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  1. I know you have money for an Irish Wolfhound, why don’t you buy a male and female? I’m laying here thinking of buying one for you and it feels good...until I imagine how much money you have and how many of us members go to your retreat centers? Then I’m angry, I’m feeling empathy for your love and desire when you think of an Irish Wolfhound. (I’m like awww, I want to buy you one or two) Your smart and I’m thankful your wealthy...It feels good in my heart.
  2. Daniel D Guerra

    For Yourself

    A quick Enlightened answer while I drive a semi...Believe in The Supreme Being, drink water, think, listen to music, and study CRISPR.
  3. Daniel D Guerra

    Taping Stones

    Every mineral does have a purpose, coal creates electricity...I love the red Amber stones. Amethyst are my favorites too...Tiger eye...hmmm...I resonate with those right now...Prayer to the ruler of this world is the greatest healing frequency though. I believe your filled with knowledge from our ruler.
  4. I love your petals...it’s an answer I’ll dream of.
  5. So you believe you give more in a relationship and only expect 80% back? Hmmm? What if your partner don’t believe your giving what you believe your giving? I don’t like the short road...it’s painful. I love the short road, I can experience love,Hate and Integration with another part of myself. I love locking partners in the room with me and making them feel suicidal when they want to abandon me, then watching JP videos, (the JP part is futuristic possibility) I like his cucumber pizza video that inspires me to make a papaya pizza video. I also love when I believe they love being in the room
  6. I love you....too much talk about. Just believe we are every element...even thunder. Always have faith in Love and Happy Mothers Day. Believing in yourself in no joke.
  7. When I think of Teal being a Mother my moans...hmmm
  8. I love the attraction, love without limits. It’s not a moaning In your frequency though...it’s not a soft feeling of attraction, almost dark and definitely a hard feeling. I want more heart centered sexual passion and soft moaning...I want my heart to beg to stop moaning but not stop moaning for unity.
  9. I want to hear your choices...I’ll dream if you don’t tell us, Thank you, I think that’s a beautiful Wiccan test. 10 white roses and 10 red roses...why don’t I feel I’m getting 10 roses giving to me in return? Give us another one if you don’t tell us your answers.
  10. Daniel D Guerra

    Path Test

    I experience life down the long road believing she is the universe and life is eternal, I’m forever learning about myself. I Choose 10 White Roses, and 10 Red Roses and believe I have an understanding of balance. (Yes,I am confused about balance). I go in there and talk to her myself and listen to her, I already know it’s her territory. I leave the Roses on the bed or by her cup of water beside her bed. She is awake but not awakenJP. (Balance) She tells me to leave and takes away a Florence the machine looking hat that’s is hers and I had on my head thinking she would love it on me, her gran
  11. Marconi Union and going to sleep...
  12. Daniel D Guerra

    Ear Candle

    I have not....I feel there could be a safer place to do that. I hope it’s not a failed experiment. I spiritually think of light in our minds when I see the flaming candle. Be careful...
  13. Your strength is being an empowered Mother. You look young with brand new sweater and empowering frequency. Like your 28 years of age...I love you.
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