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  1. ste92k

    Teal's Tear-stained Notes

    I'm interested in which shampoo do you use
  2. ste92k

    Our Ego's Last Stand

    where is this interview?
  3. ste92k

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    Who is the CPCP girl who came up on stage to stay present with the shame of the woman who felt always shame?
  4. ste92k

    Heaven On Earth

    She's so funny here!! haha. <<I've been riding a horse on the beach! are you fucking kidding me?>>, <<I found heaven on earth>>
  5. ste92k

    Artistic Flow

    Using the app on my phone 'shazam'
  6. ste92k

    Artistic Flow

    Found it!
  7. ste92k


    What's the song in the background?
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