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  1. LeeNZ


    I appreciate my incurable optimism. Regardless how down I can get i stil see the cup as half full.
  2. LeeNZ


    Resistance to getting fit.
  3. LeeNZ


    Guide or mentor. Friend. Leader
  4. LeeNZ


    I would be more open in making connections and valuable friendships with people as I’ve closed up mostly to protect myself seeing I’ve been hurt so much by so called friends in the past. So I’m avoiding being hurt again. Dammit!
  5. LeeNZ


    Being stuck in a relationship that grows at a snails pace. Being attracted to a man who is sometimes a boy. Loving this person who is complicated and who has mental issues and not having the tools to cope with that. Having euphoric moments with him and then having the opposite of that. Wanting to move on and the anxiety of leaving. Wanting more for myself, being trapped. Lying to myself. Making do with what I’ve got. Losing my spirit and dimming my authenticity for the sake of another. Geez that’s sad!!! (And depressing!) Glad I have Teal tho to help heal and guide.
  6. LeeNZ


    The expectation I need to let go of right now is he can’t fulfill all of your needs. So, what need can he fulfill is the question.
  7. LeeNZ


    That I know the answer but don’t want to know the answer.
  8. LeeNZ


    I notice generosity of spirit.

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