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Found 25 results

  1. The Impossible Burger/ Meat Substitutes My fellow American citizens, What's your opinion on meat substitutes that are currently being promoted in the US such as The Impossible Burger. In all honesty, the taste of this burger makes me question my reality. I don't feel my body digests it well. Even after a few hours of consumption the burger still leaves weird "meaty" aftertaste I can't get rid of. The famous MorningStar band burger does the same for me. Not a fan. I rarely eat their products and unless it's what on a family's table. The Toforky brand is more appealing to my taste palette. Other than that I prefer organic tofu and organic eggs.
  2. What should you eat to raise your vibraion? What foods will have the opposite effect?
  3. I recently found out that I have a leaky gut. I've been eliminating foods & have become GF-Vegan. I find that I don't know how to eat properly. It's very overwhelming. I have 2 kids under 4 and a husband who still eats meat. I have begun the process of doing parts work to see what's going on, but I also wanted to know what to eat in order to heal the gut?Does any one have any insight or want to share your experience?? UPDATE: So last night, I journeyed down the rabbit hole and discovered this article by Teal: "How To Figure Out The Cause of Your Illness" It holds all of the answers about how to heal my gut issues!!! If any one is struggling with this, read that article. Really helpful!
  4. I'd like to start a Conscious Community household here on the coast of South Florida. More specifically the Hallandale/Hollywood area East of 95, which is about 35 min north of Miami if the traffic is flowing. Personally, I'm an art teacher/artist who really enjoys meditation, yoga, and clean eating and living. Ideally, I'd like roommates interested in similar activities--but if you appreciate Teal we probably have a lot in common. I currently eat organic and like to prepare meals at home, I'm interested in going Vegan but not there yet. If we could get enough stable housemates I'd love to grow an organic garden in the back yard! Technical Details: I don't have a house or home now, but have seen lots of cute ones available online. I'm looking to pay $1,000 or less in rent a month and would need housemates willing to pay around that. If you are interested in moving to this area or are in this area and interested in moving into a community living situation, please get in touch with me. I'm open to a house of 2-7 housemates. Due to lease issues I can move at the end of this July or probably 6 months later. I do have a cat, dog, and bird--the bird is a bit of a brat sometimes but the other two are docile. If you are interested in meeting up to practice some of Teal's techniques or to learn more about a potential community in the area please get in touch. My email is Here is a link of a 4 bedroom 3 bath house for under $2800 a month. --
  5. GabijaCij

    What's Cooking?

    What's Teal cooking today?
  6. Does Teal believe in Jesus and does the Bible promote Vegan living? CLICK HERE to watch Teal's video on Christ Consciousness vs. Modern Christianity.
  7. GabijaCij

    Hot Tamales

    It's Mexican food night at Teal's house! What is she cooking?
  8. GabijaCij

    Relationship With Food

    Food is one of the greatest joys in life - Teal is about to write a new Ask Teal episode on our relatioships with food.
  9. GabijaCij

    Food City

    Teal's favorite food place in the entire world!
  10. Ego Warrior

    Food Pr0n

    Teal is treating her team today with some yummy food. See what she has in store for them.
  11. Ego Warrior


    Teal is so immersed in cooking some yummy food for her community, that she doesn't realize that it's been one year of Daily Updates! Thank you all for your continuing support of Premium!
  12. How do you feed your cats and dogs? I wonder how do you feed your cats or dogs, if you are vegetarian or vegan yourself? Do you give them meat? If yes - what kind of meat?
  13. Come join our cooking time with Teal and the Community, see how Teal really likes her food cooked!
  14. Diet & Blood Type So... I'm looking to improve my diet. Apparently, people with blood type O+ (which is what I have) are "hunters"/natural meat eaters. I have no desire for meat. So my question is, are any of you vegan/vegetarian with O+ blood type? Have you found certain plant protein better than others? How do you go about making the most out of your diet? Could you suggest a meal plan? I never cared much about diet. I just ate whatever felt right. But I've been guided to take a look at my physical form recently. Every part of it. Change is definitely in the air. Any tips/tricks/advice will be much appreciated. Thank you
  15. Vegan croissant recipe Looks good and the ingredients are good (in my opinion).
  16. Attunement to you food... Vegetarian vs Omnivorous Hello all, So I know this could be quite controversial but I admit that I am asking this from a place of complete naivety.... I recently saw Teal's video on attunement and some interviews where she and her partner speak of their decision to become plant-based eaters. From what I understand, they have attuned to animal suffering and no longer can fathom eating meat. Teal has also mentioned that meat does not ground but rather lowers vibration. I resonate with these rationals and have been migrating to a vegetarian diet. But the shocker in all of this came when my roommate said to me "that's stupid, plants have feelings too." My immediate reaction was to dismiss her. But then I got to thinking about a book I read on Empathy. There are plant/earth Empaths! So my questions are, do plant empaths feel plat suffering? Is that something that plants experience? Do they suffer if they are harvested and eaten? Does source energy come into earth as plants with the intention of them becoming food? I have conflict about this topic because If I attune to animal energy, am I hurting plants when I eat them? Am I hurting animals if I attune to plant energy? I posted a survey along with these questions. I'm curious to know if folks are attuned to plants or animal suffering. If you are a plant empath, or attuned to plants or animals in any way, chime in and help me out with this conflict. Best, Ramses R.
  17. "Connection Games" a growing authentic community Last New Year’s Eve was a life change event in my life, I attended teal tribe gathering in Prague, for the first time in my life I felt the real authentic love and deep connection, before that I was a broken piece of human trying to understand life and find a meaning of my own life. To make the story short, I practiced emotional healing and a shadow work the techniques that teal teaches helped me immensely ! And since then It has became my passion to share what changed my life with friends and other people around me I started to organize teal tribe gathering in Berlin, and it was amazing to see friends coming from all Europe to connect. Never less I felt there is something missing, what's missing is that many people from the outside teal tribe need this healing, need it more than we think. And that was the beginning of Connection Games, I started organizing a spiritual gathering where we do shadow work, emotional healing and authentic connection and eat Vegan food, not exclusive for people who fellow teal, and we had amazing gathering we had now 7 gathering 6 of them in Berlin and one in the rainbow gathering in Italy People come as stranger and leave as old friends many comes again and again the level of deepness and love they feel it tcuh them and change them every time We still have our teal tribe gathering when there is an online workshop from teal and I'm so happy to have new people with us This what i feel the world needs and I'm happy to fulfil my life purpose and desires by creating the save space for people to connect If you feel like joining us, feel free to contact me any time, i'm not often here at the form but you can reach my by FB And here i leave some photo for you <3
  18. Guess what Teal is making for dinner tonight!
  19. Teal Tribe Gathering Berlin, Authentic Heart Connection Hello Dear friends,You are warmly invited to – Gathering of authentic Heart Connection.We want to spend a beautiful Evening, focusing on deep authentic Connection to each Other, and Collective Emotional Healing.We will have Space to express Ourselves fully, being embraced by the Loving Presence of the Group, in the Safe Space that we are Creating together. Here, you won’t be judged, won’t be shamed, and no one is trying to fix you, or have you any other Way than the beautiful Being you are. Come as you are, with all your Feelings, all your Thoughts, you are Welcome exactly as you are.If this kind of Event is new to you, don’t worry, If you want to be more in tune with what the group is about, watch this Video of Teal Swan, The evening program: - We will start at 3:30 pm with Opening Circle, where we connect to the Group and get to know each other, giving each other our nonjudgmental, focused Presence (don’t worry, you don’t have to say much). - At 4:00 we are lucky that gorgeous Victoria will talk and explain about Childhood Trauma and the Importance of Emotional Healing, and guide a meditation to help us connect to our emotions. - 4:30 short break - At 5 we will watch the first exercise from Teal Swan’s Synchronization Workshop, Which is livestreamed, and simultaneously do it in small groups. The exercise could be about connecting to yourself / your inner child / your subconscious mind. - At 6:30 Vegan food sharing! BRING VEGAN FOOD. We will share a gorgeous, delicious Vegan feast / Buffet and eat together. - At 8:30 we have our sharing and closing circle, were we express and share the experience we have. From 9:20-10 we have Space and Time to CUDDLE, HUG SHARE and say goodbye. The gathering is free, donations are appreciated *IMPORTANT - Its important to arrive before the opening circle to be in the flow of the group. - We have ONLY 20 places (to keep the space comfortable for everyone), PLZ conform your attendance by marking going and asking me for the Address. We are very excited About an Evening full of Love. Bring your friends, we are soo looking forward to see you and get to know you deeply ♥ So much Love to all of You Ram, Marie and Victoria.
  20. Opinions on eggs I stopped eating meat about 1.75 years ago because I don't like the taste and would get tired after I ate it (no matter what kind). I felt better once I stopped eating it. Now, I am finding I am having a similar issue with eggs and dairy. Dairy has been out for a week now and I feel good, but I'm still questioning eggs. I am wondering what the pros and cons of eggs are in diet that doesn't include any other animal products (ethical reasons aside, Im looking for health.) Ultimately I will eat what makes me feel good but I am looking for some feedback.
  21. Back and Forth Vegan/Vegetarian So, ever since I was about 13 I have been invested in my health. In fact I went so far as to determine that I wanted to be vegan/vegetarian or at least learn more about it. I remember being even younger and hating eating meat. But being told that I had to eat it. Ever since then I have gone back and forth between being vegan/vegetarian and eating meat. I can't seem to commit fully to this lifestyle even though I want to. I carry tremendous guilt for my inability to be fully vegan. When I've transitioned from meat eater to vegan in the past I would feel great for about a week and then get brain fog and just feel unhealthy. Anyway, I'm really looking for insight on this because I would love to let go of the guilt and actually move forward. I do want to eat a vegan diet. By the way I'm 26 now so this has been an issue for a fairly large chunk of my life. I'm very sensitive to this topic, and I have a feeling it's due to a resistance of some kind on my part and perhaps also that I have felt judged in the past for my food choices. Any insight would be much appreciated! Thank you
  22. A place for posting nutritional joys, and exciting, healthy food discoveries. Plus, I really just needed a place to share my food creations/finds! This topic isn't geared towards a strictly veggie or vegan diet, so feel free to post what's really helping you feel great when you eat it right now. Pics: My basil and edible orchid salad, with a fresh tomato by its side. Visualizing lead me to my higher vibe food source this week, and I feel better than ever. True, eating herbs and plants as a primary source of nutrition is a bit of a transition, and doesn't happen over night, but once I conditioned my body to crave the most energy-efficient foods, it was only my imagination that carried me forward after that. Thanks to everyone for letting me post what I feel. I'm pretty passionate, and I'm sure that shows through the content. Hope everyone's having a great night.
  23. So... How many calories do we REALLY need? A lot of the recommendations are based on a high processed non-vegan diet, but what if we are on a healthy high carb low fat vegan diet? I mean calories is basically just a measurement for energy, if I understand it correctly. So since the energy from a healthy vegan diet is easier to absorb, we wont need as many calories then right? I guess the best way is to eat the amount that feels good to us individually, since everyone is different and needs a different amount. Still, I wonder if theres any basic guidelines on calories on a healthy vegan diet. Any information on this much appreciated! <3
  24. What do you think of the new research that plants feel fear and pain while being eaten? Is it true, and if so, are vegans eating bad energy just as if they were eating meat?