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Forecast For 2022

complex.jpgEvery year life for people within society is getting more and more complicated. There is a beauty and an intrigue to complexity. But too much complexity and complication does not lead to more fulfilling or to happier lives. Instead, it leads to distress. And as such, we see the distress levels within humanity climbing towards the breaking point. To generalize, humanity is waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. That light of course being a moment when they are finally relieved of the ever-mounting pressure. 

In the year 2022, the world is still in total flux. What has happened in 2020 and 2021 will bleed into 2022. 2022 does not exist independent of previous years. This means a lot will carry over from the previous years. And 2022 will also carry on into the coming years. This is because we are in a several year cycle of evolutionary change relative to societal structure. This is an era where sub-cultures will pop up and the new societal structure will be born out of those subcultures. You don’t need me to tell you that this is an especially real and an especially intense time period. 

2022 is a year where both bypassing and denial will be harder to maintain as a method of coping than ever before. Many will find it impossible. All forces will be united against it this year. In fact, all coping mechanisms will be hard if not impossible to maintain. A human being cannot thrive in an atmosphere of stress. When a human being goes into a state of distress, his or her wellbeing immediately declines. And so, it is only natural that we should want to make a change to the situation as fast as we possibly can. But when we perceive that the situation that is causing us distress cannot be changed, we believe ourselves to be unable to eradicate the stressor. We then find ways to manage it, deal with it and adapt to it. We begin to ‘cope’.

oo.jpgTo cope is to make a specific alteration mentally, emotionally or physically so that you can manage or adapt to something that is causing you stress. And a coping mechanism is a specific procedure, process or technique, which manages or creates adaptation to stress. However, there are some huge problems with coping. One of these problems is that the very coping mechanisms that we think are benefitting us, may in fact be the very things that are hurting us and also the people around us. Our methods of coping often become the thing that holds us apart from our personal growth and wellbeing. And another problem is that we often decide to cope instead of to make an actual change to the stressor in situations where it is well within our power to do so. It is a huge problem when we do have the power to diminish or eradicate the stressor, but we choose to cope with it instead. And people have been developing coping mechanisms to exist in a profoundly unhealthy and distressing society rather than actually changing society to be conducive to human health and wellbeing for far, far too long. In alignment with this reality, in 2022 all forces are in favor of breaking your coping mechanisms, including addictions. Many of you who have been trying to stop an addiction will find that this year is your year. They just won’t work anymore. Mass amounts of people will come into the ‘reality’ of things. You will be forced to look at and acknowledge and accept and feel and take action relative to those things that you have been not been looking at. But there will be a lot of “aha” moments as a result of this looking! 

cycle.jpgPeople are trapped in a kind of vicious cycle. The sheer complexity of our individual lives makes it so that most people are so overwhelmed and stressed out, managing the multitude of interconnected elements of their lives, that they are stretched to the limit. There is no space to work on changing the elements of society that are not working. For example, when you are stretched to the max working an 8 hour day and making sure the taxes are done and that there are groceries in the fridge and that you manage each monthly subscription that you now have and that you remember every password to every account and that the pets are cared for and that the kids have everything they need and that they get where they need to go and that each of the bills are paid and that the car maintenance and registration is done, and that your insurance is up to date, and to navigate through the flood of offers you keep getting in the mail and online and that your house is clean and kept and that you are keeping the people in your life happy by managing your relationships with each one of them... you are too overwhelmed and too depleted to focus on things like getting homeless people off the street or on community garden projects or on re-structuring the education system. When people are drowning in their own lives, how much can they consider taking on the task of changing what doesn't work about society?

simple.jpgIt is with this in mind that I introduce to you the dominant theme for the year 2022: To Simplify. As people are being pushed to the distress/overwhelm breaking point, you will see this move towards simplification happening naturally out of sheer necessity. To be in alignment with all the elements of the year 2022, people need to embrace this theme proactively. And so do businesses. This means simplify your life. At its essence, to simplify is to strip away the nonessential; so as to be able to put your focus, time, energy and action on the things that matter the very most to you. To do this, you must re-evaluate your life. You must re-prioritize. You must let go of things. You must organize your time and space. And you must actively make space. Simplicity is about truth and simplicity is about values. There can be nothing artificial about simplification because in order to simplify, you have to be completely honest with yourself and others about what your values really are and how those values are prioritized. No person can tell you what your values should be. Because no one can tell you what should be most important to you. There are no “shoulds” when it comes to personal values. Each person must admit to what is most important to them specifically and why.

shutterstock_1224825166.jpgSimplicity leads to a sense of freedom. The frantic rush to manage and keep up with complexity makes life become a ‘have to’. The constriction of the overwhelm and the compression of there being no space in your life makes life feel constrained. It leaves you without breath. Simplicity lifts and clears that sense of subjection. 

In order to simplify this year, consider things like: How you can simplify and de-clutter relative to the physical things in your life and your physical space? What can you let go of? What can you clean out and organize? What do you no longer need? Do you need to downscale or downsize? Can you challenge yourself to only buying necessities rather than accumulating? How can you simplify relative to your relationships? Which relationships and people do you really want and need to put your focus and energy into? Are there any people that you need to pull your focus and energy away from? Do you need to un-plug from your phone, computer and social media to any degree? Do you need to make fewer commitments? Is there anything you need to say no to? How can you simplify your financial life? Do you need to consolidate anything? Do you need to sell anything? How can you simplify relative to your time? How can you do things slowly instead of in a rush? Can you focus on a single task rather than multi-tasking? How might you take things off of your to-do list all together? Are you using your time efficiently? Are you dedicating your time to the things that matter most to you? Can you create systems and routines? How can you simplify your mental space? Do you need to do meditations to stop your incessant thought? Do you need to deliberately put your focus on a specific task or to learning something or to reading rather than letting your mind run zig-zag? How can you make your life more manageable? How can you clear things out of the way, so you can act fast? How can you base your joy and happiness in the little and the simple things in life? In the year 2022 think LESS instead of more. 

karma.jpg2022 is also a year for clearing up your karma. To clear up one’s karma is an important aspect of simplifying. Karma is like baggage that you carry around with you, complicating your life on an energetic level. This means, if you know you messed something up, go re-do it or clean it up. If you have any unfinished business, finish it! Take conscious charge of the law of cause and effect so that you are getting the effects that you really want. Remember that if you tell the truth, you don’t have to complicate things in your mind by remember anything. And if you walk your talk, there are no contradictory, cluttering energies within your being.

When you actively simplify in your life, your life will feel like it is lived on your own terms. You will have the space and time to actually create the life you want to live. You will have the energy and inspiration to dedicate yourself to your true values... to what really matters to you. You will find yourself living a life that is empty of clutter but full of meaning. 

shutterstock_433163122.jpgEven though most of us feel like we could use some comfort, comfort is often the enemy of change. And because we are in a several year cycle of change, comfort is not something the universe will offer you in 2022. 2022 is a year of extremes. Extremes relative to every element of life. For example: Wealth and poverty, health and illness, liberal and conservative, freedom and control, war and peace. Uncertainty which is still at a high in 2022, causes people to go to the extreme of either becoming reactive or becoming frozen. You will also see these extremes relative to the elements. Water and fire collide in 2022. So do cold and heat. You will see flooding and fires especially. Coastal areas will be particularly effected. As in 2021, 2022 still contains the assertive presence of meteorites and asteroids. 

hot spot.jpgDue to this several year cycle of societal re-structuring, there is a simultaneous de-construction of what was and what is, at the exact same time as there is a building up of something new. There is an opportunity for a whole new world structure to be built. And the structure of government is one of those things that is the most in-flux worldwide.

The human ego (a sense of separate self) is concerned with itself. It is primarily concerned with its own survival and its own best interests; especially when its survival and best interests are threatened. This is a state of narcissism. What we have on our hands is a very dangerous situation worldwide. The Covid Pandemic has threatened people's sense of survival and best interests. Whether people feel threatened by the idea of a virus or by the measures being imposed and taken by others (especially governing bodies), the threat has created an insecurity that has caused people to start to think and speak and act with only their own survival and best interests in mind. It has caused them to slip into a narcissistic state. This is a terrible time on earth for relationships (which requires deep consideration for and caretaking of the best interests of the "other"). People who have slipped into "only the best interests of me/mine" thinking are capable of doing some horrific things to others. As a result of this dynamic that people have slipped into, in 2022 there are hot spots of conflict and also of war popping up across the planet. When these hot spots appear, it means that 2022 is a decisive year relative to world war. France is a hot spot for this upheaval. So is the Ukraine. So is Poland. So is Belarus. So is Somalia. So is Iran. So is Taiwan. So is Mozambique. And the USA is a glaring hot spot for this government upheaval and flux in 2022. In 2022 the very system of beliefs and laws that govern and dictate the organization of the USA will be re-evaluated. The way that the US is structured is palpably cracking. It is a very insecure year for USA. And what happens in USA this year will have dramatic impact on the rest of the world.

shutterstock_546133276.jpgFinancially speaking, the world’s financial markets are being manipulated completely. Because of this, everything you are seeing is being distorted. The financial market worldwide is still proving to be a collective gaslight. It does not reflect reality in any way because of this manipulation. In reality, 2022 is not a good year for finances worldwide. There is inflation and wherever there is inflation, there is also the potential for crash. The financial market upheaval and inflation spells huge issues for the US dollar. There is a lot of incentive on behalf of so many parties involved in the financial market to lie about and cover up inflation in 2022. One of those many incentives is that inflation impacts psychology… Which is my problem mentioning this because when people become aware of inflation, inflation becomes a self-fulfilling loop. One of the biggest issues that all governments in the world will face in 2022 is that saving the economy will be seemingly juxtaposed to saving the environment. As of now, China is going to determine when the actual reality of the economy becomes obvious to the people.

On the non-physical plane, a triangle (the position of deadlock) is forming between USA, China and Russia. And the development of biological weaponry is peaking in conjunction with the pressure that this deadlock is creating. The strength of the European union is going to be heavily tested if not severely weakened by economic and political conflicts in 2022. Brexit was only the beginning. Climate change, violent conflicts and problems regarding resources will force many people to confront the fear of death, specifically due to conflict and to lack of resources and these forces will lead to population movements…immigrations. These mass migrations will put huge pressure on the countries that the immigrants and refugees migrate to.  

total.jpgIn the world today, there is a “collective ego return”. This time, a comeback of totalitarianism. Of course those who are ushering in this comeback will be denying that this is the case. Humanity’s commitment to a government that is based on individual rights, civil liberties, multiculturalism, free enterprise, and consent of the governed is going to be put to the test. To put it bluntly, humanity has not learned its lesson from massive conflicts and tragedies in the past related to politics, money, media, power, fear, separation and physical sovereignty etc. And so, the opportunity to learn the lesson is back again. Within human consciousness there will be huge issues the world over with authority in 2022. There is a clash between those who want a top-down power structure and those who are totally done with it. What you will see happen with Covid regulations and measures, as well as information about Covid’s true origins, is just a symptom of this comeback and clash.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that people will be grappling with rules, regulations, unfairness, control and power structures. Humanity is encountering a complete return of their collective childhood trauma about authority figures doing unwanted things “for your own good”. In the world today, we are dealing with not one, but several very powerful external authority figures. This time period is a calling to re-examine authority; not to simply comply or to simply rebel. In 2022, earth is a battle ground between control and freedom. But it will take several more years to restructure power within our human society.

shutterstock_1920592769.jpgAll this being said, the good news is that the energy surrounding April of 2022 is like a huge open exit door from all the tribulation. There is huge opportunity for mass awakening that specifically leads people to the experience of objective perspective and also to the experience of being “shoulder to shoulder” with their fellow men. Another important element of this mass awakening is that in 2022, there is a decided abandonment of organized religion taking place and instead, a seeking of alternative and more personalized spirituality.

In 2021 into 2022, we have been and are confronting our individual and collective patterns that exist in the energetic range of futility, pessimism, nihilism, failure, ineffectiveness, pointlessness, doom, fatalism, defeat and unworkability… The ultimate resistance. In 2022, you must not fall into the trap of passively waiting for something to change and/or succumbing to stagnation and/or turning circles in your stuck-ness. The feeling of being out of control of the external elements of your life to the degree that you feel like no action you take will work, can make you decide to just do nothing. And this, is a mistake! And it is here that perhaps the best news about 2022 comes into play.

through.jpgIn 2022 the energies in the universe are less aligned with “challenge”.  This is not to say that 2022 will not be difficult. It is to say that 2022 provides a wave for creating and attracting what you want. In fact, so much so that nothing is too insane or too “out there” or too lofty to become reality. Chances are high that you felt like you were being prevented for a while. Or that everything was in your way and acting against you attracting or creating what you want in your life. That oppositional energy is clearing up in 2022. This is a year to break the limitations. In 2022, you are likely to see the results of what you’ve been struggling to create or attract in previous years. And the more you are able to simplify, the more dramatic these results will be. Because of this nonphysical wave of actualization energy, there is a corresponding wave of babies that are coming into the physical plane in 2022 that think differently, that are especially creative, especially artistic, especially talented and whose purpose is to use those perceptual differences and gifts to actualize the advancement of human society.

shutterstock_1379131412.jpg2022 is no departure from the technological takeover which will not stop and will not slow down. 2022 is the dawn of robotics in humanity. Even though robots have been around for a while, they were not really a part of most people’s every day awareness. 2022 is the year where this incrementally begins to change. And robots will move into position to become the interface between the consciousness of technology and the consciousness of humanity.

expir.jpgThe energy of the year 2022 is very “experimental”. This experimental energy brings both the terror of uncertainty and the excitement of the potential of breakthrough to something better than what was certain before. This year, in order to thrive in your own life, you must stop hoping for things to go back to what used to work and to what was stable and familiar before. You must not sit and passively wait to “be able” to do things. You must not get trapped by stagnation. Instead, you must step outside the norm. Become like a scientist experimenting with your own life. When you are tempted to try out something totally different and new this year, remember that you can afford a lot of experimentation this year! The experimentation you do and the changes you make may not only take the form of changes that we would consider future oriented. For some individuals they may alternatively take on the form of changes that are past oriented. For example, one person may choose to experiment by aggressively implementing technology into their business. Another person my decide to return to the land and to minimalistic living. Not all of these experiments will turn out the way you think they will or hope they will. Some will turn out better and some will turn out worse. No matter how these experiments turn out however, know that they are better than stagnation. The experimentation in and of itself is the point this year.  

change.jpgOne day soon, hopefully thanks to what 2022 has in store for us, we are going to have to genuinely recognize and accept that we have not created a society that is conducive to human health, much less the health of any other fellow being that shares this planet with us. The pressure is being exerted upon each and every one of us. There is a sense of “I can’t take it any longer”, “something’s got to give” and “this can’t go on like this”. These sentiments are indicative of a crisis point. “Evolve or else” is the universe’s message for this entire several year cycle of change. A crisis throws you into the ocean of uncertainty. A crisis threatens the things you value, need and want. But a crisis only occurs when an old way of being cannot be maintained and so a change for the new is forced upon you. If you allow a crisis to direct you and shape you and refine you towards meaning and purpose and towards a life that is in alignment with your values, a crisis can be something that is woven into the tapestry of your life so that it makes your life both better and more. 





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