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Forecast For 2021

shutterstock_607748966.jpgIn 1776 it was decided that all people have the right to equal treatment.  That ‘God’ gives people rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  And that those rights can be neither taken nor given away. It was said that the only legitimate purpose of government is to ensure that these individual rights are protected.  It was also said that the only legitimate way for such governments to exist is for the people to consent to their existence.

This ideology created the Declaration of Independence.  And in the year 2021, humanity is closing the loop on an “epoch cycle” that began as a result of the decisions made by humanity at that time.  This is true regardless of what country you consider yourself to belong to.  When an epoch cycle comes to completion, the very same themes come up for question again.  This means, the very same themes that appeared in the collective consciousness of mankind and mankind’s society in 1776, are back again.  Themes of power, alliance, freedom, control, dependence and independence, punishment, governance, authority, equality, personal rights, justness, politics, trade, economy, rules, free will, choice, sovereignty, morality, re-formation, corruption, conflict of interests, polarization, citizen wellbeing, societal change and the old vs. the new. 

shutterstock_1831823293.jpgIt is a big mistake to think that 2021 will be a year for “getting back to the way things were.”  In fact, come early summer time, when you begin to see things trickle back that have been gone from human experience in 2020, you must be very careful to not fall into the collective gaslight that things are returning to normal. It is understandable that all people want 2021 to be an end to all that has happened in 2020.  No person is wrong to want this, as it is only natural.  But far more personal power can be found by accepting reality.  And the reality is that 2021 is a direct reaction to the events of 2020.  For this reason, it is impossible to separate the events of 2020 from the events awaiting people in 2021.  Irreversible global changes are happening.  Global changes that are irreversible and that have and will impact everyone.  This means that 2021 will continue to feel dystopian for a while.  Many will fear whether we are headed towards a utopian future or slipping into oligarchy or communism.       

In many ways, 2020 is a close to an old way of life and therefore, simultaneously it is the opening of a new way of life. Just like the happenings that led to the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America created an end and by doing so, a new beginning.  2020 made one thing absolutely obvious to people: What does not work.  This is as true for the macro level of collective reality as it is for the micro level of your individual reality. The age of Aquarius brings the birth of a new world.  To use a metaphor, the birth process tends to be difficult and painful.  In this birth process, you will see conflicts between the old and new ways of life.  It will be a struggle that shows itself in all areas of life. We have been forced to see (quite painfully) what in our society and what in our individual lives is unsustainable.  For this reason, it is critical to not look to go back to the way things were, no matter how tempting it may be.  And no matter how much nostalgia you may be suffering from.  Instead, go back to the drawing board and invent the future anew.

shutterstock_1434712874.jpgThe dominant theme for the year 2021 is: RESILIENCY.  This is the theme because in 2021, that which is not resilient will become even glaringly more obvious.  Many of those things that are not resilient will collapse.  And you are being asked by the greater universe to prioritize and create resiliency; both in your own life and out in the world.  You can break resiliency down into two things. The first is your ability to withstand adversity. The second is your ability to adapt well in the face of adversity.  For something to have resiliency, it must be able to withstand and also to adapt.  How resilient are you?  How resilient are your relationships?  How resilient is your community?  How resilient are your finances?  How resilient is your lifestyle?  How resilient is your business?  How resilient is your sense of purpose and meaning? How resilient is your mentality?  How resilient are you emotionally?  How resilient is your health?  How resilient is the environment in which you live?  How resilient is the society and the systems which have been built?  And what is your contingency plan?   

I want to give you an idea of what isn’t resilient.  If a person’s lifestyle is sustained by debt, they do not have a resilient lifestyle.  If a business depends upon a social media platform and the social media platform has the ability to simply eradicate their account, that business does not have a resilient business plan.  If a community is dependent on supply chains that can easily become disrupted, that community does not have resilient resources. If a species exploits a finite resource as if it has no end, that species does not have a resilient survival strategy. If a city has no plan for natural disasters, that city is not resilient.  A mentality whose positivity depends entirely and passively upon what good happens, is not a resilient mentality.  If a person continues to remain uneducated about health, makes poor dietary and lifestyle choices, and simply runs to a doctor for medication when the symptoms of those decisions arise, their health is not resilient.  If a person simply complies and trusts authorities, that person’s freedom is not resilient. If an economy concentrates the benefits to the few but distributes the costs to the many, that economy is not a resilient economy.  You get the point.

shutterstock_1737471041.jpgIn 2021, you must clearly recognize what is not resilient and be willing to go back to the drawing board so as to make changes and create what is actually resilient instead.  The downside to this, is that we will be blindsided a lot by thinking something is strong, stable and dependable, when in fact is it brittle, vulnerable and easily falls out from under us. The upside to this, is that you will be both creating and establishing things in all the different sectors of your life that are actually strong, stable and dependable.

All that being said, finances and economy is a big concern from the micro to the macro in 2021.  It is critical for you to take a very, very deep look at how to establish resiliency relative to your finances.  The reality is that the current structure of economy is not sustainable and is not resilient and many people do not even know that. Do not be fooled by the trends you are seeing in the financial institution.   There is no connection between the stock market and reality right now.  

shutterstock_1668472411.jpgMany people in today’s world, indeed most of us, essentially depend on a financial system built on quick sand.  The world economy in 2021 and 2022 is vulnerable to power struggle, recession and even to collapse.  Some countries (for example, the ones who have been living like there is no consequence for simply endlessly printing money or building up mountains of debt or riding on the back of low-wage workers who are one pay check away from financial devastation) are much more vulnerable to this than others.  And other countries will take full advantage of it.  In the years to come, the potential that is most likely in all of human society’s life paths is that Chinese currency will grow stronger and US/European currencies will grow weaker.     

Money is one major tool for meeting needs.  But don’t box yourself in by thinking that abundance or meeting your needs is only about money.  Some people use their money to buy property that produces its own food and water, thereby eventually removing the dependency on money or societal structures being their way to secure food and water.  Some people create resiliency by figuring out how to meet their needs without money entirely.  Others put their energy into developing skills, knowing that skills cannot be taken away and are worth something and therefore secure the opportunity for mutual exchange.  One way to create more resiliency is to put extra thought into: How resilient is my ability to meet my (and potentially my family/community’s) needs?  In what ways does my dependency on a financial level, put me at the mercy of others regarding my needs and therefore make me vulnerable?  For example, if you have no financial diversification, your finances are not very resilient.  If a person only has cash in one currency and that cash/currency loses value or becomes worthless, then you have no money with which to meet your needs. 

shutterstock_8252986.jpgSo, ask yourself the question: In what ways can I create more resiliency relative to needs?  This is very important because you are in a society where power struggle is a reality.  Your needs can and will easily become a thing that other people can manipulate you with.  So, take your power back and establish resiliency in every way you can in 2021, so no one (including governing entities) can use your needs as leverage to control you into doing what is in their best interests.  The positive form of independence is calling you in 2021 because certain forms of dependency may just render you powerless.  Powerless dependency is not resilient, interdependence is. The time has come to see where you are powerlessly dependent.  Citizens have never before in history been more powerlessly dependent on the greater system. Just remember that positive independence does not mean “I am on my own”.  Positive independence means I have put myself in a position to not be at your mercy. This is a year to develop financial resiliency.  This is not a year to take big financial risks. This is a year to get out of financial casino mode and make smart and secure financial decisions.  All this being said, do not be afraid to put energy into learning about money this year.   

shutterstock_655887151.jpg2021 follows in the footsteps of 2020 in that there will continue to be a huge divide between what is actually happening and the public’s knowledge about what is happening. To understand this, I want you to imagine that two parents are getting a divorce. But they intend for various reasons to keep the kids in the dark about it. The kids will end up either in total illusion because the truth is being hidden from them. Or they will end up confused and feeling gaslit because signs are showing and things are changing, but the narrative they are being fed and the show that the parents will put on will totally contradict those signs and changes that they are experiencing.  In 2021, the public is being actively gaslit for many reasons, both well intentioned and not so well intentioned.  The reality is that human society is in the midst of a power grab.  And therefore, a great vying for power by any individual or group or business or government that seeks that power.  Each person will have to decide for himself or herself what he or she stands for and what personal power to hold on to or let go of when he or she is put into the position to choose.  This will bring conflict and violence to many areas of the globe. For example, as the impacts of Brexit begin to become apparent to the citizens of Great Britain, there will be a spike in violence there.  Another example is that it doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that this will be the year that the ‘vaccine war’ begins.  People will polarize over the topic.  Government organizations and social media platforms will look to control the voice of those whose voices do not align with their personal beliefs and personal interests regarding the conflict. This conflict will dredge up scientific debate, the issue of body sovereignty and personal freedom, the issue of social control, authoritarianism, censorship, social safety, personal responsibility, corporate corruption, medical opinion and so much more.

shutterstock_180336584.jpgAnother example is that the conflict over centralized power, especially relative to virtual currency and crypto currency will kick off.  There is an emerging cryptographic financial structure within the collective consciousness of mankind.  This transition of power away from centralized banks and federal institutions will instigate a very strong counterforce.  It's akin to the battle over the control of the Wild Wild West.  Many powers that be are not interested in the liberation of money, which will become a new social movement in the years to come.  There will be many conflicts regarding the control of money (which is really just a tool for power).  In 2021, there is a push to control cash flow. And with it, people. 

In 2021, all people will be asked to define their values and live according to them.  But many conflicts will arise as a result of differing values, all the way from individuals, to communities, to businesses, to governments.

shutterstock_614225390.jpgThere is a potential in two out of the three dominant life paths of earth for an asteroid, significant enough to be of interest to humanity, to come uncomfortably close to or even to impact earth in 2021/2022.  It might be of interest to you to know that several asteroids that are large enough to cause devastation pass within five miles of earth every year.  So, it is a mistake to think that the space around earth is simply empty and on a super rare occasion, space rock comes flying at us.  Either way, 2021 is highly likely to be the year that asteroids come back into the conscious awareness of humanity.  One of the minerals within many asteroids is Iron.  Iron carries the ‘medicine’ of confidence in power, action, will, human strength, fortitude, courage, determination, tenacity and sharpness of the body and mind.  Another of the minerals within many asteroids is Enstatite.  Enstatite carries the very strong cosmic, masculine energies of adaptability and decisiveness.  It also carries the ‘medicine’ of bringing a higher perspective about any action a being might take.  Along with this, an asteroid is often a message to a species that has become too strongly identified with (and lost in) the temporal/ physical realm.  It is a message to bring the energy of the cosmos/non physical into the physical in the same way that an asteroid is pulled to the earth.  So, it is no surprise why the universe at large may send that energy toward earth at this time.  Instead of panicking about this, use the energy it brings to clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of society, the world and the universe. In fact, instead of waiting for the universe to ‘send them’, you can find meteorites that have already landed on the planet in order to accomplish this.     

shutterstock_179392559.jpg2020 has brought a crisis to humanity.  The measures that have been imposed as a reaction to it (regardless of whether a person agrees with those measures or disagrees with them) creates pent-up pressure.  Pent up pressure always seeks an outlet.  And this “out letting” of pent-up pressure creates societal crisis.  It will be up to the consciousness of the collective of humanity whether that societal crisis lasts for two years or five years or fifteen years.  The instability that is established as a result of a non-resilient society revealing itself to be non-resilient, makes a society as vulnerable to civil war (and civil war can very easily open the door to world war) as it makes it ripe for positive restructuring.  Keep in mind that the war of the future will look very different from the war of the past.  In today’s world, a war can happen behind the velvet curtain, where citizens are simply living in the ‘surface symptoms’ of that war that is going on behind the scenes.  When humanity transitions to a new world and has to establish a new set of rules for that world, but people hold different values, conflict is inevitable. Right now, the reality is that humanity is divided and all trust for governing entities is being lost. Unfortunately, conflict is one carry over from 2020 to 2021.

When you just read that, you may have felt doom.  But let me assure you that it is critical to know both the negative and positive potentials that exist for the next several years.  This knowledge is power because it will change what you decide to do with your own free will and power to create.  Never forget that the world you live in, is a consensus reality.  Each being in existence is co-creating the collective reality that we all experience, including you.  And this will be a very important year to own your hand in and impact on the creation of that collective reality.    

51wHAedcSFL.jpgIn 2021, in perfect alignment with resiliency, it is critical to take your power back by taking personal control over your health.  Mental, Physical and Emotional.  Do not play a passive role relative to your health.  The way many people are eating and the lifestyle many people hold is unsustainable.  It makes them susceptible.  Instead of expecting a health care professional to know what is right for you or to heal you, take the initiative to independently learn how to make yourself healthy or get better.  It is at this point that I am going to give you a huge tip about a certain ongoing health crisis.  The most important thing to do is to create resiliency and health in your VASCULAR SYSTEM 😉 much more so than your respiratory system 😉.   Think ‘how do I increase my vascular strength and health?” I will leave it at that.  And let you be the one to research the hell out of how to do that!                     

shutterstock_1868312068.jpgSo, now that you’re in reality about 2021, let's look at the ‘positive’ flip side of the coin relative to this upcoming year.  On December 21, 2020 (which is Yule, the Winter Equinox) we had a very special astrological event take place.  A Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.  These planets came within .1 degrees of one another.  They lined up and thus, their energies aligned in order to work together.  It is the first time they have come this close in conjunction for 800 years.  Not only that, they both moved into the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is already the sign of social change, collective action and humanitarianism. And a conjunction brings about an epoch shift.  This means, as we discussed earlier in this article that this is the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. 

These times of transition heralded in by great conjunctions are super intense!  But intensity is not in and of itself a bad thing. They are linked to crises, cultural revolutions, global shocks, and a complete change in perspective/thinking for humanity.  The climate also simultaneously tends to undergo major changes with these epoch shifts.  As for 2021, this means heat (and all the effects that trapped heat energy has on the climate and earth in general), lighting storms, serious tropical storms, stronger than usual winds, earthquakes, rising waterlines, cold water from the deep ocean rising to the surface, a disparity between areas of the globe that experience more rainfall than usual and areas that are more dry than usual (which means both floods and drought), and fires (one of the earth’s most common end/beginning creating events). 

istockphoto-962564820-612x612.jpgBecause we are on this note, I do have to issue a word of warning.  Vibrationally speaking, epoch shift years (like 2021) are in complete opposition to ‘being on a set track’.  They come with the frequency of changing direction.  This means that risk of technical malfunctions, mechanical failures, operational errors and even crashes will go up this year for any mode of locomotion in which a course correction (especially sideways) cannot be made quickly.  Some examples of these modes of locomotion are trains, subways and rollercoasters.  So, extra caution should be exercised.             

Even though people naturally resist change, humanity has in fact been craving a new era for a long time.  Those things that do not work about the current epoch (you know what they are) are coming to an end.  But do not expect them to go quietly or without a fight.  2021 ushers in a kind of grand scale re-set.  And people must re-educate themselves and adjust to a change in everything from the micro to the macro.  A change in what you do every day, how you live, where you live, how you work, what work you do, how you spend your money, your approach to relationships, who you have relationships with, how you do business, how you manage your health, what your focus is on, how your life is structured etc. And all this is true for the Macro level of reality as well.       

shutterstock_365750039.jpgIt is also important to mention that this epoch will be ruled over by the air element.  Air is about knowledge, innovation, flexibility, curiosity, originality, adaptability, genius, radical new ideas, social revolution, learning, quick thinking, rapid change, different perspectives, objective perspective, intuition and consciousness.  Sit for a bit and think about how these things will manifest in the physical. 

shutterstock_1091189819.jpgTo give you just the tippy tip of the iceberg of what kinds of things will manifest in the physical due to this epoch shift, 2021 is set to bring a huge breakthrough in cancer research. In the coming epoch, old political systems will begin to be replaced by new ones.  There will be inventions, adaptations and innovations galore! Social structures will be invented that eradicate the extreme gap between the rich and the poor.  Humanity will shift towards an end in the ‘taking mentality’ zero sum game that it plays with every other species on the planet as well as the earth itself and will instead, start to focus on win-win scenarios in order to meet its needs. This means sustainability will cease to just be a trend.  It is possible that 2021 is the year that sustainable energy, ‘guilt-free flying’ is introduced to the human experience.  The economy will be overhauled, so those of you who have suffered because of the current conditions of the debt-based, capitalism belonging to the global financial system should be very happy about that.  One of the biggest upcoming social movements is the movement to both separate and liberate money from the state.  Relationships will be liberated from ‘the box’.  And as a result of the system having to change because of that, much of the suffering caused by that box will end.  The current trend of non-traditional relationships will only become more and more commonplace.  The concept of marriage is something that will perhaps see the greatest overhaul in thinking.  With the impending trend in favor of localization and with everything (including power) becoming more localized, there will be a movement towards building strong, regional food systems.  Artists will be valued and recognized more so than in the previous epoch.  Social justice leaders, climate leaders, new thought leaders and any other leader who is in alignment with the themes in this new epoch will gain power within human society. And that is just the itty-bitty beginning.  

shutterstock_1346715932.jpgIt is becoming more and more clear to the collective of humanity that actions have consequences.  That because of this, we have distinct collective responsibilities.  And that if we want a better tomorrow, we can’t passively wait for that tomorrow to happen to us.  We must go to the drawing boards and put our thoughts, words and actions into the creation of it.  Metaphorically speaking, we cannot wait for the light to come to the darkness, we have to generate that light.  The light everyone is looking for is generated from within and spills out into the world.  And so, I will leave you with a clear directive for 2021. 

In 2021, it is not an option to passively wait for things to get better.  It is not an option to passively wait for the external to become what would make you feel good or become what you want it to be.  In 2021, you have to be active and take initiative to vote for the new world.  But your vote in this life, is cast by your thoughts, your words and your actions.  You must BE what you want to see in the world.  You must SAY what you want others to say.  You must DO what you want others to do.  You must STAND FOR what you think others should stand for.  In 2021, don’t hope for light… Be the light you are hoping for.  If enough people do that, this world will be what you want it to be.    


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