear Candle

    I vaguely remember that I tried this once. It was administered by someone on me . But I don't recall if it really made a difference. But purely theoretically, it makes sense to me and I would indeed try it again, if it were available where I am now (Ecuador) I hope you can tell us the results after you do both ears!!? Cheers
  10. KAL

    Support Network

    HI. I'm here in Ecuador at a community in Vilcabamba. It is good to be with others. I was at a different community here in Ecuador before . Also very good. I do have feelings sometimes of not liking Ecuador , the cities especially, very much. I don't speak much Spanish. I cannot get some things I really need and want as I could in USA. And I miss riding my bicycle. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just want to go back to USA. But now I am afraid it might not be good to do so as it is much easier to live off land where I am now. Still I miss the other stuff. Like, right now, I have thrown my hip
  11. KAL

    Are You Relaxed?

    Blake , you are hilarious! I think you have a relaxed vibration for sure. I will check out the meditation. I find it hard to relax if I'm using electronic devices. Their vibration really jinxes me. Also being in crowds or around a lot of noise from traffic or radio/tv. But the only thing that relaxes me best is being in nature , in sea and around animals. LOVE that......Ah...... Also excersize like cycling or swimming.
  12. KAL

    Star Wars Characters

    That's funny. But , myself, I always hated that movie! I don't remember how old I was when I saw it but I just really did not like it at all!
  13. KAL

    Environmental Ideas

    I love that about finding new homes for items so they don't lose their purposes. Machelle Small Wright in her wonderful book, Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered, tells the story of a coffee cup. One day she was giving a workshop on animism and had them do an excersize where they found an object and felt into it as to what it's provenance and experience on Earth had been so far. One woman found a coffee cup on a building site dump. She was drawn to it and brought it in as her object. Immediately she felt anger waves coming off this cup. Another woman guiltily spoke up explaining
  14. KAL

    Two Dominant Shadows

    Thanks Teal. I have tried that book excersize but the page I got did not make any sense to me. I really need some direction and answers since I'm in a community in Ecuador trying to feel ...get some indication.... if I should settle here or move on or return to USA. No definite feeling comes just lots of back and forth worrying with no resolution. I am so tired and bored with that that I could scream. I almost don't care anymore. I'm tired of trying and seeking something that apparently won't come to me . Fuck it. What I have learned from life , in sharp contradistinction to what m
  15. KAL

    Christmas Village

    Wow yes, this does give me the cozy feeling which is my favorite feeling in all the world. I wish you could remember the painter's name? so warm and beautiful feeling. Thankyou

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