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  1. I feel the meaningless of relationships as described above. But there is no problem at here, i think. When i show people True myself, 2 things happens, one group of people are taking face against me, one group of people sees me as an ideal person -although i dont have a stable persona, i change it case by case- and theese people are actually spreads my words to others. Sometimes this thing can be irritating even if it is special. So, what i do in daily relationships is hiding myself in a persona that says like "heey i am like you guys, lets do something" But this can be much worse or better. At first paragraph, i read Teal is listening Ambient/Electronic music. Music is special in my life because everything has started about my enlightment journey in this way. It was giving a sense of tickling on my kundalini. İt was growing among my childhood, with music, it become louder and louder. I just want to share this music. I know it isnt the best but i had something special with this. Enjoy it! Love from Istanbul
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