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International Connection Day

beach-1868672_640.jpgThe waves break slowly.  They curl from right to left and from green to white, as far as the eye can see.  Giant boats crawl in the depths offshore.  Sandpipers wait for the wave break to drag back towards the sea to run forward and dip their beaks deep into the sand and shallow water.  Beyond them, surfers play in the mellow surf in their black wet suits.  One of them sits still for a long time, waiting for a pod of dolphins to reach him.  Their fins shine like wet, black stone when they arch towards him above the surface of the water.  He is having a spiritual experience as they encircle him.  Nothing in his world exists outside this moment.  They have called him into the present moment completely. 

long beach lanyard.jpgI am in long beach California.  Three days ago, we held a synchronization workshop at the Queen Mary.  The Queen Mary is an old ship that sailed the ocean between 1936 and 1967.  It was permanently moored in the port of Long Beach.  I was curious about the level of interference we would experience as a result of the thought forms (ghosts) that are so famous to the ship.  But the particular lecture hall (The Grand Salon) that we held the workshop in was not haunted and despite the amount of people we had in the room who are mediums and channels, the thought forms there were not magnetized to us. 

Before I hold an event, I am ‘prepared’ for the event by universal consciousness.  This is one reason why I never personally prepare for an event.  It is not a pleasant process.  Usually it involves being submerged for days, weeks or sometimes months in whatever issues that the collective upcoming group I will be teaching to happen to share.  I am submerged in the suffering that they are experiencing in order to find a way to bridge the gap between that unwanted state and the opposite wanted state.  I can feel myself stretching to become that bridge.  I sometimes feel like my cells are splitting apart to accommodate all the information that pours into me like a download in a computer program.  Some nights leading up to an event, my whole body has a fever.  My forehead and my back right behind my heart are so hot that I have to hold glass or metal or cold water to them.  This phenomena that happens to me before an event also happens on a larger scale when there is a collective human suffering.  And right now, that suffering is: Disconnection.  It is everywhere.  It is the root of suffering on this planet.  And I have been christened in it.  That christening has felt more like being drowned to death.  To be honest with you, disconnection is what creates hell on earth.  It is the scariest thing about this planet. 

chain-2364830_640.jpgConnection can be thought of as a link formed with something or someone else.  If you are linked to something, you cannot affect it without affecting yourself.  And this is really the greatest form of safety available on the planet for any living being.  If you are disconnected from something, if you do not perceive that link, it is dangerous.  Not only are you isolated; you can do things and say things that cause immense damage and pain to that thing without even noticing.  The obvious way to cope with other people’s disconnection (because it is so painful) is to become disconnected yourself.  But then you become part of the problem.  You make the world more dangerous and less conducive to the wellbeing of all life on earth.  You will eventually suffer the consequences of disconnecting.  Disconnection is like an addiction.  It will make you feel better in the short run but kill you in the long run.  For example, a disconnected government official may declare war thinking it will be better in the short term.  But in his disconnection, he does not see that the weaponry we are capable of using today could make it so that soon, he will have no country and no people to govern at all.   

When we are connected to each other, we are attuned.  Attunement is being or bringing into harmony.  It is a feeling of being “at one” with something.  The best way to imagine attunement is to imagine sitting in your car and reaching out for the radio dial.  If you want to hear the music being played at a specific frequency, like 98.2 FM, you need to tune your radio dial to 98.2 FM.  And then you will hear the music.  Your own radio dial needs to be brought into harmony with or become one with the radio channel you want to receive in order to perceive that radio channel. 

It’s no different with other beings, including people.  To be able to perceive other people and to feel and see and hear them and understand them and communicate with them, you need to attune to them.  You need to tune into them as if you are them so as to be able to feel or imagine the other person’s emotional experience and to understand what they are feeling .  This is what allows you to know what to do in any given situation to end conflict or improve a situation or to assist someone.  

Attunement is what gives rise naturally to empathy.  The most dangerous people in the world are people who are in an egocentric bubble.  They are essentially toddlers in a grown up body holding kittens by the neck.  But those kittens are other people.  And even though it would be great if all people just naturally developed out of the egocentric bubble and into attunement, the reality is that some people do not.  They stay in a reality built for one.  When you are in a relationship with this kind of person you end up feeling lonely, unseen, unheard, unfelt, misunderstood and abused.  You will feel like you are living in an entirely different reality than the other person.  You will feel this way because, you quite literally are.  You and this person are on entirely different frequencies and they are unwilling to tune into yours.  It’s the same as trying to find harmony when you are on the 98.2 fm station and the other person being on the 94.5 am station. 

plug-1459663_640.pngIt is our disconnection that makes it so we are racist, declare war, see nothing wrong with slaughterhouses, imprison each other, can’t figure out how to parent our children the way they need to be parented, exploit the earth and every other living being in it and can’t find the third option with other people instead of playing a zero sum game.

june16.jpgI will be teaching true connection for the rest of my life.  But I have made a decision today.  The decision I have made is that I am going to create a Holiday.  Get out your calendar because I’m serious about this one and I am asking for your commitment to it.  I want to turn my birthday (because connection is the thing I most want to see in this world), June 16th into International Connection Day.  So many holidays seek to be about connection.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are good examples of this.  But as we all know too well, Christmas becomes a reminder of how much we don’t have family.  We end up watching a football game or showing up to a party because we feel obligated.  The central piece of the meal is either a goose or turkey, which means we have to disconnect from that species for our own pleasure.  And the list goes on.  No more painful holidays.  I want this day to genuinely be entirely about connection.  I am going to list some of the traditions that I suggest carrying out on this day.  From there, I want people to create their own traditions centered around connection.     

handshake-2009195_640.png1.     A potluck style meal, where each person contributes their creation or contribution to the collective meal is to be served preferably at 11:00 am. On this day, there will be no animal products consumed by any person.  The traditional foods for this day are foods that represent connection such as braided breads, circular shaped foods or foods displayed in a circular manner.  And foods that incorporate two distinct colors or cultures together.         

2.     Gathering together is a tradition on this day.  There will be one very large annual gathering (where all people are invited to the celebration regardless of whether they consider themselves to be Teal Tribers or not) on this day somewhere in the world.  And if you can’t make it to that one, to gather into smaller groups to practice togetherness. 

3.     Games and processes will be done as a group and/or in pairs on that day that enhance connection.  Any practice that enhances connection can be observed on this day. 

4.     The color of the holiday is Teal (blue green) and Gold.  

5.     During the year, each person, family or community is to keep a weekly happiness jar.  Each week, each person writes down the thing(s) that made them the most happy that week.  On this day, the entire collection is to be burnt so the smoke can be symbolic of the items being sent back to the universe at large in gratitude and with a request for there to be more of those things in the coming year.   

6.     On this day, one of the traditions is a 22 minute silent ‘connection line’ walk, where each person in attendance will link a hand to form a line where each person is holding a hand of the person in front of them and behind them.  They walk at a slow pace in silence, feeling the connection between them and feeling that where one goes, all go.  At the end of the 22 minutes, all participants form a circle where the person at the end of the line is now connected to the person at the beginning of the line.  And for 6 minutes, all participants use the energy of that connectivity to set the intention for interconnectedness around the world.

This upcoming June 16th will be the birth of this holiday.  There is no substitute in this world for connection.  Nothing can replace it.  The future of our human family and this world depends upon it.

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