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  1. LilithTehanu

    Change Your Name?

    i am already using a chosen name, at least partially. i only go by the name written in my passport, which is Lydia, if i really have to, for "official business" stuff. i hated it, and the way and reason my mother chose it for me, and the way peers in school misused it to abuse me, since i can think. so yeah, my chosen name is Yuna-Lilia. my friends call me Lilia, its simpler and shorter and if i have to write official mail or so, i can put the initial and feel it is me i am writing about, without raising questions, as it is the same initial as with the passport name. i have used so many names in the past, trying them out somehow, but Yuna-Lilia feels right and i feel like i will stick to it. it speaks of yew trees, and of lily flowers, of my connection with plants and both the dark and the light.
  2. thanks for this update! now i heard your list of what you two perceive tribers to have as common traits, i can confidently say, yes i found a tribe, because i checked every one of them. yaaaaaaay belonging!!!
  3. LilithTehanu


    exactly!!! hugs to you!
  4. LilithTehanu


    thank you, much needed, ordered right away!
  5. LilithTehanu

    For Yourself

    the best things i am doing for myself right now are... having family constellation work sessions and energy work with my doctor, chelation therapy and a very tight detox-regimen with herbs baths and binders, and knitting myself some cozy beautiful warm jumpers made of natural fibers that emanate joy even before knitting them. also, whenever i manage, doing qi gong, but only when i feel up to it, i wont bulldoze myself into doing it just because i know how much it benefits me, if my body needs rest instead i prioritize that. i am also one of those who have to be so impeccable with my diet, that no one can feed me. it has made my social life even worse because it hasnt been received well on dinner invitations with former friends. but i find self-care is still more of a priority for me right now and does not yet include expanding much on connections with other (and maybe new) people more.
  6. LilithTehanu

    Taping Stones

    tapes!!!! omg how have i not hat the idea before!!! thank you you cant imagine how many stones have fallen down off my belly because i hastily and without thinking stood up to go pee while i had crystals laid on there for healing purposes XD i feel they do tend to relax you so well that you forget about them...
  7. that was soooo accurate
  8. LilithTehanu

    Support Network

    ok i am confused. what in this video was "between the lines" stuff? i mean... everything said is just plain obvious isnt it? or is this hinting for people to read between the lines, who still do subscribe to the mainstream narrative and conditioning at least a bit? can someone please briefly explain whether i am missing something here? also, what KAL said, i would love an update about good places to be and grow roots and connect, that would be very helpful.
  9. another huge environmental thing i came across the past year is: when your next frying pan made of aluminium and teflon coating gets unusable, invest in some good old iron pans and learn to cook with them. they really do last a lifetime and youll never have to buy new pans after that. and they are non-toxic even when scratched. (if you ever manage to make a scratch in them) another huge thing that most people arent aware of: turn off your wifi's, get your internet connection wired instead and get unhooked from your smartphones and at least operate them more on airplane mode unless you need to make a call or send a message... this is about the electromagnetic environment. electrosensitives, the earths electromagnetic field and the bees and birds will thank you for it.
  10. uh the idea with the message from a random book in a bookcase is genius! and Teal, judging by all the posts over on the tribe facebook page, you are going to make a lot of people happy, they are so eagerly awaiting this blog
  11. LilithTehanu


    merry christmas to you all too!
  12. LilithTehanu


    being immersed in an art or handcraft project. researching something that caught my interest. reading an awesome book. anything really that becomes a higher priority at that particular time. when i paint or draw on an idea i had that needs to be brought onto a medium, i sometimes forget to pee even (=
  13. LilithTehanu


    i would trade places with a cat. one that is taken care of by an old loving lady with a huge wild garden and i would sit in the sun all day. why? because it sounds so allowing, this kind of life allows a being to just be a strong point of emanating the beings uniqueness, to shine your essence, broadcast your own vibration without having to worry about survival, and human society and its crazy demands, or what is up with the human collective all the time. and because i havent really been taken care of by a loving being in this human form, so it would be really nice to have that experience.
  14. LilithTehanu


    congratulations! thats so beautiful
  15. LilithTehanu

    New Era

    exactly!!! just want to say, i feel the same need to move out of civilisation into nature, and i have the same thoughts and questions too. would love to see a discourse on these topics as well. thanks, and love to you too, and to Teal too!

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