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  1. SuMin

    Inspired By The Olympics

    I've been working on myself for years mainly using your material as guidance and at times it felt like a battle with no end and I doubted EVERYTHING. For a few weeks now I've been feeling genuinely happy and still carefully but truly inspired for the first time. For the first time, living happily can feel effortless. This comes from a person who was such a Darth Vader I would write stuff like "I am the darkness, don't ever try to light me up" on random occasions like going shopping with my mom to get relief. And I think it is true we can heal the wounds we were given, people are shocked by how easily they share their darkest secrets with me and I love to host them. I just want you to know how much you are contributing, it's incredible. I don't know where I would be without you. How can I give back? I owe my happiness to you. I am curious to see how much more I will manage to heal myself and others. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart.
  2. SuMin


    Man I live for those daily updates. I love how you repeat concepts but say it in a way so it sounds as if it was the first time you said it. It helps to get on board the impatient part of me (the one that bitches about how it's such a waste of time to watch the same video for the 50th time) to revisit a topic. But it's always good to check in and challenge your subconscious buste and get things a bit sorted I want to commit to genuinely listening to my body and giving it what it is asking for and not my minds idea that I need to do anything to lose fat. It's sneaky though, telling me I'll lose control, I'm afraid it is also casting projections. I want to commit to giving my body a chance to speak for herself and prove the idea wrong. Good luck to everyone to get clarity about your goals and follow through!
  3. SuMin

    What We Love About You

    I'm in tears. Thank you. As I don't know anyone personally who follows your teachings, I am not even expecting anyone to appreciate the traits I have which you just pointed out. I've built appreciation about it for myself cause I see how much it is moving in my life but DDDDDAAAAMMMNNNGGGFHHH It's powerful to hear that from someone else too Yes, I want to be your valentine. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
  4. SuMin

    Let's Talk About Death

    The amount of progress you have brought to my life because you adress shit that other people poop their pants about is INSANE. Release the thing when you feel ready but please know your community appreciates and loves you so, so much, I dare say no amount of hate from anyone could ever measure up. You are my hero. Also your hair and makeup is super on point again.
  5. SuMin

    Depletion Shadow

    Thank you thank you thank you! Just what I needed! Already feel more energy just by acknowledging that there are tools that allow ok have some control! I just wish I had gotten this message earlier today, not in the evening lol #justeuropeanproblems
  6. Thank you so much Teal, I also appreciate this request! For example, I graduated this year and am about to start a career in sustainable energy but I feel like holding a fragile baby and don't know how to take care of it. I know I'm moving in the right direction, love what I do and do the best I can but I can't deny that the urgency is feeling heavy and the vastness of the challenge sometimes makes me feel small. Like nothing we could do could ever be enough to offset all the wrongs, the hate, the suffering. Where do you even begin? I keep coming back to feeling like a massive change in consciousness is the only thing that's gonna save our asses (so actually the article is giving me some hope in that sense!). And sometimes I feel paralyzed by the chance that a new "solution" to one problem will cause another, unexpected one (none of the so called "sustainable" energy sources is actually sustainable yet...). Sometimes we can laugh about it but it's quite a shitshow, no? I find it hard to really make peace with that chance of failing. Edit: Responsibility is a big one for us (Gen Y). I love the world and the path I am taking to try to un-fuck it. But still, it doesn't really feel like we have a choice and it's not fun to keep reminding yourself that it's your free will to try and prevent stuff like mass extinctions and war. Also activities that are not related to un-fucking the world actively feel selfish and decadent sometimes, but maybe that's just me.
  7. SuMin

    Throw A Blanket

    'don't tell any weird stories about yourself' That made me feel like a happy baby awww haha Been doing that a lot recently. It also helps a lot to know that others are experiencing this too even if I wish they didn't have to go through this. Thank you, Teal! And I'm sending heaps of love to everyone you all. I usually don't write this cause I've always felt reluctant to receive these wishes from someone who doesn't even know me. Such a useless idea, I don't have to know you to know you deserve love. Think of all the people who have sent out good wishes and prayers to anyone who needs them. There must be such a pool of good energy and now seems like a good time to receive it
  8. SuMin


    Not feeling understood or accepted by people I care about, not having my wants, thoughts and feelings validated. Depending on how much my truth diverges from what (I think) is expected of me, I push parts of me aside. As soon as I am alone, I feel nervous, insecure about what to do, super unintuitive and try to continue the distraction from myself. I need to be alone for a good day or so to get back in touch. And then it helps to reconsider what I identified as core values and feel good, empowering activities in more connected moments. Those activities are things such as taking care of my body or my environment, cleaning, taking a shower, wearing comfortable clothes, drinking my favorite tea, going for a run with nice music, trying a new yoga flow, conscious breathing, singing, watching a Teal episode, journaling,... But ONE THING AT A TIME.
  9. SuMin


    Something about your lipstick had a very soothing effect on me Sending everyone loads of love!

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