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  1. Thank you for sharing Teal
  2. Holly Webster

    Adorable Teal

    What happened to your finger love?
  3. Holly Webster

    Hunger Of The Pine

    So so so excited!!!!! Congratulations Teal, I am extremely proud of you and love the idea, can’t wait to read it!!
  4. Holly Webster

    Best Book Ever

    Waaayy too hard to pick a favorite! I love to read! I highly recommend N.K Jemisin’s the fifth season trilogy & the inheritance trilogy! Those books are soo deep, with soo many multi-layered themes and just so entertaining, such fun reads! Also, Octavia Butler’s xenogenesis trilogy is incredible! About the most profound aliens who save the human race by merging with us.. very sci-fi and complex and deep, my favorite things haha
  5. Holly Webster

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the entire world I truly hope you enjoy your day, with all the good food and connection! No one deserves it more than you Hope you have lots of fun!! Also, super cool info about this day you were born, thank you for sharing! I love Tupac was the first name you read/found interesting I too love rap and his music, and didn’t know Tupac was born on this day! Love you Teal! Will post something later about how I spent my day connecting with people on this international connection day! ✌
  6. Holly Webster


    I love this question! And I love the both of you! Also I love how the topic of play game up because I love to play too, it’s a big part of my life, but I have realized that I use play to escape being with myself, just like you Blake! Haha I’ve gotten a lot better about it though, just in being aware of it. Thank you soo much you two! Blessings!
  7. Holly Webster

    Hate Is Hurt

    Hi April, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in feeling this way about someone. I relate to you right now, more than you could ever know. If you need someone hear you, feel you, understand you, feel free to reach out to me, maybe we could help support each other in working through some of these painful emotions and in healing the wounds that they bring to our attention.
  8. Holly Webster

    Hate Is Hurt

    Thank you so much for the replies @Pastor George @Alma Devereaux As it turns out, I have spent years helping her heal her brokenness.. But just as you said Alma, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink.. I appreciate you sharing your personal experience, as I am very much in the same place as you had been and will look into that meditation because at this point, I don't see me getting any personal resolve anytime soon. And I am soo looking forward to the feeling of being freed up to find better. Thanks again!
  9. Holly Webster

    Hate Is Hurt

    What about when the part of you that has been victimized feels like it needs the person who did the hurting to acknowledge and take responsibility for the pain caused...? I struggle with reaching the step of compassion, because this part of me feels that my ex is stubbornly unaware and unwilling to take responsibility.
  10. Holly Webster

    What's Ending?

    This is crazy, exactly what I’m going through.. I had an intense realization last night when I was going into difficult emotions and reached out to someone from my recent past to help me through it, which failed miserably and reminded me that that chapter with her has just ended for a reason .. BUT I realized that I wanted her to rescue me and that I instead need to rescue myself.. then WHAM the relief I felt when I began talking to myself the way I would to someone that I was rescuing was immediate and profound.. It was the ending of my critical and self rejecting attitude because waking up t
  11. Yes that, or what I think is that the looting and violence will give them the excuse to enact martial law or something which will be perfect timing for them to enact something that takes away our freedom related to the covid situation and with martial law already in place, we will be completely unable to protest
  12. Holly Webster

    Childhood Story

    Thank you so much for this! I had never seen the movies but of course know about the characters, but after reading your description of some of the themes it has made me really want to watch both movies! I feel like I could relate to it too
  13. My girlfriend and I consciously uncoupled about a month ago, and decided to lovingly be there for each other through the grief of separation, as we live together and are quarantined together.. but she has a lot of childhood issues she hasn’t worked through yet and ended up abandoning me emotionally by adopting a narcissist relationship style to cope with life since she’s not working and since she’s struggling to fill her time during this lockdown type situation.. so having a broken heart with an empty shell of a person around has been the hardest part of all of this for me.. here’s to hoping t
  14. Holly Webster


    Love you too and am with you, it hurts me to see you hurting teal
  15. Holly Webster

    Teal On Candy

    Omg Teal I am just like you, eating only the red skittles from the normal bags!! Hahah everyone always teased me for that, so it feels good to not be alone Coincidentally, cotton candy, pop rocks, and milky ways are all my top favorite candys too Growing up I also loveeed candy corn
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